The Ultimate Checklist You Need To Get Started with Labrador Puppy

If you have a new Labrador puppy that will be in your home very soon, you need to be prepared. Here is a new Labrador puppy checklist to help you be ready to bring your Lab puppy to your home!

Baby Gates

Much like toddlers, puppies love to roam and explore the house. However, you cannot watch them 24/7, so they may end up in rooms full of valuables or dangerous objects (wires, glass, etc.).

Luckily, you can get baby gates to block off access to certain areas. A key area to put a baby gate is at the top of your stairs to avoid accidents until your puppy learns how to safely walk down the stairs by themselves.

A Car Crate

You will probably have to bring your new Lab puppy to the vet frequently for check-ups, vaccinations, etc. Therefore, you need a good car crate to safely bring your puppy to the vet.

You do not have to spend tons of money on your puppy’s first crate, especially since your Labrador puppy will grow very quickly. You can buy a plastic crate that has a handle, and that should be good enough for the first few months of your Lab’s life.

There are also fun alternatives that you can get for your Lab. For instance, you could get a car divider or doggy seat belt for them instead.

A Puppy Crate

Now that you have your car crate, you need to get a puppy crate for your Lab as well. A puppy crate will help train your puppy to stay in one place while you go out, while you work, etc.

Ideally, you want the puppy crate to be on the small side so they feel safe. If you have a crate, put a divider in it so they will not be tempted to use one side as a toilet.

A Harness

You need to get a harness and leash for your puppy to teach them how to go on walks, when you want to bring them out, etc. You may opt for a collar and leash, but a body harness is better because it will not hurt your puppy’s neck.

Harnesses are usually better for especially hyper puppies that try to run away from you when you go on walks. You can switch to a regular collar and leash when your Lab is older, calmer, and knows how to properly go on walks.

Food and Water Bowls

An important part of a new Labrador puppy checklist is the food and water bowls. So, what kind of food and water bowl should you buy?

Most people agree that stainless steel bowls are the best option for dogs. They are easy to clean, easy to carry, rather light, and are often very durable.

Other dog bowl materials like glass can easily break. Additionally, materials like plastic can develop a smell over time and harbour germs.

Lots of Toys

Of course, you will need to have lots of toys ready for your Lab puppy. Labrador puppies get bored very easily and want to play, so they need to have toys lying around.

Toys will help your Lab stay entertained and have fun. Plus, it will also keep them from chewing your pillows, slippers, etc.

Ideally, you want to choose rather sturdy toys for your Labrador. Most Labs tear through soft toys like it is nothing, so it would be best to buy more durable toys instead.

You should also make sure that the toy is never too small for their mouth because they can choke on it. You should choose toys that fit in their mouth and are not a choking hazard.

If you notice that any toy is starting to break or fall apart, throw it out. Your Lab puppy might decide to eat the broken parts. 

A Bed

Giving your Labrador puppy a bed is very important. It helps them feel like they have a special place where they can go to sleep. 

Most people agree that vet bedding fleece is an excellent choice for most puppies. Most puppy beds often use this material, so you should find it easy to find one made out of fleece.

You could also buy fleece blankets and use them to line places they sleep, like their puppy crate.

Try to buy several pieces at once. That way, you can quickly replace dirty bedding and throw the dirty one in the washing machine.

A Dog Whistle

A whistle is an excellent way to let your puppy they have to do something. For instance, it helps your dog recall. 

A Clicker

Another excellent training tool for Labrador puppies is a clicker. A clicker will teach your Lab that they did something that you like.

For example, your dog starts barking and you tell them to stop, and once they are quiet you can use the dog clicker and give them a treat. Repeat that until your Lab puppy registers that you prefer them to be quiet.

Grooming Tools

Labradors shed… A LOT. While your new puppy may not start shedding until they are 4-6 months old, it is good to get them used to being groomed at an early age.

You can brush them at least once every 1-2 days for 10-15 minutes when they are puppies. It will help them get used to sitting still until you are done brushing them.

You will also need dog shampoo, towels, etc. and to start bathing them with lukewarm water when they are 3-5 months old. Should also make sure that they get used to getting their teeth brushed.

You may also start holding their paws regularly to help them get accustomed to the feeling. That way, they will be more likely to comply when you try to cut their nails in the future. 

All in All

Your puppy will need some basic supplies so that they will feel loved and happy in your home. You can use the new Labrador puppy checklist above to know what to get for your new Lab puppy!

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John Lab

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