Dog vs Cat: 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

There’s a major issue in our world today, one that has never been resolved. It is up there with climate change, terrorism, and any other isms you can think of.

It separates people and puts tension in even the best of friendships. What is that issue?

Dog vs Cat! That’s right, the biggest animal debate ever: Why dogs are better than cats! Or vice versa.

Over the years, this debate has raged on as to which pet is better. Is it the cautious, dignified cat or man’s best friend, the overeager pooch?

There hasn’t been a unified consensus, but we will like to lend our voices. Here’s a warning though, we’re Team Doggy.

Sure, cats are cool.

Cool Cat Meme: Picture of a Cat Wearing Glasses and Sticking Out Tongue
Cool Cat Meme

However, when it comes to companionship, work, and service to humanity, cats can’t do it better than dogs.

Cool Dog Meme: Picture of a Dog Wearing Glasses, Sticking Out Tongue and skating
Cool Dog Meme

Hollywood seems to agree.

In the 2001 comedy movie Cats and Dogs, the espionage animal war cast cats as the villains, the Nazis of the movie. On the other hand, dogs worked for the benefit of humans. [1]

That shouldn’t be surprising.

Dogs dedicate their entire being to the benefit of humanity. We could learn a thing or two about the loving heart of dogs.

Cats, however, would rather you dedicate yourself to their benefits.

With that in mind, we’ll look into 10 strong reasons why dogs are better than cats — nothing but the facts.

But first, we need to trace a chart of their basic characteristics with similarities and differences.

Dog vs Cat: Comparison & Difference Chart

SpeciesFelis CatusCanis lupus familiaris
GroomingLow to moderateLow to moderate to high
Speed30 mph20–45 mph
Life Expectancy12–25 years12–18 years
Hunting AbilityHousecats with good food don’t hunt unless there is a mouse close byAll dogs have a prey drive. Some low, others high
LonelinessCats can cope with lonelinessMany dogs like company
SpaceCats adapt easily to small spacesIt depends on the breed
AffectionCats show affection on their termsMost dogs are affectionate, especially when loved
ProtectionCats protect if they love youDogs usually protect their owners
Good with childrenMost cats are not good with small childrenDepends on the dog
EnergyGenerally lazy, though can be active tooDepends on the dog
WalksDepends on the catDogs love walks
Physical CharacteristicsFour legs; weighs 5 to 20 pounds; have fur; color variesEars are pointed, flocked, or pricked. Have four legs and toes. They are furry and color varies
House TrainingEasily trainableTrainable
Human LanguageThey can understand their namesThey understand names and simple commands
Should I get one? Good for small homes and apartmentsOften good for people who want an enthusiastic pet 

10 Compelling Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

With the battle line drawn, here are some factual, undisputed reasons why we believe dogs are better than cats.

1. Who do you think will protect you better?

The answer to this question is glaring. Dogs put their lives on the line, regardless of the menace facing them.

Even toy breeds will make a move. At least, they’ll bark when they notice an intruder or something strange, like a fire breaking out.

Companion dogs may not guard or watch, but they won’t run away either. They’ll stick to you. 

Cats, on the other hand, will want you to protect them. There’s no way those felines will come between you and a thief, fire, or any other form of danger.

You may find them hidden between blankets when all is over.

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2. Training is easier with dogs

Sure, some dogs are stubborn, but most of them are intelligent and will cooperate with the right motivations. Dogs can be trained to do many activities and tricks.

They also learn commands, good manners, potty training, and even working skills. 

No doubt, cats can be trained, but that’s if you keep them long enough to co-operate.

Half of the time may be spent getting them to look at you, the other half will be dedicated to chasing them after they sprint off.

3. There’s a reason we say “a dog is man’s best friend”

Friendly Dog with a Kid on the Field

Dogs are loyal pets. You will not feel alone with many dog breeds, especially companions.

Besides being protective, many dogs tune in to your moods and will try to make you feel better when depressed.

It is joyful to see your dog bounding after you with happiness as you return from that tasking job. 

A popular example of loyalty is the story of Hachiko, an Akita who waited for his owner at a train station over 9 years after the latter died. [2]

Then there’s the story of Hawkeye, the pet of a Navy SEAL personnel named Jon Tunmilson.

After the latter died at a helicopter crash, Hawkeye reportedly “walked over to the casket, heaved a sigh and lay down beside it.” [3]

How many cats can be that loyal?

4. A dog nose a lot more than a cat (pun intended)

A German Shepherd Police Dog Sniffing a Bag

Dogs have a strong sense of smell, a skill that helped them hunt. They can also track down objects and people with ease.

Dogs partake in search and rescue missions for this reason. They also sniff out mines on battlefields and can trace drugs.

It may have some health benefits too. In 2013, researchers started training a team of dogs to detect ovarian cancer with their noses. [4]

Checkmate, Team Cats.

