60 Best Anime Dogs That Stole Our Hearts (With Pictures)

Dogs have been considered man’s best friend for many years and they’re truly a blessing.

Anime lovers with a big heart for dogs will be thrilled by the numerous doggy characters that appeared in popular anime movies like Naruto.

These anime dogs played numerous roles, and the series will not remain the same without them around. 

In this article, we have compiled and ranked the top 60 best anime dogs that are more than passive characters in these shows.

For the sake of this article, we would not consider foxes and bison (no offense Kurama and Appa) as those are not dogs, even though they display doggy traits in anime.

Some wolves might be allowed if their behaviors are doggy-like. We might also decide to pick more than one anime dog from a particular show if we see the need to.

However, rest assured that no series will monopolize the list.

Contents show

Top 60 Best Anime Dogs (Most Popular Ever)

1. Cezar (from Castlevania)

Hector and Cezar Animated Series

Castlevania is considered one of the best anime series on Netflix out there.

In the 2nd season, a reanimated dog with a peculiar look made his debut. His name is Cezar, and he belonged to the character named Hector. 

Cezar is a Pug, but don’t count on it to look like the Pugs you know. He has the size and appearance of an average Pug, but this breed doesn’t come with an empty eye socket and a glowing blue eye.

Despite his eery looks (or maybe because of it), Cezar was loved by viewers as he played the conventional Pug role of a companion. 

2. Mike (from Hunter x Hunter)

Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, Zebro meets Mike in Mike in Hunter x Hunter Series

Mike is unlike any dog you’d ever see. He has a unique Tyrion purple coat with a size larger than any other hound you might have encountered in reality.

In the remake of the series, He comes in white color. He’s very terrifying too, and we doubt anyone reading this would stand firm if they were ever to meet this anime dog.

Because of his size and generally scary looks, Mike remained misunderstood (or perhaps that’s just who he is). 

Though a dog, Mike is seen to act more like a robot as he is void of emotions. He is the quintessential guard dog and is very difficult to control.

He listens to no one else other than his humans, and he is known to have a huge appetite… for intruders, that is.

3. Akamaru (from Naruto)

Akamaru And Kiba from Naruto

A comical, but very skillful dog, Akamaru is a nin-dog from the Inuzuka clan in Kohona village.

The clan is known for breeding and fighting with dogs, so in keeping with the tradition, Akamaru is handed over to the anime character Kiba.

Akamaru soon becomes his companion and best friend. He goes on missions alongside Kiba, usually with the latter on his back.

Akamaru is devoted and overprotective of Kiba, as is shown in an episode that revealed Akamaru’s thought processes.

Together, Kiba and Akamaru learn and execute new tricks, and they always fight side by side.

While not official, Akamaru’s bears a strong resemblance to the Great Pyrenees.

4. Tanuki (from Super Lovers)

Kaidou brothers' racoon dog Tanuki from Super Lovers

Tanuki looks a lot like a raccoon. As such, even the characters disagreed on which breed he is.

While some lean towards the Pomeranian, one other stated that the Tanuki is a Spitz. Whatever the breed, Tanuki is considered a raccoon dog, hence the name. 

Tanuki is a quiet dog, a trait that he must have gotten from his past owner, an old man that passed away.

Dogs are known to adjust to their owners’ emotions, something Tanuki likely did. He later forms a strong bond with Ren Kaido, one of the characters. 

5. Shiro (from Elegant Yokai Apartment Life)

Shiro and Kuri from Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

Shiro is a supporting character in the series above-mentioned, and his story has a tragic twist. He started life as a stray dog until he meets a young boy named Kuri.

As you’d expect from a Shiba Inu, Shiro becomes loyal and very protective of Kuri.

He helped Kuri survive an abusive mother but sadly couldn’t stop Kuri’s mom from killing her.

Out of rage and a sense of canine justice, Shiro kills Kuri’s mother by ripping her throat open. The neighbors take that as a sign that he has become uncontrollable, so they beat him to death.

Shiro rejoins Kuri in the afterlife and now has to continue protecting Kuri from the crazy mother.

6. Rabbi (from Unbreakable Machine-Doll)

Rabbi from Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Also called Rabbi, this odd-looking canine is an automated being that falls under the category of “banned dolls” because of the processes involved in its creation—which is against the ethics of their world.

Before becoming automated, however, he was a normal dog.

Rabi has a mother (also automated) named Yomi. He also has an owner named Frey, who happens to be his puppeteer.

Automatons like Rabi are also called puppets and are controlled by a puppeteer.

Frey is the only human Rabi loves and is devoted to. In appearance, he looks a lot like a Husky Wolf Mix.

7. Pakkun (from Naruto)

Pakkun (from Naruto)

Pakkun is a miniature Pug that belongs to the category of “Summoning animals”.

These animals live in other dimensions and can be summoned by the characters in this series to assist in combat.

