Do Border Collies Like Water And Can They Swim? (Solved!)

The Border Collie is a dog that, because it has a beautiful physique and is classified as the most intelligent breed, has become fashionable in recent years, besides being a very dedicated and accommodating partner.

But have you ever asked yourself: do Border Collies like water?

The answer is a bit complicated because some like it in every way; in the form of rain, for swimming in the lake, or as a bath, while others may not like it at all.

Find out more about why Border Collies instinctively may or may not be fascinated by water in every way.


Do Border Collies Like Water?

I can tell you that many Border Collies love to be in and around the water. However, there are also Collies that choose to stay out of the water.

As with people, this is a matter of temperament.

Border Collies are similar but not the same, so, naturally, some Border Collies pleases water, and others prefer to keep away from this precious liquid.

It all depends on the personality of each dog.

Don’t be surprised if you manage to see a Collie walk far away from deep pools.

Those Border Collies may be the ones who prefer to paddle in cursory water or splash along the seashore or in puddles.

For all the above, the answer to the query: do Border Collies like water?

It is not easy to give one that applies to all dogs of this breed, but they certainly wouldn’t mind splashing around at some point.

Do Border Collies Can Swim?

Regarding whether they can swim, water-loving Border Collies are generally particularly strong swimmers, so they are often trained as “water rescue dogs.”

Numerous of these dogs are also trained to dive deep into lakes to search for victims.

Some Border Collies are even prepared to jump from a helicopter into the water when assisting rescuers on search and rescue missions.

Concerning the answer to the question in this section, it is usual to hear water-loving Border Collie owners boast about how much their dog loves to splash in the pool.

But it is also common, albeit on a smaller scale, to overhear some owners opine that their Border Collie would rather not have anything to do with water.

But you should know that regardless of whether or not you own a water-loving Collie, Border Collies instinctively know how to swim!

They are impressively athletic genetic animals with admirable agility. Their bodies are practically made for continuous activity and exercise.

Swimming is a great natural way to burn off all that extra energy and where you can let the dog manage, where he knows how to feel and can find his stability.

Encourage Your Collie To Like The Water

So I suggest you encourage your puppy or Collie companion to enjoy the water; you can introduce him to it more slowly.

If you notice that your dog doesn’t like water, awaken that instinct by putting up to three inches of water in a children’s pond or pool and throw toys for him to play in.

As he adjusts to enjoying the game, you can gradually add more water.

Once he enjoys playing in a full kiddie pool, you can play the same game at the edge of a lake or stream, constantly tossing the toy close enough to the border to keep him comfortable.

Then you can move on to another level, enjoying yourself with your Collie. You can enter the sea or lake with your Collie in tow until it reaches a certain depth but close to the shore.

Release him to swim while staying very close and by encouraging him. All mine started hesitantly, and finally, thanks to my perseverance today, they enjoy being in the water and swimming.

Swimming is a fascinating low-impact activity for Border Collies that keeps them in good physical shape.

Benefits Of Swimming For Border Collies

As is well known, swimming is one of the most profitable activities that exist.

It is considered to be one of the sports activities that most demands the use of all the human body muscles.

Regularly practicing sports such as swimming helps to take care of the muscles and prevents the deterioration of the tissues, which ultimately leads to the strength of the same.

Did you know that the benefits swimming has for humans also apply to dogs?

Border Collies are like a child. As such, these dogs demand attention and care. This includes making sure you meet even the most minimal health requirements.

Owning a Border Collie is a big responsibility, and their owners must be willing to invest a good part of their time in their care.

If you do not have this disposition, look for another type of pet.

Owning a pet like a Border Collie also involves maintaining a balanced diet as well as usual grooming. Border Collies need a lot of physical activity to expend their energy.

They love to run, play and swim, the best way to exercise a Collie.

If you don’t have a lot of space, understand, you are obliged to take him out for a walk or fulfill his sporting activity.

Here are some reasons/motives why swimming can be beneficial for your Border Collie:

  • Improves general health
  • Excellent for the cardiovascular system
  • Good for the joints
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Weight control

Swimming is the natural choice for exercising and regulating your Border Collie’s health.

If you want your dog to have an excellent bearing, you should definitely obtain him to awaken that instinct, if he hasn’t already, and go swimming.

Once your pet adopts swimming as an ordinary habit, there will be a significant improvement in his health in no time!

Why Does My Border Collie Don’t Like Water?

If you are one of the owners with a Border Collie that runs away from water, panics when it’s time for a bath, and you notice that he runs back to his shelter when it starts to rain, here are some of the reasons/motives why your Collie doesn’t like to be near water:

Lack Of Exposure

I have already mentioned this reason, lack of exposure. Your dog may be afraid of it because he has not been around water long enough. Remember, you have to stimulate his instinct.

Stubborn Temperament

Alternatively, your Border Collie may not enjoy the water because it is in his temperament to do so. Likely, he doesn’t like to get wet and prefers to stay warm and dry all the time.

They Prefer Sports On Land

Remember, this is perfectly normal in some dogs of this breed; they tend to avoid swimming sessions because they prefer to stick to land sports.

Get Wet And Weigh Yourself

For some Border Collies, water has an annoying tendency to get entirely into your pet’s coat and make it heavier, which can weigh them down and make movement difficult.

However, some Border Collies have a moderate amount of fur, so they may not feel too much trouble with water weight.

If your Collie has longer fur, he definitely may not enjoy the feeling of heaviness that he is sure to experience after swimming.

Usually, many dogs do not bask in the feeling of being wet.

As you can see, there are many motives why your Border Collie can not please water or swimming. If this is the case, do not oblige him to swim in deep water.

You can try introducing him to water through some gentler activities; for example, let him splash in rain puddles on his morning walk.

But remember, if your dog still insists on staying away from the water, let him be.

It’s never salutary to force pets to do something that doesn’t stimulate them and render them feel comfortable participating.


Have you willing to teach your Border Collie to like water and swim?

Well, first, congratulations on making that significant decision!

Second, I encourage you to learn to be patient because training a pet to swim is never easy, but it sure is worth it!

Although they are instinctively swimmers, not all Border Collies like to swim. A large number of dogs of this breed love being in and around the water.

Many have been encouraged by their owners to be powerful swimmers, so some of them end up being trained to be “water rescue dogs.”

I only add my personal experience: keep in mind that it is an individual thing; my Collies love water and swimming after going through an arduous process of doubts and perseverance.

A Collie can become an excellent swimmer and an incredibly polite dog in all areas; they are gentlemen and ladies, they do nothing without their keeper’s permission, obviously, if they were educated for it.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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