Do Border Collies Like to Cuddle & Are They Affectionate?

Dogs have a variety of personalities and temperaments.

Some dogs like to be outside more and other dogs like to stay indoors and lounge. So, it’s important to have the right information on your pet.

In this particular post, I will be talking about border collies. Border collies are not your typical dog breed.

They have a ton of energy and they love staying outside. But, unlike other breeds, these dogs were bred to herd animals and even hunt.

Border collies are great to have in your home, but you need to know a few things about this dog before you welcome them into your home.

I talk specifically about whether border collies like to cuddle. And, I discuss other relevant information about border collies.

This way you can know if this breed is a good match for you and your family!


Do Border Collies Like to Cuddle With Their Owners?

Cuddling next to your dog is one of the best parts of being a dog owner.

But, will your border collie even want to cuddle with you?

In short, your dog will definitely want to cuddle with you. You just need to make sure that you have trained and played with your dog enough for this to happen.

Some people doubt that border collies are cuddlers. This is due to their energetic personality and breeding origins.

Border collies were originally bred to work hard in fields and help herd various animals.

However, just because your dog is more assertive and full of pep, this does not mean that they can’t cuddle.

In fact, if you train your dog well early on and are able to bond with them, they will love cuddling with you.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Still, you need to keep a few things in mind. Again, border collies are not your average dog. It can be difficult to train them and show them who is the boss.

So, prioritize training them early on, this way they know to be loyal and obedient to you.

Untrained border collies are not dangerous. But they can be a handful, and they are a lot less likely to sit down and cuddle.

In addition, you want to give your dog plenty of exercise and playtime.

Border collies, more than most breeds, need a lot of outdoor space and attention.

Because these dogs were bred to herd animals, they have strong herding instincts that make them extra active and energetic.

Even towards the end of the day your dog still might want to play.

If you don’t give your dog the attention and care they need, it will be harder to cuddle with them at night.

They will still have a lot of energy.

Do You Need To Show Affection And Cuddle With Your Border Collie?

Even when border collies are young they cuddle near their brothers and sisters for warmth and love.

They also like cuddling with their mothers when they are still a part of a litter. This helps them feel more secure and safe.

Really, though, all dogs need some form of cuddling and affection. And, your border collie is not an exception to this.

So, when you take your border collie home they will need affection from you. Cuddling shows your dog that you care about them and that you love them.

All living creatures need some form of physical contact, warmth, and affection to thrive.

Your dog might be a little hard to track down or get to sit still. But you should still try to cuddle with your border collie when you can.

They might not cuddle all night long, but this is a crucial part of your dog’s development and health.

Dogs that are not well-loved and not given attention can become depressed and unhealthy.

You don’t need to cuddle every night. But consider cuddling regularly with them.

I recommend setting down a blanket or letting them on your couch. You can then try to lure them over with a treat or snack after you have played with them.

Cuddling with your border collie after they have had some physical activity will make them more likely to cuddle with you.

How Can You Make Your Border Collie Cuddle With You More Often?

I’ve been talking about this a lot, but physical activity is important for your border collie.

If you want your dog to cuddle with you a lot, you are going to need to be active with them.

How much your dog wants to play with you will depend on the specific dog you have.

But, for the most part, you will need to give them a lot of activity to really get them to settle down. These dogs are way more energetic than your average dog after all.

So, when should you try to cuddle with your dog?

Well, you can give your dog a few breaks in between playing. And, you can try and cuddle them then. But I recommend cuddling after your dog has had dinner.

Usually, they will get a little sleepy after eating. If this doesn’t work, cuddle with them at the end of the day after exercising with them and feeding them.

This should give you the best results with your border collie!

Can Playdates With Other Dogs Help Border Collies Cuddle More?

To answer this question briefly, border collies can be even more affectionate and cuddly when you socialize them properly.

When your dog is allowed to play with other dogs, they develop a healthy sense of affection and love.

And, if you teach them how to be social around other pets and people, this will only help your dog.

Not only can they get their energy out. But border collies, and other pets, are able to learn how to be affectionate through proper social interaction.

