Are Border Collies Good Running Dogs? (Solved)

The key to creating a strong and long-lasting bond with a dog is finding the breed that fits your lifestyle and personality.

If you’re a couch-potato kind of a person, getting an active and energetic dog won’t be any good neither for you nor for the canine.

On the other hand, this kind of dog is perfect for owners who are active themselves, and enjoy running, hiking, biking, and other kinds of exercise.

If you are this type of owner and are looking for an eager running companion, then you should definitely consider a Border Collie.

This charming British breed is among the most popular when it comes to filling the role of a jogging buddy.

Bellow, you’ll find a detailed answer to the question are Border Collies good running dogs and everything you may want to know about their credential as runners, including speed and stamina.


Are Border Collies Good Running Dogs?

Border Collies were originally developed as herding dogs.

Their daily activities included herding the livestock, mostly sheep, in the region around the Anglo-Scottish border.

Of course, this involved a lot of running across the vast fields in this area.

Athleticism And Endurance

Even though they mostly serve as family dogs nowadays, the traits that made them successful herders are still very much alive.

They remain fantastic running dogs, mainly thanks to their exquisite athleticism and stamina.

They’re rather fast, very agile, and practically tireless. If given a chance, they’ll be more than happy to run all day.

It’s very likely that you’ll have more trouble keeping up with your Border Collie than the other way around.

Furthermore, they can adapt to any kind of running you practice.

Border Collie will easily and gladly follow you no matter if you’re a long-distance runner preparing for a marathon or enjoy running up the rough terrain of mountain trails.

Desire To Work And Intelligence

Besides physical traits, their mental characteristics also contribute greatly to them being almost perfect running companions.

They have a strong work ethic and are extremely energetic.

In fact, they enjoy being given something to do and having an outlet for their pent-up energy.

In addition, they’re smart, good-natured, and rather obedient. This means that there are very likely to behave well during the jog.

If you put some effort into training, you won’t have to worry about them chasing everything they see, even though they have a rather strong prey drive.

At What Age Can A Border Collie Run?

Even though you may be anxious to have your Border Collie keep you company while running, you should wait until they’re at least one year old.

Taking a puppy for a run before they reach this age can have serious consequences to its long-term health and development.

Too much exercise early can damage their growth plates while they’re still soft and stunt the dog’s growth leading to improper limb development.

At this age, you should concentrate on various games with your puppy rather than running.

Of course, you shouldn’t have your Border Collie doing long and exhausting runs the moment they turn 12 months.

The growth plates aren’t fully closed until they’re 18-months old, so you should gradually build up their endurance.

Before this age, the runs should be short with regular rest periods.

Over time, you’ll learn to recognize when you’re overworking your dog and pace the runs.

How Far Can A Border Collie Run?

As I mentioned, running for miles was a part of the daily routine for Border Collies for centuries.

Adult Border Collies belong at the very top of the list of dogs when it comes to endurance.

They can safely run up to 60 miles per week. A well-trained dog who gets regular exercise can run even more.

It’s not by accident that marathon runners often choose this breed as their running buddies.

A famous example is a Border Collie named Super Bee, running partner of Emily Harrison, professional marathon and ultra-runner.

Super Bee would help Emily prepare for competitions by running alongside her for 90 miles per week and, in some cases 30 miles per day.

How Fast Can A Border Collie Run?

Although they won’t break any land speed records, Border Collies are still pretty fast.

According to various studies, they can reach a top speed of about 30 miles per hour. Of course, they reach this speed while they’re in the sprint.

You certainly can’t expect them to maintain these numbers over longer distances.

However, due to their excellent stamina, they can run rather fast over a fairly long distance.

Tips For A Safe And Enjoyable Run With Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs have their limits.

Even those with extremely high endurance, such as Border Collies.

Don’t Push Your Collie Too Hard

Your dog’s health should always be the top priority and you should always be careful not to push them too hard.

The thing with Border Collies is that they’re so eager to work and run that they often don’t know when to stop.

This is why you need to always be on the lookout for signs that your dog may be overworked.

Make sure to always include a rest period in your running routines.

Potential Health Issues

Furthermore, like most dogs, Border Collies are prone to hip dysplasia.

This occurs when the joints don’t fit together properly and is often a result of overworking your dog at a young age.

Besides, your dog’s health may be influenced by the surface you and your Collie run on.

Whenever possible, try to avoid concrete or asphalt and run on grass and other natural surfaces.

These kinds of surfaces are much easier on dogs’ joints.

Also, always remember that you’re not running alone and plan your route carefully. Something that may not seem like a hazard to you, could be dangerous for your dog.

Finally, never go running without a bottle of water for both you and your dog.


Owning a Border Collie is extremely fun and rewarding.

They are very devoted to their owners and are more than happy to follow you wherever you go.

If you like to run, you’ll hardly be able to find a better partner for your daily routes.

A well-trained Border Collie will easily keep up with you and make running more fun and less of a chore.

Still, be aware that they need plenty of exercise, and make sure that you take them on the runs regularly and make it a daily activity.

Also, remember that they’re rather intelligent and provide them not only with physical exercise but also with mental stimulation.

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Madeline Wright

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