Black Pitbull: Controversy, Puppy Price & Guide

The black Pitbull happens to be one of the most loyal, loving, intelligent, and courageous dogs.

However, the beloved nature of this dog has been masked by the assumptions that they are unusually fierce and brutal.

It is an assumption that has seen these canines endure unfair treatments and stereotypes.

But there is more to these beloved creatures than their wrongly assumed ferocity.

Their reputation for being agile, vigilant, and courageous has endeared it to several dog lovers.

Despite these endearing qualities, multiple factors, especially its looks, have made the black Pitbull subject to various speculations and controversies.

What Breed is a Black Pitbull?

A common misconception about the Black Pitbull that emanates from its looks is that it is of a different breed.

The Black Pitbull is nothing but an American Pit Bull Terrier with a black coat.  

Most of these dogs boast of entirely black coats, but sighting them with white chests is not uncommon.

For this reason, they have been dubbed Tuxedo Pitbulls.

What is a Black Panther Pitbull?

Close Up of Black Panther Pitbull in Front of American Flag

A black panther Pitbull holds no difference from all Pitbulls except its entirely black color. They boast of dense all-black coats with no white spots.

Hence, it is unsurprising that most of these pooches are referred to as black panther Pitbulls.  

History & Controversies 

The black Pitbull, like every other Pit, traces its origin to the British Bull and Terrier, which was introduced to North America in 1870.

But how the British Bull and Terrier came about reveals insightful details about these canines and their characteristics. 

In the 19th century, blood sports, of which canines played a dominant part, was prevalent, and dog breeds with aggressive attributes were highly sought after.

The Old English Bulldog, known for its ferociousness, was highly favored.

However, canines who were lighter and faster were highly favored in dogfighting, and the need for breeds with the ferocity of the Old English Bulldog but with faster reflexes and agility arose.  

The thickly muscled Old English Bulldog was thus crossed bred with the black and Tan Terrier, and the British Bull and Terrier was birthed. 

As the passion for dogfighting spread to North America, the strength and agility of the British Bull and Terrier were sought after, and thus, the breed was imported to the continent.  

With the British Bull and Terrier importation to North America, the American Pit Bull Terriers were brought about, and efforts for the dog breeds to be recognized by the American Kernel Club began.

These efforts failed as the AKC will not recognize the breed based on its prevalent involvement in dogfighting.

Breeders of the American Pit Bull Terrier thus developed the United Kernel Club to rival the American Kernel Club.

With the formation of the UKC and the development of more American dog breeds, the AKC was faced with the dilemma of recognizing these American dog breeds without supporting dogfighting.

The solution was to recognize these American dog breeds under different names, and thus the American Pit Bull Terrier was recognized as the Staffordshire Terriers.  

However, with the development of a different Staffordshire Terrier breed in England in the 1930s, the AKC soon changed the breed name to the American Staffordshire Terriers

The black Pitbull thus is a variant of the American Staffordshire Terrier

The ferocity of the black Pitbull has seen the dog breed used in various criminal endeavors.  

They have been used in intimidating civilians and guarding narcotics by gangs.  

But their agility has also found positive use in the hands of law enforcement agencies for the detection of drugs.  

Black Pitbull Color Genetics

Portrait of Black Pitbull Pup with White Chest Standing

Have you ever seen a black Pitbull basking graciously in the radiant brightness of the sun, its distinctive black coat enamoring you as it leaps playfully, enjoying to the fullest every bit of its time outdoor?

Perhaps this site may have moved you to ask how did the mutt come to possess such a strikingly gorgeous dark coat.

Well, get ready for a brief class on canine genetics. 

Every canine possesses two types of pigments; the pheomelanin (red pigment) and the eumelanin (black pigment), each contributing to its coat color.

For the black Pitbull, the dominant black gene, known as the K locus plays a major role in its black coat.

The K locus comprises three black gene alleles, namely

  • The Dominant black or KB
  • The recessive black or ky
  • The brindle or kbr

They possess the KBKB and the KBky gene, which accounts for their black color.