Make sure you supervise your dog though. And, if you are still in the process of training your dog be careful.

Border collies still have their natural herding instincts early on. So, they might not know how to correctly interact with people or other pets quite yet.

But, if you give it time, your dog will gain a lot from play dates and meeting new people!

Should Children Cuddle With Border Collies?

Having your border collie cuddle with young children can be iffy. Still, this will depend on the age of your kids.

It’s not that border collies are dangerous, but in their early life, they can be nippy.

Again, this is due to their herding instincts. If you train your dog really well, it is possible to have your kids cuddle with your dog.

But, I would suggest being around your children. Especially if they are under the age of twelve, you need to supervise your dog.

Really, I would recommend getting a different dog if your kids are under the age of twelve.

Younger children will have a harder time bonding with the border collie.

And, at twelve, the border collie is much more likely to see your kids as family and a potential packmate.

So, just keep this in mind.

What About Other Animals, Will Your Border Collie Cuddle With Them?

Border collies love cuddling with their owners and family. But, what about cuddling with other animals?

This could all depend on your pet and when they are introduced to other dogs and animals.

You can actually introduce other pets to your dog, even cats can get along with your border collie.

However, I would suggest introducing your dog to other animals early on. This way they don’t get territorial.

If your border collie forms a nice bond with your other pets, they might even cuddle with them.

Still, you want to be careful and make sure your animals are monitored when they first meet.

And, make sure to train your pets and give them plenty of activity so they are on their best behavior.

What If I don’t Have Time To Play With My Border Collie, Will They Still Cuddle With Me?

Sometimes, you might not have time to play with your border collie.

Everyone has those days when they just do not have the energy to go outside and play with their pets.

Still, will your dog want to cuddle when you don’t play with them?

To answer this question, it could depend on your dog.

You still want to make sure to exercise with them regularly. But, if you don’t play with them all the time, this doesn’t mean that they won’t want to cuddle with you.

Again, this depends on your pet and their specific personality. But some border collies will still cuddle with you even when they don’t get a lot of activity in during the day.

I still recommend that you play with your border collie as much as you can when you aren’t tired though.

This way they are less distracted when you try to cuddle them. Border collies get really antsy and annoyed when they don’t have outlets to let out their energy.

What About Dogs That Don’t Like to Cuddle, Will My Dog End up Not Wanting to Cuddle With Me?

It is rare that a border collie or any dog will not want to cuddle with its owner when given the chance.

But, there are situations where a dog will not want to cuddle up with you right away.

For example, some shelter and rescue dogs might be reluctant to get close to you at first. Especially if they were not treated well by a previous owner.

It could be hard to get your border collie to open up to you and your family at first. But, in time your dog will get more affectionate.

Other dogs have a standoff personality by nature and this might affect how much they cuddle with you. This is not something that is your fault or your dog’s fault.

Every dog just has a different personality and temperament. And, it might take extra affection and attention to get your dog to be more cuddly.

But, it is possible to help your dog become more friendly and loving towards your family.

However, if you do notice a change in your dog’s personality that is abrupt something might be wrong. Consider going to the vet if you notice a big change.

If your dog is normally cuddly, but then they get a little aggressive this could be a sign of a medical issue.

For instance, an infection could be causing your dog to be less affectionate or cuddly. So, definitely get this checked out.


Border collies are a great dog breed to have in your home. They are a ton of fun and they are super energetic.

But, if you are new to dogs, make sure you learn about this breed beforehand. These dogs are not easy to train and they need to be given a lot of attention.

Especially because they were bred to work hard and long hours herding animals.

Border collies are beautiful and love to be in the outdoors. And, this can be great for people who are super active. But, for other pet owners, this might not be the dog for you.

If you like cuddling with your dog, but don’t want to spend a lot of time playing with your dog, I recommend another breed.

Border collies love to cuddle, just like any other pet.

However, they need to have a lot of activity and stimulation in their day in order for them to sit down and cuddle with you.

In some cases, your dog might just want to cuddle with you out of nowhere.

But, for the most part, they will need to be active before they will stay still and cuddle with you. So, keep this in mind when you go out to get your pet!

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Madeline Wright

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