6 Most Underrated Facts About Labradors That Most People Don’t Know

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular choices of pet dogs around the world, we all know that. And why would they not be? They are awesome and almost have zero flaws. They are friendly, loving, fun, playful, sporty, and will cuddle with you. What more does one want in life, right?

Despite their popularity, though, there are many facts about the cutest labs that many people, if not most, don’t know about. If you are one of those who is looking forward to giving a cradle to a little lab, you must know more stuff about them, shouldn’t you? Worry not! Here are underrated facts about Labradors that most people don’t know about and will prepare you for becoming the best parent to them.


The adorable and smushy aura of the labs often makes us oblivious to their presence as guard dogs. Labradors are one of the prime choices, especially for residential households, in terms of guard dogs. They are active, enthusiastic and have a big size. They are an amazing watchdog, and one can definitely rely on them in case of invasion or intruders.

They have a powerful persona and have an inbuilt tendency to be protective of their owners. This makes them seem intimidating if one needs to scare away trespassers.


Even though it might seem quite palpable that they originated, as their name claims, Labrador (in Canada), their official conception was in Newfoundland. Their genesis was as a participant in a sporting dog and was conceived as one of the best in the arena. Later in the 1800s, they were brought to England.

Even though their emergence made them conventional fighter dogs, they were soon loved as household pets who you can cuddle with. This trend is still as evident and does not seem to fade anytime soon.


Many dogs and cats are often claimed to ‘despise’ water, which is the case for certain breeds. Our sweetest Labrador Retrievers are not in this clan though. They not only absolutely love swimming and water games, but are highly skilled in swimming.

You can take your labs to safe and sound water bodies and end up having the best time. You would have to teach them how to be around water since they are little puppies, and teach them to play in the water to be able to have them properly trained. Training labs to swim is not that troublesome. Even though they have the biological capacity to swim well, that might vary for individual pups. Some dogs can even have health struggles if not examined in their prime years. To avoid worrying about the health problems of your little pup one must have pet insurance for Labradors in order to skip the whole financial headache.


As vague as it may sound, Labrador Retrievers are one of the most versatile dog breeds to exist around the globe. No matter whether you are a bachelor in your 20s living alone, or you have a family with 12 kids, you can feasibly have a lab as your pet. They play and they cuddle well, which suits kids and adults both. People who think of labs might imagine them having barking issues due to their structure. But labs don’t bark as much, but it may differ in situations and, well, could even have exceptions.

Labradors are fun, playful, can be trained, are good guard dogs, and have a tinge of decency in their personality, which is often what various owners look for.


Labrador Retrievers come in various colors, popularly black, chocolate, and tilted yellow. And there is a huge misconception that their color determines the way their personalities are. But that is so not the case since, at the core, Labradors are prepped the same way. You can have all of them, with different colors in the same club, and still wouldn’t taste a difference.

This doesn’t mean that you get any lab as you want and they will resemble the others in totality. Every dog (and other popular pet choices) has a distinct personality. They are all different in some way but with a similar lining of disposition.


We all know labs can do anything, but politics would not have crossed your mind as their area of expertise. Sorry to surprise you, but they have their horizons spread in politics too. In California, USA, a black lab defeated two humans in the race of becoming a mayor, in 1981. His name was Bosco Ramos. Other than that, USA have had 7 dogs as their mayor.

Final Words

Here are some very underrated facts about adorable labs that you must know. But the biggest and most important fact is that Labradors are a gem of a breed with a versatile sense of temperament and identity. They make amazing pets, but more than that, they are an outstanding and much-needed friend. No matter how many facts you study or learn about them, you find more of who they are when you bring them home, so good luck!

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John Lab

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