Beaski: Beagle Husky Mix Facts, Puppy Price, Guide

The Beagle Husky mix is a designer breed that is a result of a cross between the Beagle and Siberian Husky.

It is also known as the Beaski and considered unusual because of the vast difference between the parents.

Looking at them, one would wonder why breeders chose to mate the two.

The origin is unclear, as is most information on this breed. It is difficult to figure out how a Beaski will look, behave or grow. The best bet will be to look at its parents.

As you might have guessed, it is rare in the United States. Finding one is hard, and not knowing what to expect in terms of price and maintenance makes it more complex.

In this guide, you will get everything you should know about this hybrid, from its basic facts, appearance, traits, grooming, to other valuable pieces of information you’ll need before getting the pup.

Beagle Husky Information

Height13 to 24 inches
Weight30 to 60 pounds
Lifespan11 to 15 years 
CoatEither double and thick, short or medium
ColorsWhite, red, black, black and white, copper and white, grey and white
TemperamentFriendly, gentle
Ideal ForActive families, experienced pet parents
Puppy Price$500 – $1000

Beagle Husky Mix Puppy Characteristics

Adorable White Beagle Husky Mix Puppy Standing

The Parent Breed

Beagle x Siberian Husky Dog Breeds Left and Right Respectively
Beagle (left) x Siberian Husky (right)


The Beagle has its roots in England and is a scenthound. There are some confusions as to the meaning of its name.

While some believe it is a French word, others argue in favor of Germany or Old England.

Its ancestry is also unknown, though sources from Ancient Greek and Rome suggest that the ancestors existed during those periods. 

It is also believed that the Beagle’s direct ancestor is the extinct Talbot Hounds brought by William the Conqueror into England. 

Beagles fast became popular and royals like Elizabeth I owned them.

This changed in the 18th century when bigger foxhounds were preferred to the Beagle for hunting.

Luckily it got back to public favor and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1884. 

The Beagle weighs 18 to 30 pounds with a height of 13 to 15 inches.

It has a short coat that is dense and water-resistant. The coat colors of this breed include red and white, white, chocolate, and white and tan.

It often has dark brown eyes and a soft look which suits its gentle personality.

Beagles are happy, loving dogs who don’t shy away from meeting new people. 

Siberian Husky

The Husky is a sled dog with strength and stamina beneath its slim frame.

It originated in Siberia amongst a nomadic tribe known as the Chukchi. Like the Beagles, no one knows its ancestry.

DNA records have confirmed that it is an old breed, however. It played the double role of worker and companion for the Chukchi tribe.

In 1908, the Siberian Husky came into Alaska to help people out in the middle of the gold rush.

It evolved slightly from how it used to look in Siberia but remained with the same courage and personality. It was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930. 

The Siberian Husky is wolf-like and also looks like a Coyote.

It has a double coat which has an outer straight coat and a softer interior.

Huskies are generally white and may have some black markings. Its eyes are an attractive blue.

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Huskies don’t behave like wolves, though, especially when training is well done.

They are playful and social with a good brain. They love people and do not make good guard dogs.

Training them isn’t easy because it is stubborn and easily distracted.  

Important Facts about the Beagle Husky Mix You Should Know

1. The mix has a high prey drive

Both parents of this breed have high prey drives.

The Beagle was a hunter and used its instincts to capture prey, while the Husky developed a prey drive to survive the harsh Siberian terrain.

Keep this in mind if you want to get this hybrid in a pet-filled house. Hint: It is not recommended.

2. They are good watchdogs

While the hunting instinct of this crossbreed spells bad news for cats and other pets, it has its upside.

These dogs are alert and observant. They easily detect an unusual person or event and warn you about it. They make excellent watchdogs.

3. It is not too tolerant of kids

Beaski is loyal and friendly with everyone and is playful with kids, but doesn’t tolerate hugs, cuddles, and rough play from children.

Have it in a home with grown-up kids who understand what it means to take care of a dog.

4. The Husky parent was in Game of Thrones

Because of their wild looks, Huskies got the attention of many Hollywood producers.

Using an actual wolf in a movie requires long paperwork that can be tiring, so these producers usually opt for Huskies as replacements.

A popular example is in the show Game of Thrones. The dire wolves in the show were Huskies. This act propelled the breed to mainstream popularity.

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5. Beagles almost got extinct

Beagles are common and popular now, but what many people don’t know is that this small scenthound almost got extinct.

This happened in the 18th century when hunters began opting for Foxhounds because the latter was bigger than Beagles.

What saved the breed (and by extension the Beaski Mix) was the work of farmers in England, Ireland, and Wales. 

Beagle Husky Appearance

Close Up of Beagle and Husky Mix Dog Standing on Ground Looking Up

General Appearance 

The Beaski has no standard appearance, similar to other designer breeds.