Male Pit Bull Terrier Sitting Looking Aside

General Appearance

The black Pitbull retains the athletic and agile look common to most American Pit Bull Terriers.

Its intimidating thick muscles account for a good deal of its wild looks.  

Depending on each type, the canine can either be tall and lean or wide and squatty.

They share the distinctive, slightly square-shaped head, fleshy nose, and almond wide eyes common to all American Pit Bull Terriers.

They also boast of a rose-shaped head, except in cases where its ears have been cropped.

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Coat Type 

These pooches boast of a dense coat, which is obviously black.

The black coat of the Pitbull is the major motivation behind numerous misconceptions of the dog breed.

The coat color of these dogs ranges from entirely black to black with white spots.  

Sturdy Black Pitbull Standing on Grass

Can Black Pitbulls Have Blue Eyes?

Black Pitbull with blue eyes is not uncommon. In fact, this ranks as one of their endearing features.

Most of these furry friends are born with blue eyes, which turn dark as they advance in age.

Geneticist Kristopher Irizarry, one of several researchers who tested over 6,000 dogs to detect the variation between coat color and blue eye color in Pitbull, alludes to the blue eye colors in dogs as the absence of eye color.

This is not an unknown phenomenon as it is seen in the way humans perceive the color of the sky and the sea to be blue.

So, the blue eye color of dogs can be narrowed down to three factors; 

  • Melanin Levels: This refers to the skin pigment that makes Pitbulls’ coats appear black or white. Canines with low melanin pigmentation boat of blue or brown eye color.
  • ALX4 Gene: In the research conducted by geneticist Kristopher Irizarry, the ALX4 gene mutation accounted for the blue eye color in certain dogs.

    Canines with gene mutations close to the ALX4 gene will most likely have blue eye color.
  • Genetics: Black Pitbulls and other dogs with the merle gene will most likely have blue eyes. This is because the merle gene distorts the pigment of the nose, eye, and fur.

    But there are exceptions to this, as not all of these dogs with the merle gene boast of blue eye color.

Are Black Pitbulls Rare?

They are not rare, but due to the misconceptions about these dogs being the guardian of the underworld, they are feared mainly and avoided.  

As a result of this, coming across all-black variation, compared to other Pitbulls may be rare aside from rare varieties such as the merle Pitbull.

What’s the Difference Between Black Pitbull and Other Pitbulls?

Coat color is bound to be at the fore in any conversation regarding Pitbulls and their major differences.  

For these dogs, it is no different. Decades of breeding these pooches have thus, brought about diverse combinations of black and white Pitbull coat colors. 

Breeders typically breed Pitbulls mainly for their agility, strength, temperament, and build.

Hence, the result bears no significant difference from its predecessor other than increased strength, temperament, build, and agility. 

Are Black Pitbulls Recognized by the AKC & other Kennel Clubs?

Right from the days when the American Pit Bull Terriers were bred, they had issues with AKC registrations due to its prevalent use in dogfighting. 

However, the AKC recognized just two breeds of Pitbulls; the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

They have a combination of black and white Pitbulls.

However, other breeds of Pitbulls, some with entirely black coats, do not belong to the breeds of Pits recognized by the AKC.

The UKC, on the other hand, recognizes the American Pit Bull Terrier, of which the panther black Pitbull is a variant.

Most of these types of dogs you will come across will have UKC recognition as opposed to the AKC. 

Temperament & Behavior

Adorable Black Pit Bull Terrier Looking Up Smiling

The appearance of the canines has fueled the assumption that they are highly arrogant and fierce.

However, they display warm attributes that make them good company. 

Black Pitbulls generally have the desire to please their owners, which they always strive to do thanks to their physical strength.

When channeled to the right activity, these physical strengths are rewarding and productive to the canine and its owner.

But it can be disastrous when the canine has so much energy to expend but with limited activities.

In such circumstances, they may engage in destructive chewing.  

