Doberman Pitbull Mix: Facts, Puppy Price & Guide

The Doberman Pitbull Mix is a cross between two striking and courageous breeds, the Doberman Pinscher and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Both are popular and known for their daunting features, but have many differences in history and temperaments.

This hybrid is also known as the Dober Pit or the Pit Pinscher. It is a relatively rare crossbreed with no well-known facts on its origin.

It also suffers the same stigma as its parents, making some wonder if it was a good idea to cross these breeds.

More information on the controversy will be given in this article.

For now, we can say that there is a great deal of exaggeration and little truth in the stereotypes of Dobbie and Pit.

Like other hybrid dogs, these parents and the mix need an owner who can take care of them and meet their needs.

In this ultimate guide, you will gain the needed information about the Doberman and Pitbull Mix, from basic facts, traits, appearance, grooming, to other valuable details you need, before getting the pup.

Pit Pinscher Information

Close Up of Pit Pinscher
Height22 to 28 inches
Weight35 to 80 pounds
Lifespan10 to 14 years
CoatStraight, normal, short
ColorsBrindle, white, brown, gray, red, fawn, blue
TemperamentLoyal, friendly, loving, courageous
Ideal ForActive family, experienced owners, house with space
Puppy Price$500–$1500
Dober Pit Pup Rasting on Ground
Meet @indy_the_dobe_pit

Doberman Pitbull Mix Puppy Characteristics


The Parent Breeds

Doberman Pinscher x American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breeds Left and Right Respectively
Doberman Pinscher (left) x American Pit Bull Terrier (right)

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher started as a guardian and was bred for that role. It originated in Germany.

It is relatively new, having appeared in the late 19th century. The man credited for the development of this breed is a tax collector named Louis Dobermann. 

Dobbie came into the United States in 1908 and was recognized by the American Kennel Club the same year.

In 1921, the Doberman Pinscher Club of America was formed.

Though the World Wars affected them, Dobbie soon became a popular breed in the United States.

The Dobermann is loved for its intelligence and its energy.

It is also one of the best choices for a guard dog because it is loyal and has a strong guardian instinct. 

It is a medium-sized breed that stands 24 to 28 inches tall and weighs 60 to 80 pounds. What scares people the most is this breed’s appearance.

With its sturdy frame, muscles, and sharp canines, one would hesitate before approaching it. However, it doesn’t attack except when provoked.

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Not only are they among the strongest dog breeds, but the American Pitbull Terrier holds the record of the most feared dog in the United States.

It is more feared than the Doberman Pinscher and has been banned in some American States.

Some other countries also consider owning this breed illegal. 

The fighting history of this breed is the first cause of the bad rep. Pitbulls were bred in England to partake in Bullbaiting, a bloody sport.

After this sport became illegal, the dog breed became a farm dog. Some were unfortunately used in an underground dog fight.

In 1898, the United Kennel Club gave this breed the name “American Pitbull Terrier.”

The American Kennel Club renamed it the American Staffordshire Terrier. The latter soon became a separate breed. 

While the fighting history did give this breed an aggressive tendency, it is usually directed towards dogs.

Aggression towards humans is considered a behavioral problem due to poor training. 

Pitbulls love humans and even make bad guard dogs because they aren’t wary of strangers.

Their muscular frame is frightening, but this breed is a lover. They weigh 30 to 85 pounds and have a height of 17 to 19 inches.

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Facts About the Doberman Pinscher Mix You Should Know

1. The mix is hypoallergenic

This mixed breed is good for those with dog allergies because it doesn’t shed excessive hair that could trigger those reactions.

It inherited a short coat from its parents. Of course, no dog breed is perfectly hypoallergenic.

The mix does come close and is suitable if you or someone in your family has allergies.

2. Both parents are workers

A vital part of this designer breed is its love for work. It will always look for something to do.

If you don’t give it something productive, it will find other ways to keep itself busy.

It functions better in a household with active people or with a role for it to play. Be ready to give this breed enough exercise, or avoid getting one. 

3. The mixed-breed will be protective and territorial

Due to the guardian instincts of Dobbie and the wariness Pitbulls have towards other dogs, the mix might be super protective and territorial.

Socialization is not optional for this breed for you to prevent any future story of your beloved pet attacking a person. 

4. It is not recommended for first-time pet parents

The stories of a Pitbull or Dobermann Pinscher attacking a passerby are a direct consequence of poor training or neglect from owners.

More than any other breed, this mix should be handled by someone with experience.

We strongly urge that new pet parents go for an easier breed.

5. The Pitbull parent was once a nanny dog

Another fact that dispels the exaggerated myth of the Pitbull is its former role as a nanny dog.

Though this practice isn’t done anymore, nanny dogs were trained to look after children even when adults aren’t around.