Unlike purebreds that have uniform looks, designer breeds don’t have that privilege.

You may not know what to expect as two dogs of the same breed may not look the same.

Generally, a parent’s gene may dominate or the offspring combines both parents’ genes.

The latter is often the goal of many breeders and it is in higher demand.

The pup that combines both genes may have the markings of the Husky with the droopy ears of the Beagle.

It may also get the blue eye color of the Husky or the brown eyes of the Beagle.


The Husky parent is bigger than the Beagle. Generally, the mix grows bigger than the Beagle but is smaller than the Husky.

This is the most common occurrence, but not a standard.

The weight range of the Beaski often falls between 30 to 60 pounds, though some members may be smaller than 30 pounds. It also has a height of 13 to 24 inches. 

Colors and Coat Type

Like size, the Beaski’s coat often takes a little from both parents. Either that or you find a pup with the Beagle or Husky’s coat type.

There are no set rules to this thing.

The coat color varies too. They include: white, red, black, black and white, copper and white, grey and white, and chocolate. 

Temperament, Behavior & Intelligence of the Beagle and Husky Mix

Bearing the personality of both parents in mind, one can either expect a highly energetic offspring or one that is more laidback.

If the mix tilts towards the Beagle, it may be cooler, though that is not certain as some Beagles are energetic.

Both parents are not known to be aggressive, so the offspring shouldn’t be. Aggression is considered a flaw.

A normal Beaski should be gentle, friendly, and affectionate. It is also alert and courageous, traits that make it a good watchdog.

Both the energetic version of this breed and the chill one will need adequate exercise. It also needs space to move around.

Both parents are stubborn, but the offspring with a dominant Beagle gene can be handled by a novice dog owner who knows how to be patient.

However, we don’t recommend this hybrid for first-timers. It is better to try your hands on an easier breed.

You should also be cautious about the high prey drive of the Beaski.

If you keep it in a yard, make sure the yard is well fenced to prevent it from escaping at the sight of a perceived prey.

Both parents are among the fastest dog breeds int he world, so do not underestimate the speed of this mixed breed.

Are Beagle Husky Mixes Good Family Dogs?

Beagles and Siberian Huskies have been successful as family dogs for years.

The Husky played that role during its sledding days and the Beagle once stayed in palaces.

There is no reason why the offspring shouldn’t be a good family dog too, except it doesn’t fit the lifestyle of the family or it was poorly bred and trained. 

It is also good with kids, though it is better to have it in a house with older kids.

As we have already pointed out, these dogs aren’t long-suffering canines.

Are They Good With Other Dogs & Pets?

Huskies are pack dogs, so they relate well with other dogs.

It is advisable to have more than one dog when you own a Husky and you are busy.

Beagles also hunted in groups and may not have issues with other dogs. The offspring also can relate to dogs.

However, it is a poor choice for a house with other pets due to its high prey drive.  

How Much Does a Beagle Husky Mix Puppy Cost?

Cute Black and Tan Beagle Husky Mix Puppy Sitting on Floor

Though it is a rare breed, this hybrid can be found at any breeder who has Huskies or Beagles for sale.

Those are the most ideal locations to find this pup. While it isn’t overly expensive, it isn’t cheap either.

There is no definite price but expect to buy a Beagle Husky mix puppy at $500 minimum. Some get up to $1,000.

It depends largely on the breeder and the location. Usually, backyard breeders offer a pup at a lesser price than reputable ones.

This may seem like a wiser decision, but remember that these cheaper pups may not be well-bred, leading to further complications in the future.

In the long run, getting one from a reputable breeder is a wiser decision.

The latter should be able to provide documents and answer questions you have with proofs, not empty guarantees.

Care to adopt?

Adoption is another cheaper option, better than the backyard breeder.

Rescue shelters with Huskies or Beagles may have some abandoned or lost mixed pups.

It is lovely to give a lost puppy home, but bear in mind that you may face some issues.

These include training issues, trauma from abuse, anxiety, and health issues.

Ask questions before you decide to adopt. Rescue shelters tend to be more forthcoming with information than breeders.

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Caring for a Beagle and Husky Mix

Beaski Dog Lying on Grass

Food & Nutrition

Dogs need good food, and this breed is not an exception.

A Siberian Husky Beagle mix needs a rich diet with about 18% protein for the adult and 22% for the puppy.

Protein helps the pup take shape and grow while the adult needs protein to maintain its bones, coat, and hair.

Get good protein from animals like chicken and beef. This breed also needs some fat and carbs, but at a low amount.

Vegetables and fruits can be supplements as they are good sources of calcium and vitamins. 

Huskies don’t have huge appetites and Beagles get filled fast as well. So, the offspring may not have a voracious appetite.

That said, you should have a feeding schedule as it helps you regulate your pet’s feeding.

A professional nutritionist is in the best position to advise, but we recommend you tailor this breed’s feeding according to the parents’.

