6 Best Collars For Border Collies In 2023

Like most pet owners, you will love to make your Border Collie look good and give him everything he needs.

However, to show it off or take it to the vet, I suggest keeping it on a leash as a precautionary principle.

In the sense of avoiding accidents due to its instinct, the Border Collie could quickly lose control when meeting a female in heat, when facing a temptation related to food, a scent, or want to herd another animal or even a child.

Impulsively, he may even cross a road and cause an accident.

To prevent it from escaping and incurring these risks, you need an essential accessory in the life of all Border Collies, such as the collar.

A collar for your Border Collie will allow you not only to hook the leash or hang the vaccine badges it will also serve to give it a touch of personality and cuteness.

To help you select the suitable collar for your Border Collie, here is a selection of the 6 best collars considering the use you will give it.

For Daily Walks – Black Rhino Brand Neoprene Collar.

This Collar by Black Rhino is what you exactly need for your dog, it is durable, and you will indeed find a design adjusted to your requirement.

Collar With Animal Print Pattern – Brand QQPETS

This Collar by QQPETS is easy to use; the quick-release buckle allows it to be easy to put on and take off.

The seams are not sloppy, and the material does not itch; it is durable. Its pattern is trendy, clean, vibrant, and eye-catching but of good quality in general.

Those who have been buying these collars for a long time indicate they don’t irritate their dogs at all.

They go from collarless to the collar without seemingly realizing it.

For Long Hikes – Carhartt Brand Adjustable Collar And Reflective Stitching

This Collar by Carhartt has a sturdy construction and reflective triple-needle stitching for dogs like Border Collies that work 24/7.

It is an ultra-durable collar designed for any task you have outdoors with your dog.

It is fully adjustable and constructed with a side-release buckle, made of half metal and half ultra-strong plastic that is easy to put on and take off.

Its reflective dots provide greater visibility during after-hours activities, particularly after the sunsets.

Customizable Floral Necklaces – Blueberry Pet Brand

These Customizable Collars allow you to decorate your pet with flowers for a wedding or themed event or to give them a flirty touch when walking them.

They are made with either 100% polyester material, neoprene padding or 100% cotton fabric.

They are easy to use, lightweight, perfect for puppies with soft neoprene padding that avoids rubbing the skin.

They have a strong D-ring; some models have a rose gold D-ring. They are adjustable and have high tensile strength.

Customizable Collar – Custom Catch.

This is a Beautiful Collar that supports good engraving. I love the collar; It couldn’t be better or of better quality.

A high-quality personalized identification alternative for your dog.

The most resistant and durable option to identify dogs. Made of genuine leather, engraved in Vermont.

These personalized dog collars allow you to replace cheap embroidered tags and collars.

You can even personalize it with your phone number or whatever you want!

Classic Colors/Solid Pattern Collars – Blueberry Pet Brand

This other Blueberry Pet brand collar is just a perfect basic collar.

Special for dogs that have not had leash manners and will tug and tug and tug on walks.

It works great for your safety and control of the dog.

The clasp is super strong; it maintains its integrity when trying to separate it.

The adjuster is strong and does not usually loosen over time, and the colors are pretty accurate, as in the listing photo .

What Size Collar For Border Collie?

When you go to buy a collar or a harness for your Border Collie, keep in mind that:

  • It is important that it fits snug but not tight.
  • If it dances too much, the dog will not be comfortable, and if it is too tight, you can “choke” him.
  • You should be able to fit a couple of fingers between the collar and the dog’s skin. It is ideal both for the comfort of your Border Collie and from a practical point of view if you have to grab it by the collar.

According to the different brands, the sizes of each collar or harness vary a little.

You usually have to provide a necklace with a measurement of between 16.5 to 24 inches.

The chest measurement to choose the harness size is between 20 and 30 inches.

It all depends on the size of each Border Collie, its age, and weight. Therefore, for your safety, there is nothing better than measuring your furry.

If you have any doubts about this regard, consult your veterinarian or advisor of your favorite pet store about buying the collar you like the most.

How To Choose A Good Collar For A Border Collie?

In addition to aesthetics, especially color, a good collar will be that one:

  • That it is perfectly adaptable to the size of your Border Collie.
  • It is equipped with a reliable, robust, and secure hook and loop system.
  • That it is resistant to pulling and does not tend to wear out too quickly and last for a long time.

What material to choose for the best collar for Border Collie?

  • For a Border Collie puppy, it is advisable to wear a light, padded collar. Nylon or similar collars are ideal for puppies.
  • For an adult Border Collie, a leather collar will be ideal. However, the ones I showed you in the review are quality, solid and sturdier while being pleasant to handle.
  • Heavier metal collars are best suited for powerful or large Border Collies that need to be held firmly and very tightly close to us.


Patience, training, and positive reinforcement are the best ingredients to avoid jerking your Border Collie during the walk.

If you see that you need help, contact a professional.

Also, I have to say that a Border Collie with a nice collar looks very attractive!

In that sense, I would recommend the Animal Print Pattern Collar if you want to do something “different” with your dog, like showing it off by biking or rollerblading, or if you have a dog that has problems in the neck area or with breathing.

It is also great for training your Border Collie.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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