Pakkun could be summoned only by a major character Kakashi, alongside other dogs.

While he’s the smallest of the pack, Pakkun is by no means the least useful. He offers solid advice and takes his job seriously.

Unlike other dogs on this list, Pakkun acts more like a senior dog, and though he isn’t the funniest around, he has helped in many situations.

Loyalty is his strongest trait, and he makes sure he achieves his responsibilities. Pakkun is also intelligent and can speak.

8. Belka & Strelka (from Little Busters)

Belka and Strelka from Little Busters

These anime canines moved together a lot in the series, so it would be a crime not to mention both under one category.

They belong to a girl named Kudryavka Noumi. The characters were inspired by two actual dogs that were launched into space by the Russians. 

Belka and Strelka are both female dogs. Strelka is a Siberian Husky and the larger of the two. Belka is a Schipperke, both black and small.

They were more than pets to Kudryavka, they were like family. Kudryavka’s mother was hardly around, so these dogs were the only ones keeping her company and helping her navigate life.

When Kudryavka moves to school in Japan, the dogs are allowed to stay. In exchange, they assist in maintaining discipline. 

9. Tatsumaki (from Dog Days)

Biscotti Republic Dog Tatsumaki from Dog Days

In the series, Tatsumaki belonged to the Biscotti Republic, a country in the Flognarde world where the series was based on.

Tatsumaki is a hard worker, possibly more than the ones we’ve mentioned so far. 

His task in the series was a simple one, but by no means easy. He was to search for the ‘Hero’ from another world and bring him back to Flognarde.

Tatsumaki was also part of an organization called the Secret Squads and was given the responsibility of wielding the Summoning Sword. Cinque was the name of the hero Tatsumaki found. 

There isn’t much to note on Tatsumaki’s appearance or personality, but we can correctly state that he’s a brave and competent pooch. 

10. Hiroyuki (from Kemono Michi)

Hiroyuki Anime Dog from Kemono Michi

Hiroyuki is a mongrel, but a purebred kind. He also happens to be the pet of the main character in the series, a professional wrestler and pet enthusiast named Kemono Michi.

Hiroyuki and Kemono Michi form a good example of a human-dog friendship. Hiroyuki is Kemono’s companion, and they were always seen together. 

When the duo travels to another world, Hiroyuki becomes a rare and exotic specie that people wanted to get their hands on.

This made him famous, but that wasn’t good news as many people try stealing him. Hiroyuki and Kemono both work together to stop that from happening. 

11. Genta (from Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne)

Genta from Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Genta belongs to two ladies named Mimi and Rin, both of whom are the main characters of the series. All three are immortal as a result of getting into contact with time fruits.

While both ladies love Genta, Mimi is more fond of her and even runs away with her in a particular episode. That’s the only spoiler we will give, ladies and gentlemen. 

Genta is a white, large sheepdog and is followed in the adventures. Not much is known about her personality, but we can peg her as loyal, affectionate, and loving.

Genta found herself in a precarious situation in the series, but you’d have to watch it yourself to figure out what it was.

12. Ein (from Cowboy Bebop)

Ein from Cowboy Bebop

Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and because he was genetically modified, he has a high level of intelligence, far more than any real dog you know.

Ein can drive, answer a telephone, effectively communicate with other animals, hack a system, watch television and watch Shogi. Surprisingly, the only humanlike thing he can’t do is speak. 

This modification happens in a laboratory and marks Ein’s first entry to the show.

He gets stolen by a thief named Abdul Hakim, and from there he starts his adventures.

He soon finds himself with the character Edward and the Bebop gang. Here, his intelligence becomes a major asset. He helps the gang in many ways. 

13. Pochi (from How to Keep a Mummy)

Pochi Anime Dog from How to Keep a Mummy

At first glance, Pochi looks, well, strange. Her dark coat and completely white eyes make her look like a zombie.

As if her looks aren’t unnerving enough, Pochi is said to be 50 years old. That’s more than any dog can live in reality. 

Her weirdness ends there, however. Pochi behaves like every other dog. She’s affectionate, loves to play, and has a good sense of humor too.

Add her clumsiness to the mix and it is easy to love her, once you get over her looks.

14. Chalk (from Dr. Stone)

Suika's Dog Chalk from Dr. Stone

Chalk hails from Ishigami village, a small community in a bigger Stone world. He belongs to Suika, one of the main characters in the series.

Chalk is a Shiba Inu and is known to be playful. He hardly barks, and when he does it’s either out of excitement or to alert someone. 

Chalk is given two main abilities in the series. He is good at sniffing, and also dramatically revealing big secrets.

He is a loyal companion to Suika, preferring to stay by her side always. He appears during several key moments in the series, making him an unforgettable character. 

15. Romero (from Zombieland Saga)

mascot for Franchouchou Romero from Zombieland Saga

If you thought Pochi looked unnerving, be prepared to be further disturbed by Romero, a dead Toy Poodle turned into a zombie.

