7 Tips On How To Pick A Border Collie Puppy From A Litter

Border Collies are cute, active, medium-sized dog breeds originally from Scotland and traditionally used for herding cattle.

They are perfect for work and play. Border collies are great for competitive sports such as flyball and make good companions during routine training.

If you spend the whole day at work or lead a sedentary lifestyle, this dog breed may not be suitable for you.

However, if you are the active type, dashing across your lawn during middays or jogging at the park in the afternoons, this is the perfect dog breed to select.

Below are seven tips on how to pick a Border collie puppy from a litter:


7 Tips On How To Pick A Border Collie Puppy From A Litter

1. Research First Before Picking

Research about the breed before visiting any breeder or dog shelter.

You could do this by browsing dog breeding websites, talking with dog breed consultants, and asking friends and family who own Border Collies about their experiences.

This knowledge will let you know if a Border collie can fit your lifestyle and preferences and prepare you mentally for the responsibility they come with.

Border collies are; –

  • Intelligent
  • Require a lot of personal attention
  • Need a fair amount of space to play

You have to be able to provide these conditions for the dog to thrive. Find a reputable breeder who understands Border Collies.

They will be able to advise which puppy from a litter will be perfect for you.

2. Its Health Status And Living Conditions

Select the best litter by looking at the health status of the puppies and their living conditions.

Beware of Border collie diseases. Border Collies are susceptible to specific health conditions such as dysplasia and epilepsy.

Check the health condition of their mother, ask for their health records, and check that they have been vaccinated.

Do not pick puppies without a health record. Avoid any sick puppies.

3. The Size And Age

The size of the puppies will let you know how old they are, how much they are fed, and their living conditions.

Ensure they are at least 8 weeks old; this is the recommended duration before they can be separated from their mother.

4. Its Personality And Temperament

Border Collie Puppies by Grimmauprès (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Research on the temperament and behavior of Border collie dogs. This will give you the standards to judge the litter with and select a well-confirmed puppy.

Look for a playful puppy, avoid shy or very aggressive ones.

Border Collies can be playfully aggressive with small pets and children. If you have toddlers and other pets in the house, you should pick a less aggressive Border collie.

When handling the puppy try to induce playfulness so that you can get a feel for its personality.

Most friendly and playful puppies will run to you, and this is a great way to establish that there is chemistry between you and the dog.

Check for a border collie that is; –

  • Mild in temperament
  • Well mannered
  • Exercises curiosity

It should be excited to interact with you and other strangers. It should react curiously to new sounds and smells.

5. Gender

Female puppies are generally a few inches smaller than their male counterparts. The breeder will help you choose your puppy according to the gender you prefer.

The males may be more active than the females when they grow to full size.

Pick a male puppy if you plan to engage your Border collie in competitive sporting activities.

The females may be crossbred with other dogs in their adulthood. If you plan to get a crossbreed later, you should consider a female puppy.

6. The Overall Costs

Approximate the cost of maintaining a Border collie using the information on; –

  • How much they eat
  • Veterinary treatment
  • Their playing items
  • Costs of beddings and kennel

Only worry about how to pick a Border collie puppy from a litter if you can meet these recurring costs and give it a quality lifestyle.

7. Records And Information Files

Along with your puppy, you should pick all their records and information files. These include

  • Current diet
  • Vaccination record
  • Information about inherent diseases
  • Parents’ pedigree certificates
  • Genetic test results
  • Receipt to confirm the purchase as legal


Take your puppy to the veterinary for a check-up soon after picking it. This will ensure that it is in perfect health condition, and if not, you can begin its treatment immediately.

Once you get it home, you will have to adjust your home and lifestyle. You will need to work out how your Border collie will play and train. Devote time and energy to dog-related activities.

The proper lifestyle for your dog will ease it of stress, making it healthy and well-mannered.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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