Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix: Facts & Guide

The Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd mix is one of the many hybrids bred for a more balanced trait.

We often need to explore crossbreed dogs rather than adopt certain purebreds we’re already used to.

Given the personality of both parent breeds, which we’ll discuss later, this mix would be classified as a breed “for the strong.” 

The German Black Mouth Cur parent breeds are packed with many traits that one would fall in love with quickly.

But then, some characteristics may require the hands of an experienced owner.

Not to confuse you, but such a mix may be the most desirable guard dog you have always wanted.

Let’s get right on to the details about this hybrid, from its basic facts, appearance, traits, grooming, to other valuable pieces of information you’ll need before getting the pup.

 GSD Black Mouth Cur Information

GSD Black Mouth Cur Mix Dog Close Up
Height22 to 28 inches
Weight45 to 100 pounds
Life Expectancy10 to 14 years
CoatShort, fine, straight
ColorsDependent on parent breed
TemperamentIntroverted, friendly, intelligent, cautious
Ideal ForActive owners, hunters, trainers, experienced owners
Puppy Price$500 – $1000

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Puppy Characteristics

HealthA relatively healthy breed
GroomingModerate grooming requirement
FriendlinessSomewhat friendly
EnergyHigh energy
TrainabilityHighly trainable

The Parent Breeds

Black Mouth Cur x German Shepherd Dog Breeds left and right respectively
Black Mouth Cur (left) x German Shepherd (right) Dog Breeds

Black Mouth Cur

The Black Mouth Cur (also Southern Cur) breed is a medium to large-size famous hunting dog originating from the southern part of the united states.

They weigh between 45 to 100 pounds, reaching about 28 inches in height.

It has been used for herding purposes and hunting down games such as pig, bear, squirrel, etc.

They are known to be very active with their muscular built, and they make a great companion to their owners, showing off their overprotective nature.

The breed has its club, “The Southern Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association,” formulated in 1987 to support the species.

Afterward, it gained recognition in the United Kennel Club in 1998.

German Shepherd

As the name implies, the double-coated breed has a German origin as a herding dog and police or military assistant dog.

Like the Black Mouth Cur, the German Shepherd is a medium to large size dog weighing between 50 to 90 pounds and reaching between 22 to 26 inches.

They are among the strongest dog breeds in the world and hold the top-3 spot of the most popular dogs recognized by the AKC.

Due to their high intelligence and overprotective nature, German Shepherds make good guard dogs to their territory.

They are very intelligent breeds, devoted, and may require early socialization to get along well with strangers.

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Facts About the Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix You Should Know

1. They are introverted

The Black Mouth Cur is known to be very friendly within the home, just like the German Shepherd.

Their resultant breed tends to be very protective of its territory, exhibiting aggressive behavior towards strangers trying to get into their space.

This behaviour can, however, be fixed through early socialization.

2. They have a smooth coat

Both parents possess smooth coats. Hence, there is a high chance that the resultant breed will have the same.

However, the mix is expected to either feature a single-layered coat or a double-layered coat which is coarse and fluffy.

The result is dependent on which parent breed’s gene is more dominant and which is recessive.

3. They make excellent guard dogs

If you’re out to get a mixed breed that is sure to be a credible guardian for the home or territory in general, this breed may be the most suitable for you.

They are likely to get bigger than a medium-sized dog which can easily scare off unwanted strangers, and they are sure to exhibit their guarding instincts as both parents are blessed with that.

4. Their German parent occur in different variants

German shepherd breed comes in different variants in which some are officially recognized as a separate breed by various Kennel Clubs and other prominent bodies.

Some of these variants include; East-European Shepherd, King Shepherd, White Shepherd, and Shiloh Shepherd.

GSD Black Mouth Cur Mix Appearance

A Large Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Dog Lying on Floor Panting

General Appearance

This mixed breed is expected to possess a short fine coat, which may be double or single-layered depending on whose parent breed is more active.

They have a black mouth in and out, dark long nose, and big triangle-shaped ears that may be upright.

Their head may be flat, broad chest, and possibly have long legs.


The parent breed is big; hence, their mix is expected to be similar in size, with a weight ranging between 45 to 100 pounds and a height reaching about 28 inches on average. 

Colors & Coat Type

The German Shepherd parent has a long coat variation, which is quite rare as it is recessive in their gene.

The hybrid, however, has a short and smooth coat that can come in yellow, brown, fawn, black with a dark muzzle.

Temperament, Behavior & Intelligence

This highly intelligent breed is likely to be friendly around the home, protective of its territory, and devoted to training.

The German Shepherd has a history in different searching, herding, and tracking jobs, and its counterpart is well known to be utilized in hunting down small to big games.

This indicates how strong and intelligent they are. 

Black Mouth Curs are pretty sensitive to their owner’s emotions and would learn how to react accordingly as they spend much time together.

These are traits the resultant breeds are much likely to inherit.

The breed is peaceful and adorable but may require lots of physical and mental motivation to chase away boredom as they can be quite violent when bored.

Some may find their stubborn attitude annoying, but they can be trained easily. 

Are They Good Family Dogs?

This breed makes a good family dog to active families with their obedient and sometimes introverted nature.

Although such a large-sized pet may not be recommended to be left around kids as their German parent is believed to be a dog that is prone to aggression.

However, the Black Mouth Cur is protective of kids, even to the point of defending kids when parents or guardians are disciplining them.

Are They Good With Other Dogs & Pets?

This dog may require early socialization to get along well with other dogs and pets. Else, their high prey drive instinct might come into play.

They will get along well with pets that grew up with them and are well acquainted.

How Much do Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Puppy Cost?

Though a rare hybrid, you may find this breed at any breeder with GSDs and Black Mouth Curs for sale.

