Great Dane Pitbull Mix: Facts, Puppy Price, Guide

The Great Dane Pitbull mix, also known as the Great Danebull, is a hybrid of the Great Dane and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Similar to other designer breeds, this mix is rare but is fast rising in demand.

It also has no clear origin, and we can only trace its ancestry by looking into the history of the parents.

It takes a lot to care for this breed because of its size.

The Great Dane parent is seen as one of the largest dog breeds, while the Pitbull has some pounds as well.

As a result, the mix could either be large or extra-large.

Of course, there’s a lot more to know about this breed than its size.

It has a high level of intelligence and a set of good qualities. Some challenges may require some expertise.

Here’s an ultimate guide on all you need to know about the Great Danebull hybrid. 

 Great Danebull Mixed Breed Information

Great Danebull Dog Resting on Grass
Height24 to 28 inches
Weight60 to 90 pounds
Lifespan7 to 12 years
CoatShort, sleek
ColorsBlack, red, white, tan, brown, blue, grey, brindle
TemperamentPlayful, energetic, sweet, intelligent, affectionate, protective
Ideal ForSpacious environment, experienced owners 
Puppy Price$600 – $1500

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Puppy Characteristics

EnergyMedium to High

The Parent Breeds

Great Dane x American Pitbull Terrier Dogs Side by Side Respectively
Great Dane x American Pitbull Terrier

Great Dane

The Great Dane is one of the gentle giants in the canine world and among the fastest and strongest dogs.

It originated from Germany and is also known as the German Mastiff or the Deutsche Dogge.

Its ancestry is believed to go as far back as 3000 B.C. due to paintings of similar dogs who looked like this dog breed.

It originally was bred to hunt boars and was called Boar Hounds. The name later changed to the Great Dane in the 1700s. 

Eventually, German breeders refined the breed to cull out the aggressive temperament that was hitherto necessary to hunt.

The result is the gentle dog breed we know today.

It isn’t quite clear when the Great Dane came into the United States, but it got recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1887.

This breed has an impressive weight range of 100 to 200 pounds and a height of 26 to 34 inches.

Its coat is short and smooth to the touch, one that is easily maintained.

The common colors you’d find on this breed are fawn, brindle, black, harlequin, mantle, and blue. 

A good-natured dog who loves both adults and children, the Great Dane is a good family companion.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier (also Pitbull) originated in England as the Bull and Terrier where it was used in the dangerous sports of bullbaiting.

This sport became illegal in 1835, but that wasn’t the end of this breed’s fighting career. It was used in dog fighting too.

Bull and Terrier dogs came into America, thanks to immigrants who immediately put them to work as farm dogs.

Soon, the immigrants developed them into bigger versions. The latter was recognized by the United Kennel Club as the American Pit Bull Terrier.

In the 1930s, The American Kennel Club recognized the breed as the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Staffy went on to become a breed distinct from the Pitbull. 

The Pitbull is a medium-sized breed that weighs between 30 to 85 pounds and grows up to 19 inches.

Its coat is as short as that of the Great Dane and has colors like red, brown, blue, grey, brindle, and black

Due to its fighting past, the Pitbull has a bad reputation. However, the inbred aggression of this breed is towards other dogs, not humans.

With the Pit, aggression towards people is a consequence of poor training. 

Facts about the Great Dane Pitbull Mix You Should Know

Great Danebull Mix Dog Lying on Grass
Meet @chloe_greatdanebull

1. It is a small dog in a big body

While some small dogs act like big boys, this mix is the exact opposite.

It is a big dog who wants the affection one would give a small dog.

Don’t be surprised if this dog tries to climb your laps to snuggle. It doesn’t know its strengths.

You should be sure you’re comfortable with carrying a 100-pound pooch before getting this dog.  

2. Pitbull Great Dane makes a good watchdog

While this mix is not aggressive enough to be a guard dog, it has the security benefit of being both alert and protective.

It doesn’t bark excessively but it will let you know if a stranger approaches or if it sights something unusual. 

3. It loves being around family

Still linked to the first fact, this breed loves being around family and will suffer from separation anxiety if isolated.

It forms a strong attachment to its family and will prefer having company to being alone. 

4. They are hypoallergenic 

The Great Danebull mix inherits a short coat from both parents. This coat makes it a good fit for those prone to allergies.

It is hypoallergenic and you shouldn’t have any issues owning this breed even if you are allergic.

5. A Great Dane holds the record as the tallest dog in the world 

In 2016, a Great Dane named Freddy was recorded in the Guinness World Records as the tallest dog in the world.

He stood 7 ft 5.5 inches tall, an impressive feat as a 6 ft human is considered very tall.

