Are Belgian Malinois Naturally Protective? (Solved!)

The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized, athletic, smart shepherd dog from Belgium.

They are a hard-working breed of dog, favored in for their swiftness, energy, intelligence, and stamina, as well as incredible trainability.

Hence their versatile character, they are used for many purposes including herding, police work, agility, and commonly in the military.

Another great aspect of the Belgian Malinois is the attachment they form with their human companion, and the willingness to co-operate and learn new skills fast.


Are Belgian Malinois Naturally Protective?

Belgian Malinois dogs are naturally protective of their family by instinct, and because of the great loyalty they possess for their owners.

They are dogs which are wary of strangers and people they are not familiar with, and instinctively they will want to protect their owners.

Further, Belgian Malinois dogs also have high territorial instincts, which means they have it implanted in their brain to guard and defend their territory and home.

Are Belgian Malinois Good Guard Dogs?

Yes, since Belgian Malinois are naturally protective, both of their human companions and of their home and territory, they are good guard dogs.

They have many skills and assets which make them the perfect guard dog. These include their strength, fearlessness, fierceness, and diligence.

However, to be a good guard dog, the Belgian Malinois needs firm training and socialization from a young age, preferably from puppyhood.

A lack of such training may lead to behavioral issues, and they might even become destructive, unruly, and a hazard or risk to children and other dogs.

A proper training regimen for these alert, fast-learning, intelligent dogs will ensure they learn to protect the household without posing a threat in situations when they come into contact with society.

Which Is Better For Guarding – Male Or Female Belgian Malinois?

This really depends on a number of several factors, and what you are looking for in a dog.

Male and female Belgian Malinois are both naturally protective. They have a slightly different temperament, different traits, and different characteristics.

Therefore, when deciding between choosing whether to take a male or a female Belgian Malinois, there are things that need to be taken under account.

These include some of the following:

  • Lifestyle
  • Household members
  • What temperament are you looking for in a dog?
  • Other pets in the household and their gender
  • Whether you have children, and if they are older or younger?
  • Whether you want to protect yourself when you go out, or whether you want to protect your property?

Male Belgian Malinois are bigger sized dogs, they are more energetic, and thus suited for families that are high in energy, and with older children.

Female Belgian Malinois are a bit smaller in size, and they are more mellow, and suited more to households that have younger children.

Male Belgian Malinois are more sociable dogs, whereas female dogs are easier to train and handle.

Of course, if you have other dogs that are males, it is better to get a female Belgian Malinois, and vice versa.

This is due to the fact that there is a possibility that the Belgian Malinois will dominate or fight another dog of the same gender.

When it comes down to getting the perfect Belgian Malinois guard dog, the male Belgian Malinois will be ideal for you if you want to guard your property or house, whereas the female will be better for personal protection and defense when you are going out.

Even though the characteristics mentioned are commonly present in one or the other gender, there are also other factors which contribute to which is going to be a better guard dog.

A part of it also comes down to the dog’s individual personality, upbringing, and environment.

Every dog is different, and their temperament will be influenced by their upbringing, environment, and individual characters.

Personally, I would choose a female if getting a Belgian Malinois for the first time as a guard dog, because of their easiness to train and their personal protection skills.

However, for someone looking to guard their property, a male Belgian Malinois might be more desirable.

Choosing A Belgian Malinois Protection Dog Puppy

Malinois puppy (7 w.) by Mikadoo (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Find A Reputable Breeder

To begin with, when looking to buy a Belgian Malinois protection dog puppy, you will need to find a reputable Belgian Malinois dog breeder which specifies in breeding dogs for that purpose.

When you have found a Belgian Malinois breeder who breeds dogs for protection and as guard dogs, you will need to discuss what is it that you are looking for in a guard dog.

While some may want a dog who will alert them when someone trespasses, others may want one for self-defense who will bite on command.

This is the most important factor when considering to buy a puppy, as the breeder will help the owner find one with desired traits or characteristics. 


Another factor that comes into play when choosing a Belgian Malinois protection puppy is the training.

You may want to ask yourself, am I willing to sacrifice my time and effort to train this athletic, high-energy, work-driven breed?

Some breeders might offer to help train your new puppy for you, teaching it the desired guarding skills and obedience.

Other times you might want to consider training services for your new Belgian Malinois puppy.

Are Belgian Malinois Easy To Train?

If you are willing to put in the work it takes to train your new Belgian Malinois puppy for personal protection and guardianship, a question remains.

Are Belgian Malinois easy to train?

As a result of their work-driven temperament, their diligence and obedience, the Belgian Malinois is a dog that is easy to train, as they can learn new skills fast.

It is for this reason that they are used in such a variety of fields.

However, the Belgian Malinois is a demanding dog, and some can be stubborn at times, so they require of you to dedicate your patience and time to their training. 

If you are willing to put in what it takes to train your Belgian Malinois, you will find that they are easy to train to learn a variety of skills because of their motivation and eagerness to work with you.

Belgian Malinois dogs listen well to commands, and they are alert and highly sensitive dogs.

As well as that, their agility, speed, and stamina will prove to be invaluable in both sports and in guardianship and protection purposes.

Since Belgian Malinois are highly energetic dogs, an owner willing to train their new puppy must remember that as a part of their training, they will need to be exercised.

The Belgian Malinois must be exercised every day regularly, to meet their high energy demand and vigor.

A Belgian Malinois left alone at home for long periods of time, or penned up, will become destructive and rowdy.

As a result, they will display behavioral problems, and will refuse to work with you.

How Much Does A Fully Trained Belgian Malinois Cost?

The cost of a fully trained Belgian Malinois dog is not cheap at all.

For an adult Belgian Malinois that has underwent extensive training to acquire the skills necessary to become a priceless and indubitable guardian and protector, you can expect prices ranging from the lowest price of $20,000, to as high as $90,000.

This all depends on the breeder, and the amount and sort of training and experience the dog possesses.

Some breeders of working and fully trained Belgian Malinois dogs will offer their dogs cheaper than others.

However, a questionably low price most often indicates a scam.

The better the trainer and the higher the quality of the training the dog you are buying has received, the higher the price will be.

But if a person has decided to invest in buying a fully trained Belgian Malinois for such a high sum of money, they will not be disappointed.

These fully trained dogs will prove to not only be an intense, loyal, fearless guard dog, but you will find that they will offer you their ultimate protection and defend you from any danger poised.

They will be alert and sensitive to any commands given to them and will automatically respond to them; they will further sense danger immediately and will be quick and swift to spring right into action.


In conclusion, are Belgian Malinois Naturally Protective?

As a result of their highly alert, diligent nature, their fierceness and loyalty, and their protective spirit, Belgian Malinois dogs are instinctively protective of nature.

With proper training from a young age, and socialization to avoid behavioral issues or hostility, Belgian Malinois can be perfect guard dogs.

They will be quick to respond to commands and will react as instructed by the owner to different situations.

Male Belgian Malinois will be better at guarding property or the house, whereas females will be better for personal protection whilst out and about.

If an owner is willing to take the time to train their Belgian Malinois, they will see that their dog is easy to train, obedient, and inclined to work with them.

On the other hand, if someone wants an adult Belgian Malinois who is already fully trained and can provide terminal, reputable protection, they may need to invest a lot of money.

If they do choose that option, they will, however, not be disappointed. Belgian Malinois are no ordinary dogs, and with great training they will be the best protectors ever.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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