About Puplore

Puplore was founded to provide dog owners with breed information and advice on canine care, health, and nutrition and to help them to raise their four-legged friends from puppydom to adulthood. 

Our only goal is to give you the information that you need to ensure that your dog lives a long, happy, and healthy life so that you and your pup can make the most of, and enjoy every single second that you spend together.

About the Founder

Ben Pierce is a canine behavioral and nutritional specialist, professional dog trainer, and the CEO of Puplore. A former military working dog handler, Ben founded Puplore to provide owners with breed-specific information and to act as a go-to guide to health, nutrition, care, and to help them find the confidence they need to step up to the plate and become the best pup parents they can possibly be.

A firm believer in treating all animals with kindness and compassion, and that positive discipline is paramount in achieving a harmonious canine-human relationship, Ben’s former and present careers have enabled him to become a leading light in his chosen profession and business.