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Many people have dog pets, but very few can do training for them to their desired standards. It’s not just taking authority or chaining him up. On the other hand some grow a soft corner for their pets in a short while and act as per their wishes. Both of them are very wrong way to give any relationship a proper robust sustainability, letting alone the pet-master one. It’s just like a relationship between a father and a child. A child wants many-a-things, but the father should be sensible enough to know the threshold and the limits. Some fathers are afraid to cross the threshold, which grows a sense of deprivation in the child and some are afraid to be strict enough to draw the limits, presuming it to grow a distance between them.

Dog Training

But the parents who can strike a balance between these two are the ideal ones whose kids become the envy of all. But it isn’t that hard to be a good pet-parent, all you need is the right amount of patience, attentiveness and awareness. Patience gives you the sense of authority and tolerance at the same time, attentiveness makes the dog understand how precious he is to you and awareness lets you know when to pull and when to loosen up the thread. For the rest of it, here it comes:

Dogs to be heard: Dog Training

Listening is one of the most important pillars in any human relationship and in this very domain dogs are very much like humans. Try to understand the likes and dislikes of your dog. If your dog is not that comfortable to meet another dog or a person, don’t force him to socialize. Most importantly you should be attentive enough to understand his grudges and once you have done that, he will respect your decisions too. But if you start forcing and project a very dominating master-like personality, the effect can be much more serious than you can imagine of. Remember that every creature respects co-existence unless and until its personal space and desires are not in danger.

Generously cautious: Dog Training

Most of the people notice only the bad things that one does, and a single act of mischief often overpowers all the good traits of that person. Dogs are more prone to this injustice, because they are pets and thus taken for granted. But if you don’t acknowledge their goodness, with the flow of time they will get desperate and won’t even give a thought about the repercussions, resulting in disobedience and ignorance. So, once they have done something good, appreciate them. They might be small and innocuous, but if you notice them closely and convey your sincere regards, then your pet will certainly think before doing something wrong. Sometimes small things are the most important things in need of the most explicit acknowledgements.

What to be fed: Dog Training

Many-a-times people think that the marketed foods are the best suitable for their dogs. But does he really enjoy it? There are a lot of products that are going round the marketplace, but how many do you like yourself? Some people prefer pizzas to burgers, some sausages to salamis—this variation is not uncommon even in dogs. Try to gauge which foods they really like. And it’s not a bit unusual for them to crave for the homemade stuffs much more than the packaged pet-foods. Some dogs like harder food while some like soft stuffs; it’s your responsibility to understand his bent. Try to simulate their tastes from their facial expressions and try to change the menus from time to time, because the most ordinary pickle can delight a person if coming after a long time.

Negation is ambiguous

Dogs are very good at following instructions, but only if they are really informative and unambiguous. Remember that he doesn’t possess the human intelligence to simulate the ‘yes’ from a ‘no’. For example, suppose he’s tucking up your child’s cot and you say ‘no’; now he may start to lick your child’s palms. But if you instruct him to sit down, then he knows what you want. Sometimes their behavior can irritate you to such an extent that you may end up beating him up as hard as you can, but most of the time it’s your own faulty instructions that confuse him and he starts doing something more awful, more irritating.

Consistency is the success-code

To do training your dog, the dos and don’ts need to be made very clear and candid. It’ll be best to let all your family members use the same instruction for a certain task. For example, if you want your dog to eat his meal, you use the keyword ‘eat’ whereas your father uses the term, ‘gobble’. Now comes the confusion. If the dog’s a timid one, he may be giving a blank stare and if he’s naughty, he will do what he wants to do at the very moment—both the reactions resulting from a common cause, miscommunication. To avoid this inconsistency within your household, training your dog before all the other members, so that they also come to know what is what. This’ll actually accelerate the dog training procedure.

Don’t deceive yourself with unrealistic expectations

A behavior which is practiced for long gets ingrained in the brain and takes a lot of time to change. Remember that your dog is no super-dog, who can change a long-practiced behavior just in a moment; even you can’t. Suppose you didn’t seem to care about his behavior with your guests for quite some time—as because they were dog-lovers and your friends as well. But suddenly you have an aunt coming to your home, who is pretty afraid of dogs. But your dog will certainly try to lick her feet or climb up her thighs. In these situations take proper measures without blaming your dog, rather start to adjust him slowly to this new behavior.

Quality foods must not be underestimated

People tend to ignore the benefits that a wholesome food can provide to their dogs. Your dog may get out of home only in the evening—then his protein intake should be much less than the one who attend to a herd of sheep all day long. There is no the nutrition; the necessary nutrition depends on the dog’s physique, his activities and behavior. Your dog may be a very lazy one, then too much of food will cause him go overweight. But it’s best to consult your veterinarian to plan for the dog’s diet. And right kind of food also keeps the diseases away which can save a lot of your money in future. So, pay more attention to his nutrition, it’s as important as your child’s.

As you sow, so shall you reap

Sometimes you surrender before his wrongdoings just for momentary peace. But this solution can act as a major trouble later. The dog gets used to your gullible character and he tries to force you more and more. Suppose, he brings a toy for you to play with. When you let him know, that you’re busy, he may start to bark; but you have to be stern at this very moment to get him well-training dog and well-mannered for the future. Strictness complements your pampering and both of these are necessary for a proper dog training. The solution is to keep your calm and ask him to do something that you want, just to distract his mind and his behavior will change automatically.

Don’t bribe—reward instead

It’s a very common practice to get a job done through bribery. Even you does it to your dog. Surprised? Let’s take an example, your dog doesn’t want to go out. Now what will you do? You assure him a round of game if he goes out. And he immediately does so. So what’s the problem? The problem is that, you can’t get him out of the house without playing with him in future. You are bribing him and he’s not prepared to do anything without that bribe. Instead, if you reward him with touches, games and food after he has done something really good, he will come to know its worth and he will continue to respect your decisions.


Who doesn’t want liberty? But the value of it remains unknown to most of the people and they give unbounded freedom to their newly adopted pets. This causes accidents, unwanted and unprecedented incidents resulting in bitterness and agitation. So, first let your pet know the household bit by bit, before getting complete access to your household. The best way is to tether him to you and roam about the house. He will now get a sense of control as well as a controlled visibility which will be broadening with time. After this procedure is completed, he will be ready to attain the position of a family member. Too much of freedom or too much of restrictions, both are equally bad. The master should know how to strike a chord between these two. At the end of the day, it’s just like parenting.

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