The first question that would pop into any person’s mind would be, what is a Jack Russel lab mix, also famously known as a Jackador? When pondering upon super-energetic and family-friendly pups out of the various breeds, a full-grown-jack-russel-lab-mix-jackador and a Jack Russel Terrier are the ones that seem to be at the top of the list. When the two are cross-bred, the result is an extremely enthusiastic and loving ball of fur that would make anyone crack out the largest smile, a Jackador.
If you’re thinking about making an adorable Jack Russel lab mix puppy a part of your family or rescuing an adolescent Jackador, then it would be a good idea to look up and have a thorough understanding of particular characteristics such as its personality, wellness, and maintenance before settling on a decision. If you believe a Jackador is just the pup for you, then you might be able to locate one through a rescue group or at an animal shelter which is an incredible way to find your next dog.

Jackador Size, Shades, and Physical Characteristics:

full grown jack russell lab mix, jackador

They weigh 25 to 30 pounds and are known to be about 18 inches tall. Jackador’s coats are found to be multicolored with tan, black, and cream accents along with white chests. The puppies are tiny to medium-sized canines, though their sizes vary greatly. Your Jackador may have more or less Labrador or Jack Russell characteristics and hence develop to be larger or smaller than this when fully matured. Jack adores may have a shorter muzzle as compared to other Lab mixes, as well as ear folds that are slightly elevated or a bit out of the side, rather than pressing down on their head like other mixes. The fur of your Jackador may be coarser, thicker, and not so fluffy and smooth as compared to that of a pedigree Labrador, but it will still be lengthier than that of a standard Jack Russell. Their tail is a bit more similar to that of a Jack Russell’s, being shorter and straighter than that of a Labrador’s large, fluffy tail. These canines do not shed much and are not allergenic, which is a point highlight-worthy if you’re somewhat of a clean freak.

A Jackador’s Attitude and Traits:

Generally, a Jackador’s temperament is maybe its most appealing feature. Considering how sociable and loyal a Jack Russell is and how kind and attentive the Labrador Retriever is, also known as man’s favorite breed. Combine both the personalities and what do we get? A delightful, lively puppy, of course.

Each dog is special and exciting, and mixed-breed dogs like the Jackador are no exception. Depending on the breed, your Jack Russell lab mix may demonstrate more of a Labrador attitude or more of a full grown jack russell lab mix behavior. Because this is unique to each canine, we recommend that if you’re looking for a Jackador puppy, you get an explanation of whatever queries you hold regarding the puppy from the breeder about the personality types of the parents and visit the litter. Similar to the Labrador, your Jackador may be more placid, affable, and lively with other dogs and kids. Alternatively, your dog may be more curious, preferring to wander freely and wild outside and be less able to calm down or remain still indoors, similar to an extremely enthusiastic Jack Russell. It all hinges on your Jack Russell-Lab mix’s hereditary characteristics.

Other Labradors come from parental lines that are so gentle, peaceful, and pleasant that they can operate as therapy dogs or support the police in drug identification. While some are energetic to the point where they are preferable to outdoor or athletic work, and they have strong physical requirements that are hard to meet in a limited living environment, such as a flat or an apartment. In the same way, while Jack Russells are famous for being lively and overly active canines, not every dog will exhibit the same characteristics. Your Jackador may be a great cross between the two breeds: an athletic, joyful, and skilled hunter who also knows how to calm down and rest within a living space.

It is suggested that you involve your Jackador in exercise for at least an hour each day. This breed enjoys long walks and playing fetch. Because the Jackador is such an intelligent canine, you might want to try dog puzzles to keep them occupied and stimulate their minds.

Health Concerns A Jackador’s Owner Should Be Aware Of:

If you’re looking at getting a full grown jack russell lab mix, you should be knowledgeable about the various health risks that both kinds of canines can have. Being aware of diseases related to both types of dogs can give you a thorough understanding of the risks your pup may suffer from.

A Labrador can sometimes be affected by the following diseases;

  • Cancer
  • Thyroid problems
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Eye issues, specifically those related to the retina
  • Joint issues with the shoulders, elbows, and hips

A Jack Russell, on the other hand may suffer from the following health risks;

  • Dislocation of joints
  • Hearing problems
  • Perthes disease, which affects the hip joints
  • Eye related problems

When adopting a pup from a breeder, one of the main considerations for you is to inquire about any crucial health issues regarding the parent dogs and receive the health record of prior dogs and the pups from the breeder. Whatever the breed of the dog you choose, whether it is a pedigree or a lab mix, you must extensively investigate the dog’s health record before settling on a decision. Maintaining positive contact with your veterinarian and remaining engaged in your dog’s health, particularly during routine appointments, is another excellent strategy to help your dog stay healthy. Your veterinarian is the most significant person to help your dog live a healthy and happy life in the best condition possible.

How to Groom your Jakcador?


Labradors are known to shed quite a lot which is contrary to the Jack Russell Terrier, which does not tend to shed as much. Since each canine is unique in terms of characteristics, your Jackador may inherit more of the Terrier’s coat features and therefore shed less hair. Alternatively, it may also inherit the Labrador’s fluffy and furry coat resulting in a lot of shedding, which may aggravate your allergies.
Giving it regular baths, clipping its nails, and brushing should be done more often. Another way to get your pup cleaned up is to visit a dog salon where the staff is experienced in grooming canines.

Final Thoughts:

The Jackador is a hybrid breed of dog created by crossing two famous and active canine breeds, the Labrador Retriever and the Jack Russell Terrier. Be aware that your full grown jack russell lab mix may be an energetic, high-maintenance dog, so be mindful of the effort you’ll have to make when getting such a delightful, yet sometimes difficult, mixed-breed dog. Both the breeds, Labradors and Jack Russells, are attached to their owners and are friendly and kind. These canines will need to be entertained and exercised because they are both energetic and intelligent. It is to be kept in mind that Jackadors are fierce protectors.

You won’t be disappointed with a Jackador if you’re searching for a spirited furry friend. If this breed appears to be a good fit for your lifestyle, chatting with breeders about getting your own Jackador would be an excellent way to start.

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John Lab

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