How High Can A Border Collie Jump? Find Out The Truth!

Border Collies (BC) are not only famous for their striking physique and workaholic nature but also for their jumping capabilities that may make it hard to contain them.

These hounds are instinctively high jumpers as they were bred to herd sheep, and the first thing they tend to do if the herd is uncooperative is to jump on them as a way of intimidating them and guiding the sheep to their desired direction.

However, when this behavior is not tamed at an early stage, a BC may jump off your home fence and wander off or even get into a life-threatening accident.

So, if you are searching on how high a Border Collie can jump, rest assured that you are not alone in this.

This article answers the most asked questions by Border Collie parents regarding BCs and their jumping ‘episodes.’


How High Can A Border Collie Jump?

Border Collies start jumping as soon as they turn 5 months.

But the serious and high types of jumps usually take place when your doggie is between 12-18 months old.

Sitting Position – A grown-up BC (age 1-2 years) can reach heights 1-2 feet high in a sitting position.

Standing Position – This bold dog can easily jump up to 6 feet high when in a standing position.

Long Jump – In a long jump, a Border Collie can effortlessly jump to a height of 4 feet, depending on its speed and muscle stamina.

How far your hound jumps are mostly dependent on 4 factors;

Its position – Whether sited or standing

Its age – An old dog won’t jump as high as a young hound

Its speed – A fast dog will jump vertically higher than a slow dog

Its joint health – Dogs with joint health issues may be unable to jump high.

If your dog has a joint problem, consider using Cosequin (a joint supplement that needs no vet prescription) to help promote your dog’s physical ability

Do Border Collies Jump Fences?

Yes, Border Collies have the ability to effortlessly jump over fences if they feel the need to do so.

How Tall Should A Fence Be For A Border Collie?

A fence that is 3 times the height of your Border Collie (which has reached its maturity level) at the shoulder is recommended if your BC is a notorious jumper.

Having a 7 feet fence installed in your home’s compound is highly endorsed to be on the safe side.

Extra Tip

Ensure that your 7 feet tall fence foundation goes at least 3 feet deep to ensure stability and prevent your Border Collie from digging its way out.

How Do You Stop Your Border Collie From Jumping Over The Fence?

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By now, you know that even a wall cannot limit a BC’s desire to jump!

But there are a few things you can do to ensure that your hound doesn’t keep jumping over the fence.

These things include;

#Investigate What Triggers Your Doggie To Jump Over The Fence

Understanding what triggers your BC to jump is the first step in solving your dog’s jumping issues.

Different dogs get triggered to jump due to various stimuli.

Below are tips on how you can solve the most common reasons that make your BC jump over your home’s fence;

  • Boredom-get them another dog for a companion
  • Out of curiosity-keep a close look on your dog if he is the curious type
  • When left alone-have a dog sitter around when you are not around
  • When they see other dogs or people who look friendly-have a solid fence erected to prevent your dog from having a view on passer-byes or other dogs in the street
  • ·When they see an animal that they want to chase-give them toys to play with

#Double Proof Your Fence

Double proof your fence by having a pro erect a shorter fence 3-5 feet away from your main fence.

You can either have it erected inside or outside your main fence but having it on the inside will make it more effective.

On the outside of your fence, plant flowers (which are not thorny) that may cushion your dog from injuries just in case it manages to jump over the fence despite your double-proofing strategy.

#Eliminate Anything That May Aid Your Doggy’s Jumping

Don’t place trash cans, wood piles, tree trunks or outdoor chairs near a fence, as all these things act as jumping aids for your dog.

If there are trees near your fence, it’s recommended that you cut them down if they are not that big.

If there are really huge, or you simply don’t want to cut them down, then make them inaccessible to your dog by building a barrier around them.

Ensure the barrier doesn’t provide your dog with a good landing spot, as this will not have solved the problem.

#Have A 7 Feet Tall Fence Erected And Its Top Surface Made Slippery

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As we have discussed earlier, BCs have the ability to jump 6 feet high, so having a fence that is 7 feet tall erected in your compound is most certainly a worthy investment.

Using “Coyote Rollers” to create a slippery surface that doesn’t allow your dog to have a grip on the fence when it jumps is another smart way to tame your dog’s jumping over the fence issues.

How Do You Stop Your Border Collie From Jumping On People?

Just like young children, toddler Border Collies won’t hesitate to jump on you if they feel they have to, as most of the time, they are unable to control their jumping impulses.

However, knowing how to tame their hyperactive jumping behavior when they are young will help you prevent unwanted mouth behavior which is associated with jumping.

You also save yourself and your loved ones from dog scratches and clothes tearing, which normally come about due to your BC jumping on .

Below are some of the tested and proven ways through which you can stop your BC from jumping on you or people around you;

Make Use Of A Dog Drag-Line

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A dragline is a long type of leash that helps the pup ‘drag’ along the ground.

How to use it; Step on the dragline if your puppy jumps or you notice it is about to jump.

Be sure not to maintain eye contact when you step on the line.

This shows your hound that you mean ‘business’ and you are not about to tolerate their jumping behavior.

Pro-Tip: Repeat this method at least 4 times a day for a continuous 7 days without stopping if you want to achieve positive results.

Dance Your Dog Out From Jumping

Some hounds dislike dancing so much to the extent that if you grab them by their front paws and dance with them around, they will not dare to jump on you the next time.

However, some pups won’t mind basting some moves with you, and they may assume that jumping on people will be rewarded by a dance.

If your dog happens to fall in this category, it’s recommended that you use another method to avoid reinforcing the jumping on people habit.

Train It

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Train your pup the ‘sit’ command whenever they attempt to jump on you or the people around you.

Remember not to shout at your dog whenever it jumps at you; instead, give it treats as a positive reinforcement if it obeys your ‘sit’ command.

Also, remember only to use one command word when instructing your dog to sit down to avoid confusing it.

Act Like You Are Hurt!

Yes, we are asking you to pretend that your pup(s) has hurt you each time it jumps on you!

Remember, Border Collies are very affectionate dogs, and they don’t love hurting those they consider family, so a little dramatization will go a long way in keeping these hounds jumping behavior in check.

But remember NOT to overdo it, or else your doggie may think it’s a game.

Be The Alpha! Limit Your Dog’s Jumping Habits Like a Pro!

Don’t let your Border Collie’s jumping behavior get out of hand.

Start training it when it’s a pup that jumping on people is wrong by giving it simple commands like ‘sit.’

Make use of a dragline or pretend that your BC has hurt you once it jumps on you to deter it from repeating its unwanted jumping behavior.

Limit your dog’s ability to jump over the fence by; eliminating any objects that may act as a jumping aid, double proofing your fence, and removing any triggers that may cause your dog to take a jump over the fence.

Suppose your dog’s jumping behavior persists despite you employing all of the methods mentioned above.

In that case, it’s highly recommended that you hire the services of a behavioral specialist and together solve this problem.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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