How Much Do Border Collies Sleep? (Solved!)

Border collies are zealous dogs commonly used for herding sheep. Due to their vigor, they need to exercise a lot to release energy.

It’s a common perception that collies get 16-20 hours of sleep.

But, if that’s a perception, how much do border collies sleep after releasing their energy? And how much sleep should they get?

We can assume that border collies are designated for an arduous task and therefore need much sleep. Ironically, border collies never tire up. Instead, they are always alacritous for more tasks.

Under propitious sleeping settings, an in-fine-fettle Border collie can get as much as 14 hours of sleep. The period is grounded on his daily work and zero energy left after aerobics.

Anyhow, to riposte the question -how much do border collies sleep, we have to cogitate on their different states of existence.

And so to speak, a puppy border collie’s sleep duration will vary from that of an adult border collie.


How Much Sleep Do Border Collie Puppies Get?

Border collie puppies are much like human toddlers. Furbabies need to sleep a lot compared to healthy adult dogs.

It’s a common thing for furbabies below 12 weeks to sleep for about 18-20 hours.

Collie puppies beyond 12 weeks are more energetic. As such, they will only sleep for a maximum of six hours.

In the worst case, they can even use two hours of sleep in a day. It will take time for the baby collie to drop the energy level and increase sleep time.

But, under normal circumstances, your baby collie should get 8-10 hours of no-disrupted sleep.

Also, you have to ensure that they play a lot to become active and increase their lifespan.

Again, you have to know that a border collie may sleep during the day or night or even both. As such, you have to ensure they have a consistent bedtime routine.

How Much Sleep Do Adult Border Collies Get?

Adult border collies sleep less than ordinary dogs with no delegated tasks.

However, these dyed-in-the-wool workers can still catch their Z’s if they have no herding or herding tasks.

Still, they are more likely to fall asleep when they get bored.

An adult collie gets as much as 12 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, if they sense any action, they bounce back.

They are therefore considered the perfect watchdogs.

Older dogs, on the other hand, spent more time sleeping. It’s typically associated with being tired and mobility issues.

Conversely, adult collie dogs with underlying conditions (health issues) will spend more hours sleeping.

What you need to be familiar with is that collie dogs sleep longer than lapdogs.

However, if the sleeping period goes beyond normal, you will have to see a vet.

How Can I Tell The Amount Of Sleep My Border Collie Is Getting?

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The best way to determine how much sleep your border collie is getting is with a [amazon link=”B08M6H284G” title=”dog activity tracker” link_icon=”amazon” /].

The device tracks your Border collie activity during the day and records it for future downloads.

With it, you will not only see your collie’s day activities but how much time they use for rest. It will give you an insight into whether they are getting the right amount of sleep or not.

Further, it helps you know how their daily sleeping patterns are changing. Owing to this, you can figure out the possible causes and share them with your vet.

Apart from the dog activity tracker method, you can also record your dog’s sleep with a stopwatch.

How Can You Increase Your Border Collies Sleeping Time?

A consistent bedtime routine is essential in giving your dog a somnolent night. To achieve it, you have to:

Maintain the same feeding and sleeping time

Feeding your dog 3-5 hours before bedtime will ensure proper digestion. Also, there will be enough time to release the initial energy burst, which disrupts normal sleep.

Also, when it comes to sleeping time, ensure your dog sleeps at the same time every day. If your household is still up, ensure they do not disturb the collie.

Take your dog out for a walk

Deep sleep can be achieved through exercises since it triggers the burning of the extra energy left during the day.

I would advise that you take your dog out for a walk one hour before bedtime.

Create a quaint sleeping environment for your border collie

The types of sleep collies get depend on the sleeping environment. Having it set on a quaint, cozy, and secure spot will positively impact his sleep.

Border collies love sleeping outside the house. Regarding this, their kennel should have a sturdy wooden floor elevated off the ground.

It also needs to be draft-free and insulated. You have to share the house with your border collie during the winter or provide a heated bed dog in his kennel.

Should you choose to keep him indoors, you will have to ensure he is in a spot with sufficient heat.

Take him out before bedtime.

Taking your border collie out to relieve himself will help avoid midnight sleep disruptions.

As such, it abates the urge for him to go outside in the middle of the night.


Your border collie should spend 12-14 hours a day sleeping. They are zealous dogs and ever ready for upcoming tasks. You have to ensure consistency when it comes to your collie sleeping routine.

Good sleep is a guarantee for fitness and perfect health. Still, you have to be careful not to let your collie sleep a lot as he will fatten up.

You can use a dog tracker to determine if your Colie is getting enough sleep. If not, you can go old school with a stopwatch and clipboard.

If he is not getting enough, training alongside daily exercises will substantiate energy release and eventually cause deep sleep.

Border Colie dogs will sleep on time as long as they have released all their energy while playing and exercising.

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