Fromm Dog Food Reviews (Updated Nov 2019)
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Fromm Dog Food Reviews (Updated Nov 2019)

  • Last Updated On: November 19, 2019
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From the early 1900s, the Fromm family formed several companies, one of which was the Fromm Bros Nieman & Company. Based on the rearing of silver foxes, this company was always centered on animals in some way or another.

Fromm Family Dog Food

It was in the 1940s that they formed the company Federal Foods and soon after they produced the first batch of all-granular pet food by cooking meat and grain together, selling their first bag of Fromm Complete Dog Meal in 1949. Since then, the company has undergone a name change, which took place in 1995 when the brand Fromm Family Foods was created.

BUYER BEWARE! is NOT an authorized online retailer to sell Fromm Family Dog Food. According to Fromm's website they do not warranty their products sold through unauthorized channels as they may have been tampered with, expired, stored improperly or even fake.

We have decided to remove Fromm product links to Amazon and instead suggest you purchase from an authorized retailer such as PetFlow. A special thanks goes out to Puplore reader Carly for bringing this to our attention. If you have any questions or concerns about anything you find on our site please do not hesitate to reach out via our contact page.

It was in the 1940s that they formed the company Federal Foods and soon after they produced the first batch of all-granular pet food by cooking meat and grain together, selling their first bag of Fromm Complete Dog Meal in 1949. Since then, the company has undergone a name change, which took place in 1995 when the brand Fromm Family Foods was created.

Fromm continues to utilize innovation, knowledge and high-quality ingredients in manufacturing dog food of very high standards. Providing jobs for Wisconsin residents, Fromm continues to manufacture high quality foods for dogs and has recently completed a massive expansion on their existing facility in Wisconsin so they can expand their services.

Fromm Family Brand Highlights

  • Over 50 years experience
  • Manufactured in Wisconsin
  • High quality ingredients
  • Family owned

Fromm Dog Food Overview

  • Made In: The USA
  • Manufactured By: Fromm Family Foods LLC
  • Free Of: Meat by-products, artificial ingredient, wheat or corn
  • Fat-to-Protien Ratio: 59%
  • Dry Food Flavors: 7
  • Recalls: 1 in March 2016
  • Bag Sizes: 5 lb, 15lb, 33 lb Bags
  • Amount of Meat: Moderate
  • Protien: 24%
  • Fat: 16%
  • Carbs: N/A

Processing Methods at Fromm Family Dog Food

Fromm Family Foods is based in Wisconsin. The company owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Mequon and Columbus where they produce dry food and treats. They do not outsource any of their operations, which allows them to have better control of the products that they make available to the general market.

As a result, the company has put several procedures in place to ensure that they maintain high standards and continually produce pet foods of the finest quality. Whether it is sanitation, pest control, facility maintenance, lab analyses, processing, distribution, processing or packaging Fromm Family Foods does it all.

Every single bag is packaged after strict guidelines and testing are adhered to and passed. As a matter of fact, the testing process begins before the ingredients are utilized as they have to be vetted for quality and safety.

All these rigorous processes enable Fromm Dog Foods to be consistent in quality and taste as these are paramount to the Fromm name. The company samples and tests all of their packaged pet foods for pathogenic bacteria using an outside lab. They also ensure that each product has a batch code so they can easily be traced, or in the event of an unforeseen event, they can easily be recalled to prevent unwanted outcomes.

Fromm has implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) programs in their manufacturing plants. HACCP is a comprehensive preventative program used to identify vulnerabilities and establish documented controls to alleviate any potential issues.

Fromm continues to provide amazing processing methods, this video gives us all the details and honesty in quality, check it out!

Fromm Dog Food Ingredients

Fromm Dog Food Review

Fromm does not specify the sources of its ingredients. However, they do state that their ingredients undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe and of a high quality.

These tests are performed even before the ingredients are utilized in processing the dog foods. The ingredients are tested by the suppliers and retested once they arrive at the Fromm processing plants.

Every ingredient that is used in Fromm Dog Foods has some form of purpose as all ingredients are used to provide some form of nutritive value. Fromm does not use artificial preservatives in their products. Instead, they use mixed tocopherols which is a much more natural ingredient.