No need to state the obvious about this breed and kids. 

Because the Pitbull is kid-friendly, expect the offspring to be that too.

Though you ought to supervise playtimes your kids have with a dog, you shouldn’t have any problems with this breed.

Dober Pit Appearance

Doberman and Pitbull Mix Dog Lying on Floor Looking Up

General Appearance 

Only purebreds usually have a standard look—designer breeds like the Dober Pit don’t have a uniform look.

The lottery can be exciting for breeders and enthusiasts of hybrid dogs, but if you want one to take home as a pet, ensure that it has the appearance you want. 

Most people prefer a mixed dog with the combined features of both parents.

When this happens, the head is usually like that of the Pitbull while the body resembles a Doberman.

It is often bigger than the small Pit Bull parent.  


The parent breeds are both medium-sized breeds. Thus, the mix is a medium-sized breed too.

It weighs between 30 to 85 pounds and grows up to 28 inches. There isn’t a big size difference between the genders of this breed.

Colors and Coat Type

Following the footsteps of both parents, the Dober Pit has a short, straight coat that is easy to groom and maintain.

It sheds low, so dead hairs won’t be an issue with this breed.

For coat colors, the mix has many options. It can either be black, red, brindle, white, fawn, or blue.

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Temperament, Behavior & Intelligence of the Doberman Pitbull Mix

Going by the traits of the parents, one can predict how a member of the mixed breed will act.

We established earlier that this breed is an active one who loves to work.

Have this in mind when considering it, and figure out if you can provide interesting activities for this breed throughout its years.

If you are an outdoor person who loves filling your schedule with recreations, you shouldn’t have a problem with this breed. 

The Mix also gets undying loyalty from both parents. Its parents are lovers of humans and like to please their owners, so it will show devotion to its family and friendliness towards strangers.

The only times it may get aggressive is towards other dogs and pets. 

Though it is eager to please breed, it can be stubborn and may sometimes want to be dominant.

Allowing this to happen is giving your pooch greenlights to develop bad habits.

You must establish your authority as alpha of the pack, or it will take over. 

When training and socialization are well done, this breed will prove to be a good bodyguard, diligent worker, and faithful companion.  

Are Doberman Pitbull Mixes Good Family Dogs?

The Dober Pit is a wonderful addition to many families, especially those who are prepared to commit to its welfare and growth.

Its loyalty, devotion, and protectiveness make it a good friend, and its affection endears it to both kids and adults.

It has parents who have proven that they add value to families, so it isn’t a surprise that the offspring does the same.

It is a good family dog and a wonderful playmate for kids. 

Are They Good With Other Dogs & Pets?

The Doberman and Pitbull mix is a poor choice for a home with multiple dogs, even if you train it right.

It has inbred aggression towards canines and tends to be overprotective.

Proper socialization can reduce this tendency, but don’t expect it to dissipate completely.

The Pit Bull has a high prey drive and the mix may inherit that. So, it is also not a good option for a family with multiple pets.  

How Much Does a Doberman Pitbull Mix Puppy Cost?

Doberman Pitbull Mix Puppy Sitting on Ground Looking Up

The particular parents and the breeder may influence the price of this breed. It is relatively expensive and not too easy to find.

Therefore, make a good budget of the initial amount you plan to use to get this breed.

The price of a Doberman Pitbull mix puppy can be between $500 and $1500.

Knowing the price of a Pit and Doberman from the nearest breeders around can help.

Backyard breeders sell cheaper, but getting one from them won’t be worth it in the long run because of the illnesses you may encounter that will cost you.

Illbred Dober Pits may also portray some behavioral problems as they grow.

Go for a reputable breeder who will be honest about any question you choose to ask.

Adoption is another cheaper option, but a potentially risky one too.

While many people canvass for adoption over purchasing, know what you’re getting into and if you can sign up for that.

Some of these dogs were abused or have gone through some other trauma.

If the abandoned dog is an adult, it may have some bad habits you won’t notice till you bring it back home.

Adoption is a community service and is recommended, but don’t get into it blindfolded.

Caring for a Doberman and Pitbull Mix

Food & Diet

Dober Pit needs a rich, high-quality diet like its parents. It should contain all the right nutrients and be served in the right proportions.

These necessary precautions will prevent obesity and other food-related ailments like stomach upset.

The guidelines for feeding this breed are much the same as other dog breeds.

Protein is the most important nutrient for dogs, especially for highly energetic ones like this mix.

Protein keeps a dog’s skin and hair healthy. It also helps develop muscles and repair any broken tissue. 

To know how many times you should feed a Dober Pit, check the feeding pattern of its parents.

Pit Bulls eat 1.5 to 2.5 cups daily while Pinschers are good with 2.5 to 3.5 cups. The mixed-breed will fall somewhere in between. 