5. Dogs are good exercise buddies

Man and Woman in Park Exercising with Dog

Good luck trying to get a kitty to go hiking or jogging with you. Even low-energy dogs will need a walk around the neighborhood.

Worker canines will go up to an hour, and will gladly join you for some sporting activities. 

This is especially beneficial for seniors who need a partner when they want to stroll. A study confirms this by analyzing the many benefits dogs have to elders. [5]

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6. A dog is the life of the party (cats, well…)

Dogs are a good source of laughter, just being their funny selves. Pet parents who own dogs laugh better than those who own cats and other forms of pets.

There’s evidence for this, by the way.

A pilot study done in 2006 had 4 groups of participants. The first group had dogs, the second group had both dogs and cats, the third group had cats and the fourth group was without pets.

At the end of the study, “dog owners and people who owned both dogs and cats reported laughing more frequently in the presence of their pets than did cat owners.”

Even more, those without pets laughed better than those with cats. [6]

Talk about a party pooper.

7. There’s a dog for everyone. Cats aren’t that versatile

While cats are majorly companions and do little more than that, dogs are bred to play many roles, adapt to different living conditions, and fit people’s preferences. 

Dogs can be companions, police workers, performers, herders, farm dogs, military assistants, service dogs, guides for the visually impaired, therapy dogs, and hunters.

That’s a lot more than cats can manage. What do you say?

8. Dogs are doctors, sort of

Happy Family in Park with Dog

Having a dog has many health benefits, and it goes beyond laughter and exercise. The mental and physical benefits of owning a dog are numerous. [7]

According to the American Kennel Club, having a dog can lead to:

  • A lowered stress level due to the release of oxytocin and the reduction of cortisol, the stress hormones. (Cats do this, but we know who’s friendlier.)
  • A healthy heart – Dogs reduce blood pressure and the heart rate of their owners. They even increase their chances of surviving after a heart attack.
  • Lesser allergies – Although both dogs and cats can trigger allergic reactions in people, dogs don’t lead to allergies in infants like cats and other pets.
  • A healthier lifestyle and less loneliness, as we’ve already mentioned. 

9. Dogs help your social life 

If you’re socially awkward or you got to a new neighborhood and are not sure how to blend in with others, take your dog out for a walk.

There’s a big chance you’ll end up making a friend, or your pooch will help you make one. Few can resist the wagging tail and charm of dogs.

Research has also proven that dogs can trigger social interactions, even if the dog doesn’t say a word. [8]

Cats may get some people interested, but they are often too reserved to even let a stranger touch them.

10. Dogs make your life better

Whether you’re a young, spirited high schooler or in your golden years of retirement, dogs easily add color to your life.

The lightness of heart, fun, and joy they bring are valuable gifts everyone should have. A dog stays faithful and tries his best to be the friend you need.

Cats have their good side but do not expect to get a furry buddy from Tommy.

At the very Ieast, you’ll be rewarded with a roommate with an occasional show of affection as fringe benefits.

5 Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats Quotes

Still not convinced? Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what other influential people have to say: [9]

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”

— Mary Bly

“Dogs will give you unconditional love until the day they die. Cats will make you pay for every mistake you’ve ever made since the day you were born.”

— Oliver Gaspirtz

“I wondered briefly if cats also came back after death, then dismissed the thought because as far as I had ever been able to tell, cats do not have a purpose.”

— W. Bruce Cameron

“Dogs are like kids. Cats are like roommates.”

— Oliver Gaspirtz

“I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a cat try to decide where to sit, but it involves a lot of circling, sitting, getting up again, circling some more, thinking about it, lying down, standing up, bathing a paw or tail and . . . circling!

A dog, on the other hand, sits. “This looks like a good spot,” a dog will say to himself. He will then lower his body to the spot in question and is usually so secure in his decision that he will fall asleep immediately.”

— James Howe

Related Questions

Why is a dog better than a cat?

While cats make good pets, dogs have an upper hand in the pet business due to the numerous benefits dogs have to their owners.

From being loyal and protective to improving the mood of their owners, dogs make your life better. 

Are dogs smarter than cats?

Science does suggest that dogs have more neurons in their brains when compared to cats. This could mean they are smarter, but it is hard to say for sure.

We can’t tell whether or not dogs use up their brains to the max.

Are dogs smarter than we think?

According to experts and new findings, dogs may be smarter than we assume them to be. These researches suggest that dogs may understand more than New commands. 

Dog vs Cat: The Verdict

Given all we know and the compelling reasons to serve as evidence, the court has decided that in the dog versus cat debate, dogs are better than cats.

Having said that, we bear no grudges on our opponents, the Team Cat.

As long as they can cope with an aloof, reserved, and timid pet, who are we to judge?

Meanwhile, are you Team Doggy or Team Cat? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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