Do Mini Australian Shepherds Bark a Lot?

Mini Australian shepherds are fascinating animals.

They are incredibly energetic, alert, and smart dogs whose main priority is to please their masters.

But, on the other hand, they are not suitable for beginner pet owners.

If you want to get an Mini Australian Shepherd as a pet, you should be ready to tolerate all the nipping, barking, nudging, and poking it will come with.

But barking is especially what you`ll need to get used to. This might turn out to be a big deal and disturb you during your alone or family time.

While these fantastic dogs usually have these behaviors, Mini Australian shepherds are somewhat different in terms of temperament.

Some might be highly energetic and extremely active, while others will be calmer.

But do Mini Australian shepherds bark a lot? Continue reading to find out!


Do Mini Australian Shepherds Bark A Lot?

While every dog is different, Mini Australian Shepherds are infamous for their hyperactivity and noise. They bark at a lot of things from animals, and strangers to loud sounds.

This is something you will have to get used to as a Mini Australian shepherd owner.

And can you stop your furry friend from barking too much?

Absolutely; you can help your pet see that he does not need to bark at everything or everyone. These dogs typically bark relentlessly when they are alone or bored.

To help him feel contented, make sure you keep him busy by running, training, and playing with him.

For your Mini Australian Shepherd to remain healthy, he needs approximately 40 to 60 minutes of exercise every day.

Also, as with most dogs, the Mini Aussie is usually a bit quiet unless he senses danger, at which point he will bark insistently.

Why Do Mini Australian Shepherds Bark?

As I have mentioned above, the Mini Australian Shepherd is a noisy pet, but, like most dogs, he does not just bark without purpose.

Here are some of the reasons why my Mini Australian Shepherd barks;

  • If he is highly excited, for instance, if I am playing with him or teasing him, he will produce several sharp barks
  • When there`s someone knocking at the door
  • When a stranger or someone he does not recognize approaches me suddenly
  • If he is chasing a faster dog and is having a hard time catching him
  • When he senses danger

How Do I Stop My Mini Aussie From Barking?

There are several ways to get your furry friend from barking, but whatever happens, do not punish him.

While numerous dog owners believe that punishing their pets will help improve his annoying behavior, most of the time, these measures backfire hard.

Some of these punishments might include shock, choke and spike collars, which will eventually result in hostility and fear.

Typically, the handy methods that exclude punishing your pet will take some time and patience, like reinforcement training.

For instance, you could reward your Mini Australian Shepherd when he is not barking or when he stops barking.

Is The Mini Australian Shepherd A Good Pet?

The fact that this dog lives to please the owner makes it the perfect pet and family dog.

They might, in some instances, be more suitable for families than individuals who live alone.

They enjoy playing with the kids when you`re not around. Also, they will do a fantastic job of keeping the kids occupied.

How Often Does Your Mini Australian Shepherd Need To Exercise?

Your furry friend will require 30 to 60 minutes of intense exercise daily, like agility and obedience exercises, running, and so on.

When you`re not training or playing with him, you can give him puzzle toys since they are the perfect way to keep him busy and put all his energy and agility to work.

Puppies might not require very intense exercise as compared to adult dogs.

For this reason, do not allow him to run on surfaces like concrete since they are hard and your mini Australian Shepherd is delicate.

Also, do not allow them to jump too high if they`re less than 12 months old. This could affect their bone structure as it is still developing and can lead to joint issues in the future.

The Mini Australian shepherd is a playful dog, and it is also perfect for herding sheep.

Once you train him on how to herd sheep, he will sharpen his already decent skills, and this way, when you`re herding, you can rely on him to keep the sheep safe as you rest.

This dog breed is easy to train, especially if you utilize positive reinforcement means like praise and reward, food, and playtime.

Besides, since they are loyal, they are easy to command and train. They simply need to see who`s giving the orders so that they can impress them.


Mini Australian shepherds are alert, energetic, and at times noisy. They require several intense exercises daily; therefore, you need to make time to train them and play with them.

Moreover, once you begin agility training, you can suppress some of their negative traits.

Also, you can train them for herding and obedience, and in the long run, they will do what you need them to do.

By training them, you`ll be putting their energy to good use, and it will help them remain occupied as you do other things.

So, do mini Australian Shepherd dogs bark a lot? Yes, but you can keep them busy and train them if it’s too loud for you.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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