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Taste of the Wild dog food is a brand of dog food that was introduced to the public in 2007. The brand offers puppy and adult dog formulas with a total of 7 food choices for your dog.

Their formulas are created to mimic the type of nutrition that dogs would have if they lived in the wild and have been enriched with natural ingredients to aid in digestion and mineral absorption.

This makes it extremely natural and holistic, so there is no need for additional nutritional supplements.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

Taste of the Wild is made by Diamond Pet Food, which is owned by Schell and Kampeter Inc – a private, family-owned company that was started in 1970.

Their headquarters are located in Meta Missouri, and the company has disclosed 4 manufacturing facilities in the USA.

These facilities are spread throughout the nation with one being in Northern California, another in central California and the remaining facilities in Missouri and South Carolina.

Best Taste of the Wild Dog Food - According to Gunnar of Course


First 3 Ingredients

Calorie Distribution


High Prairie - Venison & Bison (Dry)

Lamb Meal
Chicken Meal

Protein - 32%
Fat - 18%
Fiber - 4%

on Chewy

Pacific Stream - Salmon (Dry)

Ocean Fish Meal
Sweet Potatoes

Protein - 25%
Fat - 15%
Fiber - 3%

on Chewy

Sierra Mountain - Lamb (Wet)

Lamb broth
Vegetable broth

Protein - 8%
Fat - 4.5%
Fiber - 1%

on Chewy

Wetlands - Roasted Duck (Wet)

Duck broth
Chicken broth

Protein - 8%
Fat - 3.5%
Fiber - 1%

on Chewy

Taste of the Wild Overview

  • Made In: United States
  • Manufactured By: Diamond Pet Foods
  • Free Of: Meat By-products, grain, artificial preservatives
  • Different Flavors: 7
  • Fat-to-Protein Ratio: 57%
  • Recalls: Only 1
  • Bag Sizes: 5 lb, 15 lb, 30 lb
  • Amount of Meat: Moderate

Processing Methods

Taste of the Wild has four manufacturing facilities that are all located in the United States. All locations are responsible for manufacturing the wide variety of pet foods that the company has available on the market.

The facilities are located in northern California, central California, Missouri, and South Carolina.

Some of the company’s food is also made by the Diamond Pet Company as can be seen by their recall in 2012 which affected the Taste of the Wild brand. To date, this is the only recall associated with the brand.

One important aspect of the manufacturing process which Taste of the Wild dog foods has disclosed is the fact that it uses steam in the cooking process for its dry food.

The company uses a water purification process called reverse osmosis. In reverse osmosis, water is forced through extremely fine filters, removing microorganisms, organic chemicals, and inorganic chemicals.

When the process is complete, purified water is produced. They then use this water in the form of steam to aid in the cooking process for their dry pet food.

This same water purification process is actually used by many companies that make purified water.

Taste of the Wild Ingredients

Taste of the Wild uses a variety of lean meats in their dog food recipes. These meats include substances, such as bison, venison, and quail, which are naturally eaten by dogs in the wild.

These meats are tested to ensure that they do not contain hormones and they are free from antibiotics. Once they are processed, natural preservatives are added to ensure longevity and the formulas are grain free.

Most of the ingredients that are used in the foods manufactured by Taste of the Wild are sourced in the USA, but some supplies are imported from New Zealand, Germany, and Belgium.

Regardless of the source of the ingredient, a rigorous screening process takes place to ensure that there are absolutely no toxins or any other form of contaminant. If any of these substances are present, the highly sensitive Toxiscreen test will detect it.

Taste of the Wild uses controversial ingredients including pea protein, canola oil, and tomato pomace.

Pea protein is left over after the starch has been removed from peas. It is 80 % protein but has a lower biological value than meat. Using this ingredient bumps up the level of protein on the label without being the type of protein dogs need.

Canola oil can sometimes be from genetically modified rapeseed. It is a source of Omega 3’s but is not as biologically appropriate as fish oil as an omega 3 source.

Tomato pomace is a by-product of processing tomatoes into juice, soup, and ketchup. Many praise tomato pomace as a high-fiber nutrient-rich ingredient, others scorn it for being a cheap pet food filler.

Does Taste of the Wild Use Taurine?

Apart from the ingredients that contain a lot of meat protein and fruits and vegetables, Taste of the Wild also uses ingredients, such as taurine, Vitamin C, and folic acid, which are very important for any dog’s health. Some of these ingredients are sourced in China as the company states that they are only available from Chinese sources, even though they may be branded otherwise.

Adequate amino acids in your dog's diet is vital to a healthy life. Taurine is an essential amino acid meaning it does not occur naturally in the body and needs to be supplemented.

Certain dog breeds, such as the American cocker spaniels, are more prone to taurine deficiencies but you should have your veterinary run tests on your pup before determining if you need a more specialized diet that includes extra taurine.

Given the fact that taurine helps promote healthy eyes and a healthy heart I would suggest looking into whether it is necessary to add to your dog's overall nutrition plan.


  • Uses rigorous screening to ensure ingredients are free of toxins or contaminants.
  • Meats are tested for the presence of hormones and antibiotics
  • Grain free
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Contains chicory root, a source of inulin which is prebiotic that promotes healthy gut bacteria
  • Contains chelated minerals that are easier to absorb


  • Source some ingredients from China
  • They use tomato pomace, a controversial ingredient
  • Canola oil is a low-quality source of Omega 3's

Why Taste of the Wild is One of the Best Dog Food Brands

If you are trying to find a quality dog food that is being sold at a reasonable price, you may want to check out the Taste of the Wild brand. Their products are completely natural as they are made to imitate the natural diet that a dog would have out in the wild.

They have 7 recipes within their dry dog food line and they also make canned foods as well as treats for dogs. Of the 7 dry food recipes, 4 can be used at all stages of a dog’s life while the remaining recipes are for adult dogs.

Each recipe has very high meat protein content in comparison to many other brands of dog food, as well as low carb portions and appropriate fat content. The addition of other essential substances that dogs need contributes significantly to make the brand a very complete and natural food.

This results in a formula that does not need to be supplemented by any other nutritional source. It is indeed a very premium dog food brand that is more than adequate for promoting and maintaining your dog’s health.

The Best Taste of the Wild Dog Food Flavor is...

Out of all the products that are made and sold by Taste of the Wild, I would highly recommend the Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food Salmon Flavor (via Chewy).

It is made with real smoked Salmon, plus it has been adequately supplemented with real, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

The grain free formula is very tasty and provides antioxidants to promote the health of your dog. The recipe is good for all dog types, including dogs that have sensitive stomachs or those that have problems associated with food allergies.


Although there has been one incidence of a product recall involving the Taste of the Wild brand, it still remains a trusted choice of dog food among pet owners.

It is a very premium brand of dog food and may be listed among the best foods that are currently available on the market.

Taste of the Wild dog food has grain free formulas of a wide variety that are very natural and healthy for dogs of all types, ages and even those who may have some health problems.

The brand has truly managed to mimic the natural diet of a dog in the wild and consistently delivers safe, tasty, natural, and complete dog food formulas.

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