3 Reasons Why Do Border Collies Howl

Howling is typically a vocalized mode of communication used by dogs. Howling can be instinctual, natural, or caused by an underlying condition.

Dogs do this when they want to get attention, announce their presence, complain or be with their park.

Also, dogs will howl when they hear emergency sirens or loud music, and collies are no different.

However, they are quiet dogs, and they will only howl from specific neuro-stimulators.


Why Do Border Collies Howl?

As I said, collies only howl when responding to something such as sirens or music.

Still, a collie will get anxious when you are not around or if he is not in his pack and ends up howling.

So, we can say that:

Border collies are always alert to unusual changes in their surroundings. As such, they have to howl to express what they are feeling.

A siren, for instance, will cause overstimulation which coerces your border collie to howl in a bid to show discomfort.

What Does The Howling Of Border Collies Communicate? – 3 Reasons

1. Responding To Other Dogs

Collies are susceptible to stimulations caused by other dogs. Sufficed to say, if they hear other dogs howling, they will howl in response.

Still, this is a form of communication-a warning to be precise, and it’s usually directed to other dogs getting into their territory.

You can tell this if dogs are roaming around your home.

2. Replying To Noises

Collies are very sensitive. As such, they will hear noises from longer distances and howl in response. Human cries, alarms, or sirens are the common triggers.

In this case, though arbitrary, collies feel obliged to join in with the noises.

Perhaps the high pitch wakes up a stone-aged gene, and your collie gets surged to part of the siren noises.

3. They Want Their Companion Home.

Typically, a wolf howls when he wants his pack back, and it’s no different when it comes to border collies.

A border collie will howl if he wants you home. And this is more likely to happen when you have gone out of your house.

To settle their anxiety, you can set up cameras to monitor them and use devices to talk to them when you are not around.

That way, you assure them that you have not forgotten them.

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What Is My Collie Communicating By Howling Directly At Me?

In most cases, your border collie will howl at you so that you look at him. Sufficed to say, they want your attention.

You have to know that border collies are intelligent dogs that need a lot of exercise.

Should you fail to meet their needs, they will howl so that you can play with them. Remember, they are needy dogs who desire your interaction.

Do Collie Puppies Howl?

You will spot collie puppies howling if they are alone or away from their human companions.

They don’t like loneliness. Instead, they prefer to be close to you or even cuddled.

Owing to this, you will get your puppy collie howling at night if he is sleeping in quarters or separated from you.

It’s equivalent to a human toddler crying to say they are sad and lonely. Funny enough, they may be manipulating you to let them sleep with you.

If you don’t have an ear for puppies howling, you can let them sleep in your room.

How Do I Stop My Collie From Howling?

Well, if your collie is howling for attention, I suggest against engaging him at this time.

It will be best if you let him settle down. Afterward, you can give him attention by playing with him.

Again, you can train your dog to adhere to the quiet command. In this case, you treat them well when they are not howling.

Consequently, your dog will know that howling is not desirable behavior, and silence comes with a reward.

Further, if your collie howls when you are not at home, I suggest you find him toys and puzzles to keep his active mind engaged.


Okay, ladies and gentlemen, all collies can howl. However, they are quiet compared to ordinary dogs as they prefer to back when communicating.

Nonetheless, if their surrounding changes to what they are unaccustomed to, they will howl like ordinary dogs.

But, should there be no changes with your collie howls, you will have to see a vet to determine the possible causes.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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