Can Belgian Malinois Live Outside (Solved!)

Everyone loves having their pets stay indoors with them. But if you need to leave your dog outside you want to do some research.

Certain dog breeds should be fine staying in the outdoors. While other dogs will not like being left alone outside to live by themselves.

In this post, I’ll be talking about the Belgian Malinois and whether this dog breed can actually live outside.

Different weather conditions and other relevant information will be discussed, as well. So, stay tuned for the rest of my post on this topic.

In general, your Belgian Malinois is going to want to stay close to you. This means they will want to stay in your house.

But there are some situations where living outside would be okay. In addition, you want to consider the health and safety of your dog.

You can’t just leave your dog outside without preparing your backyard and property for them.


Can Belgian Malinois Live Outside Safely?

To answer this question about Malinois simply, these dogs can live outside of your home.

This dog breed is sturdy and won’t really be affected by inclimate weather as much as other dogs.

But, know that your dog is not going to like being left alone outside. Belgian Malinois are pack oriented dogs that like to stay close to their family.

So, I wouldn’t recommend having them live outside all the time, or at all if you can help it. This is mostly due to emotional needs of your pet.

In addition, you want to consider a few things if you plan on letting your dog live outside.

Your dog can handle various weather changes. But if the weather is extreme, then they will have to be brought in to your home.

Certain issues like heat stroke or even hypothermia can developed if you aren’t attentive with your pet.

I’ll talk about this more in the upcoming sections of this post, though.

Can Belgian Malinois Live Outside In The Winter?

Your dog can handle some cold weather due to their thick heavy coat.

Still, will they be able to survive in winter weather?

To begin with, Belgian Malinois can live outside in winter weather.

This is because they were bred in winter weather conditions that are common in their home country.

Adding to this, Malinois have a two layer coat.

One portion of their coat helps to keep dampness and moisture from completely soaking through their fur.

Their second layer, has longer fur that keeps them extra warm.

However, even with the thickness of their fur, you don’t want to let your dog completely freeze.

Some temperatures might be too cold for them. In particular, if the weather is sub zero, you’ll need to let your dog come inside.

Otherwise they might develop hypothermia. Considering this, as a pet owner you will have to be careful.

Firstly, make sure that you check the weather often. You have to remember that in the winter it tends to snow a lot. Certain snowfall levels are okay.


For instance, Malinois can handle some small snow showers. But when there is heavy snowfall, you need to be more cautious with your pet.

Your dog could get really cold, or they could even get lost under deep snowfalls.

You don’t want this to happen, so just take them inside if you notice there will be a snowstorm or a lot of snow coming!


Especially if you notice certain weather patterns like blizzards. This could be a huge hazard to any animal or human.

You don’t want to stay outside in a blizzard, so you shouldn’t force your dog to stay outside either in these conditions either.

Icy Ground

Finally, if it is super icy out, it might not be the best idea to let your dog live outside.

Think about the surfaces on your backyard. If you have concrete or something else that can get slippery your dog can slip and fall.

Even with grass, your dog can loose their footing and hurt themselves. So, it is also a good idea to bring them in with this kind of weather.

Can Belgian Malinois Live Outside In Hot Weather?

What about warmer weather, though?

Can your Belgian Malinois live outside when the weather is hotter?

To go over this topic, we’ll have to consider the exact weather conditions you are placing your dog in.

In general, heat isn’t going to be terrible for your Malinois. But with their thicker coat it will be harder to handle than winter weather.

And, heat can be deadly when it gets to extreme temperatures!

When the weather hits over a certain limit or the humidity is high you should definitely bring your dog indoors.

Not only will it be uncomfortable for them, but your dog could also become dehydrated and get a heat stroke.

Still What Hot Weather Is Appropriate For Your Malinois?

In general, anything over 90 degrees Fahrenheit is going to be dangerous for any dog.

Still, if the heat index is high or humidity is high your dog could still be in trouble. This is why you need to set up your backyard properly.

Make sure you dog has plenty of access to shade and water. This will make it more bearable and safe for your pet. Trees act as good shade.

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But if you have some kind of patio umbrella your dog can use that would work too.

In addition, check in on your dog every hour or too if you are leaving them out. Look for signs of tiredness and excessive panting.

If your dog is drooling a lot too this could be a sign that they need to go inside. Also, you will want to have a nice grassy spot for your dog.

Concrete isn’t always great for dogs to lounge on. In fact, this surface can get super hot and make your dog even warmer.

Risk Of Heat Stroke

Finally, if your dog is going to live outside for a little bit, always check the weather. And, look for signs of heat stroke.

Your pet isn’t built to be in heat all the time. And if they get too overheated they can get a heat stroke and even die.

If you watch over your dog this shouldn’t happen, but you need to stay alert.

Some signs of potential heat stroke can be your dog not walking right. If they seem to stumble or fall bring them inside immediately.

And if your dog is very hot to the touch this could mean that their body temperate has gone up to high. Give them water and bring them in.

Finally a lot of panting can also be a sign that something is wrong.

What Else Should You Consider if Your Belgian Malinois Will Be Living Outside?

If your Belgian Malinois is going to be outdoors a lot, you want to exercise caution and be fully prepared.

I know I have said this multiple times, but this is important for the wellbeing of your dog.

Yard And Fence

First off, make sure your yard is big enough and has a fence. You don’t want your dog cramped in a small backyard.

Secondly, ensure that your pet can not get loose. A tall fence should help with this, as should other tall structures.

Personality Of Your Malinois

Lastly, consider your pet and their personality. If your dog does not like strangers or other animals it could be a bad idea to leave them outside to live.

For instance, some Belgian Malinois might bark or even go after strangers and other animals.

So, you won’t want to leave them alone, especially if you have a short fence.

Additionally, a barking dog won’t make your neighbors to happy either.

Pet owners have to keep this in mind, as you aren’t the only one who will hear your dog barking a lot.

And really, if your dog does bark a lot this could be a sign that they need to stay inside. Belgian Malinois tend to be happier and emotionally healthier around their owners.


Your Belgian Malinois can live outside under certain conditions. Still, this is not an arrangement that I would recommend in the long term.

Dogs, especially dogs like the Malinois are meant to be with their families and live with them indoors.

Your dog won’t die if they are left outside but they will feel lonely and less connected to you.

However, if you do need to keep your dog outside for a few days, this will be alright. This breed is tough and can handle hot and cold weather, as I have talked about in this post.

Of course, in more extreme weather conditions, keep your pet indoors. You don’t want your dog to get rained on for days, or find themselves in extremely hot or cold weather.

Dogs need to stay comfortable too, so consider their needs when you want them to stay and live outside.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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