Can A Saint Bernard Live In An Apartment? (Solved!)

Saint Bernard is a great pet that can live comfortably in many different types of homes. But, you might be wondering can a Saint Bernard live in an apartment?

You have to remember that these are massive dogs.

Saint Bernards weigh up to 180 pounds and they have larger bodies than most dogs. On top of this, Saint Bernards also shed a lot.

So, you want to consider this if you are planning on having this dog live in a smaller apartment.

Luckily, I’ll go over everything you need to know about Saint Bernards living in an apartment.

I’ll show you how you can keep them happy and healthy in a smaller space. Keep reading to find out more about this breed living in an apartment!


Can A Saint Bernard Live In An Apartment?

So, can a Saint Bernard live in an apartment?

Generally speaking, your dog will do a lot better in a bigger home with more space.

However, it is not impossible for your Saint Bernard to live in an apartment.

While this is not an ideal situation, there are plenty of ways to make your dog comfortable in a smaller space.

I’ll talk about this in the next section. In addition, many dog owners are able to fit big dogs in a small space.

Really, it’s just a matter of setting up your home the right way and getting your dog used to your apartment space.

Although I recommend getting this dog if you have a larger home it is still feasible to have them in your smaller apartment.

How To Prepare For A Saint Bernard In An Apartment?

How can you prepare your apartment for a Saint Bernard exactly?

I’ll talk about all the ways you can make your home more friendly and accessible for your pet here.

Make Sure Your Dog Can Get Exercise

There are a few different ways to keep your big dog happy in an apartment space. First off, though, you want to make sure that there is a park or a dog park nearby.

Saint Bernards are highly active so it is best if you have somewhere to walk your dog safely.

It’s even better if there is a dog park. This way your pet can easily meet other dogs and get their daily exercise in.

But, a park will do just fine. Make sure that you take your dog for long walks. And if you can let them run around in a closed-off space this is even better for them.

In addition, if the vet or dog daycare centers are nearby, this can be another perk. In other words, make sure your apartment is located in a good area for dogs.

Check Your Flooring Or Consider Changing It

You might not think about this right away, but flooring is another important thing to consider.

At some point your dog is bound to have an accident. Especially if they are a puppy and you are training them for the first time.

This is why I suggest getting an apartment with hardwood floors.

If your dog has an accident on hardwood or other smooth surfaces it won’t be so hard to clean up any messes.

Carpet, on the other hand, can be a huge hassle to clean. So, also consider this as you think about living with a Saint Bernard in an apartment.

See If You Can Get An Apartment With A Patio

Another way you can keep your dog happy in a smaller space is with a patio. Patios give your dog the chance to get some fresh air.

You should still give your dog plenty of exercise and activity. But having a patio can help make a smaller space more interesting for a big dog breed.

Dog Proof Your Apartment

Finally, you want to consider dog-proofing your apartment. This can include many different steps.

But I personally recommend making sure that breakables are put away.

That shoes and other items are stored away so your dog doesn’t chew on things when he’s bored at home.

Especially when you are gone at work.

Also, put up gates for areas you don’t want your dog to wander in. And, you should also buy plenty of dog toys so your pet won’t get into any trouble.

How To Train Your Saint Your Bernard To Live In An Apartment?

You can train your dog to behave well in a smaller apartment. It just takes time and patience.

I’ll talk about some of the major ways you can help your dog adjust and train them in this section of the post.

Make Sure Your Dog Stays Active

Saint Bernards are a huge dog breed, so you want to be mindful of their needs.

Especially their physical needs. The first part of training your dog starts with giving your pet plenty of exercise.

This means that you take your dogs for walks and play with them often. When they have had a lot of activity they are more likely to behave and listen to you.

On the other hand, dogs that don’t get the chance to exercise can be a lot harder to deal with.

Typically, Saint Bernard is a pretty good indoor pet.

So, you shouldn’t have too many issues with them, to begin with. However, keeping your pet active is important so don’t forget this.

Use Gates And Pens

Some dogs just don’t like living in apartments at first. So, you might have to train your pet with a gate or pen.

This way they don’t keep wanting to go to the door and leave your home. Put the gate near the door so it is blocked.

Or if your pet is a puppy you can put them in a pen to teach them that your apartment is their new home.

Use Treats And Toys

Another way to train your dog is to use treats and toys. When they are well behaved in your home, it’s a good idea to reward them with treats.

This will keep your dog occupied and show them that being in your apartment is fun and rewarding.

Overall, you want to stay consistent with your pet.

Take them on walks, use toys, and pay attention to them when they want to play. Reinforcing good behaviors with treats can go a long way.

How Long Can You Leave Your Saint Bernard Alone?

This is another common question people have about apartments and large Saint Bernards.

In truth, you don’t want to leave your dog alone for too long.

If they are a puppy you want to be extra mindful. They might need to be taken out every few hours.

This way they don’t have too many accidents indoors and can get their energy out.

Again, you won’t want to leave them alone all day. But you can go to work and keep them alone for around six hours.

If they are allowed to roam they can stay alone for a little longer.

But after that six-hour mark, it’s important to have someone take your dog out for a walk. They will need to go to the bathroom.


Saint Bernard is an even-tempered dog that can do well in all sorts of environments. In today’s post, I talked about whether you can have this dog live in your apartment.

While your dog will prefer a bigger space, you can let them live in a smaller apartment.

You just want to keep some things in mind. This includes walking your dog regularly and socializing with plenty of other dogs and people.

It’s also good if you live near a dog park or a normal park. This way they can get their exercise in and run around in a bigger area.

Finally, training your dog to stay in an apartment should not be too hard. But, I talked about some tips and tricks that will help you and your pet.

Treats and plenty of playtimes will be the best remedy for any dog that is having trouble adjusting.

You can also use a gate or pen to get them used to the smaller home space. But don’t keep your dog cooped up all the time. Use this method for a week or two.

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