Are Shelties Good Apartment Dogs? (Solved!)

Shelties are dogs with a friendly disposition and high energy, characteristics that make them a perfect pet to be in a family.

They are also very intelligent and tend to get along well with most of their owners.

Because of all those and other virtues that make them a great dog to have around, it is possible that many may wonder:

Are Shelties Good Apartment Dogs?

If that’s the case for you, you should also keep in mind that the Sheltie is usually very attached to its owner or foster family, so it’s probably not the best choice for someone who works long hours.

Although the Sheltie is energetic, it can live in an apartment, as long as it’s exercised sufficiently.

There are a few ways you can make the life of a Sheltie in an apartment a reality.

Read on to understand how you can make it happen!


Are Shelties Good Apartment Dogs?

The answer to this question is contrasting.

On the one hand, some love Shelties for their intelligence, trainability and consider adopting them as apartment dogs because of:

  • Their appropriate size.
  • That they love how they spin around when they’re excited.

People who tend to this profile take into account being willing to adapt their lifestyle to the dog’s needs, as they know that the dog requires, among other things, a lot of exercise and grooming.

My big concern about Shelties living in apartments is that they are dogs that tend to bark a lot when not draining their energy.

Although they are not overly energetic, they are hyperactive.

They are a fairly active breed, needing to be occupied, so they require, among other activities, plenty of exercises and tend to be quite talkative when not kept mentally and physically exhausted.

It is likely to start barking so as not to feel idle, which can be a source of trouble with the neighbors in the apartment.

Proper training and exercise can adjust the life of a Sheltie to an apartment. Its size is appropriate for apartment living.

The issue is the drain on its energy level and its highly vocal behavior when it is not mentally and physically exhausted.

The Need To Adapt

On the other hand, the people who wish to adopt Shelties just for their beauty and intelligence to live with them in an apartment.

The obligatory question for these people is: are they willing to adapt their lifestyles to the dog’s needs?

If the answer is yes, then the Sheltie can live in apartments for people with that attitude.

Otherwise, it is not the best option for all the reasons described above.

Shelties are not ideal for apartment living. However, there are a few things you should know, and you can make it happen.

Read on to understand how you can make it happen!

Some Reasons That Can Make Life Difficult For A Sheltie In An Apartment

If the conditions in your apartment or housing complex allow the possession of this type of pets, keep the following in mind:

They Shed A Lot

Even if you do all the right things with a Sheltie, it will be normal to notice some fur in the house. They have a double coat that is constantly regenerating and needs almost daily grooming.

That means a lot of extra cleaning for you in the apartment. Grooming, proper nutrition, and taking the Sheltie outdoors can help with this problem.

Not Enough Space

Apartments tend to be properties with many small areas that do not have enough space for a Sheltie to move around as required.

While the Sheltie is more miniature, it needs room to bounce and use all of its energy. This puppy needs a lot more space than you imagine.

Their requirement for natural mobility and energy can make them feel crammed into an apartment.

To Many People

The movement of many people in the apartment can excite your Sheltie, and it may bark or agitate at the sight of you coming and going.

Your Sheltie may have trouble being quiet and not barking at everyone who passes by, seeing a lot of people walking around.

If you want to have them in the apartment, you will have to spend a lot of your time training them to behave.

Lack Of Playground Or Backyard

This complements the previously described. You must consider the limitation of the amount of space that the Sheltie requires to move and draw that energy.

You will need to help your Sheltie draw that energy out in other ways.

Some apartment complexes have recreation areas where you can take your dog for a run and use one of these to make things a little easier.

Training Helps

These are the reasons that often make it challenging to keep Sheltie in an apartment.

I encourage you that if you want to have a Sheltie in an apartment, you inform yourself well to enrich your creativity to help take care of the Sheltie and give it the best possible life in an apartment.

You have many ways to train the Sheltie at your fingertips to help make it feel comfortable in the apartment.

For example, lots of attention and exercise can help solve many of these problems and will make the Sheltie mold its temperament to this smaller space.

Please seek professional advice for its training.

How To Make A Sheltie Be A Good Apartment Dog?

The answer to this question begins with training your Sheltie for apartment living.

Then, pay special attention to the disadvantages associated with the Shelties in the apartments, such as the following:

  • The great demand for exercise.
  • They suffer from conversational incontinence.
  • They can’t stand loneliness for long periods.
  • Likewise, they need a lot of mental stimulation.
  • In addition to those mentioned in the previous section.

Finally, by focusing on how to overcome those inconveniences and make your Sheltie’s apartment life comfortable for you and your faithful friend provide it with an adequate amount of exercise a day.

To learn how to train it to minimize very vocal behavior; seek professional advice.

Help it socialize:

  • Take it for a walk.
  • Invite neighbors to your apartment.
  • Visit a dog park.

Please pay close attention to its care/preparation. Make an effort to practice/apply adequate mental stimulation.

Take advantage of the fact that Shelties are very sensitive dogs. They have a spectacular capacity to adapt to their families.

In addition, they belong to a breed of dog that is recognized for being energetic, acrobatic, and athletic. That consequently needs a great deal of daily exercise.

From experience, they require just over 2 hours of training a day. And not just any exercise, they must be vigorous, not something like a simple walk.

So, I would like to emphasize the fact that if you are a person who tends to lead a sedentary lifestyle, I suggest you look for another pet option, and don’t adopt a Sheltie.

On the other hand, if you are one of the owners who are willing to adapt their lifestyles to the dog’s needs or add a plus to participate with him in agility events, flying saucer competitions, etc. this dog is the ideal one to help you acquire:

Active Lifestyle As A Homeowner

As Shelties are energetic and active dogs, this dog will help you as an owner to have an activity that will make you feel that you are doing more physical exercises than before.

This is a positive point for those who wish to lead a healthy life avoiding the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other conditions.

Stimulates Mental Well-Being For The Owner

Much research emphasizes that having a pet helps lessen the severity of conditions such as depression and anxiety for their owners.

As Shelties are dogs that require to be busy most of the time, they are well suited for this because of their obedience and intelligence, among other things.

It is a win-win relationship since, as I have mentioned throughout the article,

Closing this section, keep in mind that the key in all this is to “expend all the Sheltie’s energy daily.”

Remember that it is an energetic and animated animal that needs a lot of attention and activity every day.


Are shelties good apartment dogs?

Here, I would like to emphasize the fact that Shelties are not good apartment dogs. There are other races/options more appropriate for apartment living.

But that does not imply the fact that if you decide to make them your pet choice, shelties cannot live in apartments.

Although adequately trained Shelties can live in apartments, if you plan to stay in that property for a long time, I suggest you better consider a different type of dog.

Remember, shelties like to be active and run, and an apartment really limits them on those actions.

But if you insist on your desire to have a Sheltie in an apartment, be sure to give it plenty of exercise, attention, and care to help it adjust to this tight-fitting living arrangement.

Do your best and best to adapt your lifestyle to the dog’s needs.

I emphasize again; Shelties are suitable pets for an active family living in a home with a fenced-in backyard.

But if you are an apartment owner hell-bent on owning a Sheltie, then there are three questions to consider about your apartment:

  • Is it a ground floor apartment with patio?
  • Does the owner/apartment complex allow pets?
  • Is the apartment near a dog park?

Try to change the conditions where your answer was NO for the dog’s welfare. Also try to find an apartment that has the least contact with the common areas of your apartment complex.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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