Well, him being a Toy Poodle is subject to debate, as he sometimes increases in size. He belongs to Kotaro Tatsumi, a character in the show. 

Romero seems unperturbed by his haunting appearance, so he steps in public with bandages, stitches, and blood smears. He also has one dead eye, and his fangs are bloody. 

The increase in size occurs when he changes into monster form. At that moment, he goes from a dead Toy Poodle to an unrecognizable breed.

Another peculiar trait is his immortality. It’s impossible to die twice. 

All that said, Romero behaves like a normal dog. He has a huge appetite too and can eat any object in sight. 

16. Friender (from Casshan)

Friender from Casshan

We’ve seen ghost dogs, zombies, puppets, and humanlike dogs that walk on two feet. This particular dog has interesting traits.

Friender is a robotic canine, and one with a high level of intelligence.

His first owner was Root, a humanoid who later was killed by Casshern. Friender initially set out to take his revenge on Casshern, but later forgave him. 

Thereafter, Friender became a companion of Casshern. Loyalty is this dog’s strongest trait, and he’s highly protective of his owner.

He’s bold as well and has a strong sense of justice. The latter made him attack Casshern sometimes when he feels his owner wants to hurt someone. 

17. Repede (from Tales of Vesperia)

Repede from Tales of Vesperia

Repede’s first distinctive trait is his ability to speak. His first owner was Niren Fedrok, a captain who died under a collapse.

Thereafter, he becomes the loyal sidekick of Yuri Lowell. Repede’s parent is Lambert, a dog Yuri had to take down after the former gets possessed by a monster. 

Repede has a habit of carrying objects in the mouth, including a dagger and a pipe.

He’s friendly around people he knows and loves accomodating children, but is wary of strangers. He’s very fast too.

18. Cerberus (from Eyeshield 21)

Cerberus from Eyeshield 21

Cerberus is known to Anime fans for his insatiable appetite. While many dogs in reality are food motivated, Cerberus’s love for food is addictive.

He is also ruthless and not one to mess with. Completing his qualities are high intelligence and humanlike behaviors.

Cerberus can walk on two legs like a human, and can even bench press. 

His owner is Hiruma, a main character in the series.

Many people do claim that Cerberus belongs to no one, but that is questionable because the dog obeys Hiruma, who in turn bribes him with food. 

19. Holy (from One Piece)

Anime Dog Holy from One Piece

Though Holy is not a very smart dog, his size and ability to obey commands make up for that. He belongs to the character Ohm and is extremely loyal to his owner.

Ohm is often seen on Holy’s back as they travel or engage in a fight. While he looks fat, Holy is regarded as oversized.

He’s skillful for a dog and even engages in martial arts.

His obedience sometimes gets too far, though, and one hilarious scene sees him knocking himself out when his enemy commands him.

Holy can either look calm and cute (with a tiny red tongue sticking out) or vicious and terrifying. It depends majorly on what orders he gets from his owner. 

20. Kedama (from Given)

Kedama from Given

Kedama is one of the most adorable canines you’ll find on this list of dogs in anime movies, with his white coat and cute looks.

A Pomeranian to the core, Kedama is affectionate with everyone. 

His chubbiness has made some fans question his breed status, but as you might have noticed, creators of these doggy characters don’t always limit themselves to the standard. 

In the series, Kedama is a 9-month-old dog owned by the character Mafuyu Sato. He is energetic, and friendly and has the habit of spinning around with excitement.

His large blue eyes, straight ears, and long snout all contribute to his overall appeal. Kedama has many fans.

21. Cherry (from Lucky Star)

Cherry from Lucky Star

Cherry also goes by the name Cherry Chan and is owned by the Iwasaki amongst whom she dwells.

She is a large dog and looks intimidating at first glance, but when you get closer you’d realize Cherry is more relaxed than she appears.

There is some confusion about Cherry’s gender. In the main anime, Cherry is portrayed as a female dog. The OVA shows him as a male, but the manga is undecided.

We decided to opt for the female, but we felt you should know this. Cherry is a central character in this series, especially in the OVA.

After coming into the series on the 20th episode, the viewers are invited to follow her life with the family and crazy antics.

22. Puppy (from Code: Breaker)

Puppy from Code- Breaker

While the creators of this series could have given better dog names, we can’t complain. Puppy is a testament to this dog’s cuteness.

He is the pet of Sakura Sakurakouji, the main protagonist of this series who is stronger than she appears.

Puppy was the child of a dog named Dog (again, better names would have worked). Dog got killed, and Puppy became Sakura’s pet. 

Like many other anime dogs with masters, Puppy is rarely seen without Sakura close by.

He becomes a strong part of her life and was adored by many fans of this series. Puppy later grows and gets…uhm…puppies of his own.

