300+ Best Male & Female French Bulldog Names

Thinking of the best, cool, cute, male and female French Bulldog names for your new pup? 

Popularly nicknamed the Frenchie by fans, this breed fast became a doggy trend. Popular celebrities like Lady Gaga jr., Madonna, John Legend, and  Hugh Jackman all own French Bulldogs.

Not surprisingly, Frenchie is the second most popular dog breed in the United States. 

The main reason for this is its lovely personality and manageable size. Frenchies can adapt to different settings and families, and they are also easy to maintain.

These and more make it an excellent companion, what it was bred to do. 

If you’re ready to jump on the moving train by owning a Frenchie, getting an appropriate name for your lovely boy or girl pooch is one of the first things you should do. 

To help you with that, we have put together a list of the best boy and girl Frenchie names, classified into different categories, each with its significance.

Female French Bulldog Names

Portrait of Female French Bulldog Standing

For your lovely female Frenchie, you may want a name that fits her feminine gender, as well as her temperaments and even physical traits.

Some pet parents prefer girly names, others want something with a tougher edge.

Whatever your preferences are, the following girl French Bulldog names will fit your pup.

  1. Alma (which means nurturing)
  2. Diana (stands for divine)
  3. Lumi (it has something to do with the snow)
  4. Maisie (of Scottish origin. It means a girl)
  5. Lilith (a sweet name with a dark twist. It means ‘dark monster’) 
  6. Astrid (means divinely beautiful, which of course your Frenchie is)
  7. Mabel (for your lovable pooch. It means ‘lovable’, by the way)
  8. Leila (a word that signifies night)
  9. Alice (it means noble)
  10. Matilda (a badass name that means might or strength)
  11. Phoebe (it means shining one)
  12. Beryl (it means sea-green jewel)
  13. Cleo (a short form of Cleopatra, the old Egyptian queen)
  14. Belinda (it means pretty one)
  15. Maple (a sweet syrup) 
  16. Estelle (stands for star)
  17. Lucille (of French origin, stands for light)
  18. Zuri (of Swahili origin, means beautiful)
  19. Noelle (if your Frenchie was a Christmas gift, this can go well)
  20. Paris (a city of light)
  21. Amelie (it means hardworking)

Here are some other beautiful French Bulldog girl names, derived from different cultures

  1. Edith
  2. Vera
  3. Everly
  4. Aurora
  5. Akeyah
  6. Ava
  7. Alexa
  8. Rose
  9. Ewok
  10. Sophie
  11. Sally Sad Sack
  12. Monique
  13. Princess
  14. Amaury
  15. Jules
  16. Clyde
  17. Marc
  18. Sophia
  19. Georgia
  20. Victoria
  21. Wingnut
  22. Chelsea
  23. Josette
  24. Betsy
  25. Piglet
  26. Sofia
  27. Two-Ton
  28. Pup-Pup
  29. Lizzie
  30. Bubblegum
  31. Bizi
  32. Bianca
  33. Bailey
  34. Boonie
  35. Buffy
  36. Chacha
  37. Buttercup
  38. Button
  39. Chichi
  40. Cherry
  41. Cheesecake
  42. Dakota
  43. Daisy
  44. Dalia
  45. Gracie
  46. Feliz
  47. Hazel
  48. Holly
  49. Lacey
  50. Jolie
  51. Kona
  52. Lady
  53. Aimee
  54. Maya

300+ Cute, Sassy, Badass & Hipster Girl Dog Names

Male French Bulldog Names

Male French Bulldog Sitting in Forest

Getting male French Bulldog names is easy. The only problem you might face is having to choose between so many good names.

Just like with the female Frenchie, pet parents would want a name that reflects the male gender while keeping his personality and traits in mind.

Here are some French Bulldog boy names with meanings:

  1. Benjamin (it means son of the right hand)
  2. Andre (a fanciful name that means bravery)
  3. Edmund (a protector)
  4. Baron (stands for ‘son of the strength’)
  5. Duval (of Gaelic origin, means son of the valley)
  6. Leopold (also implies bravery)
  7. Noah (means wandering)
  8. Gerald (means rule of the spear. Sounds noble)
  9. Magnus (stands for ‘greatest’)
  10. Maximus (it also has something to do with greatness)
  11. Pierre (stands for stone/rock)
  12. Julian (means youthful)
  13. Jean (of French origin, it means gift from God. Sounds appropriate for a Frenchie)
  14. Vernon (means full of life)
  15. Damien (one who tames the wild. Well, Frenchies can tame your wild emotions)
  16. Zach (the Lord recalls)
  17. Aurelius (means the golden one) 
  18. Pascal (one who is born during the Passover)
  19. Percival (means pieces of the valley)
  20. Jasper (bringer of treasure) 
  21. Orson (means bear)

Besides these, there are other random male French Bulldog names you can get, just by looking for inspiration around you. They include:

  1. Louis
  2. Kingsley
  3. Rockwell
  4. Cargo
  5. Marguerite
  6. Philippine
  7. Roscoe
  8. Léon
  9. Genevieve
  10. Winston
  11. Judy-Pie
  12. Melvin
  13. Oz
  14. Charlie
  15. François
  16. Meeko
  17. Ginger
  18. Willis
  19. Ulysse
  20. Samson
  21. Capone
  22. Lawrence
  23. Chunky
  24. Jack
  25. Spud
  26. Farley
  27. Henry 
  28. Ace
  29. Armand
  30. Bentley
  31. Buster
  32. Baxter
  33. Bubba
  34. Boomer
  35. Chance
  36. Basti
  37. Emil
  38. Beau
  39. Diesel
  40. Gus
  41. Enzo
  42. Guy 
  43. Leo
  44. Jacques
  45. Hugh
  46. Felix
  47. Loki
  48. George
  49. Hank
  50. Henry
  51. Mac 
  52. Max
  53. Milo
  54. Moose 

Cool French Bulldog Names

Close Up Cool French Bulldog with Collar and Name Tag

Cool names are fitting for the French Bulldog because of its nature. A calm and lovely breed, it is only normal that you’d want a name that reflects that.