Appearance of the Great Danebull

Great Dane and Pitbull Mix Dog Sitting on Grass in Yard
Meet @chloe_greatdanebull

General Appearance 

When you adopt or shop for a Great Dane and Pitbull mix, expect to deal with pounds and muscles.

While both parents don’t look alike, they have these in common.

The hybrid’s body will be strong and stocky, usually with the long legs of the Great Dane.

Its face is chiseled like an athlete and the ears are often droopy. 

Like other designer breeds, there is no official kennel club standard for appearance.

Thus, expect to see some differences in looks. While some may have a parent gene being dominant, others may take physical features from both parents.

The latter is more sought after by enthusiasts of designer breeds, but it isn’t guaranteed.


The Great Danebull crossbreed is often smaller than the Great Dane but bigger than the Pitbull. Either way, it is a large dog breed.

There are no standards here either, but it usually weighs around 60 to 90 pounds, sometimes more. It also stands at 24 to 28 inches.

Colors and Coat Type

Both parents have short coats, so it is expected that the offspring will have one too.

The coat will be smooth and easy to brush. It is harder to determine the color, though.

Some colors you may find are black, white, red, tan, blue, brown, and merle. 

Temperament, Behavior & Intelligence of the Great Danebull

While the parents have different behaviors, there are some similarities.

From studying the parents, it is easier to predict how the Great Dane Pitbull mix will behave, as well as its personality and intelligence.

The Great Danebull mix will be a friendly and good-natured dog breed, one that wouldn’t shy away from showing affection to everyone around.

This affection extends towards strangers as both parents love people.

Despite its size and striking appearance, it makes a poor guard dog because of its gentleness and friendliness. It is devoted and playful as well. 

The aforementioned traits don’t mean this breed shouldn’t be socialized.

Both parents have been involved in fatal attacks on humans.

While aggression isn’t a desirable trait in both parents, poor socialization can lead to that.  Training is also required and should not be neglected.

The prospective owner who has no experience training a big dog breed should avoid this mix. 

Fortunately, this mix is intelligent and inherited an eagerness to please behavior from its parents.

It is sometimes stubborn, but that can be overcome with patience on your part. 

Furthermore, this breed is a family lover and should not be left alone.

If you have a busy schedule, get a dog sitter or have someone who could stay home with it.

It is prone to separation anxiety as we once mentioned, and would try to be a lapdog. 

Are Great Dane and Pitbull Mix Good Family Dogs?

With parents who have shown their worth in households, the mix follows the footstep and is an amazing family dog.

It is a good companion for adults and is kid-friendly too. This breed is tolerant and can bear rough treatment against it.

Because of its gentleness, it will not deliberately hurt a kid.

That said, do not leave your child unsupervised with this mix as its size may make it accidentally hit a kid down. Teach your kids how to treat a dog too. 

Are they Good with Other Dogs & Pets?

There have been no records of this hybrid being harsh towards a fellow dog, but you should be cautious.

While the Great Dane is comfortable with canines around, Pitbulls are known to be aggressive towards other dogs.

Introduce your Danebull to other dogs at a young age and see its reaction. The same applies to cats and rodents.

How Much Does a Great Dane Pitbull Mix Puppy Cost?

The price of this breed depends on which option you opt for between shopping and adopting.

If you want to shop, then the breeder will decide how much he/she wants you to pay.

The average cost of a Great Dane Pitbull mix puppy can be around $600 to $1,500.

Compared to its parents, it is more affordable. You may also find it at a breeder with Great Danes or Pitbulls in stock.

If you live in a state that banned Pitbulls, ensure that getting a Pitbull mix is not against the rules.

When buying a pup, cheaper is not always the best option as cheap ones might have been poorly bred by a backyard breeder.

Find a reputable breeder who should satisfy your curiosity.

This breeder should show you where he/she keeps the pups, present an accurate medical record, show you the parents and answer your questions (probably ask some too). 

The second option is less expensive than shopping.

Adopting a Great Danebull puppy may cost about $300 to $600, and it could be free if you take home a senior dog or one with special needs.

Dogs in rescue shelters may have some tough background histories of abuse, neglect, or tragedy.

You should plan on integrating your preferred pup into the family.  

Caring for a Great Danebull Dog

a Pitbull Great Dane Mix Dog Sitting Looking Up

Food & Nutrition

Similar to many other dog breeds, it is risky to feed this mix a poor meal.

Make an initial budget on feeding and start giving your pup a rich puppy food diet once it gets back home.

If the breeder or rescue shelter had it on a particular diet plan, consult a veterinarian before changing it.

Pups usually eat more than adults for their growth, so bear this in mind. 

The adult Pitbull Great Dane will need around 4 cups of meal a day.

That’s a tall order, but remember that this is a big dog.

