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Discover the best dog foods, tips and supplies to ensure your pup lives a long happy and healthy life!

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We take what we feed our dogs very seriously and no doubt you do the same. Gunnar and I are grateful you stopped by to learn about some of the best dog foods you can buy and even some that you should avoid. As you look around our site never hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or questions you have!

What You Will Find On the Inside

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Learn about the best food options for your dog from puppy to adult.

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different dog breeds

Find out how much to feed your Lab puppy or even the fastest dog breeds.

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Looking for the perfect dog bowl, toy or accessory for your pup? You'll find it here.

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veterinary dog care

Learn what your dog can and can't eat along with other helpful tips to avoid extra trips to the Vet.

About the Founders of Puplore


Drew was fortunate enough to grow up in the farm lands of the Midwest surrounded by great family and even better dogs. As you well know our pets ARE our family and you will rarely find Drew and Gunnar apart.

Fun Fact: Gunnar likes to roll around in freshly mowed grass!

Whether it's playing fetch, going for hikes, or helping clean up grass clippings, Gunnar is always ready because of the care we put into his nutrition.

Our goal is to help make your dog food, dog treat and dog care choices as easy as possible so you can enjoy a long rewarding life with your best friend!

Gunnar the Puplore co-founder and mascot
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