They also show aggression that can be curtailed right from their puppy years by socializing them and exposing them to other canines of diverse breeds.

This will may help them be obedient and easy to train.  

They possess high energy and are among the most intelligent dog breeds known to man. As such, they can easily be involved in day-to-day activities.

Their high energy level moves them to climb a lot. When socialized early, they tend to be less aggressive and more obedient.

Caring for a Black Pitbull

Food & Nutrition

An exquisite breed, all black Pitbulls require a good level of a highly nutritious diet to be at their best behaviors.

They have to be fed at least three times every day. Meat should form a major component of their meals as it is integral to their muscular development. 

Feeding as much as three times a day is encouraged in their younger years.  

When they advance in age, specifically 18 months or older, feeding can be reduced to two times a day. Protein should be an important part of their diet.


Like most energetic pooches, black Pitbulls possess an incredible amount of energy which have to be expended to avoid destructive behaviors such as chewing.  

Regular exercise, which involves climbing or long walks, is encouraged.  

Leaving your Pitbulls without exercise can make them extremely aggressive. 

Training & Socialization 

Being an intelligent breed, these canines are easy to train, especially in their younger years.

Consistently training them will result in an obedient pet. It is best to train them where they are alone and not yet settled with family as it will be easy with fewer distractions.

Exposing them to other dogs and different environments in their young years will greatly help their socializing skills.

Before socializing, ensure they have been trained to understand that nipping and biting are discouraged.

Playing is an important part of socialization for black Pitbulls, and this should be regularly done.

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The coats of these Pits are dense and shiny and thus require the best care possible.

Though without much fur, the need for consistent coat brushing is necessary to remove dead hairs. 

Washing these canines’ coats with shampoo, natural products, and oatmeal will keep its coat in boisterous condition. 

Bathing them twice a week is recommended. Coat brushing depends on how often they shed.

Health & Condition 

All Pits are excellent breeds, not just in physical condition but snakes in health. However, the perils of health challenges are not completely out of bounds to Pits.

  • Hip Dysplasia: A common health challenge among these canines, hip dysplasia arises as a result of the formation of their hip, an inherited condition that makes them suffer from arthritis.
  • Gastric Dilatation: Often thought to be bloating, Volvulus is common in Pits. This can be deadly to the breed if medical attention is not administered.

    As they advance in age, allergies may become obvious. Owners should be observant to detect substances and food these dogs are allergic to as it differs in Pits.
  • Heart Disease: These pooches suffer from a range of heart conditions of which aortic stenosis is the most common.

    Dogs afflicted with aortic stenosis often do not show any symptoms until it is almost too late. Hence the need for periodic visits to the veterinarian. 
  • Ichthyosis: This condition is inherent in Pitbull. At birth, a significant number of these pooches are affected by this condition, which worsens with age.

    Thickening of footpads and the outer layer of the skin is are major symptoms.
  • Cerebellar Ataxia: Also an inherited disease, cerebellar ataxia causes dogs to lose the ability to coordinate their muscles.

    In relatively minor cases, uncoordinated movements and tremors are common, while immobility can be observed in severe cases.
  • Thyroid Disease: As a result of their susceptibility to hypothyroidism, thyroid disease is very common in this dog breed.

    They are usually signaled by skin conditions and weight issues. Dogs with this condition may exhibit unnecessary aggression.
  • Cataracts: Whether inherited or developed, Pitbulls’ vulnerability to cataracts is further complicated by conditions such as uveitis, hypocalcemia, and diabetes.

    Depending on the severity, medication or surgery may be required.

Black Pitbull Puppy Price

All Black Pitbull Puppy Lying down Looking Aside

How Much is a black Pitbull?

Depending on the dog’s pedigree, black Pitbull prices can vary. Buying from a breeder is your best bet at getting a good puppy at a fair price.

A black Pitbull puppy can cost as low as $200 to $500.

However, be on the lookout that blue nose Pitbulls are not sold to you in place of the black variation.

