10 Best Prong Collars for German Shepherds In 2023

Are you a proud owner of a German Shepherd?

Or are you having trouble with your new pet who might be giving you a hard time getting trained?

If yes, you are not alone.

Dogs have their moods, and sometimes it can be frustrating or even dangerous when they simply don’t listen.

Especially when it comes to large build dog breeds like German Shepherds, who have superb instincts and endurance, you surely need these all-purpose canines with you all the time.

In case your dog doesn’t listen to your commands, you can simply use a prong collar for correction.

The prong collar is designed to distribute the pull all around the neck instead of a single location, which is usually the dog’s throat.

This helps to tackle the danger of getting suffocated.

So, knowing that such a tool can actually be very useful in the long run, here’s an in-depth review of the top 10 best prong collar for German Shepherd to make it a no-brainer for you.

So, let’s dive right into it!

Supet – Dog Prong Collar

With this particular Supet – Dog Prong Collar, you don’t have to intimate your dog by screaming at them anymore!

Simply pull the training collar, and they are all set to obey your commands.

The collar is comfortable enough to spread pressure naturally and mimic how their mother treats their pups.

This prong collar features smooth and rounded collars that ensure you never harm your dog and give a slight pinching sensation every time they cross the line.

It has a quick-release snap and you can always add more links by attaching pliers to his incredible prong collar.

Mayerzon – Dog Prong Training Collar

What makes this incredible Mayerzon – Dog Prong Collar for German Shepherd better than the rest is how the manufacturer makes sure your little fur buddy never gets hurt during training sessions.

Just like how dog mothers discipline their ups with their teeth, the prong mimics exactly that by gently adding pressure to help them to stop barking.

Considering how it is made up of stainless steel, the collar is built to last for as long as you want.

The custom-designed offers a secure and quick release buckle for added convenience.

You can also feel free to remove your dog from the leash and let them enjoy it with no effort whatsoever.

Aheasoun – Dog Prong Training Collar

Are all the training methods failing you and the regular leash isn’t doing the trick?

Well, this may be the time you consider this useful Aheasoun Dog Prong Training Collar that can do the work for you.

It is a perfect way to train your stubborn German Shepherd all while making sure they don’t hurt themselves during the process.

The small metal rings linked together can have a stimulating effect on another canine nipping at the neck.

Just like a chain bracelet, it also features adjustability which eliminates any sort of sizing problem that you have.

Darkyazi – Durable Pinch Collar

The Darkyazi – Durable Pinch Collar is excellent to train aggressive dogs who are difficult to bear in your day to day life.

The pinch collar features a stylish design with smooth tips for that ever needed comfort and satisfaction from your end.

The metal buckle ensures no harm comes to your favorite buddy and reinforces fastness for easy on and off.

You can totally count on this incredible collar for training all kinds of dogs and can remove them once your dog is disciplined.

Quick Release Dog Training Collar

This Quick Release Dog Training Collar is a German-made prong collar that offers a quick-release Chrome martingale that replaces the traditional fastener plate with a custom easy to use the snap buckle to instantly improve your performance.

The style even applies pressure around the neck instead of a sudden jerk that can make matters worse.

The additional blunt-cut rubber tips on every gear can instantly improve the experience for not only your dog but your convenience as well.

The pinch collar is a great type of metal chain that keeps his neck secure and offers a quick snap feature to help you easily take off and on.

With this, you can rest assured to teach your dog to respond faster and gradually sharpen your dog’s skill no matter how severely aggressive he is.

Companet – Dog Prong Collar with 5 FT Leash

The Companet Dog Prong Collar is an excellent choice for necessary taring pressure all while making sure to protect the airway and neck sensitive area of dogs.

It helps add strength and durability to unravel the true potential of your pet.

Other than that, it offers adjustable lengths suitable for dog breeds not just your German Shepherd for added benefit.

The collar comes with smooth rubber caps, which make sure there are no sharp ends to harm or pinch your dog.

Another benefit of this prong collar is that it comes with removable spikes so you can use it as a regular collar when there is no need for a prong collar.

Let’s look at some other pros and cons of this tool to help you make an informed decision.

Herm Sprenger – Black Stainless Steel Prong Dog Training Collar

The Herm Sprenger Black Steel Prong Dog Collar is all you need to get your dog to be the best version of himself.

It is known as the best prong collar for German Shepherds as it fits snuggly just their ears and comes with slightly beveled prog tips and interlocking links to help aid adjustability.

As if this wasn’t already enough the collar is ideal to be used on aggressive dogs who are too difficult to manage and allows you to effortlessly pull the collar when they act up.

One of the things that make dog owners go head over heels for this specific prong collar is how the black German stainless steel will not rust regardless of how many years you use it.

Aheasoun – Prong Collar for Dogs

The adjustable size and perimeter of the Aheasoun Dog Training Collar can be adjusted to 23.8 inches depending on how loose or tight you want to go.

The high strength material of the Aheasoun prong collar can endure the intense movement of your dog and can add or remove individual chains to fit your dog as needed.

It is armed with silver coating for links and can provide the ever needed stability for long periods of time.

Once it is stepped up, it serves to get even pressure all across your pup’s neck and protects him against choking by using its rubber tips and slight pressure.

Not just this, the collar has been recommended by countless trainers due to its stainless steel properties.

It offers an incredibly safe approach for your little (stubborn) ones and creating a healthy method to teach obedience and tricks faster.

