How Fast Can A Sheltie Run? (Solved)

Shelties are smart, loving, and bursting with energy. Due to their herding origins, they are also hard workers and extremely active.

These are all the qualities that make a good running companion. As we all know, running is one of the best ways to exercise.

It’s healthy and burns a bunch of calories. However, sometimes it can feel like a bit of a chore.

So, it’s best to make things more fun and have a lively companion join you on your jogging route.

Having a dog follow you on the run will make it much more enjoyable and less dull.

If you’re a Sheltie owner, you may be wondering if they make a good jogging companion as they don’t have the build of more popular running dogs.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive answer to this question and learn how fast can a Sheltie run and how long they can go.

So, let’s dive in!


How Fast Can A Sheltie Run?

As I already said, Shelties (or Shetland Sheepdogs) don’t have the lean and athletic body of the classic running dogs such as Greyhounds or Weimaraner.

With its sturdy body and short legs, it’s hard to expect Shelties to break any speed records.

Still, they can more than hold their own on the running course.

What they may lack in the body build department, they more than make up with high energy and strong drive.

Sheltie’s speed levels are among the average when we consider all breeds.

Despite their small stature, Shelties can sprint in the region of 15-19 miles per hour.

This may not seem like much compared to the fastest dogs but it’s more than enough to keep up with you when you go for a run.

In fact, it’s more likely that you’ll struggle to keep up with your Sheltie.

How Far Can Shelties Run?

A well-conditioned Sheltie can easily join you for 20-40 miles of running per week.

The limitless desire to be active can sometimes work against Sheltie. Because of their size and short legs, they have to invest a lot of energy into running.

And due to their high drive, they often fail to pace themselves and properly use their energy.

All this causes them to tire rather quickly.

So, despite their eagerness, they’re not the perfect dogs for running long distances.

If you’re preparing for a marathon, you’ll probably be better off with some other, more endurable, breed.

Still, when properly paced, Sheltie can join you for a fairly long run.

However, it’s crucial to plan the run so you’ll have rest periods and water breaks, allowing your Sheltie to recuperate themselves.

The distance a particular dog can run depends on several factors. Bloodline, age, and conditioning all play a part.

Are Shelties Good Running Partners?

Even though they’re not perfect for long distances, Shelties make great running partners.

They have a high work drive, love to be challenged, and are always happy to spend time with their owner.

They have a long history as a working breed and running around herding sheep was a standard part of their daily routine for centuries.

All this makes them very enthusiastic about running and eager to keep you company on your jogging route.

Running with Sheltie is beneficial for both you and your dog.

You get to make running more fun and spend time with your lovable four-legged friend while Sheltie gets a chance to release all the pent-up energy and have fun while doing it.

If not exercised enough, they’re known to become easily bored and even destructive.

Running provides them with necessary physical and mental stimulation.

Things To Pay Attention To When Running With Sheltie

As noted above, Shelties can get tired easily, so always be mindful and pay attention to any signs that your dog may seem overworked.

Incorporate occasional rest periods in your running plan and make sure to always bring water for your Sheltie.

Gradually conditioning your dog from a young age should make them more prepared and capable to withstand longer run routes.

Shelties do rather well in both cold and warm weather. However, due to their long coat, they may overheat when running on a hot day.

During summer, or if you live in a hot climate area, try to schedule your runs for early morning or late evening when it’s a bit colder outside.

In general, you should avoid taking your Sheltie for a run if the temperature is over 70 degrees. In addition, look for areas with more shade to run through.

At What Age Can Shelties Start To Run?

Just like anything in a dog’s life, there’s a certain time when it’s safe to have them join you for the runs.

Just because the Sheltie puppies are bursting with energy, it doesn’t mean that they’re ready to become your full-time running companions.

They shouldn’t be running long distances before they’re fully developed.

At a young age, their cartilage and joints are still developing and growing rapidly.

So, any excessive exercise will do more damage than good and put them at risk of long-term health issues.

Also, puppies, just like older dogs, still can’t properly regulate their body heat and are very prone to overheating.

Most experts recommend that you wait until they’re at least 12-18 months old to take them running.

Before that age, you can stimulate and condition them with lighter exercises, such as playing fetch, and walks around the neighborhood.


Every activity is more fun when done with dogs and running is no different.

If you’re a person who enjoys jogging and owns or plans to get a Sheltie, rest assured that it will make an awesome running buddy.

While they’re not natural runners, they’re more than capable of adapting to any task you put in front of them, including keeping you company on your runs.

Still, be aware that you’ll have to invest some effort in training and conditioning them while they’re young.

Running with your Sheltie will not only make your outing more fun but also help you create a stronger bond with your dog and keep it stimulated and healthy.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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