23. Fuzzy (from Fukigen na Mononokean)

Fuzzy from Fukigen na Mononokean

Fuzzy is a Yōkai—a spiritual entity—which does make one wonder if he is a dog at all.

He does have all it takes to be a dog, so we can assume the creators took advantage of their creative liberty to make the Yōkai doglike. 

Fuzzy looks like a ball of white fur with three fluffy tails and fine (albeit large) blue eyes. He shows his happiness by blushing but is not a timid creature.

On the contrary, Fuzzy has a personality bigger than his size. He’s bold and ready to defend his loved ones and does seem to enjoy the attention.

Fuzzy is both intelligent and obedient, trustworthy, and enjoys helping others. 

24. Inu (from Blood-C)

Inu from Blood-C

Inu—which translates as a dog—is a mysterious canine in the Blood-C universe where the series holds.

His behavior is similar to that of a human, and he often appears mature and serious. We’re not sure what breed he falls under too.

His mission in the series is like that of a genie in Aladdin’s world. He was sent to help Saya regain her memories.

He never tells her who made the wish, but the assumption is that she (in her past life) made the wish before losing the memory.

One more thing – Inu is no one’s pet.

25. Owner (from Blend-S)

Owner from Blend-S

Owner is categorized as a Husky mix and always has a bandana wrapped around his neck, giving him his signature look.

He comes with brown and white fur, complete with erect ears. Typical of a normal Husky, Owner can get destructive and stubborn if not exercised enough.

He even threatens to break the actions figures of one of the characters named Dino, because the latter didn’t want to walk him.

That said, Owner is loving and affectionate. He loves being around his humans, and even gives licks to Dino.

26. Enek (from Spice and Wolf)

Enek from Spice and Wolf

Enek is the companion of Nora Arendt, a central character in the series.

He is a sheepdog with shaggy hair, a black coat, and white muzzles. His paws are also white.

Nora finds Enek lying beside the dead body of his previous owner, and she adopts him. Together with him, she takes up a job for a church to earn a living. 

Enek loves his owner and is highly obedient to her. He sticks close to her when there’s no work to be done, and also plays the role of a guard dog.

Using his keen sense and alertness, he ensures that both Nora and the sheep are safe. 

27. Beck (from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad)

Beck from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Though Beck is not the main character in the series, he had the honors of getting a band named after him.

This band is the main focus of the series, hence the link between the dog and the title. 

Beck belongs to one of the band members, a character named Ryusuke. It wasn’t Ryusuke that gave the band the name BECK though. It was rather Chiba, his bandmate, that gave the name.

The events of the series revolved around the band, with Beck (the dog) playing some roles. 

28. Puppy (from Elfen Lied)

Puppy from Elfen Lied

Not to be confused with the other “Puppy” on this list, the Elfen Lied’s Puppy is a different dog altogether.

Its gender is unspecified, and you can also call it Lucy’s puppy as it belonged to an orphan girl named Lucy. 

Puppy was a stray dog before Lucy found it, and they form an emotional bond that tugged at viewers’ heartstrings.

Puppy helps Lucy face the rough life of the orphanage, and she in turn takes care of the dog by sacrificing her meal.

She tries to keep Puppy’s existence a secret, but eventually, another orphan spilled the secret. The events that followed after that changed Lucy’s life. 

29. Kazuhito Harumi (from Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō)

Kazuhito Harumi from Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō

Can you guess what makes Kazuhito peculiar? No, it’s not his long ears, though they are long. It isn’t his bushy brows, either.

Kazuhito had a past life, and in that life, he was a bookworm with a normal day.

One day he decided to play the hero and save a woman from an armed robber. He lost his life in that encounter but came back as a Daschund dog. 

As a human, Kazuhito was a polite and slim young man who was also incredibly kind, though could get annoying when someone tries to downplay the importance of books that he loves.

When he comes back as a dog, his first disappointment was being unable to get to a book. 

30. Bee (from Dragon Ball GT)

Bee from Dragon Ball GT

The first Labrador Retriever on our list, Bee belongs to the characters Mr. Satan and Good Buu. In looks, he is slightly different from the standard Labrador.

While a Lab comes majorly in black, yellow, and chocolate colors, Bee is a Grey Labrador with black eyes. 

In behavior, however, he’s everything a Labrador can be. Friendly and happy, Bee won the heart of Dragon Ball fans with his charming antics.

His first introduction to the show is when Majin Buu finds him as a wounded puppy. They soon form a bond, and Mr. Satan gets fond of the puppy too.

It is Mr. Satan that gives him the name “Bee”. 

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31. Tobimaru (from Sword of the Stranger)

Tobimaru from Sword of the Stranger

Tobimaru is the canine companion of an orphan boy named Kotaro, the unfortunate target of a squad of Ming Warriors.

We can say for sure that Tobimaru is one of the highlights of this series. 

