29 Best Sled Dog Movies Ever (Some On Netflix & Prime)

Who’s up for a movie night? 

We all love relaxing after a stressful day with some popcorn to watch a movie.

Bonus points if we have our family members or loved ones around to create memories.

If you and those around are suckers for dogs, why not supplement movie night with some great dog sledding movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service?

Sled dogs like Siberian Huskies have been admired by many for years.

That is why we bring to you a compilation of the 29 best sled dog movies of all time.

You can easily locate some of them on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming services. They are also perfect for your doggy movie collection.

Some of these dog sledding movies are fictional, while others are based on true events.

Either way, you’ll surely find favorites amongst them.

The Best Sled Dog Movies Of All Time

1. Balto (1995)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Balto (1995)
Balto (1995)
Animation, Adventure, Drama, History

Old but evergreen, Balto is an animated movie inspired by the true story of a Siberian Husky of the same name who helped save children in Nome, a remote village in Alaska.

He did this by transporting antidotes to them. This happened in 1925 and is called the serum run.

In the movie, Balto is a half-husky and half-wolf who became an outcast because of his status.

An opportunity to shine came after he was selected to join a sled team due to a race.

The malicious act of a Malamute named Steele gets him disqualified, and the sled team goes without him.

During their return, they get stranded. Balto and his friends set out to help them.

This movie hinges on themes of envy, segregation, bravery, and how our perceived weakness can turn out to be an asset.

2. The Great Alone (2015)

Poster Title Genre Rating
The Great Alone (2015)
The Great Alone (2015)
Documentary, Drama, Sports

The Great Alone is a documentary film covering the comeback of a dog sled racer named Lance Mackey.

The movie takes down a path of a man who was born into racing.

The documentary shows us the childhood of Mackey, from his mother who raced while pregnant to his father who he considered a hero.

We get to witness his struggles as a youth as well as his battle with the medical monster called cancer.

While surgery made his career growth seem bleak, it wasn’t the end for him. 

If you’ve ever had major struggles in life, you will be inspired by this documentary.

3. Togo (2019)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Togo (2019)
Togo (2019)
Adventure, Biography, Drama

Like its predecessor, Togo is based on the serum run of 1925 and the diphtheria epidemic. It also highlights the struggles of pet parenting.

In early 20th century Alaska, a man named Seppala and his wife Constance get a Siberian Husky pup in their house.

The pup’s frail looks make Seppala skeptical, but Constance protects the baby pooch.

The latter grows to be a handful, but eventually, Seppala notices that he had misjudged the young Husky after some incidents that revealed the dog’s potential.

Seppala names him Togo after a Japanese dog.

Together, they set out for an adventure to save the children of Nome town after a diphtheria outbreak.

This movie is an adaptation of the true-life story of Leonhard Seppala and his dog, Togo.

4. Eight Below (2006)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Eight Below (2006)
Eight Below (2006)
Adventure, Drama, Family

Set in the freezing continent of Antarctica, Eight Below is a survival movie that centers on friendship and loyalty between a man and his dogs.

While many movies show dogs as the givers of loyalty and humans as the sole recipients, this movie flips the narrative. 

Jerry Shephard who works for a science foundation in Antarctica accompanies a professor named Dr. Davis McClaren up a mountain in search of a meteorite.

To get there easily, they employ the services of some sled dogs.

Their trip is successful, but thereafter they are forced to evacuate Antarctica, leaving the dogs behind.

The remaining scenes cover Shepard’s attempts to rescue the dogs. 

After all, aren’t we dogs’ best friends too?

5. Iron Will (1994)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Iron Will (1994)
Irion Will (1994)
Adventure, Family

Also old but thrilling, Iron Will is an adventure movie that would make you hold tight to your popcorn.

It is based on a true racing event that was held in 1917.

The race began at Winnipeg in Manitoba and ended at Saint Paul in Minnesota. 

After losing his father in a tragic drowning incident, a young man named Will finds himself laden with the responsibility of taking care of his mother and his late father’s business.

His college dreams were also put to a halt following the incident.

To prevent his mother from selling their sled dogs, Will opt to get into an international dog sled race.

His personal growth and the challenges of the race form the crux of this thrilling movie.

