Acana Dog Food Reviews (Updated for 2020)
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Acana Dog Food Reviews (Updated for 2020)

  • Last Updated On: September 26, 2020
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Acana Dog Food is made by a Canadian company called Champion Petfoods that has been in business for over 25 years.

This line of dog food was specially developed to ensure that dogs maintain a kibble diet that is natural yet rich in nutrients.

Acana prides itself on making biologically appropriate foods and the brand actually makes food for both dogs and cats.

Best Acana Dog Food -

Using only fresh ingredients, Champion Petfoods make their dog food from start to finish and have managed to maintain very high standards.

The Acana brand seeks to create a new and high standard that makes it one of the top dog food brands.

They aim to nourish pets by producing foods that are rich in protein and made from fresh products that they receive from farms and ranches.

Of course, to do this, they need to be able to adequately sustain a supply of fresh produce and they have managed to do so by relying on local suppliers who are able to meet their growing demands on a daily basis.

4 Best Acana Dog Food Flavors - According to Gunnar of Course


First 3 Ingredients

Calorie Distribution

Compare Cost

Duck and Pear (Dry)

Duck Meal
Whole Green Peas

Protein - 31%
Fat - 17%
Fiber - 6%

Lamb and Apple (Dry)

Lamb Meal
Whole Lentils

Protein - 31%
Fat - 17%
Fiber - 6%

Heritage Meats (Dry)

Beef Meal

Protein - 29%
Fat - 17%
Fiber - 6%

Heritage Free Run Poultry (Dry)

Chicken Giblets
Chicken Meal

Protein - 29%
Fat - 17%
Fiber - 6%

Acana Dog Food Recall

There has been a lot of confusion in the past year about whether there was an Acana dog food recall in 2019.

The answer is NO...

Please make sure to read the section below to get a better understanding of why you may have been led to believe there had been a recall.

For over a year the FDA has been investigating increased cases of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs to see if there is any connection to their foods.

Previously they had not mentioned any specific brands but on Thursday June 27, 2019 they did update their findings with 16 dog food brands that were most frequently named in the cases, Acana being one of them.

It is important to note that they still have not found any evidence to say the dog food brands in their report are the direct cause of these reported DCM cases.

Here is a direct link to the FDA's investigation and their current findings.

DCM typically effects large and giant breed dogs and those pups with issues can tire easily, cough and/or have difficulty breathing. If you are concerned your dog may be having any problems please see your preferred veterinarian as soon as possible.

At this time there have been no recalls since the FDA's findings are still inconclusive. Champion Pet Foods, makers of Acana (and Orijen), have addressed consumer concerns in their FAQ section which can be found here...

We always recommend consulting with your vet about your pup's specific dietary needs. Just like our human food, there is no 'one size fits all' option for our dogs either.

Since no recalls have been issued some of the brands mentioned in the report will still remain on our site because we do not want to jump to any conclusions. Furthermore our recommendations are based on hundreds of actual user reviews and information where dog owners have been more than satisfied with the options we highlight here.

You can trust that we will continue to monitor this investigation and continually provide updates as needed.

Gunnar and I thank you very much for visiting Puplore and hope you will browse around the site and find the information you need to make the best decisions for your beloved pup!

Acana Dog Food Overview

  • Made In: United States & Canada
  • Manufactured By: Champion Pet Foods
  • Free Of: Meat By-products, grain, gluten, dried and powdered ingredients, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors
  • Different Flavors: 4 different lines - 20 formulas
  • Fat-to-Protein Ratio: 54%
  • Recalls: 0
  • Bag Sizes: 4.5 lb, 13 lb, 25 lb
  • Amount of Meat: Notable

Acana Processing Methods

Where is Acana Dog Food Made?

Acana is produced in Canada in Morinville, Alberta.

In the US, the kitchens responsible for making the Acana brand are located in Kentucky USA on approximately 85 acres of farmland.

Petfoods has ensured that these facilities continually exceed all regulatory requirements.

Additionally, the kitchens are only responsible for making pet food for the Acana and Orijen brands to ensure that the product you receive is both exclusive and authentic.

In order to maintain high standards within these facilities, there are 6 principles to which all kitchens should adhere.

In addition to advancing the biologically appropriate mission of the Petfoods company, all kitchens must not outsource products, should earn trust, be the best and not necessarily the biggest, partner with the agricultural community, and be a natural fit in their locale.

These principles ensure that all facilities produce products with equal quality and maintain the present standards of the brand.

The kitchens in which Acana dog food is produced are considered to be of high quality.

In fact, they are often described as being state-of-the-art.

These DogStar® kitchens are furnished with equipment that is able to deliver high-quality foods containing meat inclusions that have been introduced to the pet food industry by Champion Petfoods.

One such equipment is the huge blenders that are able to blend and combine a large number of ingredients all at once.

Other state-of-the-art equipment used in the kitchens include votator heat exchangers, high-intensity preconditioners, and proprietary moisture reduction systems.

Additionally, to aid in the processing of their dog foods, the kitchens utilize processes, such as twin thermal cooking and sequential infusion.

Acana Dog Food Ingredients

Acana is a brand that has been developed and known for high quality, natural pet food.

In producing Acana dog food, only fresh, local ingredients are utilized.

