Do Rough Collies Like Water And Can They Swim? (Solved!)

Are you a swimming and Rough Collie enthusiast, and are you wondering, ‘Do Rough Collies like water?’ and ‘can Rough Collies swim?’

If so, then ease your mind as you have searched for the right article.

I will provide you with a straightforward and science-backed answer on whether or not a Rough Collie can swim.

I will also provide you with a complete guide on how to teach your long-haired Rough Collie to swim and the safety precautions you should adhere to when you are out for a swim with your doggy.

I will also give you a brief summary of some of the benefits your hound gets to enjoy if it regularly engages in swimming activities.

By the end of this article, I am optimistic that all your questions concerning Rough Collies with their love for water and, ability to swim, will be thoroughly answered.


Do Rough Collies Like Water?

Yes, Rough Collies love water. These strikingly adorable dogs will not mind getting wet, whether it is in your bathtub or out in the rain.

Rough Collies have no preference when it comes to their love for water.

Whether it is moving water, still water, a lot of water, small in amount, or even dirty water, a Rough Collie will play in it or swim in it (that is, if it is a good swimmer).

Can A Rough Collie Swim?

Yes, a Rough Collie can swim.

Their webbed feet, long tapered noses, evenly distributed body weight, and water-resistant undercoat make them good swimmers.

However, despite these swimming-oriented physical features that Rough Collies have, not all dogs of these breed are able to swim swiftly and some may need swimming training.

The long and dense double coat of a Rough Collie may make it quite difficult for this sassy dog to swim.

But with adequate training at a young age, a Rough Collie can easily become a prolific swimmer.

How To Teach Your Rough Collie To Swim

Most people assume that all dogs are natural swimmers, which is not true.

If you have noticed that your Rough Collie is having trouble to swim, then rest assured you are not alone, as many dog parents get to experience the same thing.

I have selectively prepared for you an easy to follow and implement guide on how to teach your Rough Collie to swim;

Understand Your Dog’s Limitations When It Comes To Swimming

Understanding your Rough Collie’s limitation regarding swimming will substantially help you create a framework on how to go about its teaching.

It would be best to always start with the basic steps before proceeding. Note the basic training lays the foundation on how well your dog will be progress.

NEVER proceed to the next level unless you are certain that your hound has successfully ‘passed’ its previous level.

Failure to follow this rule may lead to you confusing your hound! And trust me, you do not want that!

Since reversing such a situation can be quite challenging, if not impossible.

Basic Swimming Steps, And How To Train Your Rough Collie To Follow Them

Having your dog dip its feet and taking steps in the water can be considered as basic step.

Hold your dog on its abdomen. Always be in the front position.

Use praises and treats when teaching your dog the basic steps. This helps boost up its confidence.

Repeat the steps above until your hound gets accustomed to doing it on its own.

Advanced Swimming Steps, And How To Teach Your Rough Collie To Follow Them

Letting your dog float on its own and letting it move back and forth and exit out of the water on its own are all considered to be advanced steps.

Give your dog both physical and moral support when it advances to next level swimming tactics.

Pro-tip; During your dog’s training, ensure that you take frequent breaks. This helps break the monotony.

NEVER push or force your dog to get in the water.

A swimming pool or open waters are not the ideal places to teach your dog how to swim.

Consider using a bathtub or a small-sized artificial inflatable pool in your backyard.

Exercise Patience And Consistency

Despite Rough Collies being intelligent, they can sometimes take a bit more time to learn how to swim effectively.

So be sure to exercise patience when training your Rough Collie how to swim.

Let it lead you and work at its pace with the utmost patience. Also, be consistent, don’t skip your dog’s swimming training.

If you feel that you will not be able to maintain consistency, then it’s advisable that you enroll your doggie into a swimming class and let the pros help you make a great swimmer out of your glamorous Rough Collie.

Use Treats

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Rough Collie’s swimming training relies more on treats.

The more you use positive reinforcements like taking it out for a walk, giving it a dog toy to chew on it or playing with it, the more your dog will want to work harder to get the treats.

8 Swimming Safety Tips For Your Rough Collie

Avoid Swimming In Unfamiliar Waters

I am sure you have heard about the common cliché that ‘Danger lurks in unfamiliar territories’!

So don’t take your dog out for swimming in waters that you are unfamiliar with, even if the waters seem shallow or calm enough for you and your Rough Collie to cool off!

Open waters such as rivers, lakes, or oceans may be quite hazardous to swim in, especially for untrained dogs.

Invest In A Quality Dog Life Jacket

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Never let your dog go in for a dip without a life jacket.

Note that even veteran swimmers (both humans and dogs) sometimes do drown. A life jacket serves to keep your dog afloat, thus preventing it from drowning.

Pro-tip; If you decide to take your pup or hound out for swimming in open water, make sure that you have watched out for weather advisories or weather predictions of that day to be on the safer side.

Don’t Leave Your Rough Collie Unsupervised

Rough Collies are quite the explorers, especially when in water. So, make sure that you keep a close eye on your doggy during swimming.