6. Kayla (1999)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Kayla (1997)
Kayla (1999)
Drama, Family

Kayla is a tale of childhood troubles, friendships, and a sled dog race.

While it has a slow start, it draws you into the action as the storyline unveils. It has all the elements of a family movie. 

Sam Mackenzie is the young protagonist in the movie, and he is in a situation most kids don’t want to be.

The mysterious disappearance of his father changes his life as his mom moves with him to Canada and gets remarried.

Sam finds himself lonely, at odds with his stepdad, and unable to adjust to the new environment.

He finds comfort in the paws of a wild dog named Kayla and plans to enter a dog sled race.

That is until he finds that he has to protect Kayla, who faces danger. 

7. The Call of the Wild (2020)

Poster Title Genre Rating
The Call of the Wild (2020)
The Call of the Wild (2020)
Adventure, Drama, Family

This is a recent movie but adapted from a legendary book of the same title (The Call of the Wild) by Jack London.

The protagonist is a giant Bernese Mountain Dog named Buck who had trouble knocking at his doorstep despite his gentleness.

The quiet life of Buck and his master Judge Miller is disrupted when Buck gets dognapped and finds himself on a ship going to Yukon.

The events that transpired in Yukon are far from quiet as he gets sold to a man named Perrault who delivered mail.

From one event to the other, Buck experiences several ups and downs in his new life.

8. White Fang (1991)

Poster Title Genre Rating
White Fang (1991)
White Fang (1991)
Adventure, Drama, Family

Also adapted from a book by Jack London, White Fang is a popular sled dog movie you’d often hear in a discussion that concerns Hollywood and pooches.

The friendship between humans and dogs is aptly portrayed in this adventure drama. 

White Fang is a wolfdog who lost his mom as a pup after the latter’s pack stalks some humans and gets into a scuffle with them.

He is discovered by a North American tribe and the leader names him White Fang.

Later, when two men named Jack and Alex (who were present when White Fang’s mother was wounded) White Fang’s path crosses with Jack.

Jack later saves him from the hands of a dogfighter named Smith and starts retraining him.

A bond is formed between them, and that bond stands strong as they protect themselves when Smith comes back for revenge.

Here, we get to see pet parenting at its finest.

9. Snow Buddies (2008)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Snow Buddies (2008)
Snow Buddies (2008)
Adventure, Comedy, Family

Set in the fictional town of Ferntiuktuk in Alaska, Snow Buddies is part of the Air Buddies series which features a Golden Retriever named Buddy.

In case you’re wondering why a movie about a Golden Retriever is on a list of sled dog movies, the canine character Shashta is the qualifying factor.

Shashta is a Siberian Husky whose prepubescent owner, Adam, has dreams of winning the Alaskan dog sled race. 

When Buddy’s five puppies accidentally find their way to Ferntiuktuk, they meet Shashta and decide to help him.

They get trained by a Malamute named Talon.

While Adam is excited as his dreams get closer to reality, some other humans and dogs aren’t too keen on the idea of Golden Retrievers participating in a race meant for sled dogs. 

10. On Deadly Ground (1994)

Poster Title Genre Rating
On Deadly Ground (1994)
On Deadly Ground (1994)
Action, Adventure, Thriller

On Deadly Ground is slightly different from other movies on this list as sledding (and sled dogs) isn’t the main focus in the plot.

However, because sled dogs played a role in the movie, it deserves a place on our sled dog movies list.

The protagonist is a firefighter named Forrest Taft who challenges his former boss Micheal Jennings over environmental damage caused by the latter’s methods while trying to complete a rig.

Jennings attempts to eliminate Taft but fails as Taft survives the homicide attempt.

Masu, the daughter of an Inuit chief, rescues him.

It is here that he meets sled dogs and embarks on a quest that gives him clarity for his mission. 

11. Snow Dogs (2002)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Snow Dogs (2002)
Snow Dogs (2002)
Comedy, Family, Kids

Snow Dogs is a comedy movie with many humorous moments that can serve as a stress relief for you.

It was inspired by the book Winterdance by Gary Paulsen. 

The protagonist Theodore Brooks (called Ted by other characters) is a famous dentist in Florida.

He lives the celebrity lifestyle till a call from Alaska takes his life down another path.