For pitbull lovers who place significant emphasis on a canine pedigree, breeders can sell such black Pitbull puppies for as much as $2,000 to $10,000.  

Care to adopt a black Pitbull puppy, visiting your nearest animal shelter will most likely result in you taking home a puppy with a good pedigree.

Black Panther Pitbull Price

As a result of their entirely black coats, black panther Pitbulls are often classed as being of an entirely different breed, which subjects them to admiration.

As much as they are admired, they are also scorned as they are unfairly thought to be brutally aggressive.

This plays a significant role in the price of all black Pitbulls as they cost more than black Pitbulls.

Black panther Pitbulls with a good pedigree will cost slightly more than $2,000.

Where to Find Black Pitbull For Sale

Finding the right place to buy a black Pitbull with a good pedigree can be very tasking for lovers of this breed.

However, upon research, here are the top 5 places and websites that are home to the healthiest and most good-looking Pitbulls you will ever find.

1. XXL Designer Pitbulls

One of the things that XXL Designer Pitbulls prides itself on the ferocious and agile looks of its Pitbulls that make it second to none.

XXL Pitbulls are one of the best as they are subjected to productive exercises.

Raised in a stable and serene environment, XXL Pitbulls boast of a stable temperament.

Interested parties can choose to have their Pits bred and catered for until it’s old enough and ready to be shipped.

2. Crumps Bullies

Far away in the heartland of the Peach State, Pits of all kinds, including all-black Pitbull puppies, are bred in a refined environment where the fundamentals that form the basis of Pitbull’s instincts are trained.

Crump Bullies‘ pride lies in the obvious fact that it breeds their canines in the best way and manner possible.

3. Swag Kennels Inc 

The Merle American Bully, Phantom, is no stranger to avid American Bully lovers.

Swag Kennels Inc happens to be the caregiver of Phantom and a host of numerous Pits, including black Pitbulls.

With numerous Pits of diverse pedigree to interact with, you can be sure your puppies will be of a good pedigree as long as it’s Swag Kennel.

4. Manmade Kennels

The beauty of the XI Pits bred by Manmade Kennels speaks volumes about their canine pedigrees.

With Pits of diverse coat colors available, Manmade Kennels pride themselves on thier four decades of experience in Pitbull breeding, and as such only, the best are bred.

Pits bred by Manmade kennels are bred to be highly loyal, therapeutic, and intelligent.

5. Adopt a Pet 

From Turbo, Stella, to Bailey, Adopt a Pet is a home to just the right pedigree of Pitbulls that are sure to make lovers of this breed swoon with amusement.

These amazing canines are just limited to areas but available to all, depending on your location.

If you are eager to adopt a black Pit, Adopt a Pet might just be your fastest option. 

Best Black Pitbull Rescues and Shelters for Adoption

Buying a black Pitbull is just one way to join the ranks of beloved owners of these canines.

But if you favor rescuing these canines who have been subjected to unfair treatment for far too long, this list of top-5 rescues that present black Pitbulls for adoption may be just what you need.

Plus, it’s cheaper than buying a puppy.

1. Love Pit Dog Rescue 

A dog rescue organization devoted to rescuing Pits, Love Pit Dog Rescue rescues and rehabilitates Pitbulls.

These dogs that have been subjected to various harrowing conditions are well trained and made to learn new habits to make them relate better with their contemporaries.

Applying for a dog from the Love Pit Dog Rescue might turn out to be the best canine experience you have ever had.

2. Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary 

Right since its inception in 2016, Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary has been striving tirelessly to find permanent homes for Pitbulls.

Among the vast array of Pitbulls, the Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary houses, black Pitbulls may likely be included.

And if they are not Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary would liaise with local counties animal control/animal shelters to make your dream of adopting an all-black Pitbull a reality.

3. Pit Bull Rescue Central

The PRBC is a canine rescue organization that doubles as a funding and research organization for Pitbulls.

They place as much emphasis on demystifying facts about Pitbulls and bringing to light accurate information about these dogs.