Pro tip; Have your hound put on a waterproof leash and collar in case you feel like you may be somewhat distracted during your doggies swimming session.

Always Have A Fully Equipped Emergency Pet Kit With You

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Swimming with your doggie is quite an adventurous and thrilling activity.

However, accidents can happen that may be non-fatal or life-threatening, and that’s why it’s essential that you always carry a fully equipped emergency pet kit with you.

Always ensure that your pet’s emergency kit contains; clean gauze(s), cotton swabs, sterile scissors, adhesive tapes, antiseptic solution (chlorhexidine is highly recommended), and adhesive tape.

Pro-tip; Never go out swimming without packing a vet-approved 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

This solution helps induce vomiting in your dog just in case your dog accidentally swallows a toxic substance during its swimming session.

Keep Your Rough Collie Hydrated

Keeping your Rough Collie hydrated helps it maintain good and healthy skin. Proper hydration also promotes digestion in your hound, thus preventing constipation.

Before hitting the waters with your canine buddy, ensure that you give it lots of clean water and carry some with you for backup.

A properly hydrated dog will not drink the unsafe to drink water found in a pool or open waters.

Untreated water may cause your dog to get infected with waterborne diseases, which may sometimes be life threatening.

Adequately Groom Your Collie Before And After Swimming

Remember, a Rough Collie’s coat can be quite high maintenance due to its long hairs.

So adequately grooming your hound before and after swimming helps maintain a tangle-free and lustrous dog coat.

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Apply a dog-safe sunscreen that doesn’t contain zinc oxide as an active ingredient.

Immediately after your hound is done with swimming, rinse it with lukewarm water. Use a dog-safe shampoo to clean it before drying it with a dog dryer and brushing it.

Never leave your dog’s coat wet as you not only risk it getting a cold but also its hair may mat or get damaged.

Have Your Vet Prescribe Preventive Medication For Your Rough Collie

Waters found in swimming areas may contain many toxic substances that may cause your hound to get ill.

So have your vet prescribe preventive medications for your hound.

This will help prevent or reduce your dog’s risk of getting a disease after exposure to a disease-causing agent.

Proceed At Your Rough Collie’s Swimming Pace

Rough Collies love pleasing their owners and won’t hesitate to do anything to make you happy.

So please don’t push your hound too hard when it comes to swimming.

Make sure that you first understand its strengths and limitations and then proceed at its own pace.

Benefits Of Swimming For Your Rough Collie

Helps Maintain And Lose Weight In Obese Dogs

Having your Long-haired sassy dog get physically stimulated through swimming will help it shed some pounds and stay physically fit.

It Helps Alleviate Stress In Stressed Up Dogs

If you notice your dog has been lip licking, panting for no reason, it always has its ears and tail tucked, and you can effortlessly see the white part of its eyes, then it’s certain that your hound is experiencing stress.

Let your dog take a dip in safe waters, as this will help it alleviate its stressful situation.

It Helps Your Rough Collie Cool Off During Hot Days

Rough Collies are highly susceptible to heat stroke (a medical condition in which your dog’s body can’t control its temperature) due to their long and dense double coats.

Letting them swim during a hot day is a sure way of helping them to cool off.

It Helps Prevent Your Dog From Getting Into Aggressive Behaviors

These sassy dogs were bred to herd sheep; hence they are a working dog breed and dislike staying idle.

A slight boredom can make this protective and friendly dog turn into an aggressive hound.

So, swimming can keep these hounds’ aggressive behavior which is tentatively associated with boredom, in check.

It’s Therapeutic In Ailing Dogs

Hydrotherapy is the term coined to describe the use of water for pain relief and treatment of ailments.

Rough Collies experiencing pain, stiff joints, and decreased joint mobility tend to benefit therapeutically through swimming.

Pro-tip; Both warm and cold water can be used to provide pain relief in ailing dogs. However, warm water is more effective than cold water.

Improves Your Rough Collies Muscle Tone And Cardiovascular Fitness

Through swimming, your Rough Collie’s muscle strength and tone are enhanced.

Its cardiovascular fitness is also enhanced since swimming promotes better blood circulation and improves your dog’s heart muscle strength.

Embrace Greatness! Let your Rough Collie take those strokes like a pro!

Do Rough Collies love water? Yes, they do!

And can Rough Collies swim? I bet you Rough Collies can swim.

However, it may sometimes be difficult for these long-haired hounds to swim easily due to their dense double coat despite being water-resistant.

If you find your Rough Collie is unable to swim, you can teach it how to swim by giving it basic steps then gradually teaching it advanced swimming steps.

Ensure that you don’t overwhelm your hound during its training. Exercise patience and consistency when teaching your dog how to swim.

Let your dog take a dip every now and then as swimming helps alleviate stress in your hound, maintain and lose weight, relieve pain and improve your Rough Collie’s muscle tone as well as its cardiovascular fitness.

Note that excessive swimming can predispose your hound to ear infections.

So, make sure that you regularly check your dog’s ears to stop an ear infection from fully establishing itself in your Rough Collie’s ears.

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Madeline Wright

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