He discovers he was adopted and his biological mother leaves him an inheritance.

This ‘inheritance’ turns out to be seven Siberian Huskies and a Border Collie.

While it isn’t real estate or a gold ring, he stays in Alaska with these dogs and experiences a life different from his dentist days in Miami.

12. The Great Alaskan Race (2019)

Poster Title Genre Rating
The Great Alaskan Race (2019)
The Great Alaskan Race (2019)
Adventure, Drama, Family

This action-adventure drama also focuses on the life of Leonhard Seppala, the protagonist in Togo.

The events in this movie occurred in Seppala’s first life, right after tragically his wife Kiana who dies at childbirth.

Following a hat trick racing victory, Seppala was left with a broken heart and a baby daughter named Sigrid.

The movie also unravels the beginning of the diphtheria epidemic, which started as a simple cough that spread with speed.

A doctor named Welch convinces the Mayor of the danger of this illness, and a quarantine is set up.

The antidote isn’t available in Nome where the movie is set and the weather prevents neighboring towns from sending the serum through flight or ship.

The only option is through sledding and Seppala, a musher, gets roped in.

The perilous journey is the catalyst that enables him to start a new life. 

13. Dog Power (2016)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Dog Power (2016)
Dog Power (2016)
Documentary, Sport

Many people love sled dogs for their speed, which is one trait they have had since their existence.

Kale Casey and team bank on this by taking us into the inner world of sled racing in these shorts.

While this isn’t a feel-good movie for entertainment, you get educated by it. 

You get to meet some of the fastest sprint sled dogs and their human handlers.

There are no stunts, fictional movie effects, or talking dogs.

This is a pure, realistic peek into the world of sled racing. It also shows how valuable the human-dog bond can be.

You will end this short wishing you had a Husky and a sled.

14. Balto 2: Wolf Quest (2002)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Balto Wolf Quest (2002)
Balto 2: Wolf Quest (2002)
Adventure, Animation, Family, Kids

This is the sequel to Balto, and though we know of the growing skepticism when it comes to sequels, we suggest you give this a try.

If you enjoyed the first one, you might find the sequel interesting as well.

It has strong themes of self-discovery and elements of Eastern spirituality, but nothing too spooky.

Balto is a year older here and has mated with Jenna.

The litter consists of six puppies, five of which are more like Huskies while the sixth one named Aleu has dominant wolfdog genes.

Other siblings get adopted, but no one wanted Aleu because of her wild looks.

The sting of rejection, coupled with her knowledge of the wolf genes within, makes her run away.

The inner and outer journey begins for her, and also for Balto who goes searching.

15. The Last Trapper (2004)

Poster Title Genre Rating
The Last Trapper (2004)
The Last Trapper (2004)
Documentary, Adventure

This documentary follows a year in the life of Norman, a recluse musher trapper whose lifestyle runs parallel to mainstream living.

This alone is enough to make for an intriguing watch as we see how he develops the art of self-sufficiency as he makes his huts, fishes, canoes, and sleds. 

He lives with a Native American named Nebraska who happens to be his wife.

In this documentary, we see him cope with the loss as he loses his favorite Husky, but there were good moments as well.

The director, Nicolas Vanier, made the documentary a criticism of modern living.  

16. Silver Wolf (1999)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Silver Wolf (1999)
Silver Wolf (1999)
Adventure, Drama, Family

So far, the movies we’ve seen featured standard sled dogs like the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute.

Besides the Balto movies, no other dog has traces of wolves in them. That is, until this one.

Can a wolf be a companion? This movie says yes.

A teenager has lived with his uncle, a ranger, right after his father’s death.

They both rescue a wolf from a ranger who was out for blood and took on the dangerous task of training the wolf.

Again, no spoilers, but there is an unusual race team somewhere in the movie.

17. Sled Dog Soldiers (2012)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Sled Dog Soldiers (2012)
Sled Dog Soldiers (2012)
Documentary, Biography, Faith and Spirituality, History

This is a documentary directed by Marc Jampolsky which covered a significant event during the First World War in 1915.

The documentary, like many other movies on this list, lends credence to the cliche of dogs being man’s best friend. 

The major storyline of the documentary is a secret mission when two French officers were assigned the task of bringing back 450 sled dogs from Alaska to Canada in the time-space of 100 days.

