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That's Gunnar's best friend, Max, and between the two of them they can down some dog food. We take what we feed our dogs very seriously and no doubt you do the same. Gunnar, Max, and I are grateful you stopped by to learn about some of the best dog foods you can buy and even some that you should avoid. As you look around our site never hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or questions you have!

Drew & Gunnar
(and sometimes Max)

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Feed Your Dog ONLY The Best

I know that there are a ton of dog food choices available out there. Marketing and advertising make it hard to know which ones are really the best. There are a few great dog food sites online that offer reviews on dog foods, but I find that there are still too many choices to sift through. I want someone to do the work for me and make the choice as simple as possible.

If you are here, it is because you want healthy and wholesome food for your dog. You are tired of hearing about dog food recalls and deaths from toxic food. You want your dog to have a diet that is as close to natural as possible, giving him or her all the nutrients they need to lead a long and healthy life. You love your dog and you want to feed it well.

What you will find on Puplore has been compiled from our own personal use, research from other top dog authority sites, brand websites, customer reviews and other dog food experts. Below you will find the main topics we cover to help you make an informed decision to enhance you dog's health and well being.

Puppy waiting to eat - Top 10 Best Dog Foods

Learn about the best food options for your dog from puppy to adult.

Dog Food Treat Trick - Top 10 Best Dog Foods

best dog treats


Puppy chewing dog food toy - Top 10 Best Dog Foods

dog food supplies


Looking for the perfect dog food bowl or dog food toy? You will find it here.

Dog eating a muffin - Top 10 Best Dog Foods

Learn what your dog can and can't eat along with other helpful tips.

DREW & GUNNAR  //  Your Dog Food Experts

Drew was fortunate enough to grow up in the farm lands of the Midwest surrounded by great family and even better dogs. As you well know our pets ARE our family and you will rarely find Drew and Gunnar apart.

Fun Fact: Gunnar likes stand up paddleboarding more than trips in this canoe.

Whether it's playing fetch, going for hikes, or peaceful trips on the water Gunnar is always ready because of the care we put into his nutrition. That is why with Gunnar's input Puplore was started.

Our goal is to help make your dog food, dog treat and dog care choices as easy as possible so you can enjoy a long rewarding life with your best friend!

Drew & Gunnar


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