Speaking of size, this mix is prone to obesity because of the calories it needs and the Great Dane parent that may reduce the energy level of this breed.

Thus, control what it eats and never let it free-feed. It shouldn’t rush its food too or that may lead to stomach issues ranging from mild to fatal.

It is best to spread the meal throughout the day than offer a large meal at once.

The major nutrients for this mix are protein, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, calcium, and some vitamins.

The protein level should be at least 30% with 9% of fat. Treats should be kept at a minimum.

10 Best Dog Food For Pitbulls


Determining the exercise requirement of this breed is difficult as both parents have different energy levels.

Typically, its requirement will fall somewhere in between. Knowing the parents’ exercise level will help us figure out what to look out for with this mix. 

The adult American Pit Bull Terrier is a highly energetic parent and needs a high level of exercise, at least 2 hours of it.

On the other hand, the Great Dane is a couch potato breed with a moderate exercise need. 40 minutes is enough for it.

Usually, the Great Dane and Pitbull mix will be somewhere in between.

Once you start exercising your Great Danebull pup, observe its endurance and strength.

This would help you know how long you should exercise it. Give it time to rest indoors too. 

As you might have guessed, age and size matter a lot in exercise.

If you notice your hybrid adding some unhealthy pounds, increase the minutes of exercise.

As for age, puppies need lesser exercise and should not be allowed to strain the delicate bones till they grow.

Some quality activities include moderate walks, light jogs, running (if your mixed breed is up to the task), and playtime at a dog park or a yard.

Training & Socialization

As we earlier hinted, this aspect is vital for the reputation of this mix and the safety of those around it.

The intelligence and good nature of this breed make it easy to train, but because of its size and occasional stubbornness, it is unsuitable for new pet parents. 

Training is a good bonding moment, so you should start it when your pet is still a pup.

This also is a good solution for stubbornness as the pup will get accustomed to doing things your way.

If there are any bad habits, they can easily be changed as well when your pooch is young. 

All the basic training should be given to this breed, from obedience training to socialization.

It should learn commands, be challenged, go to new places and meet new people. It should also meet other dogs and learn to relate to them.

These would help shape your Great Danebull mix into a well-mannered dog you would be proud to introduce to friends.

While training, use treats and other forms of motivation to keep your pooch interested.

Positive reinforcement is a better method than the punitive kind. The latter only serves to discourage and alienate your pet.

Complete Guide To Training Your Puppy

Grooming Needs

Like both parents, the hybrid is easy to maintain. With a bristle brush and minimal effort, you would do a good job.

Coat brushing should be done at least once a week.

The Great Dane sheds sometimes and your mix may inherit this. In such a case, increase the number of times you brush your pet.

Bathing should be done only when necessary using a good shampoo.

Trim its nails as this large dog may injure you as it clambers on your laps if its nails are kept long.

This must be done with care lest you make a mistake. It is better to hire a groomer if you can’t handle it yourself. 

Besides nail trimming, clean its ears too. Those floppy ears are good targets for infections so they should be cleaned at least once a week.

Do not forget the teeth and eyes too. 

Health & Conditions

A Great Dane mixed with a Pitbull are healthy designer breeds, though their long life span isn’t as long as others.

It is expected to live up to 12 years. During that period, meet its needs can keep it away from medical emergencies. 

Having said that, it can suffer from some illnesses like its parents. Some of these conditions are:

  • Bloat: This is a serious condition that can be fatal. It occurs when the stomach swells by getting filled with food and fluids. 
  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is inherited, popular, and joint-related. It occurs when the bone at the hip joint doesn’t fit well. It can further lead to arthritis or lameness. 
  • Thyroid Issues: These are common to both parents and include hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The first happens when the thyroid hormone is deficient. The second is the exact opposite. 
  • Wobbler Syndrome: This is common in large dogs and is a disease of the neck. It affects the spine of the dog, causing pain and some problems in the nervous system. 
  • Heart Issues: This mix and the parents are prone to some heart diseases like cardiomyopathy, degenerative valve disease, and arrhythmias. 

Related Questions

How big will a Great Dane Pitbull mix get?

Having as parent one of the biggest dog breeds, it is normal that this breed will grow to be large.

The Great Dane and Pit mix usually gets a weight of 80 pounds or more and a height that peaks at 28 inches. 

How long do Great Dane Pitbull mixes live?

Sadly, this mix doesn’t live as long as some other designer breeds. It lives up to 12 years.

Final Thoughts

The Great Dane Pitbull mix is a good family dog with little challenges and a low penchant for drama.

This affectionate mix is an ideal household pet for anyone who can sustain its size.

Training and other basic needs are just as important to this breed as it is to any other dog breed.

With a commitment towards its welfare, you will refine your pet into an amazing friend.

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Reference: DogTime, Guinness World Records

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