As if the mission and deadline isn’t enough challenge, they meet several obstacles along the way.

Their travails are captured in this documentary with interviews, archives, and reenactment.

Viewers will find themselves rooting for the soldiers as they face the obstacles, and no, this is not a drill. 

18. White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf (1994)

Poster Title Genre Rating
White Fang 2 Myth of the White Wolf (1994)
White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf (1994)
Adventure, Drama, Family

This is a sequel to the 1991 popular movie White Fang and follows the adventures of White Fang with another owner.

After his first owner Jack goes to San Francisco, White Fang is left in the care of Jack’s friend Henry.

It doesn’t take long before both form a bond, one that forges more as they unwittingly embark on an adventure.

19. Balto 3: Wings of Change (2004)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Balto 3: Wings of Change (2004)
Balto 3: Wings of Change (2004)
Animation, Adventure, Family, Kids

The 3rd part and second sequel of the Balto movies, Wings of Change gives us another angle to the Balto story, bringing us back to its world with the characters fans have grown to love. 

The protagonist here is Balto’s son Kodi who works for the mail.

He enjoys his job and does it well, that is, until a pilot requests taking over the job.

A race is declared to decide who will continue delivering the mail: The dogs or the pilot?

As with others, there is a lot of fun and some lovely themes in this part.

20. The Thing (1982)

Poster Title Genre Rating
The Thing (1982)
The Thing (1982)
Science Fiction, Horror

Quite different from other movies we’ve seen, this sci-fi horror doesn’t have sled dogs as main characters.

However, Huskies play some roles in the movie, giving it a place on our list. 

Imagine nasty alien hunting you? That’s scary enough until you realize that this predator can take the shape of anyone, human or canine.

After a team discovers an alien form, the latter becomes a shape-shifting nightmare.

As they struggle to defeat it, they must also deal with the paranoia and lack of trust that it has caused.

21. Chilly Dogs (2001)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Chilly Dogs DVD
Chilly Dogs (2001)
Comedy, Sports

Also known by the title Kevin of the North, Chilly dogs is a comedy movie about the hilarious racing adventure of a man named Kevin Manley, a simple Los Angeles travel agent who gets a call that triggers the major event.

The call is from Alaska telling Kevin that his grandfather died and made him the sole heir.

To take over, he quit his job and takes the next bus to Alaska, despite the warnings of his boss.

Only when he arrives at Alaska does he learn of the terms and conditions attached to his inheritance: he had to prove his worth by engaging in the difficult Iditarod race.

Of course, the conflict is toughened by the opposition he faces from some opponents.

22. Toby McTeague (1986)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Toby McTeague (1985)
Toby McTeague (1986)
Adventure, Drama

Should kids go to school? According to Toby McTeague, it isn’t necessary.

He’d rather stay home and take care of his dad’s dogs.

He gets his opportunity when his dad becomes hurt but almost ruins it after he gets one of his father’s best dogs injured.

Not surprisingly, daddy was not happy.

Their tiff makes Toby run from home, and he meets a friend of his father who decides to reunite them.

The main setting of the movie is Québec, Canada.

23. Spirit of the Wind (1979)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Spirit of the Wind (1979)
Spirit of the Wind (1979)
Adventure, Drama, Family

This is based on the life and growth of a musher named George Attlar Jr. Attlar had loads of achievements to his name, including being a star at sprint sled dog racing in the late 20th century.

He also participated in the Iditarod race in 1973.

The film does well to point out some struggles he had in his career, including some rivalries.

This movie is suited for someone in need of a refreshing success story or who wants to learn more about sled dog racing from the perspective of a participant.

24. Antarctica (1983)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Antarctica (1983)
Antarctica (1983)
Adventure, Drama

Coming from Japan is a drama set on the backdrop of a tumultuous expedition to the South Pole.

Man and dog join together to make this trip, and there is some show of loyalty and bonding.

When the first expedition team retreats and leaves some Sakhalin Huskies behind, the second expedition team comes to take over but fails to rescue the dogs.

When the third team comes, the fate of the dogs has already been decided, both good and bad.

25. The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog (1980)

Poster Title Genre Rating
The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog (1980)
The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog (1980)
Action, Adventure, Drama

Based on a book of the same name, this adventure movie is family-friendly and fun to watch. 