Huskies need 1.5 to 2 cups a day while the Beagle needs about 1 to 1.5 daily. The Beaski will probably fare better with the Husky’s plan. This is for adult Beaskies.

Puppies need more, depending on the age. They should be kept on a strict puppy diet.

Find out what diet the breeder or rescue shelter has put your puppy on. If you wish to change it, take it slowly.

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As a moderate to highly energetic breed, this crossbreed should not go without exercise.

Even if it is laidback, exercise is a core need for every dog. You should take the energy level into account, though, before engaging it in any activity.

Generally, the adult requires about 30 minutes to an hour of exercise each day. The exercise period can be divided into sections to make it easier for you and the pet.

Also, gauge its reaction after each session to ensure it isn’t overexercised. 

Exercise could take the form of long walks. This is the go-to exercise for many pet parents and it serves as an exercise for you too.

You can also shoot two birds with one stone by socializing them during these walks. Keep it on a leash to prevent it from running after prey. 

If you don’t enjoy walking or it has become too repetitive for you, you can try some other activities like:

  • Hiking
  • A game of fetch
  • Running
  • Canicross

For the puppy, you can start with a little walk. Puppies shouldn’t run around to prevent them from breaking their bones.

As it grows older, slowly increasing the walk hours. Once it becomes a full adult, you can add other activities.

Training & Socialization

As both Siberian Huskies and Beagles are working dogs, they are accustomed to training and respond well to it. The same applies to the mixed breed.

It is also intelligent and will understand your commands with ease. It does have stubborn tendencies which it will display, so you should be armed for that. 

Like other stubborn and independent thinking breeds, patience is a virtue if you hope to get any result from the crossbreed.

We also advise you to start training early. This would help uproot any bad behaviors in time and reduce stubborn streaks.

Nevertheless, don’t be overly authoritative on the pup or you may end up with a fearful pooch.

Let your method balance between firmness and gentleness. Basic obedience training will do this breed ton of good.

You can also strengthen the bond between you and your pooch. Simple commands include Sit, Stay, and a recall word.

Other training includes socialization and leash training.

If a Beaski does something wrong, rather than yell or hit, you can opt for a simple rebuke and a firm tone. It will come to associate the tone with displeasure.

When it succeeds at obeying, encourage it with a pat, affirmative words like Good Boy or a treat. 

Grooming Needs

The Beagle isn’t a high shedder but the Husky is. Whichever parent your mixed breed takes more of will determine whether you need a vacuum or just a brush.

Either way, its coat needs to be brushed regularly. It also needs bathing, but not regularly.

The Husky parent is known to self-clean. If a hybrid gets that trait, bathing will be scarce. 

Do not ignore additional forms of doggy hygiene too. Other parts of your pooch should be cleaned too, starting with the ears.

If it inherits the Beagle’s floppy ears, it will be more prone to an ear infection.

Regular cleaning will curb that. If you do notice symptoms, seek immediate help from your veterinarian. 

Also, trim the nails of your pet’s paw before it gets too long and put your pet at risk of injury.

If you have no experience at this, get a groomer, especially if Jack is being stubborn.

Then, you should take care of oral hygiene.

Health & Conditions 

The Beagle Husky has a long life span and can live up to 15 years.

Designer breeds have a better chance at good health than pure breeds, so you’re on the good side with this hybrid.

However, it may suffer from some genetic medical conditions. They include:

  • Hip dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a flaw in the formation of the hip joint. It is often inherited and can lead to arthritis or lameness. 
  • Cataract: Cataract is the most common eye disease that may affect this breed. It occurs when a white substance appears and grows over the affected pet’s lens. 
  • Epilepsy: Epilepsy is known for the seizures it causes. These seizures can be either mild or violent. Epilepsy has no cure but the seizures can be managed with the right medications. 
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease: This affects the dog’s spinal cord and happens mostly to seniors. It can lead to paralysis. 

Related Questions

How big will a Husky Beagle mix get?

The Beaski is a medium-sized hybrid. A fully grown mix weighs 30 to 60 pounds and often peaks at 24 inches.

How long do Beagle Husky mixes live

The Mix has a long life span, all things being equal. It lives up to 15 years. 

How much do Beaskis shed?

Depending on the parent your mixed breed take after, you may need to just brush or vacuum more.

While the Beagle isn’t a high shedder, the Husky sheds its fur twice a year before seasonal changes.

Final Thoughts

Beaskies are good family dogs, workers, and friends.

We may never know why breeders opted to create the Beagle and Husky mix (curiosity perhaps) but the resultant breed is beautiful in appearance and gentle in personality.

It does present some challenges during training, but this doesn’t mean training isn’t possible.

Get the best puppy you can from a good breeder, and commit to giving your pet the love and care it needs. It will return the favor.

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