Can a Border Collie Live Outside? (Solved!)

Border collies are sensitive dogs used for herding. Apart from being energetic, they pay keen attention to everything going on in their environment.

As such, they closely monitor the movement of livestock should they be used for herding.

On the other hand, if they are protecting your home, they can sense any type of intrusion in your backyard.

Unfortunately, being oversensitive makes border collies unfit to stay indoors.

If they hear sounds of electrical appliances and toasters, they will end up barking or hide behind couches. 

Additionally, border collies prefer to stay outside to keep calm and relax. In this case, you have to build him a kennel and install a good bed in it.

Also, all border collies, despite their sleeping place, should have a kennel.

It’s essential in shelter provision and providing a place for them to crush when you are not at home.


Can Border Collies Live Outside?

Any dog left outside is likely to suffer from infections caused by cold temperatures.

Most young collies can contract hypothermia if the temperature becomes exceedingly low.

A dog with hypothermia will start shivering, lose balance and show lethargy.

Warmer temperatures, on the other hand, are a big problem. Dogs with short noses will be uncomfortable and suffer from heatstroke as they cannot rid heat through panting.

You will commonly see them with deep red gums. Also, they pant excessively and drool.

However, these are regular dogs. They are not braced up to face extreme outdoor conditions.

A border collie, for instance, has a double coat. A cold outside environment won’t be a cause for concern. Still, they are long-nosed, meaning they can stand the outdoor heat.

Despite collies’ adaptation to living outside, they should not be left there for long, especially when temperatures fluctuate.

When temperatures get too high or get extremely cold, you have to let your collie indoors.

Also, if your collie is staying outside, he should have a safe environment. Ensure that he cannot bite the antifreeze pipes or eat other chemicals in your backyard.

Protective dog fencing comes in handy too. It will help prevent him from going out of your backyard, bar off snakes, hungry coyotes, and other wild malevolent creatures.

Can Border Collies Live Outside In The Winter?

In as much as border collies can tolerate the outside environment, winter is always unpredictable.

Suffice to say, the unfriendly cold weather will require you to give the Border collie much attention.

Disregard their double coats and tolerance. It’s imperative that you know if they are safe in the cold.

Ironically, even in the cold temperatures of up to 32°F (0°C), an adult collie will still need a walk and exercise.

But that’s on the condition of zero wind or rain.

For your collie to live outside during the winter, he should have a kennel. The kennel should be hoisted above ground and should have a heated bed installed.

Which Winter Temperatures Can Border Collies Withstand?

Personally, I’m not too fond of mercury reading as it’s much of a cheat. With winter temperatures, you have to consider rain, sun, and wind.

You will find that 32°F when there is sun, and zero wind is different when there is wind and rain.

All in all, most collies can stay outside when the winter temperatures are 32°F (0°C).

But, that’s based on perfect health conditions, and they should be all above three years old. If your collie is a puppy, aged or sick, you shouldn’t leave him outside.

Unfortunately, there is still no answer on temperature specifics. There are multiple facts at play, such as wind and rain, as said earlier. If you are in England, 32°F (0°C) seems to be colder.

Should it be accompanied by wind and dampness, it will become intolerable to your collie. And so to speak,

I would advise you to evaluate your collies coping with these five signs and follow your gut.

5 Signs That The Winter Temperatures Are A Detriment To Your Border Collie

If it’s cold and your collie is staying outside or you go for a walk with him, it will help if you know how he is being affected.

1. Is He Picking His Paws Up?

Dogs generally have sensitive paws, especially when it comes to extreme temperatures.

If you see your collie walking and then he starts to hold his feet up from the walking surface, then you should know that it’s too cold for him.

It would be best to get him indoors or in his kennel, should it have heating conditions.

2. Observe If Your Collie Is Shivering

Shivering is a standard indicator for extreme cold in both humans and dogs.

It happens when muscles relax and tighten up rapidly while attempting to achieve a homeostatic balance.

This behavior is coherent among all collies. In this scenario, you have to warm him up and even increase his physical activities.

3. If He’s Not Willing To Walk And He Limits Moving

Immobility proves that the cold is beyond withstanding. At this point, you can’t revive him by physical aerobics.

Instead, you should take him inside and set him in a warm place.

4. Is He Tucking His Tail?

Tucking tail is always a sign that your collie is uncomfortable. He may do this while assuming a hunched posture.

And that should tell you that he is not happy in the cold.

5. Other Out Of The Ordinary Changes

You have to observe your border collie’s behavioral changes if you are in subzero zones. Barking, howling, and whining should not be ignored.

Also, you should be keen on hypothermia. Hypothermia is associated along with lethargy, weakness, and dilated pupils.

A border collie may also show dizziness, slow breathing, and lack of consciousness as signs of hypothermia.

Is A Winter Jacket Necessary For A Border Collie?

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Our furry allies need all materials they can get to avoid cold. A winter jacket can be all. It can be helpful for old and puppy collies.

On the other hand, a middle-aged collie may not need one due to its healthy double coat.

Still, the coat may help if the outside environment is rainy, -200C, or wet since it’s waterproof and warm.

Final Thoughts

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, the answer to the question, can border collies live outside totally depends on you.

If you have secured your backyard in a way that a border collie cannot stray, eat antifreeze pipes or other chemicals.

Still, you have to make sure that no wild malevolent creatures will get near her.

Above all these, there must be a well-built kennel for your border collie. It should have air conditioning and a heated bed during the winter.

If you have that in place, then your collie is good to live outside, and you can provide him a winter jacket if needed.

Remember puppy, and aged border collies should not stay out during the winter. And generally, if your border collie is sick, you should not let him stay outside in such weather.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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