Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Live In Hot Climates? (Solved!)

The Bernese Mountain dog is a popular breed that was bred in colder climates. This large dog has two coats of fur and is made to live in the cold.

But what if you live in hotter areas of the world?

Can you still own a Bernese mountain dog if you live in an area with hot weather?

In this post, I’ll be talking about the Bernese Mountain dog in detail. I’ll answer the question can Bernese Mountain dogs live in hot climates for you.

You might not know the answer to this question. But everything you need to know will be discussed here.


Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Live in Hot Climates?

To answer this question simply, these Bernese Mountain Dogs do prefer colder climates.

However, if you provide them with shade and water, they can live in moderately hot weather.

Still, you never want to leave your dog out in weather that is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Bernese Mountain dog can only withstand so much heat so you have to be careful when you leave them outside.

In short, these dogs can handle some hot climates, but they should not be left in extreme heat.

Also, you need to provide your pet with the right conditions if they are going to live or play outside.

Especially when the weather is hot you can’t be too careful. I’ll talk more about what you can do in a later section of this post.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Overheat Easily?

Bernese Mountain dogs have very thick fur that can make them overheat.

In fact, they have two coats of fur which makes their body have more mass and potentially more heat.

In other words, these dogs can overheat very quickly, especially if the weather is near 75 degrees and above.

Extreme humidity can also make these dogs overheat. So, you want to be careful with your dog and be mindful of their comfort.

I’ll talk more about how you can stop your dog from overheating and which methods will keep them safe and happy.

But know that these dogs will need a lot of help to stay comfortable when the weather is not cold.

How Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Adapt To Hot Weather?

The double coat of the Bernese Mountain dog could potentially make them hotter.

As they will be carrying around more fur, their double coat can also help them fight the heat.

Some people mistakenly shave their dogs during summer to make them cooler.

But this actually does more harm than good. The double coat of this breed actually helps them adapt to the hotter weather.

This is due to the protection it provides.

Their fur blocks out UV rays from hitting your dog’s skin. It also keeps their skin cooler and safe.

This is because the two layers of fur promote airflow. The two coats of fur have a bit of space between them.

This lets your dog’s skin breathe and cool down.

Finally, like all dogs, the Bernese Mountain dog drools and sweats to cool off and stay safer in the heat.

How Long Can You Leave Your Bernese Mountain Dog Alone In The Heat?

Bernese Mountain dogs should not be left alone outside for long. In fact, it’s much better to watch over your dog as much as you can when it’s hot.

This way you can change their water and make sure that they can go inside when they are too hot from playing.

However, if you can’t watch over your dog the whole time they are outside, two to four hours should be fine.

Four hours is pushing it a little. And, if you leave your dog out for longer than this you risk overheating them.

How to Prevent Your Bernese Mountain Dog From Overheating?

There are many different ways to keep your dog from overheating during the hotter months of the year.

In this section of the post, I’ll go over some of the best ways to keep your Bernese Mountain dog from overheating when it’s especially hot.

1. Give Them Plenty Of Water

Water is one of the best ways to keep your Bernese safe in the heat.

You want to make sure that they have plenty of water available especially if they are being left alone outside.

If your dog doesn’t have water and isn’t hydrated they could get heatstroke and even die.

So, be mindful of this when you go outside with your dog.

Also, don’t forget to change your dog’s water. It’s easy to forget.

But the water in your pet’s bowl will heat up or get dirty. So change it frequently, you can even encourage your dog to drink water.

As sometimes they might not drink as much as they should.

2. Provide Them With Shaded Areas

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The second most important preventive measure is shade.

Your dog needs to have access to shady places if they are going to stay outside. Direct sunlight will make your dog overheat and dehydrate.

Whether you have a dog house, an awning, or a large tree. Make sure that your dog has a place out of the sun if they are outside.

3. Try Not To Walk Over Heated Surfaces

In addition, to preparing a shady area for your pet, also make sure that your dog isn’t walking on heated surfaces.

Most people don’t think about this, but your pet has sensitive paws. You want to keep them comfortable and happy.

But if their paws get burned it will be harder for your dog to cool down.

There are actually sweat glands in your dog’s paws. So, your dog should be walking in a shaded area.

And, keep them away from any heated pavements as much as possible. This way their sweat glands will work and they can cool off in the heat.

4. Try Using A Fan

You can use a fan on your dog when they are inside or outside to cool them down. Outdoor fans are great for pets and will make them a lot happier in the heat.

Especially the Bernese Mountain Dog!