When Kavik, a champion sled dog, is sold to Hunter, a cold businessman, it seems that fate has been decided for this canine.

However, a dark twist finds him in the home and company of a boy named Andy Evans, with whom this pooch begins to bond.

That is until Hunter comes for his ‘property’.

26. Stone Fox (1987)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Stone Fox (1987)
Stone Fox (1987)
Drama, Family, Western

Stone Fox is an adaptation of the novella of the same title written by John Reynolds Gardiner.

It is also a race movie, so be ready to see some speed. 

After his grandfather’s death, Willy decides to win the National Dogsled Race and save the farm.

With his dog Searchlight and determination, he enrolls in the race.

His greatest opponent is a Native American named Stone Fox, the undefeated champion.

Fox is patriotic to his tribe and uses the proceeds to buy back land for his people. He also dislikes the Whites.

In the middle of the race, a plot twist occurs that changes the narrative of the movie. It is both interesting and insightful.

27. Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth (2008)

Poster Title Genre Rating
Iditarod Toughest Race on Earth (2008)
Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth (2008)
Documentary, Reality-TV

This documentary brings to viewers the risky, daring, and thrilling sled race known as Iditarod.

Whether you’ve come across the term before or the word is new to you, you get to experience all that goes down in this race. 

The competition pits together 96 teams who must travel through difficult terrain for miles to get to the finish line in Nome.

Winning the competition involves guts, human-dog teamwork, and strategy.

Surviving and winning are two objectives in the game, and sometimes they are mutually exclusive. 

The documentary was filmed like a reality show miniseries on Discovery Channel and was narrated by David Scott.

28. See you in Nome (2008)

Poster Title Genre Rating
See you in Nome (2008)
See you in Nome (2008)
Adventure, Documentary

This follows the adventures of a newbie in Iditarod racing.

His name is Sven Haltmann, and the movie covers the training processes he goes through, as well as the eventual race.

Success never comes easily, and it remains a continuous process, as we see from this movie.

An inspiring movie for anyone new at learning something or just struggling with life in general.

29. 30 Days of Night (2007)

Poster Title Genre Rating
30 Days of Night (2007)
30 Days of Night (2007)
Action, Horror, Thriller

Another horror movie that may give you sleepless nights, 30 Days of Night is one you probably shouldn’t watch with smaller kids around.

When a town in Alaska enters a period when night descends for 30 Days, some vampires decide to turn it into a feast.

That should be great and all, except that in the feast, people are the meal.

The remaining survivors fight to save themselves in this riveting drama.

And yes, there were sled dogs as characters too.

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Who is the best sled dog in history?

Many sled dogs in history have helped humanity in diverse ways.

The most commonly known is that of Balto, the sled dog responsible for the delivery of antidotes to Nome after the outbreak of diphtheria. 

How old was Togo when died?

Togo is a sled dog who’s seen as an unsung hero in the Alaskan diphtheria saga.

He lived a long doggy life and died at the age of 16. 

Is Eight Below a true story?

Eight Below is a 2006 movie that was based on the true story of a 1958 Japanese expedition.

The film tells the sad story of how dogs are left behind in dangerous cold conditions.

Is Iron Will a true story?

Iron Will is an inspiring movie that was based on a real story of a sled race in 1917.

Why are dogs banned from Antarctica?

Dogs have henceforth been banned from Antarctica because of various concerns of these dogs ‘influencing’ the seals by introducing diseases like canine distemper.

Is Balto bloodline still alive?

Balto’s bloodline stays on in our world today via the Seppala Siberian Sleddog — a rare working dog breed developed specifically to pull sleds in cold countries.

What did Balto the dog do?

Balto was the lead dog of the sledding team that went to deliver antidotes to Nome to save the infected during the diphtheria outbreak.

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Wrap Up

Here we are, with the top 30 sled dog movies of all time from various genres with different storylines.

You have a wide pool to choose from, or you can decide to have a marathon movie session with as many as possible.

These dog sledding movies offer insight, deal with important life themes and also show how valuable the friendship between dogs and humanity is.

Did we miss any amazing dog sledding movie you’ve come across? Let us know in the comment section.

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