Can Border Collies Be Left Alone? (Solved!)

Border collies are cute dogs that have become the fancy of the entire world.

However, before you get one, it is essential to understand how long they can be left alone.

Only when you answer this question can you go ahead and adopt a border collie dog.

I will today answer this question.

Not only that, I will also go into the details of what exactly you should do in case you want to leave your border collie alone.


Can Border Collies Be Left Alone?

Yes, border collies can certainly be left alone.

Of course, now you have the question, for how long?

I will answer that below as well.

How Long Can Border Collies Be Left Alone?

Border collies can be left alone for 4 to 5 hours. However, anything greater than that is not advisable.

The reason for the same is that border collies are extremely social. They interact with people as well as animals around them.

It is the main reason why they cannot be left alone for a long time.

What Happens If You Leave Border Collies Alone For Too Long?

Border Collies can suffer from two problems in case they are left alone for a long time. I will highlight both of them below.

1. Stress

The 1st is stress.

When border collies are left alone for a long time without any company or humans around, they suffer from isolation stress.

While if you want to do so once in a while, they will forget about it.

However, if you do so frequently, the negative impacts can last for long.

2. Anxiety

Another problem that border collies suffer from is separation anxiety.

The stronger the bond between the owner and the dog, the more will be the separation anxiety which the dog will suffer.

In many cases, the dog might find it difficult to overcome this anxiety in the future.

It means that there will be long-term effects if you frequently leave your dog for longer than 4 to 5 hours.

These are the two problems that border collies often face if you leave them alone for an extended period.

How To Know If You Have Left Border Collies Alone For Too Long?

Now that you are aware of the problems that border collies face when you leave them for long, it is time to understand how to detect these problems.

I will share with you some of the symptoms below:

  • Border collies can get destructive if they suffer from stress or separation anxiety. They will start chewing and ripping everything which they can find.
  • If you find dog urine all the floor when you come back, it is another symptom that border collies have suffered from the above-mentioned two problems.
  • If border collies start cowering or get into a corner when you return home, it is another symptom of being left alone for long.
  • Border collies will often scratch the doors, windows, and anything they can find when they suffer from separation anxiety or stress.

These are the four signs which tell you that border collies have been left alone for a long time.

What To Do If You Work Long Hours?

Many times, leaving your border collies alone for long is inevitable. It is especially true when you work long hours.

The question is, what should you do in such a case?

I will provide you with a few solutions for the same as well.

1. Work Flexible Hours

The 1st thing is to opt for flexible hours. While this is not possible for everyone, if it is possible in your company, you should opt for it.

Only then will it become easier to take a long break and visit your dog in between.

When you spend a few minutes with your dog in between, you can eliminate stress as well as anxiety in your dog.

However, if this is not a solution for you, I will share a few other tips with you.

2. Ask Friends And Family For Help

The next best thing which you can do is to ask your family and friends. Your family and friends can spend some time with your dog.

Border collies are extremely social. They get along very well with individuals from your friends and family.

That is why, even if they spend a few minutes with your dog, your dog will not suffer from stress and anxiety.

You can easily ask friends to spend 30 minutes on different days with your dog. That way, there will not be any unnecessary burden on a single relative or a family friend.

3. Hire A Dog Walker

The last option is to hire a dog walker. The dog walker will not only spend time with the dog but also take the dog out.

It means that the dog will experience a change of environment as well. Consequently, it becomes easier for your dog to have a good time rather than suffer from stress and anxiety.

These are the three ways you can take care of your dog even if you work long hours.

How To Make Sure Border Collies Are Happy When Alone?

The alone time for your dog need not be that miserable.

If you follow the few tips below, your border collies will remain happy even when you’re not around.

It will also reduce the probability of anxiety and stress for your dog.

1. Install A Two-Way Pet Camera

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Any kind of communication tool can certainly help you reduce the stress and anxiety of your dog when you’re not around.

A [amazon link=”B07QFZKJ21″ title=”two-way pet camera” link_icon=”amazon” /] is a perfect solution for the same.

If you’re not able to come on during the lunch breaks, you can easily communicate with your dog through your smartphone and the camera during lunch hours.

It will allow you to comfort your dog and let him/her know that you are around.

It will reduce stress and anxiety of the dog as well.

2. Give Him/Her Your Clothes

Your clothes have your scent. Dogs detect you through your scent.

Therefore, if you want to comfort them when you’re not around, you have to give them your comforter or washed T-shirt.

They will play around with that. Your scent will ensure that they are comfortable even when you’re not around.

It is one of the easiest ways to comfort your dog even when you’re at work or when you’re outside home.

3. Buy Interactive Toys For Him/Her

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These days, there are various types of [amazon link=”B07J583Q5S” title=”interactive toys” link_icon=”amazon” /] which are available for your dogs.

These can be puzzles or treat toys that help your dogs get a treat when they interact with the toy.

You have to buy such toys for your dog. These will keep your dog occupied for a long time. Consequently, they will not feel alone or insecure.

Due to the same, your Border Collie will certainly remain happy even when you’re not around.

4. Craft A Dedicated Space

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When you’re not around, border collies can feel insecure. When they are insecure, the effect of stress and anxiety multiplies manifold.

However, there is a way to reduce stress and anxiety as well.

The way to do so is to create a dedicated space for them. It can be [amazon link=”B07PSKMWKY” title=”a crate” link_icon=”amazon” /], bed, or something else.

Before you leave your home, it is a good idea to encourage them to get into their own dedicated space. However, you shouldn’t lock them in. They should be free to move in and out.

When they are in their own dedicated space, they will feel more secure. Secure dogs are happy as well. That is why border collies often do not suffer from stress and anxiety when they are in their own dedicated space.

It is one of the best ways to keep them happy when you are not around.

5. Help Them Expend Energy Before You Leave

Border Collies, especially the younger ones, have a lot of energy. If they are left alone at home, they find it difficult to expend that energy. Due to the same, they might feel stressed or anxious.

The best way is to help your dog expend the energy before heading out of home.

The way to do so is to help your dog exercise. You can play various games with your dog to help the dog exercise.

Not only that, you can take your dog with you on the morning walk as well. If you jog, it is even better. The dog will match pace with you and expend more energy.

When the extra energy is spent, the dog will be calm even when you’re not at home. It will also ensure that the effects of stress and anxiety are on the lower side.


With the help of these five tips, it will become easier for you to keep your border collie happy even when you’re not around.

So, border collie cannot be left alone for more than 4 to 5 hours. However, even if you wish to do so, it is important to follow my guide above.

Once you do so, it will certainly become easier for you to keep your border collies happy and manage your schedule daily.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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