How High Can A Belgian Malinois Jump? (Solved!)

The Belgian Malinois is an athletic, active, energetic dog which, because of its light yet powerful body, proves to be extremely agile and nimble.

It is these virtues, combined with their fast learning skills, that make them excel in a wide range of dog sports, including one of the most common:

Agility, as well as herding competitions, dock diving flyball, Rally, field and retrieving trials, obedience, and tracking.

These dogs are outstanding at actions such as climbing, running, making their way through tunnels or small spaces, and jumping, which they are particularly astounding at.

So how high can a Belgian Malinois really jump?


How High Can A Belgian Malinois Jump?

Belgian Malinois are superior jumpers. In fact, they are one of the highest-jumping dog breeds in the world.

The Belgian Malinois can jump an incredible 6 feet high, which is just around 1.8 meters!

Some well trained individuals can jump even a little higher than that.

What Enables This Amazing Dog To Jump So High?

Their powerful, muscular, lean and light bodies, combined with their well-defined withers (the ridge between a dog’s shoulder blades, the highest point of its back), and their solid loins.

As well as that, their strong, muscled back legs propel them upward, enabling them to jump 6 feet into the air, or even higher than that.

Which Dog Has The Highest Jump?

Feather & Geronimo: Highest jump by a dog & skipping dog – Meet The Record Breakers

One of the highest jumping dogs in the world is indeed the Belgian Malinois, whose lean frame and strong build allow it to leap so high it seems almost unattainable.

However, one dog that has a higher jump than the Belgian Malinois is the Greyhound.

These large-sized dogs are extremely agile, and their athletic build allows them to jump up to 6 feet in the air.

In fact, the Guinness World Record for the dog that has the highest jump has been set by an female Greyhound.

In 2017, a female Greyhound called Feather jumped a staggering 191,7 centimeter up a high jump wall, which is 6.29 feet!

Ever since that time, no other dog has yet competed against that world-breaking, incredible jumping record.

Are Belgian Malinois Good Jumpers?

The agile Belgian Malinois is a naturally good jumper. In fact, this particular dog is one of the best jumpers in the world.

They can jump up with ease onto high walls and structures, jump up onto trees when escaping from danger and harm, clear large obstacles with little difficulty, and parachute jump from aircrafts. 

Jumping serves an important role for a Belgian Malinois when these dogs are used in military functions in dangerous warzone terrains such as Afghanistan.

Jumping is invaluable for them, because it helps them escape from dangerous objects, gunshots, people, and bombs.

Jumping allows them to clear things and obstacles in their way to help them get where they are going, but as well as that, it aids them in covering distance quicker, so they don’t waste any time.

Is It Bad For Belgian Malinois To Jump?

Even though Belgian Malinois dogs are naturally good at jumping, it can actually be bad for them and for other dogs.

Why Is That?

This is because when a dog jumps, they use the joints in their back legs, which include the stifle, the hip, and the hock, as well as other supporting muscles and structures to launch them into the air.

Constant Repetition

This action, when repeated over and over again, putts pressure on the dog’s joints, and this motion will also wear and tear at their joints.

Overtime, this action can lead to joint pain or join injury, or even more serious conditions such as arthritis – which is inflammation of the joints.

Arthritis in dogs will cause symptoms such as swelling, pain, and stiffness of the joints.

Even though it’s a condition more often occurring in dogs of an older age, it can also become present in younger dogs. 

Hard Surface

Another big factor which does not make jumping ideally safe for dogs is the surface they are jumping on, or jumping onto – when getting off the couch or bed.

When a dog hits the hard floor, the impact puts strain on their legs, joints, and muscles, contributing to them wearing down.

Furthermore, by jumping from a soft to a hard surface (such as when jumping down from the couch onto the floor) a dog becomes more predisposed to twists and injuries of the joints.

Age And Weight

When your dog is overweight or very large and heavy, this puts even more strain and stress on them in contrary to dogs with a lighter body and builds made for physical activity.

Also, when a dog is a puppy, jumping can be even more dangerous and risky for them and their health.

Since their joints and muscles are still developing, they are more vulnerable and susceptible to strain and injury.

