6 Best Raincoats for German Shepherds In 2023

Most dogs, especially short-haired ones, require raincoats while stepping outside in the rain.

The bitterly cold weather won’t take a single second to make your little furry friend sick and not to mention how annoyed they feel after coming back from wet streets.

However, getting raincoats for dogs is no easy job. They don’t really like wearing wear raining coats either.

Therefore, you need to carefully select the best raincoat for a German Shepherd that is not only comfortable to wear but must be resistant enough to keep your fur buddy dry and warm at all times.

Here’s an honest guide on the best raincoat for the German Shepherd that you can find on the market today and answers to your top burning questions to help cut.

So, let’s get started!

HDE – Dog Raincoat

Crafted from 100% polyester, this waterproof HDE Dog Raincoat is all you need to keep your dog comfortable at all times.

It features a high viability reflective material used to keep German Shepherds safe even in the dark and areas with low visibility.

If you travel with your dog frequently, this raincoat makes it effortless by using an easily foldable raincoat for storage that can be taken out in hiking trailers, beaches, and parks.

Other than that, if you are unsure of which size it is, armed with an easy to secure adjustable belly strap with a secure fit to make sure it doesn’t come off during windy days.

HAPEE – Dog Raincoat with Reflective Strip Hoodie

Runner up on my list is this incredible HAPEE Dog Raincoat for Large Dogs manufactured to suit your German Shepard of all sizes specifically.

Just like the one mentioned above, it also features a reflective design for improved visibility, lightweight and waterproof materials, so your dog doesn’t have to struggle in the rain.

One thing that makes it stand above the rest is its high breathability and easy-to-wear properties, making it a favorite for many dogs.

With this, you can rest assured to give your dog the freedom to enjoy the rain and return home in a healthy state.

Mile High Life – Dog Raincoat

What if I say you get a raincoat that also comes with a convenient hole for the leash? Yes, you read that right!

This outstanding Mile High Life Raincoat offers a leash for added practicality, collar leash connection, and easy closures to ensure your dog stays safe in and out of the house.

The raincoat is designed to fit your dog from head to toe and is armed with a wide range of colors to compel him to wear it during bad weather.

It also features a reflective stripe for those ever-needed evening walks with our fur buds for added practicality.

With this, you don’t have to compromise with his comfort at all.

The premium lightweight breathable water fabric is made to prove comfort and adequate air ventilation used in human raincoats.

RC Pets – Packable Dog Rain Poncho

RC Pets is all about providing security. Not only for your dog but in this purchase too.

The manufacturers make sure to repair or replace all of their broken or damaged goods for your peace of mind.

The adjustable Velcro waistband offers a leash access hole for added convenience.

It is excellent for long-haired German Shepherds and provides a waterproof raincoat that can do the trick for you.

Carhartt – Pet Firm Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat

The hook and loop closure adds to its long list of perks, and the water repellent coating on the Carhatt Dog Chore Coat can serve its purpose quite well.

It comes with two rivets reinforced pockets and a quilted nylon lining for added warmth for your dog.

It is easy to clean up to help you toss it in the machine with colors, no bleach, and tumble dry.

You get to have a wide array of sizing options for improved size adjustability and accuracy.

Vizpet – Dog Raincoat

Whether it is the casual morning walk or a trip to your dog’s favorite park, you now have the flexibility to go anywhere, anytime, without letting the bad weather affect your normal days.

The Fluorescent green color and the two reflective stripes go the extra mile to keep your dogs safe and come with a built-in leash slot to help us clip the leash with no hassle whatsoever.

Unlike most Raincoats that can irritate your dog, the Vizpet Dog Raincoat is specifically designed with a healthy soft material to make it easier for them to wear regularly.

The raincoat keeps your dog’s health in check by offering a wide variety of sizes from small to XXXL, ensuring your German Shepard is protected from everywhere.

How To Fit Your Dog For A Raincoat

Now that you have the best raincoat for German Shepherd, I’m sure you must have noticed that not all of them are true to size.

So how do you make sure you don’t stumble upon the same problem?

For this, you need nothing but a measuring tape!

Get your dog and measuring tape to get started on this journey.

If your dog is a wriggle, it’s never a bad idea to keep a few treats with you to help him go through the process.

The main areas that need to be measured are neck, back length, and torso.


Use the measuring tape to find out the length from the base of the collar to the bottom of the tail.

This will be the most important factor to consider while buying the first raincoat for your dog.


You will measure his neck-the area where you usually place the collar.


Have a look at your dog. What’s his widest part in the chest?

Use that area around your dog’s chest behind the front to find out the grit.

As a general rule of thumb, your dog’s coat should cover his entire body, but this isn’t something that you always get to find.

Depending on your preference (more like your dog’s), you can either go for the jacket style or blanket style raincoat.

Here the jacket style should provide full coverage, including shoulders, stomach, thighs, and chest.

Whereas the blanket style only rests on top of your dog’s back while the edges hang on either side of his shoulders.

How Do You Walk Your Dog When it’s Raining?

If you like to make sure that no bad weather comes in your way of indulging a good day with your dog, you may need to go the extra mile to ensure his safety as well.

Here are some of the things you can do while walking your dog in the rain.

Keep Paws Dry

Dog paws are imperative to them. health. First, try to go for rain boots as they can prevent slipping and keep your house clean.

However, just like most German shepherds, if your dog also doesn’t like feeling restricted in boots, make sure to clean their paws right after he steps into the house.

Dog Vest Underneath Raincoat For Warmth

Rain can make your dogs prone to sickness.

Therefore, put on a vest or jumper underneath their raincoats to help keep him warm and dry.

However, some raincoats are available, like Carhartt Pet Firm Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat, which comes with a thicker nylon fiber to have the same effect.

Seasonal Allergies

Monsoon calls for endless seasonal allergies for your fur buddies.

Therefore, if your dog is already prone to allergies, try to avoid outdoors as much as possible.

If not, you should watch out for any behavioral change that can indicate any seasonal allergy in your dog.

If in doubt, never hesitate to count on your veterinarian to find out the problem.


Sure, getting outdoors is excellent for not only your health but for your German Shepherds too.

However, you can further enhance this experience by gearing up your dog in the rain-appropriate clothing that will keep him safe throughout the journey.

Although choosing the best raincoat for German Shepherd is an entirely personal choice, if you ask me, you can never go wrong with the HDE Dog Raincoat.

That raincoat is packed with advanced features to provide a fantastic opportunity for bonding between you and your pet.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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