Puppies are to be fed only puppy food which would help their delicate bones get stronger.

You should also avoid free-feeding this mix as it will have a large appetite.

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Exercising this breed is not for the laidback or those who consider light activities as enough to fill their exercise quota.

It needs an owner for whom exercise is a lifestyle and a daily routine. 

We recommend 45 minutes to an hour of exercise a day to let your pet release the pent-up energy.

Lack of sufficient activities for this breed may cause it to become antsy and destructive.

Do not get a member of this breed if you aren’t ready to give it the exercise it needs. 

The exercise consists of daily long walks, supplemented by some other activities that will keep your dog moving.

Some of these activities include fetch, running, hiking, tug of war, frisbee toss, and playtime in the yard (with you or the kids).

Mental exercise is also required for this intelligent breed. These exercises should be challenging for them to not get bored. 

Always consider three major factors before exercising this breed: age, size, and level of activity.

Puppies, adults, and seniors have different exercise levels. An obese Dober Pit will need a different exercise schedule from the slim ones.

Some dogs of this breed are used for work purposes. They already let out energy and will not need as much exercise as the companion.

Training & Socialization

The Doberman Pinscher and the American Pitbull Terrier are both eager to please and intelligent.

They are easier to train compared to some other medium-sized breeds like the Siberian Husky.

However, training a Doberman Pinscher Pitbull mix doesn’t come on a platter. You must put in the effort needed and be patient yet firm with it.

It can be stubborn and sometimes may seem uncooperative.

Some pet parents make the mistake of hitting or screaming at their pet when it does this.

However, such treatment will only make the dog withdraw and frustrate you. 

A better option would be to encourage it to know that obeying you is in its best interest.

Treats, praises, and other positive reinforcement techniques will make it eager to cooperate.

If it does something wrong, a word of rebuke is enough to keep it straight. 

Note that proper training is the best thing to do for this breed. It has a bad image stemming from its parents which is due to poor training.

Having a well-mannered dog of this breed will help change the stereotype. 

Training involves socialization (very essential), obedience training, and others. You can even think your pooch some new tricks.

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Grooming Needs

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, this hybrid and its parents have short coats that hardly shed and don’t need much maintenance. A simple effort will be enough.

Brush its coat regularly with a slicker brush and your pet is good to go.

Like other dogs, bathe this breed only when it is messed up. Regular bathing will do more harm than good.

Also, wipe its ear off wax and other dirt that may stick inside. Use an approved ear cleaner and a cotton ball (not a Q tip) to clean its ears.

If you notice any unusual signs like an odor or redness, take them to the vet to get a diagnosis.

Nail trimming is the next step. You can opt to do it by yourself or get a groomer if you aren’t confident that you can handle it.

It is better to spend extra than injure your dog’s feet. 

Do not disregard its teeth too. Brush it regularly and make sure the brush is of good quality and the toothpaste is approved.

Eye cleaning is important as well to remove gunk and keep a clean face.  

Health & Conditions 

With a relatively long life span of 10 to 14 years, the mix will be with you for a long time.

Proper care and regular checkups will ensure that your pet stays longer.

An aspect of healthcare is knowing the possible ailments this breed is susceptible to. Some of them are:

  • Heart Diseases: This Mix is vulnerable to cardiac issues because of the Doberman Pinscher. They are serious and should be treated as emergencies. 
  • Hip Dysplasia: This is a common disease that affects many dog breeds. It is an abnormality of the hip which can render the affected dog lame. 
  • Arthritis: Arthritis comes with age and mostly affects seniors. It occurs when the joint is swollen. 
  • Thyroid issues: The most common thyroid issue is hypothyroidism which happens when the thyroid hormone is lacking. 
  • Von Willebrand disease: This is a bleeding disorder that happens when there is a lack of protein that helps platelets function. 

Related Questions

How big do Doberman Pitbulls get?

Dober Pit is a medium-sized dog breed. When fully grown, it usually weighs 35 to 80 pounds and grows up to 28 inches. 

Are Doberman mixes aggressive?

This mixed breed would combine, unfortunately, one of the world’s most popular dogs notorious for aggression with another breed.

With Doberman’s reputation as a bully breed, if the mix tilts towards the Dobie, then it may inherit these traits.

However, with early training and socialization, Doberman mixes have proven to be lovable, loyal, and a great addition to any family.

Wrap Up

The stereotypes aside, Doberman and Pitbull mix has as parents fierce canines we’ve made them out to be.

These dogs are lovable and loyal, the ideal pets many people would wish to have.

This doesn’t mean they are perfect. Not everyone can own this breed as it has high energy and needs space to run around in.

It also requires a lot of energy and commitment on the part of the owner during training.

Once you can take care of this breed, you’ll enjoy the affection and protection it brings.

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