Still, buying this mixed breed or other unpopular crosses is quite difficult because only a few breeders are interested in breeds without Kennel Club recognition.

Still, While it isn’t expensive, it isn’t cheap either. Expect to buy a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd mix puppy between $500 to $1000. 

The cost would depend on the breeder and the location.

Bear in mind that cheaper pups may not be bred appropriately, thus, leading to complications in the future. 

Getting a pup from a reputable breeder is always advisable. The breeder should provide documents and answer your questions with proof, not empty guarantees.

Want to consider adoption?

The hybrid may be easily obtained from adoption agents, where fees may be paid to cover the cost of caring for the puppies before it is adopted. This may cost about $300 to 350.

It is also possible to find them at animal shelters as many dogs are stray, abandoned, or lost.

Remember to ask questions before you adopt. Some of these shelters tend to provide more information than some breeders.

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Caring for a Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix

Food & Nutrition

Dogs can get certain nutrients from feeding on vegetables and other sources, excluding meat.

However, this breed requires a lot of animal protein and a considerate amount of fat to replenish its energy and muscle growth.

To avoid overfeeding, their meal quantity must be measured and fed appropriately according to their age, weight, size, and energy level.

 Active dogs may require a higher calorie intake than less active canines.

A puppy’s feeding requirement is also different from an adult and senior dog’s.

Hence, it is safer to consult your vet regularly to ensure it’s getting the suitable amount of meals for its size and nature.

Also, the dog’s parent breed is prone to specific conditions like hip dysplasia.

So, you may want to watch your dog for an excess weight that may result in obesity or trigger these ailments.


This mix results from two energetic dogs; hence they will undoubtedly make active dogs. 

The German Shepherd is described as an athletic canine that will need lots of mental and physical exercise.

The American Kennel Club recommends exercising the puppy from daily strolls and other play sessions in a fenced area.

Dogs with hunting histories are bound to stray off if not watched or kept in a secured place, no matter how obedient they seem. 

On the other hand, the Black Mouth Cur has a history as a hunting dog, making it an active breed.

Therefore, you must exercise your pup appropriately to help keep it fit and happy, as active dogs are prone to acting rebellious when they are left to lie around in boredom.

This makes these canines ideal for owners with ample land space to run freely and work out.

Training & Socialization

These crossbreeds are highly trainable and would carry out tasks properly.

They can help guard the home and keep away unwanted strangers, but this attitude can rub off on strangers who may not be harmful.

The best way to curtail this is to start with early training and socialization.

If they are not socialized or trained early, they may become too sensitive to perceive everyone that’s not family as a threat.

Grooming Needs

Grooming may depend on which parent’s coat your mix breed takes after. 

The German Shepherd has a more dense coat, which can be slightly longer than the Black Mouth Cur’s coat.

If your pup takes after the former, it may require more cleaning attention than the latter.

Your breed should not be bathed regularly as excessive bathing can rip them off their natural coat oil.

Both parent breeds shed, so frequent brushing is needed to help keep their shedding in check. 

Dental hygiene is essential for your pup as well. Make sure to brush their teeth at least a few times a month to help prevent issues like toothaches. 

Ear cleaning is necessary for many pups as they are mainly prone to an ear infection. 

Nails and paws should be kept short and neat for a domestic pet that may have contact with its human owners.

You do not want to get scratched while playing with your big companion pooch.

Health Conditions 

No dog is immune to genetic diseases. That said, this mix breed is prone to a few conditions, just like its parent breeds.

Some of these ailments include:

Ear Infection

This is very common to many breeds and can result from ears not being kept dry either due to frequent swimming or floppy ears that would not allow for air passage.

The symptoms of ear infection may include itching, discharge, swelling. 

Once these are noticed, kindly reach out to your veterinarian to advise on the medications that would help treat it.

Endeavor to keep your dog’s ears clean and dry always.

Hip Dysplasia

This is also a common and more severe situation that often affects the hip bone of large or even medium-sized dogs.

Regular checkups, proper feeding habits, and exercise can help get away from such ailment.

Eye Infection

This is a mild condition but should be paid attention to avoid worst-case outcomes.

You may want to watch out if your dog has itchy or swollen eyes, as early detection and treatment are vital.


This health problem can be hereditary or a result of a defect connected to the brain.

Regular checkups can help detect such issues early and can be treated with anti-epileptic medication.


The main cause of bloat in dogs isn’t known but may be due to meals eaten and lack of exercise.

This condition can be dangerous enough to kill your pup if not detected early.

You must take your dog to the vet if any form of discomfort is noticed. 


What is a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd mix called?

They can be called the German Black Mouth Cur or the Black Mouth Cur Shepherd.

How big do Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd mixes get?

The parent breeds are medium to large size dogs; hence expect the mix to be in the same range weighing up to 100 pounds with a height reaching 28 inches.

Do Black Mouth Curs bark a lot?

This dog breed is known to bark even during hunting rarely. Hunters find them more helpful as they can get to their animal victims quietly. 

However, a mixed breed may emerge as noisy if not properly socialized.

Why is the mouth of the Black Mouth Cur breed dark?

The Black Mouth Cur gets its name from its apparent dark mouth region resulting from intense pigmentation, although their bodies can come in different colors like yellow, red, black, etc.

Final Thoughts

Crossbreeding is often done to help balance certain defects and create a more desirable breed.

If you are an experienced owner that may want an active dog as a pet and at the same time enjoy the benefit of having a guard dog, then the Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix may be the right choice for you. 

No dog is perfect, and the best way to get the best dog companion is to commence training and socialization at the puppy stage, rather than wait till they are grown to have minds of their own.

Be sure to note that this breed may not be suitable for someone with allergies as they shed all year round.

Asides from that, they can make great buddies and an ideal pet if adequately cared for.

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