Male vs Female Border Collie – Which One Is Better For You?

If you are looking for a dog that is energetic and loves to be outside then the border collie is a great pet. These dogs are highly popular and have fun personalities.

They can be hard to train at times, but they are one of the most loyal breeds of dogs.

Still, what kind of border collie should you get specifically?

In particular, are male or female border collies more suited for your home?

Throughout this post, I will talk about this topic more. There are some key differences between male and female border collies.

So, keep reading if you want to find out what the differences are between these two border collie types.


Which Dog Is Better Suited For You, Male vs Female Border Collie?

In general, border collies are outdoor dogs that have a lot of energy. So anyone who likes these characteristics in dogs should get a border collie.

Still, female and male border collies will display differences in personality, size, and behavior. So, you want to keep this in mind before you get your pet.

I’ll talk a little bit about each border collie here, though. This way, you can understand the differences more. Then I’ll discuss these details in more depth later on in the post.

To start with, if you want a border collie that is easier to train I would suggest getting a female border collie.

Border collies are generally hard to train, but with females, you will have an easier time doing this.

Female border collies are fiercely loyal and are much better listeners than their male counterparts. They still love being outside and active but they will be slightly calmer than male border collies.

On the other hand, male border collies are warm in nature but more stubborn than female border collies.

Male border collies are less willing to listen to their owners at first, but once you train them they are fiercely loyal.

Border collies aren’t dangerous, but male border collies do display more aggression. So, this is also something else you need to think about.

Finally, male border collies are the ultimate outdoor dogs, even more so than their female counterparts.

If any of this sounds like something you are interested in then I would suggest getting a male border collie.

A Brief Overview of Size, Male and Female Border Collies

Male and female border collies have a similar build overall. You won’t find glaringly obvious differences in their height in weight.

  • Females will grow anywhere from 18 to 21 inches.
  • Males will grow anywhere from 19 to 22 inches.

And, in terms of weight, both these dogs will have similar weights, as well.

  • They both grow up to thirty to fifty-five pounds in total.

Really, the only difference in this is the look of your dog.

Again, male border collies don’t have measurements that are that different from females, but they do look a little bit bigger than female border collies.

This is because males have more muscles and a slightly bigger frame. Extra fur also gives them a more imposing figure.

Female border collies are also big, but they look a little more athletic and slim in comparison to males.

In short, females are more medium-sized dogs, while male border collies are considered larger dogs.

Size could be an important factor when getting your pet. So make sure to think about the accommodations in your home.

Both males and females will need large spaces to roam and play. Males in particular will need plenty of room to get their energy out!

What Are The Personality Differences Between Male vs Female Border Collie Dogs?

I talked about this briefly, but there are some personality differences between both genders.

Let’s talk about the male border collie first though!


Male border collies in particular are considered to be warmer and easier to socialize with people.

Especially when they are young, they will have an easier time attaching to their owner. Like female border collies, males are very loyal.

However, males can be stubborn and pushy at times.

They have strong personalities that can clash with their owners. But, again, training can help temper your dog’s wild streak and keep them in line.

Something else to consider with male border collies is affection and attention.

Males are warmer to their owners and like a lot more attention. They are almost child-like in their personality.

So, they will want to cuddle more with you and will seek you out more than females.

Male border collies are also way more interested in food and more likely to be motivated by treats. This can be a great way to train them.

Finally, male collies have more energy and like to be outside more. I can’t say for sure which gender of dog is better for you.

But if male collies personality sounds like a good match, then the male border collies might be the better option for you.


Still, what about female border collies? What are their personalities like? How are they different than males?

To begin with, females are not as warm as male border collies.

Of course, they are loving dogs that are loyal to their owners, but they are a bit more independent than male border collies. They won’t need to be babied like male border collies.

And, while they can come off as being a little more aloof than most dogs. Female border collies love their owners and grow to be even more loyal than male border collies over time. You just have to give them the chance to warm up to you and earn their trust.

Female collies do like to be in control, so keep this in mind, as well. But, they are very trainable and can follow directions well.