Fromm does not use any form of an ingredient from China as all their ingredients are sourced in the USA with the only exception being their vitamins, which are sourced in Europe.

Fromm does contain a few controversial ingredients including tomato pomace, brewers dried yeast and alfalfa meal.

Tomato pomace is a by-product of processing tomatoes into juice, soup, and ketchup. Many praise tomato pomace as a high-fiber nutrient-rich ingredient, others scorn it for being a cheap pet food filler.

Brewers yeast is a by-product of the beer making industry. Proponents say that yeast repels fleas and supports the immune system, brewers yeast is rich in minerals and other healthy nutrients.

Critics are concerned that yeast can be connected to allergies, and potentially contribute to a life-threatening condition known as bloat.

Alfalfa meal is high in plant protein and fiber, but it is more associated with horse feed.


  • No meat by-products
  • No corn or wheat
  • Use salmon oil as an omega 3 source
  • Use some carbs, but only those that are gluten free and high in dietary fiber
  • Use fruit and vegetables
  • No ingredients from China
  • Contains chicory root, a source of inulin which is a prebiotic that promotes healthy gut bacteria


  • 3 controversial ingredients: tomato pomace, brewers yeast and alfalfa meal
  • Do not state where they source their ingredients

Why Fromm Family is One of the Best Dog Food Brands

A lot of pet owners have stated that they have no issues with the Fromm brand. In fact, many pet owners have noticed improvements in all areas of their dog’s lives, whether it is energy levels, digestive health or even the dog’s coat.

Based on their ingredient list, they often list animal protein as the first or first and second ingredients. This is a clear indication of the quantity of these ingredients that are used.

There are 3 product lines to choose from for your dog and each line has its own unique set of formulas. Whether your dog prefers Fromm Family Classics, Fromm Gold Nutritionals or the Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals product line, there are products that are suitable for your dog regardless of his size, age or health condition.

If you are unsure which product may be best for your dog, the Fromm family website will even give you very clear and specific recommendations based on the information that you give about your dog.

Recommended Formula: Fromm Gold Holistic

Fromm Dog Food is an amazing brand and if I had to recommend a product from their product lines, it would be the Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food (via PetFlow). This particular product contains a mixture of ingredients, which include fish, whole eggs, duck, lamb, chicken, and real cheese.  

All the meat ingredients are fresh and natural, plus this particular recipe is further enhanced by the addition of probiotics which should aid in the digestion of the food. As is customary with Fromm dog food products, there is no corn, wheat or beet pulp included.

What makes this formula especially good is that it can be eaten by dogs that have a sensitive stomach as well as those that do not. All the ingredients used in this product are safe for human consumption and they are completely natural and safe.

Moreover, this dog food contains all the nutrients that your dog will need, so you do not have to supplement it with vitamins or any other nutrients.

Gunnar's Favorite Fromm Dog Food Flavors


First 3 Ingredients

Calorie Distribution


Fromm Heartland Gold Grain Free

Heartland Gold Grain Free Adult

Pork Meat Meal

Protein - 24%
Fat - 16%
Fiber - 6%

on PetFlow

Fromm Weight Management Dog Food

Weight Management

Turkey Liver
Chicken Meal
Turkey Broth

Protein - 25%
Fat - 10%
Fiber - 10%

on PetFlow

Fromm Large Breed Puppy Food

Large Breed Puppy

Chicken Meal
Chicken Broth

Protein - 26%
Fat - 14%
Fiber - 5.5%

on PetFlow


Fromm Family Foods has been around for many years and they have a very good knowledge and insight into the ingredients that are required to make dog food of a very high quality.

It is nice to know that the company does not compromise on quality and ensure that they process all of their foods so they can adequately monitor every aspect of the process from start to finish.

Because of the innovation and expertise in creating dog food formulas, they have made quite a name for themselves among pet owners. It is hardly a surprise that their dog food continues to be packed with animal proteins of very high quality, fruits, and vegetables that are allergen-free, as well as important grains.

The company continues to work closely with veterinarians, biochemists, nutritionists and persons of other relevant professions to ensure that their formulas remain relevant, nutritious, and will be of great benefit to all dogs.

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