But if your pet is staying indoors for the day don’t forget to turn up the AC or your fan. Your dog can also get overheated in your home, as well.

So, it’s good to keep them cool with some air from a fan or AC unit.

5. Give Them Ice And Cold Snacks

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Another way you can keep your dog from overheating is by making them some ice cubes.

Ice cubes not only cool your dog down outside, but they are also plenty of fun for your Bernese.

Your dog can stay hydrated while licking these treats.

If you want to give your dog a cold treat though, there are plenty of other options.

Retail stores sell frozen dog treats for your pet. These are perfect for summer and hot weather.

You can get dog ice cream in all kinds of flavors. You can also make your own frozen treats with peanut butter and ice.

Or even freeze up some chicken broth in the form of ice cubes. There are tons of methods to try out.

6. Keep Your Dog Inside When It Gets Really Hot

Your dog can stay outside as long as the weather isn’t too hot. But when it gets past 75 degrees take your dog inside.

You need to know when to take your dog inside.

Especially when it hits around 12 to noon, this can be a bad time for Bernese to be outside by themselves.

The direct heat of the sun gets really hot during this time so be careful.

7. Pick The Right Times To Play

In addition to knowing when to bring your dog inside, know when you should bring your dog out to play.

All dogs need exercise. So, you want to make a plan and choose when you will exercise with them.

Usually, in the morning is the best time as the weather is cooler. But you can also go with your dog outside when the sun goes down.

Just choose a time that is most convenient for you and your pet.

8. Always Keep Watch Of Your Dog

Finally, you need to watch over your dog. Again, it’s very easy for this breed to overheat.

Especially since they are made to live in colder climates.

Check the weather when you bring your dog outside. And always watch their bowl and your dog’s body language.

As this will tell you if your pet is overheating and needs to come in.

Signs of Overheating In Bernese Mountain Dogs

So, what signs should you be on the lookout for when your dog is outside.

There are tons of ways you can tell that your Bernese Mountain dog is overheating.

But I’ll go over the most common ones here!

1. Panting And Heavy Breathing

The first sign is if you see your dog panting a lot. Panting is normal as this allows your dog to cool down.

But when your dog starts to pant a lot and is gasping for air this is a sign that they need to go indoors right away.

2. Drooling Too Much

Another way you can tell if your dog is overheated is if they are drooling too much.

Again normal amounts of drooling is fine, but when your dog won’t stop drooling this is an issue.

Not only will they dehydrate but they are not cooling down properly.

3. Rapid Heartbeat

If you get closer to your dog and feel their heartbeat this can also be a good indicator.

Rapid heart beating means that your dog is overheating. Bring them indoors and make sure to give them plenty of water.

4. Fatigue And Difficulty Moving

Also, be on the lookout for tiredness and fatigue.

If your dog won’t get up and keeps sleeping outside in the heat they could be overheating.

Especially if your Bernese is having trouble getting up or walking this is a major indicator of overheating.

5. Your Dog Vomits Or Has Diarrhea

Another sign to be on the lookout for is any vomiting and diarrhea.

If your dog vomits or has runny poop they could be dehydrated and risk overheating.

6. Your Dog Stumbles

Seeing your dog stumble and struggle to stay focused could be an indicator of overheating too.

So, don’t overlook this sign.

7. Your Dog Collapses

Finally, the most obvious sign of overheating is if your dog suddenly collapses.

If this happens, bring your dog to the vet right away. Their organs could be failing and they could be in serious danger.

What Should You Do If Your Bernese Mountain Dog Is Overheated?

If your Bernese Mountain dog is overheated, bring them inside right away. You want to get them as cooled down as your possibly can.

This includes giving them some cool water. Providing them with a fan to cool down, and putting them in a nice shaded area. Keep your pet out of direct sunlight during this time.

Also, don’t give them ice-cold water as this can create a different problem. Just keep the water cool.

You can even dab them with a rag with cool water. In addition, keep watching for signs of overheating.

If your dog can’t cool down on its own, you might need to bring them to the vet. This is a worst-case scenario, but it is possible for this to happen to your pet.

Finally, you can check your dog’s temperature with a thermometer if you have one. Dog’s should be around 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit for a normal body temperature.


Bernese Mountain dogs are better suited for living in colder climates.

Your dog can be in hotter temperatures though. You just have to be careful and mindful of your pet and its comfort.

Use the tips I have detailed to keep your dog from overheating.

And, never leave your Bernese Mountain dog in weather that is over 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humid weather can also be bad for your dog.

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Madeline Wright

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