Though PRBC does not own any shelter, they can be of significant help in the adoption of black Pitbulls.

4. Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue (Riverside)

Though limited to the Riverside community in California, the Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue boasts of an interactive community that encompasses all Pitbull lovers willing to give up various Pitbulls for adoption.

Interacting on the platform might just connect you with a good black Pitbull with an admirable pedigree.

5. Shaw Pit Bull Rescue Inc

A devout canine rescue organization committed to finding homes for Pits, Shaw Pit Bull Rescue does not limit adoption to particular areas in the US.

They possess decades of experience in breeding and training Pitbulls.

If you choose to adopt a black Pitbull close to your vicinity, do well to check out this compilation of Pitbulls-friendly rescues around the United States.

Male vs. Female Black Pitbull: What’s the Difference?

Close up of Female Black Pitbull Looking Aside

No doubt your mind is set on adopting or buying a black or all-black Pitbull. However, you may be torn between a male or a female at this point.

Size & Structure

Male Pitbulls are typically bigger than their female counterparts. This is a result of thick muscles and their bulky size.

Male black Pitbulls carry as much kicker body, typically weighing between 35 to 60 pounds with an average height of 18 to 21 inches.

A full-grown female black Pitbull weighs between 30 to 50 pounds and is just slightly shorter than males in height reaching up to 20 inches.

One significant difference between the female Pitbull is their narrow heads and long and thin backs. Their eyes are also slightly apart compared to the male Pitbull.


The domineering disposition in male Pitbulls is not uncommon, and they tend to show this when they are unneutered.

They tend to be more independent and mark their territory by placing marks or peeing at certain spots.

While they may be quick to be defensive if their territory is threatened to be compromised, they are playful, tolerant, and not aggressive.

Depending on the training and genetic makeup of male black Pitbulls, the level of aggression may differ. Hence it is best to train and socialize at an early age.

Complete Guide To Training Your Puppy

Marking spots is not exactly an attribute displayed by female black Pitbulls, but this is not uncommon.

During periods of bleeding or estrus, as it is known, which occurs once in six months, female Pitbulls will urinate a lot and may be restless. 

Though they are less like to be aggressive, aggression can be shown when they are pregnant.

Female black Pitbulls are also very attached to their owners, making them need lots of attention.

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Related Questions

Are black Pitbulls aggressive? 

Like any other canines, black Pitbulls only show aggression when frustrated and in need of socialization and exercise.

Their fierce looks make it easy to believe they are very aggressive, but they are warm and well-behaved canines when properly cared for.

What is the rarest Pitbull? 

The blue nose Pitbull is the rarest pitbull. The Pitbull blue nose results from a recessive gene, which implies that such canines are from a significantly small genetic pool.

It is common to assume that the blue nose pitbull is of a different breed. But that is incorrect.

They are of the same breed as the black Pitbulls, but with a blue nose. 

What’s the most expensive Pitbull?

Pitbulls, in general, are expensive, but the white rhino pitbull make all other Pitbulls reasonably priced.

David Porter of Iron Cast Kennels offered Armando Perez a property worth $250,000 for the white rhino Bully.

The stud fee of a white rhino is significantly higher, costing up to $65,000. 

What is the rarest Pitbull color?

The blue fawn Pitbull is the rarest Pitbull color. The coat type of the blue fawn Pitbull is a result of a homozygous recessive gene, which makes the gene pool or the canine extremely rare. The blue pit Bull is also another rare Pitbull color. 

Are Pitbulls Loyal? 

Pitbulls are intelligent canines with a good sense of attraction to their owner, which results in loyalty, making them good family dogs.

Their loyalty makes them want to please their owners. If raised in the right environment, Pitbulls will be loyal, friendly, and warm. 

Final Thoughts 

Black Pitbulls have long been at the negative end of unfair misconceptions.

This is as a result of their fearsome looks and negative use, but these canines are lovely creatures that are no different from other dog breeds.

Adopting these breeds can have a pleasing effect on every dog lover.

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