As a companion, Tobimaru proves his loyalty over and over. He steps into danger many times to save his owner Kotaro and another character named Natashi.

Again, we won’t be giving any spoilers, but the above-mentioned characters owe their lives to their devoted dog.

32. Guts (from Kill la Kill)

Guts from Kill la Kill

Guts is a dog with a lot of “guts”, but that isn’t why he’s given the name.

According to Matarō, one of the characters, the name comes about because Guts “eats with a lot of gusto”.

He can also walk on hind legs like a human, and is often seen wearing a light blue hoodie.

Guts is a Pug and looks like a standard one. In behavior, he’s also a typical Pug, and his comical nature makes him loved by many fans.

Guts even display some craziness when he develops an attraction for a character named Ryuko Matoi. 

33. Iggy (from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Iggy from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Iggy is a Boston Terrier with a bad personality, unlike many others we’ve listed.

An independent dog to the core, Iggy has strong opinions and a grandiose view of himself and his abilities.

He’s also rude and antisocial, displaying some bad behaviors like farting in a character’s name and acting selfish countless times.

What makes him special then? The simple answer lies in his character development.

After he reluctantly accepts to accompany the main characters of this series to Egypt to face a character named DIO, on the trip, Iggy causes a lot of trouble, but he also saves them many times. 

Two good instances of the character development that occurs in Iggy are when he defends a child and sacrifices himself, a far cry from his selfish behaviors.

Iggy is also smart, has the mannerism of a human, and has good fighting abilities.

34. Pedro Martinez (from Kimi ni Todoke)

Pedro Martinez from Kimi ni Todoke

Pedro Martinez is one character that keeps the fans of Kimi ni Todoke eager to watch.

He is also called Maru in the series and started as a stray dog till characters Sawako and Shouta stumble upon him on their way to school.

Both characters give him his nicknames Pedro and Maru. 

Pedro is a fun-loving pooch whose adorable nature captures the heart of both the characters and the viewers.

His appearance too leaves no doubt as to the cuteness he is. His breed remains unknown, not that it matters anyway.

35. Hakubi (from Kekkaishi)

Hakubi from Kekkaishi

Hakubi is a demon wolf, but one with many doggy traits. He is owned by the character named Tokine, who is part of the Yukimura family that Hakubi has served for centuries.

He’s got distinctly blue eyes that differentiate him from a normal wolf. Were he real, we would assume he has some Husky gene due to the eye color.

Hakubi is a laid-back animal, and has a strong bond with Tolkien, getting to the extent that he can read her mood.

The fondness he has for Tolkien is evident in the way he tries to help in every way. He is also known to have a weakness for attractive women. 

36. Tadakichi-San (from Azumanga Daioh)

Tadakichi-San from Azumanga Daioh

Tadakichi-San also goes by the name “Mr. Tadakichi” and is the pet dog of Chiyo.

He is a Great Pyrenees, and typical of all Great Pyrenees Tadakichi is a gentle giant. He lets Chiyo ride on his back, and they’re often seen together. 

Chiyo isn’t the only character in the series that Tadakichi gets along with.

Sakaki is a character that’s very fond of Chiyo, mainly because the latter lets her pet him without biting.

Sakaki had tried petting a cat named Kamineko and got bit as a result. Chiyo calls Tadakichi a gentleman, and we can’t help but agree. 

37. Antoinette (from Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Antoinette (from Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Antoinette is a Golden Retriever and is the offspring of another Golden Retriever named Hachibei.

The latter belongs to a character named Anne-Sophie de Grantaine from France.

The manga and anime have different versions of how Antoinette gets into the hands of Tamaki Suoh, but they both get to the same destination. 

Antoinette soon becomes a close companion of Tamaki, and both form an unbreakable bond.

It probably wasn’t a surprise for fans when a Golden Retriever is revealed to be Tamaki’s spirit animal.

Like Golden Retrievers, Tamaki is friendly, sociable, intelligent, and also loyal. Little wonder he got along with Antoinette. 

38. Chouchou (from One Piece)

Chouchou (from One Piece)

Chouchou hails from Orange Town in the Organ Island region.

Chouchou shows a good example of how far a dog can be devoted to the owner, as he stands to watch over his master’s shop after the demise of the master. 

Chouchou was already a companion of Hocker when the latter starts the pet shop. They make modest sales but form a strong bond.

Sadly, Hocker falls ill and doesn’t survive it. Left to take care of the shop, Chouchou considers his job a serious one. 

Often calm and stoic, Chouchou doesn’t get aggressive except when provoked.

He has no super abilities, but his bite force is more than what you should expect from a dog his size.

39. Taromaru (from Gakkou Gurashi)

Taromaru Anime from Gakkou Gurashi)

Taromaru is a Shiba Inu found by Yuki Takeya, a character in the series. The manga and anime of this series give the dog different roles.

