Do Corgis Bark A Lot? (Solved!)

Are you planning to adopt a corgi?

If so, you need to know everything about corgis. Only when you are aware of their behavior as well as their temperament can you adopt a corgi.

One of the essential questions you need to find the answer to is, do corgis bark a lot?

That will help you understand whether you can keep them at your home easily or not.

If corgis bark continuously or quite frequently, they might disturb your neighbors as well. That is why it is essential to know the answer to this question.

I will answer this question below in great detail below.


Do Corgis Bark A Lot?

Yes, corgis bark a lot. Seldom you will find a corgi that is quiet or who does not bark that much.

However, there is a positive side to corgis as well. Corgis are extremely intelligent and obedient. That is why training them is undoubtedly easy.

Now that you are aware that corgis bark a lot, it is time to look at the reasons behind the same.

Why Do Corgis Bark?

There are quite a few reasons why corgis might bark.

Most of these reasons are quite similar to why the other breeds of dogs bark a lot.

I will go into the details of all these reasons below.

1. Hunger

The number 1 reason why corgis bark is because they are hungry. There is no other way for them to indicate the same.

As a pet owner, you should, of course, be aware of the eating schedule of your corgi.

If it is past your dog’s eating time and the corgi starts barking, it is a sign that the corgi is hungry.

In that case, you need to feed your corgi.

Thus, hunger is one of the main reasons why corgis bark a lot.

2. Boredom

Corgis like to spend a lot of time around the family members as well as the pet owner. When you do not allow them to do the same, they will get bored as well.

Corgis always like to indulge in some of the other activity. If they remain in a single place for a long time, they get bored.

When the corgi become bored, they are likely to bark a lot to find some activity.

Barking is similar to another activity to them.

Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem.

Once you detect that the corgi is barking due to boredom, you can solve the problem in a jiffy. I will cover the solution to the same below.

3. Discomfort

Another reason why a corgi might bark a lot is because of discomfort.

  • Is your corgi injured?
  • Is your corgi not in his/her usual place?
  • Is the bed of your corgi torn?

If the answer to these questions is yes, it might indicate that the corgi is in discomfort.

When the corgi is in distress, they might bark a lot. It might indicate that the corgi might not be able to rest.

When your corgi is barking consistently, it might be time to inspect the personal space of your corgi as well as the body of your corgi for any injuries.

It is another thing that you need to keep in mind when your corgi is barking a lot.

4. Extra Energy

Corgis are a ball of energy. They need to expend that energy to calm themselves and to stay in one place.

If you do not provide them with an avenue to expend the energy, they will start barking.

They will start to expend the energy through barking.

Not only that, they indicate through barking that they need some exercise. They will crave your attention through barking as well.

If you do not help them expend their energy even after barking, they will continue barking for a long time to expend their energy.

Imagine a corgi barking for an hour or so. Wouldn’t that be really irritating?

Thus, the fact that corgi is barking for a long time indicates that they might have extra energy to expend.

These are essentially the most common reasons why corgis bark a lot.

Now that you are aware of the reasons, it is important to understand how often corgis bark. I will cover this below.

How Often Does A Corgi Bark?

In case the corgis are untrained, they will bark throughout the day. I am not exaggerating.

When you get an untrained corgi, you need to make it undergo obedience training. Fortunately, due to their excellent intelligence, they are easy to train as well.

Once you train them, you can reduce their frequency of barking.

The reason why corgis bark so much is that they are hard dogs. That is why they conform to the behavior of other corgis as well.

Since in the older days, corgis barked a lot in herds, that trait has imbibed in a corgi till today as well.

While you might reduce their barking instinct to a certain degree you cannot eliminate it. You have to keep this factor in mind when training them.

There are a few other ways in which you can help your corgis reduce their barking.

How To Handle Excessive Barking?

I will now highlight a few ways to handle the excessive barking of your corgis.

1. Use Treats To Your Advantage

One way to reduce the barking of your corgis is to use the treats to your advantage.

But a treat in this case has a multipurpose. Not only, it calms your dog down, but it also distracts them.

Moreover, sooner than later, your corgis will understand that they will receive a treat if they stop barking.

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With the help of treats, you can encourage your corgis to keep quiet.

There are numerous such [amazon link=”B076M96F67″ title=”treats” link_icon=”amazon” /] available on Amazon which do not deteriorate the health of your corgi.

That is why you can use such treats numerous times throughout the day to encourage your corgi’ good behavior.

2. Distract Your Dog

Distractions always work when you want to stop corgis from barking.