With this, you can eliminate violent shouting and strict measures that can do more good in the long run.

SuReady – Stainless Steel Dog Chole Pinch Training Collar

Wouldn’t that be awesome if you get your dog to learn everything you want without being too strict with them?

Yes, you read that right.

With SuReady you can easily get them to listen to your command simply by giving slight pulls every time they are going off track.

But why is this the best option among the sea of other prong collars?

This specific collar offers premium quality stainless steel and silver coating that is voiced by all the experts out there.

With proper use, you can use the D ring feature for better fastening and thus the connection with your dog to help you learn more effectively than with any other method.

Additionally, this best prong collar for German Shepherd assembles from 9 prong links that can be placed directional toward one direction to drive the pressure away from the trachea and protect the sensitive areas of your German Shepherd.

Although it may not be the most pretty piece your dog would ever wear, I can certainly vouch for the comfort and practicality that will make it easier to bear the long days of training.

Ram-Pro Dog Training Collar Large Pinch Collar

If your dog is too strong for leashes, you can never go wrong with the robust build of the Ram-Pro Dog Training Collar that can be adjusted to suit your dog’s strength.

It helps keep things under control by using a metal probe and reflective strap to ensure safety at all times.

With this, it would take much time till your dog understands why barking excessively is not oaky in your area and how irritating sounds can be a nuisance.

The metal ring provides a secure and arbitrary leash attachment point all while keeping rusting aside.

The prong collar links feature is what every dog owner would want in their prong collar. This means you can effectively protect your fur buddy’s neck during intense training and behavior control.

This is indeed a better way to get your dog to understand your values rather than counting on a third party professional where you’ll be missing out on the quality time spent indulging in fun training and early morning walk with your best friend.

Therefore this can be the best choice if personalization and quality time is what you prioritize the most with your dog.

Can I Use a Prong Collar on a Puppy?

The answer isn’t as simple as you may think.

Sure, a prong collar is a great way to communicate and get our message across without yelling or other harsh techniques.

But if your dog is only a few weeks old they are too young for formal obedience training.

Although just like the ones mentioned above, all collars are equipped with the right safety measures to help keep your dogs safe at all times, let’s not forget how uncomfortable it is for pups to train in tight collars which they aren’t even ready to bear

If the puppies are too hard to control, try diverting their attention to a chewy toy or another activity.

Regardless you shouldn’t start obedience training until they come at approximately 4-5 months of age and are perfectly healthy.

How to Size a Dog Collar?

Where the right side of a dog collar can bring countless perks with it, a wrong one can do the opposite.

Therefore, it’s best you properly measure your German shepherd’s neck before beginning your hunt for the pinch collar.

Here is the standard way of measuring and universal sizes to help you do the trick.

If the dog collar is:

  • Snug and are able to fit two fingers between the dog’s neck and collar = 6 – 8″
  • 5-10 lbs = 8 – 12″
  • 10-25 lbs = 10 – 14″
  • 55 lbs = 14 – 20″
  • 75 lbs = 16 – 26″
  • 756 lbs = 24-30″

However, these are just general measures.

To accurately measure your dog, always make sure to start to form the center hole for a true neck size to let the collar fit.

Remember, there should never be any sort of guesswork. If you do, be ready to encounter many sizing issues with the prong collar.

Although each collar comes with 1-2 hoes for adjustability, it’s best you go for the right fit initially.

Now, how can you do that?

Take a measuring tape and measure the area where collars typically sit. It’s always best to have one finger slip through the collar for added comfort.

Before you go on to buy the collar headfirst, it’s important to understand that prong can be less painful when you have the right kind of it.

Quality prong collars are specially designed to do the tasks to provide negative reinforcement in the event of misbehaving.

Here a good collar is essential to keep his skin safe regardless of how many times you pinch your dog.

How is a Prong Collar Supposed to Fit?

The optimum fit of the prong collar should fit snug.

Neither too tight nor too loose, just enough to prevent choking and have a considerable amount in case your dog gains or loses weight during the process.

Remember, the correct position can also play a big role here.

Make sure it is always placed right behind the ears and under the jaw to have effective results.

As for the other part of the collar, it must hook onto the leash by facing upward, just behind your dog’s ears.


There are many tools available on the market that can help you to train your dog, but the best one so far has been found to be a prong collar.

Such a collar is also known as a pinch collar, although it has nothing to do with pinching or hurting the dog.

In fact, it does exactly the opposite of it. The collar can be an excellent tool to prevent your dog from getting hurt.

So, it’s something you ought to have especially if you have a German Shepherd at home.

In this article, we looked at some of the best prong collars available on the market with their pros and cons so that you can easily choose one depending on your requirements and budget.

However, before you use this product on your dog it is recommended to do a little research on how to use it properly.

Some people have reported negatively about the benefits of this tool simply because they had been using it all wrong.

Once you know how to use it properly, you will definitely be able to train your dog yourself and in a short span of time.

Even after all the effort of training your dog with a prong collar, if you’re unable to get your dog to be obedient, it’s best to count on a certified dog trainer who will be experienced enough to use the prong collar the right way.

Remember, if you are unaware of the procedure, it can actually do more harm than good.

So, seek consultancy from a certified trainer and enjoy the everlasting effects on your fur buddy.

I hope you found this guide helpful and are not all set to spend a wonderful time with your pet.

Good luck!

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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