In the manga, Taromaru appears for only one chapter. In the anime, the character who finds Taromaru is Kurumi, and our beloved pooch becomes a mascot for a band. 

Not much is known about Taromaru’s behavior in the manga as he only appeared for one chapter, but he does show some friendliness.

In the anime, this dog’s personality is more prominent. He is seen as friendly, happy, and highly tolerant. 

40. Potato (from Air)

Potato from Air

A cute, plump, white furball, Potato is a stray dog that was only able to say one word, “piko”.

Though he belongs to no one, he may as well be a pet of Kano, a character he often follows around.

He’s able to forge this bond with Kano through another character named Yukito, whose puppet the dog once stole. Yukito doesn’t like Potato much, but Kano (and the rest of us) do. 

What’s not to like? He’s a lovely white fluffy dog with innocent looks and puppyish nature. He is mischievous and bold too, which may explain the dislike.

Potato also proves very helpful in finding Kano, who gets into a daze and wanders off. 

41. Makkachin (from Yuri!!! on Ice)

Victor Nikiforov's Poodle Makkachin (from Yuri!!! on Ice)

Makkachin is the second poodle on our list, and this time it isn’t a zombie dog.

For years, Makkachin has been the pet of Victor Nikiforov. He is a standard Poodle with a silver-beige coat — a typical dog with curly hair. He is very loyal to Victor. 

Makkachin behaves as any Poodle would. He’s active outdoors but turns into a lazy bone indoors. He also loves being around water and enjoys a good meal.

The beautiful thing about Makkachin and Victor is that the fondness is two-way.

We get to experience this when Victor boycotts an important event to be with Makkachin during trying times.

42. Weed (from Ginga Densetsu Weed)

Weed from Ginga Densetsu Weed Anime Series

The anime series Ginga Densetsu Weed is a sequel to Silver Fang. While the first series centered on a dog named Gin, this sequel covered the adventures of Weed, Gin’s son.

Weed went to search for his father in the Ōu Mountains but found on arrival that there was a job waiting for him there.

Weed is considered an Akita-Kishu Inu Mix, with a bluish silver coat and blue eyes.

He has the personality of a leader, being brave, compassionate, and also kind. He is also friendly and has a strong sense of justice which defined all he did.

43. Kunkun (from Rozen Maiden)

Fictional Doll Anime Dog Character Kunkun from Rozen Maiden

So far, we’ve established that anime dogs are weird, judging by reality standards.

Kunkun is one of the weirdest dogs in anime, and this is because he is a puppet, not a complete dog like others.

He has peculiar looks—light blonde skin, eyes that take on a darker shade of brown, very long ears, and a brown nose. He also has a brown patch around one eye, and never stays without a red bowtie. 

Kunkun is usually called “Detective Kunkun”, and he stars in a detective show that is a parody of a detective anime.

For this reason, Kunkun dresses like a Sherlock Holmes wannabe, complete with a pipe tucked in his mouth. 

44. Inui (from Aggretsuko)

Inui from Netflix Original series Aggretsuko

Aggretsuko is another Netflix anime series, and in the 3rd season, the viewers were introduced to Inui, a Borzoi with the mannerism of a human.

She has white fur with some touch of cream around the ears, wears a uniform, and has a 9 to 5 job. Inui also walks on two legs, rather than four. Sounds like Animal Farm, doesn’t it?

Inui is a soft-spoken, well-mannered supporting character with an endearing smile. She also had a love interest named Haido, a hyena-like character.

Unfortunately, the love was unreciprocated as Haido had another love interest. Love triangles never go out of fashion.

If you want to know what became of them, you have to watch the series. We serve no spoilers here.

45. Zeke (from Highschool of the Dead)

Zeke from Highschool of the Dead

Zeke was once the pet of an unknown lady who must have died before the events of the series began playing out.

Thereafter, the character Alice Maresato finds Zeke, and he begins to live with the group led by Takashi Komuro. 

Zeke proves to be a wonderful addition to the group and acts braver than his size. He once protected Alice when the villains—known simply as “Them”—attack her.

His strong senses also helps him detect “Them” immediately. Zeke’s name is inspired by a codename of the American Army.

46. Wanta (from Elfen Lied) 

Wanta from Elfen Lied

Wanta and Lucy’s Puppy are both on the same show, and they share some resemblances. However, their breed is unrecognized.

Wanta is often seen with the character Mayu, and while some viewers may consider Wanta Mayu’s pet, the latter disagrees with that:

“He’s not really my pet…but since we’re always together…we’re friends.”

Mayu suffered under the tyranny of abusive parents, and after escaping she goes to a pool and is about to walk into it when Wanta comes into the scene.

Left to her fate, Mayu becomes friends with Wanta and struggles to survive.

They soon start staying in Maple House, and Lucy (remember her?) plays a part in their story. 

