What Do Australian Shepherds Like To Do? – Top 4 Activities

The original job of Australian Shepherds, the one they were bred for, was to herd and take care of livestock.

To this day, they’re widely recognized as one of the finest herding breeds with traits that are perfect for this type of task.

Aussies are hard-working, extremely energetic, highly active, and tireless.

All these traits also make them fantastic companions for any owner who enjoys all sorts of activities.

Furthermore, they’re very devoted to their humans, eager to please them, and happy to spend as much time as possible with their owners.

Aussies will join almost any activity you have planned.

However, learning what do Australian Shepherds like to do will make sure that both you and your dog enjoy the time you spend together.

Below, you’ll find out what sort of activity they enjoy the most, so you can ensure that your pooch is kept happy and healthy.


Things Your Australian Shepherd Likes To Do

Owners of Australian Shepherd know that dogs of this breed almost never rest.

Aussies are incredibly active and need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. This helps them channel their energy into activities that are positive and good for them.

A cooped-up Aussie easily gets bored and may engage in bad behavior and become destructive.

Not to mention the negative health effects caused by the lack of activity and exercise.

They’re known for their intelligence and athletic prowess and it’s up to you to give them something to do and let them show off those traits.

Your Australian Shepherd will gladly join you in almost any activity, but there are some this breed enjoys more than others.

On The Move

While daily walks are a must, Australian Shepherd will also enjoy more intense exercise.

It will help them release all the pent-up energy and keep them well-adjusted and happy.

Australian Shepherd is a perfect companion for all owners who enjoy swimming, hiking, running, or bike rides.

They’ll easily keep up with you on long hikes, even on rough terrain. In addition, they can be helpful as backpack carriers.

They’re also great jogging partners.

Daily runs in the company of an Aussie will be much more fun and your dog will keep you motivated even when you don’t feel like jogging.

Some training is necessary as they should be kept on a long, slack leash and taught to run by your side.

Bike enthusiasts will also enjoy having a four-legged friend accompany them on rides.

Keeping up with your speed while on a bike will be a particular challenge for your Aussie.

Fetching And Chasing

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Fetching and chasing are great activities for Australian Shepherd as they tap into their original herding instincts.

[amazon link=” B07NPXLZXD ” title=”These games” link_icon=”amazon” /] will also keep them mentally stimulated which is crucial for their happiness.

A bit of fetch every day will ensure that both you and your dog have some fun and, at the same time, strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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As Aussies are rather smart, they may get bored with just an ordinary fetch game. In that case, you should add some twists to your playtime.

Try using [amazon link=” B078GR8GZC ” title=”multiple balls” link_icon=”amazon” /], throwing them separately, to various distances and different locations.

It’s also a great idea to have a basket ready and have your Aussie pick up balls and place them back inside.

For these activities, you should use rubber balls or frisbees specifically designed for dogs.

Using a regular plastic frisbee may lead to an injury to your dog’s teeth.

Socializing With Other Dogs

Australian Shepherd can sometimes struggle to get along with other animals, but proper and early socialization will make this issue go away.

A Socialized Aussie will enjoy hanging around other dogs and playing with them.

Make going to a dog park a part of your daily routine and give your dog a chance to have some fun with its own kind.

Also, if you have friends who are also dog owners, set up playdates for your four-legged buddies.

This way, both you and your Aussie will spend quality time with your friends.

You may feel that your dog is not properly socialized and may behave improperly around other pooches.

In this case, a good idea is to take it to obedience classes and training where they can spend time with other dogs under the supervision of experienced trainers.

Remember that even well-behaved and socialized dogs need supervision when they’re together.

Playing With Toys

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Even though they prefer to spend time outside, there are ways to keep your Australian Shepherd stimulated and engaged while you’re indoors.

Luckily, there’s a large selection of toys available that will help you create fun and playful games for your Aussie.

Your dog will enjoy playing with almost any type of toy.

[amazon link=” B0711Y9XTF ” title=”Puzzle feeders” link_icon=”amazon” /], for example, are a great way for them to have some fun while also presenting them with a challenge and reward for solving that challenge.

You can get creative and design games that, besides being fun, will help you train your Aussie.

Having them pick up their toys after the game and collect them into a basket will entertain and challenge them while helping you keep your house clean.

You can also try hiding toys around the house and have your Australian Shepherd search for them.


Australian Shepherds are not the kind of dogs that will be happy to just lie around and do nothing all day.

They were bred for herding and developed as energetic and hard workers. That means that it’s your duty, as an owner, to keep them active and stimulated.

If you’re a couch potato-type, you may be better off looking at other breeds. However, for an active owner, there’s hardly a better breed than Australian Shepherd.

They’re active and playful and will happily keep you company in any activity you may think of.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find something to do that will be fun and beneficial for both you and your dog.

Aussies are not too picky about the way you exercise them, as long as they get a chance to vent their energy.

They enjoy running, hiking, swimming, fetching, obstacle courses, as well as playing with toys.

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