5 Best Collars For Rough Collie In 2023

Shopping for a Rough Collie’s collar has become quite tricky due to the excessively mushrooming brands that claim to have it all when it comes to dog collars.

This makes it essential that you research on the brand or company making dog collars before making a purchase.

So, if you are looking for the best collar for Rough Collie, then worry not, as I got you covered through this article.

I will also be providing you with a straightforward answer on what collar size your Rough Collie needs.

And to be sure that you shop for the right collar for your doggy, I will also walk you through the factors you should consider before purchasing a dog collar for your Rough Collie.

Black Rhino

Are you a parent of a Rough Collie that is extremely playful, adventurous, and energetic?

If so, consider getting it the Black Rhino Comfort Collar, as this dog collar is sure to match its versatile persona.

It’s fitted with a neoprene padding that adds a top-notch snug to your dog throughout the day.

Its lightweight feature combined with its heavy-duty features ensures that your Rough Collie doesn’t tire easily or get limited when performing its outdoor activities.

Its skillfully fitted reflective stitching also works to provide effortless visibility to your Collie when taking it out for a walk, jog, or a run in busy traffic.


If you are the busy type of person and you only get a chance to take your Collie out during nighttime, then consider getting it the Carhartt Dog Collar.

It’s fitted with triple-needle stitching to add visibility to your dog even in the dimmest light.

Its premium nylon material reinforced with a duck canvas weave guarantees durability even when used on a Rough Collie that is exceptionally energetic and dynamic in nature.

Excellent Elite Spanker

The Excellent Elite Spanker Dog Collar is designed for Collies who enjoy spending and engaging in long outdoor activities with their owners.

It’s made with a waterproof, durable, and premium 1000D nylon material that is skillfully stitched with a soft nylon padding that helps prevent your Collie’s skin and hair from chaffing even when put on for long hours.

It’s fitted with a quick-release metal buckle, and a magic sticker that helps hold it in place when not in use.

This collar also has an ingeniously designed handle that makes it easy to put your Collie in a position that enables it to lead you when walking it.

It also comes with a 100% hassle-free warranty of 90 days if this heavy-duty collar malfunctions due to the manufacturer’s fault.


Does Your Rough Collie persistently eat on its collar despite you training it not to?

If so, consider getting your energetic dog the Blueberry Pet Essentials Dog Collar, as it doesn’t stretch itself even after repeated usage.

This makes sure that your Collie doesn’t get any chance to chew or bite on it as it fits appropriately without sagging.

It’s made with premium nylon fabric making it to be long-lasting.

It’s also fitted with a chrome coated metal D-ring and buckles made from eco-friendly plastic, thus reinforcing its heavy-duty features.


Have your Rough Collie accentuate its striking looks by getting it the QQPETS Dog Collar.

It’s designed with floral and animal patterns, which are unique and stylish.

This dog collar is also resistant to tears and rips that may be caused by your Collie’s dynamic, energetic nature as it’s made of superior high-density polyester.

Its superior quick-release plastic buckle is designed to make it convenient to take on and off your dog’s collar, just in case of an emergency.

And if it’s extra protection or security you are looking for in a collar, this collar got you covered as it’s fitted with a sturdy plastic clip closure and heavy-duty, rust and water-resistant metal D-ring coated with dog safe Zinc alloy.

What Size Collar Does My Rough Collie Need?

An 18-22 inches wide Collar is a good fit for a Rough Collie.

Make sure it has extra notches that can be easily adjustable, just in case your Collie is a bit smaller or larger than this collar size.

How Do I Choose A Good Collar For My Rough Collie?

Below are some of the factors you should consider before purchasing your Rough Collie’s dog collar;

Its Neck Size

You should know your dog’s neck size before you go out shopping for its collar.

It’s essential that you know how to measure its neck.

For accurate measurements, always make sure that you measure your dog’s lower part of the neck, near its base, where the neck starts widening.

Always use a flexible measuring tape.

Ensure that you measure twice to avoid making any errors.

Make sure that you can comfortably slip your 2 fingers underneath the tape measure.

The Purpose Of The Collar

Before purchasing a dog collar be sure to know what exactly you want to use it for in your dog.

For instance, if it’s for training your collie how to swim, consider purchasing a stretchable, waterproof, odor-resistant, rip and tear-resistant, durable dog collar.

Your Rough Collie’s Skin Sensitivity

Suppose your Collie is susceptible to skin allergies caused by contact with different materials used to make dog collars.

Be sure to find out which one it doesn’t react with and purchase it.

Extra tip; if you cannot find a dog collar that your Collie isn’t allergic to, consider taking your Collie to a vet who should give it an allergy prophylactic medication.

Extra Features

Extra fitted features help enhance your dog’s collars functionality.

So be sure to purchase a dog collar with extra adjustable notches, and has a large rust and water-resistant D-ring, or a quick-release buckle.

The Best Collar For Rough Collie

Are you searching for the best collar for Rough Collie?

Then if you are, consider getting your dog the Black Rhino Comfort Collar.

This odor-resistant, rust, and water-resistant dog collar is designed to suit the water-loving, energetic and versatile nature of a Rough Collie.

It’s padded with ultra-soft neoprene material that enhances comfortability when your dog has it on.

It’s also made with lightweight fabric that ensures your dog doesn’t get quickly tired when it’s performing its indoor or outdoor activities.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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