These cool French Bulldog names are as adorable as your pet:

  1. Honey
  2. Teacup
  3. Lolly 
  4. Pip
  5. Pebble
  6. Button
  7. Beanie
  8. Chip
  9. Sugar
  10. Elf
  11. Toffee
  12. Pixie
  13. Sprout
  14. Shorty
  15. Bacon
  16. Sushi
  17. Petit
  18. Bubble
  19. Berwin
  20. Fleur
  21. Sweety
  22. Koji
  23. Eclair
  24. Monet
  25. Danielle
  26. Pissaro
  27. Cookie
  28. Pip
  29. Pancake
  30. Lily

Funny French Bulldog Names

Funny French Bulldog Lying Flat on Walkway

How about names with some humor? Dogs have their ways of making you laugh, and your Frenchie’s name can reflect that.

The good thing about funny names is that you can still use them as a nickname:

  1. Jimmy Chew
  2. Chewbarky
  3. Dijon
  4. Waffle 
  5. Yeti
  6. Ramen
  7. Bart
  8. Petunia
  9. Corky
  10. Chewie
  11. Meatball
  12. Nacho
  13. Ducky
  14. Pumba
  15. Scrooge
  16. Scooter
  17. Nacho
  18. Quezo
  19. Widget
  20. Big 
  21. Burrito
  22. Taco
  23. Hobbit
  24. Boner
  25. Fitbit
  26. SpongeBob
  27. Gary
  28. Toast
  29. Terror
  30. Fang

Badass French Bulldog Names

Skateboarding Badass French Bulldog with Glasses

While Frenchies are not as adventurous and wild-looking as breeds like the Siberian Husky, it still deserves some badass names for both males and females. 

  1. Luc
  2. Roy
  3. Cooper
  4. Chloe
  5. Penelope
  6. Elvis
  7. Kiki
  8. Kingston
  9. Chato
  10. Gunner
  11. Portia
  12. Princeton
  13. Lexus 
  14. Bart
  15. Cécile
  16. Pippa
  17. QT Pie
  18. Rex
  19. Rock
  20. Dot
  21. Theodore
  22. Tristan
  23. Serge
  24. Gustave
  25. Babushka
  26. Archibald
  27. Brewster
  28. Precious
  29. Sophie Monster
  30. Super 

Cute Frenchie Names

Cute French Bulldog Puppy Sitting on Floor

Finally, you can ‘shop’ for the cutest Frenchie names in this section. These names are elegant, sweet, and pawfect for a Frenchie. 

  1. Coco
  2. Thérèse
  3. Guillaume
  4. Bonnie
  5. Hope
  6. Sebastian
  7. Maisy
  8. Florence
  9. Berkeley
  10. Begbie
  11. Edward
  12. Madeleine
  13. Chelsea Madison
  14. Diggy
  15. Jackson
  16. Arnaud
  17. Chino
  18. Oscar
  19. Henri
  20. Otis
  21. June
  22. Simone
  23. Corky
  24. Charlotte
  25. Annie
  26. Charles
  27. Angeline
  28. Fifi
  29. Gigi
  30. Duce
  31. Bear
  32. Winnie
  33. Maybull
  34. Bonnie
  35. Juliette
  36. Gilbert
  37. Annie 
  38. Diggy
  39. Ernie
  40. Gator
  41. Grumbley
  42. Monaco
  43. Louise
  44. Arnélie
  45. Angel
  46. Vince
  47. Summer
  48. Bunny
  49. Tulip
  50. Cotton
  51. Snow
  52. Winter
  53. Kit
  54. Poppy
  55. Jenna
  56. Leaf
  57. Pia
  58. Lark
  59. Suede
  60. Sava

Guide on Naming Your Frenchie

With our suggestions, you have more than enough options for your Frenchie. We do realize, however, that this doesn’t necessarily make your job easier.

There are so many fitting names! How do you know which to go for? We can’t make that decision for you, but we can guide you with some tips:

  • Names with shorter syllables (1 or 2) are easier for your Frenchie to remember. 
  • Pick names that are easy to articulate.
  • Do not name your pet after your neighbor or someone you know. It can cause some conflict.
  • Avoid renaming your Frenchie.
  • Avoid using epithets.
  • The gender, physical and personality traits of your particular Frenchie would guide you in picking a name.

Can You Change A Dog’s Name? Pro Tips


How did French Bulldogs get their name?

The French Bulldog was bred to be a companion, made as a smaller version of the English Bulldog.

Though it originated in England, it got popular in France. This is why the breed was named “The French Bulldog.”

Final Thoughts

The French Bulldog deserves a good name, and we hope we helped in making that choice.

It is pleasing both to the pet and to you as the owner to give a befitting name to your pooch.

Whatever you do, avoid giving your pooch these 150+ Worst Dog Names That Are Terrible and Inappropriate.

Authored By

Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce is a canine behavioral and nutritional specialist, professional dog trainer, and the CEO of Puplore. A former military working dog handler, Ben founded Puplore to provide owners with breed-specific information and to act as a go-to guide to health, nutrition, care, and to help them find the confidence they need to step up to the plate and become the best pup parents they can possibly be. A firm believer in treating all animals with kindness and compassion, and that positive discipline is paramount in achieving a harmonious canine-human relationship, Ben’s former and present careers have enabled him to become a leading light in his chosen profession and business.

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