47. Alexander (from Fullmetal Alchemist)

Fullmetal Alchemist Nina Tucker and Alexander

Alexander is the pet dog of the character Nina Tucker, and they soon become best friends.

At first, Alexander is the only friend Nina has. Later on, however, the protagonists Edward Elric and Alphonse soon came to the Tuckers’ home and befriend Nina. 

In the absence of the Elrics, Nina’s father Shou Tucker joins her and Alexander together to form a “Chimera”.

Sadly, the Chimera gets killed by a serial killer named Scar.

48. Tetsuya #2 (from Kuroko’s Basketball)

Tetsuya #2 from Kuroko's Basketball

Tetsuya #2 shares the same name with his owner, Tetsuya Kuroko. For this reason, they call him Tetsuya #2. He soon becomes the default mascot for Kuroko’s team.

His breed is unstated, but it is quite clear that Tetsuya is a cute dog. His coat is black and white, and his blue eyes look like those of Kuroko. 

Like any other dog, Tetsuya is prone to displaying behaviors like barking and urinating on the ground.

He develops a close bond with Tetsuya Kuroko, one that resonates throughout the series. 

49. Heen (from Howl’s Moving Castle)

Heen from Howl’s Moving Castle

It is believed that Heen is a Petit Basset Griffon Bandane, but that’s not based on any official statement.

That aside, Heen is an errand dog that belongs to Madame Suliman and can be lazy. His shaggy looks and long floppy ears stand out in the movie. 

Though Madame Suliman later accuses Heen of being a traitor, this dog is loyal.

His many adventures in this series form a major part of it, which makes him an important character. 

50. Sadaharu (from Gintama)

Sadaharu from Gintama

If you’ve read this far, you should be used to the fact that most of these anime dogs aren’t your everyday pooches. Sadaharu is one such dog.

He looks cute and harmless on the surface but is an Inugami (a Dog God). At least, until his former owner was forced to give him away to the Yorozuya, a shop. 

Sadaharu is big with an all-white coat and a red collar. His eyes are grey, and he weighs more than 600 pounds!

He gets popular amongst anime lovers for his many disguises and is an invaluable part of the series, including stopping a cockroach invasion.

51. Oda Nobunaga (from Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga)

Oda Nobunaga from Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga was a warrior in his past life, a ruler even.

After his death, he reincarnates into a Shiba Inu, which he doesn’t appreciate so much as he would have preferred being a Doberman.

His owner in his new life is the character Ichiko Oda. Oda looks no more different than a normal Shiba Inu, with his upright triangular ears and short fur.

Completing his appearance is a red handkerchief tied around the neck. 

52. Chikuwa (from Yuru Camp)

Chikuwa from Yuru Camp

Chikuwa belonged to the character Ena Saitou and is a long-haired Chihuahua. Its coat is fuzzy with a fawn color.

Long-haired Chihuahua doesn’t have adequate protection against the cold, which explains why Chikuwa hates cold weather. 

Chikuwa is not a major character in the story and doesn’t impact it in any way.

He simply acts the role of a companion for one of the main characters and does a good job at it.

53. Ruth (from Mahoutsukai no Yome)

Ruth from Mahoutsukai no Yome dog

Ruth is known in the series as a “familiar” and a “Church Grim”. As such, he has two entities but isn’t considered a shapeshifter. His owner is the character Chise.

In his dog form—also called his black grim form—Ruth becomes a big black dog with dark fur and red eyes.

He looks intimidating in that form. When he becomes a human, however, he looks normal except for the red eyes. 

Ruth was originally named Ulysses and had a former master until meeting Chise.

As Chise’s familiar, he shares a telepathic bond with her. He knows her feelings, thoughts, memories, and even life span.

Ruth is shown to be very caring and protective of Chise.  

54. An Unnamed Dog (from Gabdro Wikia)

An Unnamed Dog from Gabdro Wikia

An Unnamed Dog (really, there was no name for this dog) is thought to be either a German Shepherd or an Akita.

It is also possible that he is a mixed breed, or perhaps still a puppy. With no concrete information, we can only guess.

This dog’s friendship with the character Satania began in an unlikely manner. He used to steal melon bread from Satania but soon becomes her pet.

She also owns a dragon that acts a lot like a dog.

55. Shigure Sohma (from Fruits Basket)

Shigure Sohma Anime from Fruits Basket

Shigure Sohma is, in reality, actually a human. However, the Sohma curse (a concept with a long backstory in the series) grants him the ability (or curse?) to transform into a dog.

This happens when he’s hugged by a lady or when he comes under extreme stress.

His dog form is known as his “Chinese Zodiac form”, and he becomes grey-black with light green eyes. 

Shigure is a laid-back person, sometimes reserved, and often a fun person to have around. He can also be overprotective and shows strong loyalty to the person he loves, Akito.

However, Shigure is not the best role model in anime. He can be selfish, manipulative, and sly. 