This is one of the primary reasons why the DogStar® kitchens are located so close to the agricultural areas in Kentucky and Alberta.

The farms and ranches that are nearby can easily supply the kitchens with fresh products for use in the dog foods.

To keep these fresh products usable, there is a refrigerator that is as big as half of a football field.

It is able to store around 600,000 pounds of ingredients and measures approximately 25,000 square feet.

Of course, not all products are available all year round as some items may be seasonal.

To counteract this situation, Champion Petfoods has equipped their kitchens with nitrogen freezers so these seasonal items can be flash-frozen to retain their freshness.

Champion Pet Foods does not use GMO ingredients, meat with hormones and antibiotics, or fish high in heavy metals.

They do not contain chemical preservatives.

Champion’s ingredients or foods are never treated with Ethoxyquin or any other chemical.

Ethoxyquin is often used as a fish preservative, Champion makes sure that the fresh fish they are getting is preserved with Vitamin E and botanical extracts.

Dogs are carnivores, they need a diet high in meat and protein, they do not need carbohydrates.

Conventional pet foods contain anywhere from 40-60% carbs. Acana dog foods are very high in meat.

They use a variety of meats, in order to mirror the natural diversity dogs would have in the wild.

Ingredients are steam-cooked in their own juices, no water is added to the formulations and no powdered ingredients are used.

A Sample of Ingredients Acana Uses

  • Free-range Bison, indigenous to Alberta
  • Heritage pork, raised in Southern Alberta
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, grown in Okanagan Valley Orchards
  • The whole nest laid eggs, produced on Hutterite Farms
  • Freshwater fish, caught by fishermen in the cold Northern Lakes
  • Acana does contain one controversial ingredient: Alfalfa - Although alfalfa is high in protein (18%) and fiber, it is more commonly associated with horse feed


  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Meat ingredients include turkey, pork, lamb, fish, wild boar, chicken, bison, and beef
  • Grain and gluten free
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Use low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Utilize fresh whole meats and include cartilage, organs, and marrow


  • Alfalfa is commonly associated with horse feed

Acana vs. Orijen

Both Orijen and Acana are produced with fresh ingredients and are made to be Biologically Appropriate.

The differences in the two brands include:

  • Meat Content – Orijen is 75-80% meat, while Acana is 60-65% meat.
  • Fresh Meats – Orijen uses 50% fresh meats, Acana uses 9-30 %.
  • Protein – Orijen foods are between 38% and 42% protein. Acana foods are between 32 – 35% protein.
  • Carbohydrates – Orijen contains 20 – 25% carbs, and Acana contains 25 – 28% carbs.
  • Meat Diversity – Orijen contains a minimum of 6 fresh meat ingredients, Acana contains a minimum of 3 fresh types of meat.

Acana is basically a more affordable version of Orijen.

Both are excellent quality dog foods and are considered the best that the dog food world has to offer.

Watch the following video for more information:

Is Acana a Good Dog Food?

Any brand of dog food that has been developed to include natural, fresh ingredients is definitely a brand worthy of mention.

With the Acana brand, not only are the ingredients natural but the nutrient proportions have carefully been thought about in order to ensure that the foods produced are biologically appropriate for dogs.

Made of more than 95% fresh ingredients and less than 30% carbohydrates, these dog foods are definitely of high quality.

To add to this, the Acana brand is known to be reasonably priced when you take into account the caliber of ingredients that the products contain.

Because Acana dog food is made in kitchens that are exclusively owned by Champion Petfoods, it is highly likely that the quality of the dog foods will be maintained and a guarantee can be made that there is no other brand that contains the same formula.

Not only are these foods biologically appropriate for dogs, the ingredients used in making the foods are extremely safe for human use.

All these factors definitely make the Acana brand one of the best available brands of dog food currently on the market.

The downside to this product, however, is that you may need to get supplies while they are available as they tend to sell out quite quickly.

That's really not a downside to the brand itself, but rather speaks to the fact that many people are aware of how valuable the products are.

Acana Dog Food Reviews - Puplore

Most Popular Acana Dog Food Formula

There are four product lines for Acana dog foods- Acana Classics, Acana Heritage, Acana Regionals and Acana Singles.

The Heritage and Regionals line contain ingredients of varying proportions while the Singles line is specifically developed for dogs with a sensible diet.

Within these lines, I would highly recommend the Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear Dry Dog Food from the Singles line of products.

This particular product is grain free and has limited ingredients that are safe for dogs that require a sensitive diet.

It is very reasonably priced and is a great source of nutrients for all types of dogs.

Wrapping pUp Our Acana Review..

The high-quality ingredients used to make this food is why we feel confident recommending it to you through our Acana dog food review.

Being a biologically appropriate pet food, it is priced very well in comparison to the value that it provides and thanks to the Singles line of products.

You also can purchase these natural foods for your dog that has digestive problems as it will be easy on their digestive system.

Acana pet food will provide your dog with all the substances that are needed for adequate energy levels, great muscle tone, and a healthy immune system.

It is definitely a very good product to provide your dog with a kibble diet that is nutritious and natural.

My sister and brother-in-law feed their dog Acana dog food and he loves it too!

His coat is shiny, he is happy and healthy so what more do you want.

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