Bassetweiler: Basset Hound Rottweiler Mix Guide

The Bassetweiler is a Basset Hound Rottweiler mix hybrid recognized by the Dog Registry of America Inc.

They are among the best tracking dogs with a great sense of smell and have the instinct to detect danger quickly.

With their short stature, fatty flesh, and easygoing temperament, they are great companions, easy to train, and very intelligent.

In this article, we’ll be revealing everything you need to know about the Basset Hound Rottweiler mix, as well as a guide on how to buy and train them.

Bassetweiler Mixed Breed Information

Height10 to 25 inches
Weight44 to 130 pounds
Lifespan8 to 13 years
CoatShort, medium
ColorsBlack and white; black and brown; white and lemon; tan and black
TemperamentCourageous, kind, defensive, relaxed, headstrong
Ideal ForHouse living, office security, outdoor adventures, multi-dog ménages
Puppy Price$250 – $750

Basset Hound Rottweiler Mix Puppy Characteristics


The Parent Breed

Basset Hound

Basset Hound Dog Breed Standing on Grass Looking Aside
Basset Hound Dog Breed

The Basset Hound is a short dog breed belonging to the hound family.

These dogs were initially bred for hunting hares, rabbits, and other animals because of their excellent sense of smell.

The Basset Hound’s short stature made it perfect for hunting.

They are recognized by the American Kennel Club and were ranked as the 36th most popular dogs in the United States as of 2020.

Basset Hounds are medium dogs with a large bodies, hanging ears, wrinkled foreheads, with relatively short and crooked legs.

They are less than 16 inches in height and weigh around 40 to 80 pounds, with an average life span of 12 to 13 years.

This breed has little or no hair on its legs, but overall, they have a fine short coat with varied colors like white, red, or tricolor.

Bassets are even-tempered and sociable. They tend to get along well with children, other dogs, and even pets.

Though they are easy to train, they still exhibit stubborn behaviors and could embark on hunting journeys on their own if not properly confined.

They’ve got a large appetite and tend to get easily obese.

This breed is not suitable for security purposes, even though they are active athletes and love to bark and dig.

Instead, they are best suitable for hunting and tracking.

The best time to begin training these dogs is when they are still puppies because they are challenging to train and are not so intelligent.

Also, they require much grooming since they are short, causing them to pick specks of dirt easily.


Purebred Rottweiler Dog in Full Standing Height
Purebred Rottweiler

Roman shepherds originally used Rottweilers to herd cattle.

They are among the most intelligent dog breeds with a friendly temperament and respond well to training.

Rotties are medium dogs with 22 to 27 inches in height, reaching full maturity at age two, with 8 to 12 years of life expectancy.

The male Rottweilers weigh around 110 to 130 pounds, while the females weigh 77 to 100 pounds.

They have docked tails and undercoats on their thighs and neck. Their coats are mostly black, coarse, dense, and moderate in length.

This dog breed sheds averagely and is not hypoallergenic, but they require proper grooming.

Since health problems are almost inevitable, Rottweilers often have health challenges like cancer, heart defects, thigh dysplasia, gastroenteritis, eyelid deformities, amongst others.

In addition, engaging them in both physical and mental exercises can go a long way in helping them stay active.

Also, giving a diet that has over 26% protein will do a lot of good.

One crucial factor to consider is that Rottweiler is a costly dog breed. The average cost of a Rottweiler puppy is between $1,500 to $2,500.

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Important Facts About the Basset Hound Rottweiler Mix You Should Know

1. They are Adventure Loving

Bassetweiler mix dogs love outdoor adventures. It is not surprising because the Basset Hound is an expert at hunting and tracking smell.

2. They are Intelligent and Courageous

Basset Rotties are among the most intelligent dog breeds. They defend themselves and their owners when the need arises. Their courage and intelligence make them stand out.

3. They are Among the Oldest Known Dog Breed Mixes

Basset rottweiler mixes were first noticed in France in 700 B.C. but were refined to their present form between the 16th–19th century. 

This hybrid was first found in the United States in 1883 and has remained a sort after designer breed.

Bassetweiler Appearance

Basset Hound Rottweiler Mix Dog Standing on Grass Looking Up

General Appearance

Some Basset Hound Rottweiler mixes tend to look more like the Rottweiler than the Basset Hound.

This mix has flat-lying ears, a big head with brown patches on its muzzle, and eyebrows.

Their appearance could also differ depending on the puppy’s dominant genetic traits from the parent’s genes.

Also, they have numerous spots, patches, and speckles on their body.


Bassetweilers are medium in size and have short stature. This dog breed’s average height and weight are 15 to 25 inches and 70 to 100 pounds.

Colors and Coat Type

This mix has different coat types and colors. Its coat could be short, medium, or medium-short with a thick undercoat.

The coat colors are primarily black and tan, with some patches of white.

Temperament, Behavior & Intelligence of the Bassetweiler Mix

These dog mixes are the best of their kind. They are kind-tempered, loyal, and loving. They are curious and energetic.

Even though they can be headstrong, they are devoted to their families.

Additionally, the Bassetweiler mixes have an independent and mature nature.

Are Basset Hound Rottweiler Mix Good Family Dogs?

They are loyal, affectionate, and great protective family dogs. They get along well with children and always love to be around people and multi-dog households.

These unique, intelligent, and friendly dogs dislike being confined in a lonely place.

They tend to act destructively as a result of anxiety or boredom. In addition, they are pretty sensitive due to their close relationship with their family.

However, to ensure that this mix doesn’t harm children, they have to be trained early.

Are They Good With Other Dogs & Pets?

Basset Hound Rottweiler mixes have good relationships with other dogs and pets.