56. Charo (from Little Charo)

Charo from Little Charo

Charo is a central character in an English learning program named Little Charo. He is owned by Shota, another character in the show.

Together they made their way to New York, but Shota accidentally left Charo behind when going back to Japan. It was up to Charo to find his way back to his other. 

Initially geared towards a younger audience, it is also used by foreigners learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

We also get to see the courage and determination of the lost Charo in a city where he knows no one. 

57. Buddy (from Nichijou)

Buddy from Nichijou

For the most part, Buddy comes off as mysterious to the viewers, more like a spiritual canine than a living one.

He usually appears when the character Yuuko Aloi needs comforting, like when she lost her shoes.

This showed a possible spiritual connection between both, hence the mystery. 

This sandy brown dog has a lot of compassion to give, and he sometimes appears with an identical dog (Co-Buddy) if Yuuko is with someone else.

It turns out that both Buddy and Co-Buddy have an owner named Kiyoshi. 

58. Bow (from Bow Wow Manga)

Bow from Bow Wow Manga Anime Series

Bow is portrayed as a dog out on the streets, and one with no care in life.

He lives with his instincts and acts mainly out of impulse. While he does this innocently, it often ends up with him in trouble. 

Bow is a Bull Terrier and started as a stray dog before living temporarily with a struggling manga artiste. Right after that, he finds himself in the family of the character Sayaka.

Her dad was initially opposed to the idea of adopting Bow, but he later changes his mind when Bow saves one of his gang members. Even then, he doesn’t warm up to Bow.

The major scenes in this anime series with dogs cover the experiences of Bow while living with Sayaka and his interactions with her family, pets, and other characters in the neighborhood.

59. Apo (from Space Brothers)

Apo from Space Brothers

The final dog ranked on our list (but by no means the least important) is Apo from the anime series Space Brothers. He is a Pug dog that belongs to Hibito, a major character of the series.

Apo has the looks of a typical fawn Pug, with the addition of a heart-shaped spot above his left front leg. 

Apo is a friendly, playful dog that’s highly food motivated, especially with hot dogs. He has a weakness for those.

He plays some important roles, including helping out Mutta, another character in the show. Mutta calls Apo his “good luck charm”.

60. Alex/Freddy (from Fortune Dogs)

Alex/Freddy from Fortune Dogs

There are many dogs on this anime series that could have made this list, but Alex played a focal role in the movie; thus, he is the unanimous choice.

Alex is a French Bulldog that gets adopted by a girl named Ai.

She names him Alex and they would spend their time reading from a book titled The Adventures of Freddy, which was about a dog that set on an adventure to locate the Fortune Tree. 

The conflict began when Alex accidentally follows a stranger instead of Ai because they wore the same clothes.

Alex changes his name to Freddy and set out to find Ai. But he first has to make an important detour. He needs to find the Fortune Tree and save it, or it would spell doom for pets all over. 

Related Questions

What anime has a big dog?

Sadaharu in Gintama might be the largest dog in anime history. With an impressive weight of 661 pounds, he’s a giant anime dog indeed.

Not surprisingly, grooming and cleaning Sadaharu wasn’t easy for the Yorozuya, but it was worth it for them. 

What are good anime names for dogs?

Anime is a good source of inspiration for giving names to your dogs, especially if you’re an ardent fan.

You can get names of actual dogs in the show (like Akamaru), name the dog after a popular character (like Korra), or even from a title (like Elfen).

What is Kakashi’s dogs’ name?

Kakashi is a major character in Naruto that is capable of summoning a pack of dogs in combat to assist him.

Amongst these dogs, Pakkun stands out. He’s the smallest of the pack, but the wisest. He’s also highly loyal and dignified. 

Is Ein a boy or girl?

Ein is a male dog with a high level of intelligence because he is genetically modified. This is why he’s called a “data dog.”

Because of this intelligence, he has many human skills like driving and answering the phone.

What is a hybrid anime? 

The answer to this varies from show to show. But generally, a hybrid in anime is someone that has both human and animal DNA.

The animal DNA can be that of a dog, cat, wolf, fox, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Anime series are entertaining to watch. For dog lovers, it is also impressive to see canines in action, either taking a major role or giving some support to a focal character.

Most of these dogs in anime are not what you’d likely expect from a real canine, but we do see qualities that make dogs valuable.

Loyalty, affection, protectiveness, and love are at the top of our list.

Authored By

Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce is a canine behavioral and nutritional specialist, professional dog trainer, and the CEO of Puplore. A former military working dog handler, Ben founded Puplore to provide owners with breed-specific information and to act as a go-to guide to health, nutrition, care, and to help them find the confidence they need to step up to the plate and become the best pup parents they can possibly be. A firm believer in treating all animals with kindness and compassion, and that positive discipline is paramount in achieving a harmonious canine-human relationship, Ben’s former and present careers have enabled him to become a leading light in his chosen profession and business.

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