Do Belgian Malinois Like To Cuddle? (Solved!)

Belgian Malinois are a popular breed when it comes to military, police, and other canine squads.

However, they are now becoming quite popular as pets as well.

Before you head up to Belgian Malinois, it is a good idea to know everything there is to know about them.

One of the primary questions which you will come across is:

Do Belgian Malinois like to cuddle?

By knowing the answer to the single question, you can understand their behavior in a much better way.

Today, I will answer this in greater detail and the other associate traits of Belgian Malinois.


Do Belgian Malinois Like To Cuddle?

Belgian Malinois are not cuddly by nature. However, that is true for untrained dogs. When you train Belgian Malinois, you can train them to be much more social as well.

That is because they are great around people once they are trained.

This brings us to the 2nd question; do you need to cuddle with your Belgian Malinois when you have one?

I will answer that below.

Do You Need To Cuddle With Your Belgian Malinois?

Trained Belgian Malinois are loyal and friendly. If you want to make them flourish, they do need a regular dose of cuddling.

You need to spend more time with them.

Only then will they become fond of you and enjoy your companionship as well.

So yes, you need to cuddle with your Belgian Malinois from time to time.

Can Children Cuddle With Belgian Malinois?

Belgian Malinois are generally good with children. Children can undoubtedly cuddle with them but under the supervision of an adult.

As a general rule of thumb, it does not make sense to leave children alone with any dog breed.

Before you make your kids cuddle with the Belgian Malinois, it is essential to know about the other traits of Belgian Malinois as well. I will cover those below.

Once you know about the other traits, it will become easier to know the true answer to this question.

Are Belgian Malinois Clingy?

You, as well as I, know that Belgian Malinois are loyal and devoted to their owners as well as to their family.

These traits come along with some obsession as well. Some might term this obsession as being clingy.

Once you get the Belgian Malinois and it become accustomed to you, you will not be able to go to the bathroom alone ever again.

You cannot shut them out as well.

If you try to shut them out, they can become aggressive and destroy the furniture or even the tool that keeps them away from you.

Thus, Belgian Malinois can turn clingy when they are kept away from their owners and their family.

Why Do Trained Belgian Malinois Need Cuddling?

Once Belgian Malinois become accustomed to your family, they will be protective of them and jealous.

If you do not give them enough time, they are sure to get aggressive, angry, and maybe upset as well. It is not that easy to comfort Belgian Malinois.

To avoid this situation, a much better idea is to cuddle them from time to time.

Cuddling them will give them a sense of security. Not only that, since they are people-centric, cuddling them will comfort them as well.

Also, cuddling them will help them form a stronger bond with you. It will ensure that they are more loyal and protective of you.

In a nutshell, even if you have little time to spend with Belgian Malinois, simply cuddling them from time to time will solve a lot of your problems.

It is also one of the main reasons why trained Belgian Malinois like cuddling.

Are Belgian Malinois Affectionate?

Trained Belgian Malinois are not only good at cuddling but are pretty affectionate as well.


You might have seen Belgian Malinois to be aggressive with strangers as well as others.

Once they know you, they will be immensely protective of your family and affectionate as well.

They build a bond with their owners as well as their family.

That is why they might be highly aggressive with others, but once you familiarize themselves with your family, they are affectionate and loving.

As they spend more and more time with your family and yourself, they will need more cuddling as well.

In turn, they will become immensely protective of you as well as your family members.

How To Comfort A Clingy Belgian Malinois?

While occasional cuddling is pretty good but when your Belgian Malinois becomes clingy, it can become challenging to comfort him/her.

However, instead of getting frustrated with a clingy Belgian Malinois, it is a good idea to know how to comfort him/her.

Only when you follow the tips which I will highlight below can you calm down a clingy Belgian Malinois.

1. Let him/her spend time in your lap

Belgian Malinois will often come in your lap when sitting at your home. Rather than moving them away, it is an excellent idea to let them spend as much time as they want in your lap.

Once you allow them to do so, the cuddling will certainly calm down.

When you let them spend time in your lap, they will become less clingy as well.

It will become easier to just go about your work for the rest of the day rather than spend a lot of time with your Belgian Malinois.

2. Let them be your shadow

Do not want to sit in a single place?

If so, Belgian Malinois will find it challenging to spend time with you. However, even in that case, you can comfort your Belgian Malinois.

Sooner than later, your Belgian Malinois will start shadowing you around.

Whether you’re in the kitchen, bathroom, or in the garden, the Belgian Malinois will move around you.

Many pet owners find this irritating at the start. However, you shouldn’t make this mistake.

You have to let Belgian Malinois follow you around wherever you go. When you allow them to do so, they will become less clingy.

Moreover, you will be able to focus on your work rather than spend more and more time with your Belgian Malinois without doing any other work.

3. Cuddle as much as they want

If you resist their cuddling, they will become more and more clingy. Soon enough, they will obstruct every one of your work and make you cuddle them.

It is a much better idea to let them cuddle as much as they want.

When your Belgian Malinois knows that you won’t resist cuddling, they will automatically give you some space.

You will not have to do anything to follow your schedule or to do any work.

By allowing them to cuddle, you can comfort them as well. During the initial few days, cuddling might take the bulk of your time, but soon enough, you will get more and more freedom from them.

Thus, this is a natural approach to comfort them when they want to cuddle with you or become clingy with you.

4. Give them a personal space

Even after your best intentions, it can become difficult for you to spend time with your Belgian Malinois.

What should you do then?

A much better approach is to provide them with personal space. You can provide them their favorite toys, dog bed, and so on.

Once you provide them with all this, they will undoubtedly feel much more secure and comfortable in that part of your home.

Soon enough, they will become accustomed to their personal space. When that happens, comforting them will certainly become easier for you.

5. Ask your family member to take your place

Sooner than later, Belgian Malinois will become accustomed to your family members.

Even if you’re not able to devote time to your dog, your family member can certainly take your place.

They can cuddle them as well as allow them to be clingy as well. In that case, you will not have to worry about taking out time or comforting your dog.

It is one of the easiest ways to take care of your Belgian Malinois.

6. Help them exercise

Often, the clingy nature of your Belgian Malinois might indicate that they want you to take them out.

Belgian Malinois have a lot of energy. They need to expend that energy. When they are not able to do so, they can certainly become clingy.

Once you help them expend their energy, they will mostly remain calm throughout the day.

In that case, they will not become clingy and will be comfortable as well.


With the help of these six tips, it will become easier for you to comfort your Belgian Malinois when he/she gets clingy.

You can experience not only the loyalty, love, and affection of your Belgian Malinois but also get your work done once you follow these six tips above.

Thus, yes, Belgian Malinois likes to cuddle once they are trained. However, many times it may so happen that Belgian Malinois might require excessive cuddling as well.

My guide above will not only help you comfort your Belgian Malinois but also follow your schedule.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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