Albeit, they tend to bark at cats. Nevertheless, with early socialization, they can quickly get along with other animals in the ménage.

They are more active when they are around other dogs and pets. Keeping them in a lonely space will make them unhappy and aggressive.

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How Much Does a Basset Hound Rottweiler Mix Puppy Cost?

Basset Hound Rottweiler Mix Pup Playing on Grass

The average price of this dog breed from a responsible breeder is around $250 to $750.

One of the most important things to look out for before buying this puppy is to ensure that they are dewormed and vaccinated.

You should also request the health clearance certificates and medical history of the puppy from the breeder.

Ensure that the breeder you are buying from has his due diligence regarding socialization.

It will also be worth it to ask the breeder to refer you to the parent breeds to conduct more medical history assessments before buying the pup.

Care to adopt? Adoption is cheaper and accessible. Plus, you’ll be providing a home to an adorable pup that needs it.

The cost of adopting this breed from a reputable rescue agency is roughly $300.

Caring for a Basset Hound and Rottweiler Mix

Food & Nutrition

This mixed breed diet should be fit for a medium-sized energetic dog. Puppies can be fed three servings a day, with a good diet rich in protein.

From about ten weeks old, they should be fed twice a day. It is also advisable to consider feeding them with raw dog food diets.

Some other essential nutrients are omega-3 fatty acids and minerals. 

It is important to note that the Bassetweilers are prone to obesity if overfed. Hence, size should be taken into account when feeding them.


This dog breed has a high energy level. They are active dogs, love exercising, playing games, taking walks, and have extraordinary hounding abilities.

Besides having a relaxed nature, this crossbreed dog experiences random sparks of energy in a day.

This causes them to play and run for a long time. You could get games like dog toys and bubbles to keep them active and free from boredom.

While some of these dogs love to be active, others are pretty lazy and laidback.

Mental and physical exercises keep them fit and mentally stimulated.

It is highly advisable to always take them out for a walk at least twice a day for an hour.

This will keep them more energized, alert, and aware of their surroundings.

Training and Socialization

The Rottweiler Basset Hound mixes are highly sociable dogs with parents that are relatively easy to train.

Thus, the best time to begin training them is between 8 weeks old to achieve the best results.

Early socialization is necessary to prevent destructive behavioral problems like excessive barking, biting, scratching, and stubbornness.

This will also help them to help the dogs get along well with other pets. 

To achieve the best results, consistent and firm training with praises and treats at an early age will avert these behavioral problems.

You can also consider enrolling your pups in training classes with a professional dog trainer.

While the Bassetweiler is generally trainable, the temperament of the mix depends on the dominating genes they inherited from their parent breeds.

Grooming Needs

The Basset Hound Rottweiler mix has low maintenance needs. They have short hair that needs little grooming.

They are bathed when necessary or brushed once every week to get rid of dead hairs and stave off excessive shedding if it has a dense undercoat.

Brushing their coat will also give them a shiny and healthy appearance.

Most importantly, always clean the brush bristles regularly and use a good shampoo to wash with a dense undercoat.

For some puppies with skin folds, you should moisturize them regularly to avoid skin diseases.

The house floor where the puppies are kept has to be clean and free from dirt.

Their long ears should always be cleaned to remove dirt and stop its accumulation.

Other grooming needs include nail trimming and dental care. Also, since they tend to drool, they should be cleaned up at intervals.

Health & Conditions

The Basset Hound Rottweiler mix is a healthy crossbreed dog, and thus, has lower health challenges than purebred dogs.

All they need is a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

These dogs can inherit some health problems from their parents since they are offspring of a crossbreed.

However, frequent medical checkups and treatments can minimize the risk of these medical conditions.

Below are some of these conditions:

  • Cataract: A disease caused by the growth of a white layer on the eye lens, causing the dog see less clearly and could lead to blindness in severe cases. The best cure is through surgery.
  • Allergies: This mix can be allergic to pollen and food. These allergies cause skin itching and breathing difficulties.

    Sadly, these allergies have no cure, but could only be prevented by allergy shots and avoiding exposure to the factors that triggers them.
  • Hip dysplasia: This hereditary condition is caused when the bones of the rear legs are wrongly fit in the joints.

    Factors like injuries, inadequate exercise, and obesity can trigger this joint condition. Medications and hip replacement surgeries are the best treatments.
  • Otitis Externa: A condition that affects the ear, caused by the inflammation of the cell layers in the ear canal.

    Common symptoms include ear discharge, swelling, scratching, odor, and head shaking. Allergies and parasites can also trigger this ear condition.
  • Aortic Stenosis: This health condition is caused by the narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve, causing an interruption in the flow of blood from the heart to the rest of the body. In extreme cases, this heart condition leads to muscle failure.

Related Questions

How Big do Basset Hound Rottweilers Get?

Bassetweilers are medium-sized dog breeds that grow between 10 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 44 to 130 pounds.

This mix gets easily obese, especially if they are overfed. They could weigh up to 130 pounds within a short period.

How Can You Tell If a Dog is Mixed with a Rottweiler?

Aside from the stocky build and the purebred Rottweiler color, you can recognize a Rottweiler mix from the traits, coat, and stance.

However, if the pup has proper documentation and paperwork done, it could help. If not, you could have a DNA test done.

Are Rottweiler Mixes Aggressive?

The temperament of the male and female Rottweiler mixes differs. The males tend to be more aggressive, territorial (outdoor), and headstrong than the females.

Even though they have temperament variations, they develop unique character traits that are not reliant on gender.

Final Thoughts

Basset Hound Rottweiler mixes are generally intelligent breeds and great companions.

They love to protect their families but need early socialization and training.

Even though they get stubborn sometimes, they love to be around other animals, including children.

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