150+ Worst Dog Names That Are Terribly Inappropriate

Naming a puppy could either be a smooth ride or a very bumpy one.

Sometimes pet parents come up with the perfect idea, other times you hear one of the most offensive, terrible, and worst dog names that would make you raise an eyebrow.

Of course, bad and inappropriate dog names are subjective, but we all know there are some names you wouldn’t want to scream out at the park.

From the inappropriate to the boring, here’s a list of the worst dog names you should avoid giving your new pup.

If you want to get a dog, at least give it a decent, creative, and interesting name. Leave out the cringey and dull ones, please.

Toy Dog Looking Unkempt with Owner Resting on Grass

Worst Dog Names

The dog names under this category don’t seem so bad. But that’s because they’re actually, well, the “worst”.

Do your dog a favor and avoid these awkward, boring names for dogs.

1. Dog (yes, this still happens in 2022)

2. Cat

3. Diogi

4. Diogee

5. Chien (the French version doesn’t change anything)

6. Askim (apparently, it’s supposed to be a funny joke, like “what’s his name?” “Askim”)

7. Asker

8. Shoelace

9. Sonic (the hedgehog?)

10. Monday (or any day of the week, even. You’re not pet parenting a calendar.)

11. Max

12. Buddy

13. Friend

14. Thunder

15. Pooch 

16. Lucky (why not add charm, while you’re at it?)

17. Rat

18. Stains

19. Kitty

20. Flea (your dog would have you sued for this if it could speak human)

21. Hereboy (no kidding, huh?)

22. Wave

23. Fingers

24. Chad

25. Lil D’

26. D.O.G (when I say D, you say “no!”, and this applies to the junk right above.)

27. Lizard (you may think it’s funny, but look at the picture below and tell us what you think)

Dog and Lizard on Lawn

28. Woof

29. Bark

30. Fetch

31. Fido

32. Doggy

33. Doggo

34. Boo Boo (cringe!)

35. Scooby-Doo (no, really?)

36. Tiger 

37. Wolf (At this point, perhaps we should just ban calling a dog another animal.)

38. Jack

39. Fang

40. Lion

Inappropriate Dog Names 

While the last section had a list of boring, overused, and boring names, this section contains inappropriate dog names that would make people give you strange looks.

Dog Drinking Beer

41. Al Coholic

42. Daddy/Mummy (Nah, this is just unhealthy)

43. Mafia

44. Booger

45. Bae/Sweetheart/Darling (What’s next, you put a ring on it?)

46. Casino

47. Poker

48. Prince Charming (Oh wow. Let me guess, you must be Cinderella.)

49. Vader

50. Voldemort (Your dog must not be named this)

51. Fishbone

52. Halftime

53. Doorknob

54. Puddle

55. Beyonce (Just so you know, naming your dog after a celebrity is not a compliment)

56. Coffee

57. Glutton

58. Pokemon

59. Ignorance

60. Worthless

61. Meow (we’ll be seeing you in court if you use this)

62. Speed Bump

63. Roadkill

64. Weed 

65. Segzy Legs (try saying this with a straight face)

66. Trigger

67. Bullet

68. Death (Ever considered, Uhm, seeing a therapist?)

69. Poop

70. “Your neighbor/spouse/colleague/ex name” (do not be so petty)

71. Grandpa

72. Adolf (same with Nazi, especially for a German Shepherd. You don’t have to be so controversial.)

73. An*s

74. Barf

75. Crap

76. Cruella de Vil (Smart? Yes, but still inappropriate.)

77. Doofus

78. Enema

70. Jack the Ripper (because naming your dog after a serial killer is not a good idea.)

80. War (NO! We want peace!)

Say No to War - Soldier and Military Working Dog

Offensive Dog Names

Dogs are meant to be sweet animals, and their names should reflect that.

Don’t be a jerk and select what you know will offend many people out there. It isn’t worth it. We’ve already got too much hate, as it is. 

Below are some of the offensive dog names you should steer clear of.

81. Satan (not normal at all)

82. Muhammad

83. Jesus

84. Pu**y

85. B**bs

86. Nig*er

87. Slave (give this to a black dog and you could get arrested. No jokes.)

88. F*g

89. Bin Laden (No sir, not in America)

90. Cancer

91. F*ck 

92. Syndrome (It’s supposed to be a joke like “down, Syndrome!”, but we’re not laughing)

93. Blackie

94. D*ck

95. Church

96. Cl*t

97. Atomic Bomb

98. Buddha

99. Moses

100. Sh*t

101. Bitch (We know a female dog is a bitch, you just don’t have to use it as a name.)

102. Ho/Wh*re 

103. Chink

104. Gook

105. Jew

106. Sabbath

107. Stupid (Another terrible joke. “Down, stupid!”, “Sit, stupid.”)

108. As*h*le

109. Worthless

120. Your Mom

Terrible Dog Names

These names are polite and do seem creative, but you can do better than them. You have other options out there.

Dog in Crown

121. Lord Winterbottom

122. Honey Boo Boo ( Because Boo boo is not cringey enough, eh?) 

123. Whatchamacallit (How about a real name? Just saying.)

124. Tyrannosaurus Rex

125. WiFi

126. Holiday

127. Chummy Chum

128. Peanut Wigglebutt (We didn’t make this up).

129. Otto Von Longdog

130. Envelope

131. Refrigerator (Now this is sad)

132. Sir Hog Knucklehead

133. Sasha Biggiepotamus Fierce

134. Fluffyb*tt

135. Dump Truck

136. Pig (Again, why would you name your dog after an animal?)

137. Canine Dion (Bad pun sighted)

138. Bark Twain 

139. Abcde (Wow. So original)

140. Barbarian

141. Clingy Nut Ball

142. Merciless (Are you trying to scare us?)

143. Poop Snacker (Yeeeeeah…okay)

144. Stinky Poop Pup

145. Chew Barka

146. Doc Howliday

147. Dog Marley (who in the world creates these names?)

148. Stinky Monkey

149. Sir Barksalot

150. Buttercup Smoochie 

151. Hank the Tank

Final Thoughts

Naming your dog can be fun, but giving an inappropriate dog name to your pooch isn’t.

Your pup deserves a name that’s interesting, creative, comfortable to use, and polite.

You’d be doing yourself and your dog a great disservice by giving a name you’d have to apologize for in the future.

Here’re some great names to consider:

Also, if you already made the mistake of giving one of the bad dog names to your pooch, and you’ll like to fix it, these pro tips on how to rename a dog might come in handy.

Authored By

Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce is a canine behavioral and nutritional specialist, professional dog trainer, and the CEO of Puplore. A former military working dog handler, Ben founded Puplore to provide owners with breed-specific information and to act as a go-to guide to health, nutrition, care, and to help them find the confidence they need to step up to the plate and become the best pup parents they can possibly be. A firm believer in treating all animals with kindness and compassion, and that positive discipline is paramount in achieving a harmonious canine-human relationship, Ben’s former and present careers have enabled him to become a leading light in his chosen profession and business.

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