The best way to distract your dog is to use a puzzle toy.

The puzzle toys will mentally stimulate your corgis. When they are mentally stimulated and have activity like a puzzle to solve, they will not continue barking.

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Since corgis are extremely intelligent, they are attracted to puzzle toys as well. Once that happens, you will not have to worry about them barking as well.

Not only that, corgis are extremely curious about new toys as well.

That is why, when introducing them to puzzle toys, they will focus all their attention on the [amazon link=”B0711Y9XTF” title=”puzzle toy” link_icon=”amazon” /].

So, there are multiple ways in which a puzzle toy can help you out when you want to prevent your corgis from barking.

3. Help Them Exercise

As I have highlighted above, extra energy is one of the main reasons why corgis bark a lot. They try to expend that energy through barking.

When you want to prevent your corgis from barking, you need to help them expend that energy through exercise.

There are various exercises in which you can involve your corgi like:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Playing fetch
  • Playing with a Frisbee

And so on…

When you indulge in any such activity along with your corgi, they will expend their energy. Once they expend their energy, they do not continue barking.

You can easily buy a ball launcher for your corgi as well if you’re not able to give proper time to them.

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Such [amazon link=”B0162O3MYS” title=”ball launchers” link_icon=”amazon” /] can launch the ball at a specific distance once you set the same. They will continuously launch the balls, which will keep your corgi occupied.

Once your corgi is occupied and expends his/her energy, it will not continue barking.

Thus, the point being, once corgis indulge in some of the other exercises, excessive barking will not occur.

4. Hire A Professional Trainer

Another way in which you can prevent your corgis from barking is with the help of obedience training.

The problem is that when you conduct the training yourself, the effectiveness of the training might get reduced.

A better idea is to hire a professional trainer.

The professional trainer will reduce the barking of corgis and help them listen to your commands as well.

Once you make them obedient, it will become easier to calm them down as well. When they calm down, they will not bark excessively.

Not only that, since they are an extremely loyal and intelligent breed, they can help you out in various household chores as well.

Even though the obedience training might seem expensive, the benefits of the same ensure that it is well worth it.

Hiring a professional trainer is one of the easiest ways to prevent your corgis from excessive barking.

These are the four ways in which you can prevent your corgis from barking a lot.

What Should You Do When Nothing Works?

In certain rare cases, it might so happen that even after trying out all the above tips, your corgi might not stop barking.

In that case, you need to try something else.

I will highlight a few such things which will help you stop the barking of your corgis.

1. Distract Your Dog

The very first thing which you need to do is to distract your dog. Your dog might be barking compulsively.

If a treat or a puzzle toy is not working, you need to try something else to distract your dog.

If you have a corgi barking indoors, the best way to do so is to turn on the television. Corgis are often attracted to television.

That is why, when you turn on the television, their attention will shift away from barking to television.

Once that happens, they will not bark compulsively.

It is one of the most obvious things you can do.

Another way to distract them is to pretend that you are going out.

In that case, their attention will move to either stopping you or going out with you.

Once again, the compulsive barking will stop as the attention of your corgi will get shifted.

2. Change The Location

The second thing which you can try out is to actually change the venue. For example, if the corgi is barking a lot indoors, you have to move outdoors along with your dog.

The change of venue is certain to distract your dog from barking.

Vice versa might be true as well. If your corgi can’t stop barking outdoors, you can move the corgi indoors as well.

3. Ask Your Family Members For Help

Many times, you need to break the monotony when your corgi is barking a lot.

The best way is to ask one of your family members to spend time with your dog.

However, introducing a new family member at that point in time is not a good idea. You have to ask a family member familiar with your dog and with whom your dog is also familiar.

In that case, your corgi might stop barking as well.

4. Start Playing On Your Own Accord

When your corgi is barking consistently, he or she might not get involved in playing any game. It is especially true when they are indulging in compulsive behavior.

Then, you have to start playing among your family members or with another dog in your pack.

Once you do so, the corgi will, of course, crave your attention and therefore stop barking and come play with you.

It is another way in which you can reduce the compulsive barking of your corgi.


Even after trying these strong measures, if your corgi does not stop barking, it might be time to contact a vet.

In that case, the barking of a corgi might indicate another problem.

So, yes, corgis do bark a lot. However, once you go through my guide above, you will know how to handle that.

Not only that, you will know the causes behind the excessive barking of the corgis as well. Thus, you shouldn’t be afraid of the excessive barking of your dogs.

You can easily handle it once you follow the tips above.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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