However, be aware that female collies can get into moods occasionally. In particular, while they are in heat they could get a little moody with you.

Female collies are also highly competitive in general which differs from male collies. So, if you have other dogs in your house make sure to keep an eye on your pets.

Overall, though, both genders have their pros and cons. Still, either dog would be the perfect addition to your home. It’s just a matter of preference.

Training Border Collie Males vs. Females

Border collies, regardless of gender have great physical and athletic abilities. Both dog types can be trained to perform great physical feats.

This is because these dogs were bred to work hard and herd animals. People in the police force and the military use both male and females border collies as work aids.

Both dogs have great abilities that can make them great work buddies. In terms of differences, though, there will be a few that you want to be aware of.


So, while both dogs are highly capable there are some things you want to consider.

As I talked about before, male collies are a little more aggressive and can be troublemakers.

You need to be attentive with them and firm otherwise it will be hard to train them fully.

These dogs are very smart. But if you aren’t careful they will try and outsmart you and take control. In this situation, it will be hard to train and control your dog.

So you want to start training as soon as possible to assert your authority.


Female border collies are still difficult to train.

They have strong personalities, as well. But you will have a much easier time handling your female border collie once you gain her trust.

Female collies are more low-key. They like to be respectful and if you show them who is boss they will listen to you and stay loyal.

You just need to keep their attention while you train them. They like plenty of physical activity and enjoy walking in hilled areas like male border collies.

So, don’t slack on their physical training just because they are female. They are just as capable as their male counterparts.

What Are The Differences in Health Between Male and Female Border Collies?

Male and female border collies will live a similar lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They share similar health problems like heart issues and joint and muscle problems.


But males do tend to have more health issues than female borders. Though the reasons for this are unclear.

Experts think that male border collies push themselves more rigorously than female border collies. Also, the rapid growth of male border collies can lead to bone issues and joint issues.

Overall, if you give your dog plenty of time to exercise, feed them good food, and bring them to the vet these are typically very healthy pets. That experience minimal health issues.


Female border collies also need to be regularly exercised and taken care of in the right way. This way their health is in pristine condition. But there are a couple of health issues that differ from male border collies with females.

For instance, the female border collie is more likely to deal with skin infections and irritations. Female border collies also have many more issues with digestive health than males.

Though this will depend on your specific dog.

What Are Male and Female Border Collies Like With Children and Other People?


Male border collies are much more sociable and affectionate as I mentioned before. So, they tend to be better with children and other people.

But, female border collies are still good with kids. They are just a bit more reserved but they are a good family dog.

Really regardless of the gender of the dog, you want to make sure they are trained and introduced to others early on.

This will ensure the best results and will prevent your dog from being misbehaved or aggressive around other people.


Still, while border collies are by no means dangerous. I would recommend that you watch over your dog carefully.

Especially when you have females around young children. Border collies are great for kids that are twelve and up.

But, when you have this breed around children that are younger there can be some issues. Border collies don’t mean to rough house or nip at your kids or other people.

They are not mean dogs by nature. However, they do have strong herding instincts that can make them a little more difficult to train. And, it can be difficult to be around if you don’t reign them in.

So, keep this in mind with both types of border collies. Still, border collie females, if they know that your children are family can be even better behaved than male collies.

This is because female collies tend to be more conscious about invading people’s personal space and being well-mannered. This depends on your specific dog, of course.

But generally, this holds true for most female border collies.


Border collies are one of the most rewarding breeds of dogs to own. Once you learn how to properly train them, they are a joy to have in your home.

But, you want to think about which type of border collies is right for you. Male and female border collies have some differences.

For instance, male border collies are slightly larger than female border collies, want to be outside more, and are warmer dogs.

Female border collies are smaller and more loyal but can be harder to socialize with people and dogs, as they have a more aloof personality.

Really, there are plenty of differences between males and females that need to be considered.

Luckily, I talked about everything you need to know regarding male vs female border collie pets.

So, refer to the previous sections of this post if you want to find out which gender of border collie is the right fit for you and your family.

Overall, these are an amazing breed of dogs that has a lot to offer you!

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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