Agility Jumps

Agility Jump by Steffen Heinz (CC BY-SA 3.0)

On the other hand, not all jumping is that bad for dogs, especially when practiced in moderation.

For instance, jumping on grass is not as bad for dogs because it is softer than hardwood, and it will absorb a lot of their pressure and weight, so it does not put as much strain on their joints and muscles.

Moreover, a lot of dogs compete in agility, and the Belgian Malinois is one of such breeds that do fantastic in this activity.

So Are Agility Jumps Bad For Belgian Malinois?

This sort of jumping in dog sports is relatively safe for the dog if the surfaces and heights, such as those of the obstacles – hoops, hurdles, fences, jump walls – are within a safe range. 

But it must be remembered also not to overwork the dog, and to give it enough rest between training.

Agility, can actually be really good for dogs, especially for the Belgian Malinois and other breeds which require a lot of physical activity to stay healthy.

It will help them stay fit and will assist their balance and control, as long as safety precautions are taken to avoid any injury.

How To Stop Belgian Malinois From Jumping?

As a result of their limitless energy, the Belgian Malinois will love to run and jump.

However, too much of jumping at home will wear at their joints and weaken them over time.

As well as that, it might become a problem for the owners if a Belgian Malinois constantly jumps up onto furniture, including dressers, beds, couches and sofas.

Moreover, their jumping can become a big risk when they are outside too, as they will be able to jump over walls and fences, even very high ones, and in such a way escape.

This could lead to them getting lost or injured.

Constantly jumping for attention and jumping on guests is another big problem for many dog owners.

When it comes to a Belgian Malinois dog that cannot stop jumping, is there any way to stop or discourage this behavior?

Yes there is, but this all depends on the reason why your dog is jumping.

Just Ignore Your Dog

A Belgian Malinois jumping, dancing, and leaping for attention can easily be dealt with by simply ignoring the dog when it does this.

Belgian Malinois learn quickly, so they will soon see that they should not jump, because it does not get the owner to pay attention to them or notice them anyway.

If guests do the same, this will also teach the dog that jumping does not bring it any attention.

By ignoring your dog every time he jumps around you, they will soon learn that this action does not pay off in any way – but you need to be consistent.

Tie Your Dog To A Leash

Alternatively, you can tie your dog to a leash or put your dog in another room for the time being if he can’t stop jumping around visitors.

Give Your Dog Treats

If you don’t want your dog jumping onto furniture, and you catch your Belgian Malinois jumping up onto the couch, tell him off and order him to get off immediately.

If you dog listens to you, reward him with [amazon link=”B076MD9LN4″ title=”a treat” link_icon=”amazon” /].

This will help your Belgian Malinois learn that jumping onto furniture is not desirable behavior.

Instead he will soon realize what you want, and that is for him to stay on the floor, where he will get rewarded and avoid getting into trouble. 

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The same goes for when a Belgian Malinois tries to jump over a fence or wall.

He/she should be told off if they try to take a leap, and rewarded as soon as they stop it.

If jumping over the fence or wall is a persistent problem and your Belgian Malinois continues to do it, sometimes a high net may be necessary to put in place.

It will have to be higher than 6 feet.


In conclusion, how high can a Belgian Malinois jump?

A Belgian Malinois can jump 6 feet, and sometimes even higher than that.

They are naturally great jumpers, one of the best jumping dog breeds in the world, making them fit for many active jobs and roles. 

However, a lot of jumping is not particularly good for dogs because it causes their joints to wear and tear overtime.

This is especially true in the case of dogs jumping on hard surfaces.

Grass is safer for them, while agility jumping is not a problem as long as the heights are within a safe range, to prevent a hard impact upon the dog when he lands.

Some Belgian Malinois may jump constantly, especially when they get excited around you or guests. This is because they want attention from you or other people.

That is why, in this case, the dog must be ignored. This will teach him to stop jumping, as he will see it does not get him the desired attention. 

Whereas, if a dog jumps on furniture or attempts to jump over the wall or fence, they need to be told off firmly to show them that this behavior is in acceptable.

Once they stop the action, they need to be rewarded to show them what is acceptable and what pleases you, to encourage them to keep off things and stay on the ground.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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