Belgian Malinois Male vs Female – Which One Is Better for You?

Dogs are great pets to have in your home. They are loyal, loving, and know how to make your day more exciting and special.

However, you might be wondering which dog breed is right for you.

Of course, there are tons of different breeds to choose from.

But, if you are thinking about getting a Belgian Malinois, I will be talking about this breed more here.

The Belgian Malinois is a smart dog that has a lot to offer its owners.

Not only are they excellent as guard dogs, but they are super loyal and are great companions to humans!

Still, which Belgian Malinois should you get for your home?

Is the male Malinois or female Malinois right for you?

In this post, I’ll talk about the differences between both genders.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about this breed here!


Overview of Belgian Malinois Male vs Female

Whether you get a female or male Malinois, you will be bringing a great pet into your home.

Again, Belgian Malinois is an ideal breed of dog.

They are great family pets and they love staying active and enjoy the outdoors. Both types of Belgian Malinois can be loyal and steadfast companions.

But, depending on what kind of lifestyle you have and what you are looking for in a dog, you might prefer one gender over the other.

Dogs do differ depending on their specific personalities. But if we are looking at general personality traits, you might want to get a female or male Malinois.

For instance, female Belgian Malinois tends to be easier to train. They aren’t as big as their male counterparts and they obey their owners better.

So, for someone who isn’t familiar with dog training, the female Malinois might be a better choice.

On the other hand, male Malinoises are harder to handle, but they have a more outgoing and curious nature to them. They like adventure more and are bigger dogs.

Again, this can differ depending on the specific dog. Still, I’ll talk about some other big differences between male and female Belgian Malinois.

This way you can make the right choice when it comes time to pick a pet!

Does it Matter if You Get a Female or Male Belgian Malinois?

Some people might wonder if it even makes a difference getting a female Malinois over a male Malinois.

Aren’t they both the same breed you might be thinking?

While it is true that both genders share similar traits due to their breed, there are some big differences to consider.

Not everyone thinks that gender is a big deal. But in terms of personality and size, this is something to consider.

As I talked about before, females are generally easier to take care of and to train.

Usually, their temperament will be more malleable and easygoing. On the other hand, male Malinois could be harder to handle.

This is because, on average, male dogs tend to show more aggression and can be more energetic and boisterous.

But, we have to take this with a grain of salt. Female and male Belgian Malinois are both affected by individual genetics and their hormone levels, as well.

What this means is that female Malinois can be just as athletic and capable as male Malinois.

And depending on individual factors some female dogs can act more typically masculine, while other male

Malinoises can act in a more “female” manner. In other words, gender is just one part of the equation.

It needs to be considered but it doesn’t determine everything about your dog.

Belgian Malinois Male vs Female Size

Belgian Malinois by Karsun Designs (CC BY-ND 2.0)

One of the most pronounced differences between genders is the size of your dog.

Both of these dogs tend to look similar in terms of coloring and facial shape.

They both have beautiful and lush brown fur with black accents. And they have nice big tails that, but there are a few differences in their build and look.

Male Belgian Malinois

You’ve probably guessed this already, but the male Malinois is usually much bigger than females.

Not only are they bigger in terms of body size, but they are also a little taller than females.

Looking at the specific measurements and data, males will be around sixty to eighty pounds. While having a good two to four inches of height on females.

This results in a height of twenty-four to twenty-six inches.

Another difference lies in muscular tone. Male Malinois is a little more muscular than females.

This isn’t to say that female Malinois can’t be strong, but males tend to be a little stronger.

Female Belgian Malinois

Females tend to be a bit smaller. The differences are not that pronounced.

Female Malinois comes in at a height of twenty-two inches to twenty-four inches.

But their weight can be a lot lower than males. They are usually forty to sixty pounds, which means that they can be twenty pounds lighter than their male counterparts.

Still, Malinois can differ depending on their specific genetics. So, it isn’t always easy to tell the genders apart.

So, considering their smaller stature, it might be easier to get a female Malinois if you are new to dogs.

Bigger dogs can be a lot harder to train and reign in.

Personality Differences Belgian Malinois Male vs Female

I talked about some general personality differences between males and females, but I’ll talk more in-depth in this section.

Consider that each dog can be unique, though. As these are only general traits that each gender may or may not possess.

Male Belgian Malinois

For males, you will find that Belgian Malinois is a lot more energy-filled and loving.

These dogs can be a little clumsy at times and they love being outdoors or doing anything that gets that blood pumping.

Part of this has to do with increased testosterone levels.

Your dog will get more antsy or annoyed when they don’t get the physical activity they need. Or if you don’t give them the right outlet for their energy they could become stubborn.

But this doesn’t mean that these are difficult dogs. You just need to know how to handle them and train them properly.

In addition, be aware that male Malinois can be more aggressive. They are not dangerous, but they do get territorial over their owners and their home.

And they bond deeply with certain people, so this makes them very loyal and protective at times.

Female Belgian Malinois

Females are equally loyal and steadfast to their owners, but they have a more subdued temperament.

They are not as headstrong as males, and they are a lot easier to manage on the whole.

This is because females mature and develope a lot more rapidly than male Malinois. And while males can be a little oblivious, females are more aware of their surroundings.

They are much more alert and cautious, and they are more mindful of their owners and their need for space.

Females love to have fun with their owners and can be energetic at times.

But they aren’t as open as males, and when they are around strangers they might be a little more overprotective than males.

So, this is something to consider. In addition, these dogs won’t latch onto a single member of your family.

They love everyone in their home equally. This makes them ideal as family pets!

Training Belgian Malinois Male vs Female

Belgian Malinois by Karsun Designs (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Belgian Malinois will give you a real workout as you try to train them.

Both dogs need to be kept active and given a lot of instruction to really get them trained and keep them healthy.

But, depending on the gender you will have an easier or harder time training your dog. This is where the option of male vs female might be more important to consider.

Male Belgian Malinois

As I have talked about throughout this post, male Malinois can be harder to handle on the whole.

It is not that you can’t train these dogs. But their rambunctious personality can make this task a real challenge.

And, your dog won’t mature as fast as its female counterparts, so you need to be strict with your dog. There isn’t any need to be cruel but it’s okay to be firm with them.

So, pay plenty of attention to your dog and make sure they get plenty of exercise to let out their energy!

Female Belgian Malinois

Female Belgian Malinois will be easier to train. But this doesn’t mean you can be laid back while you train them.

Though it is true that your dog will be more receptive to instruction and less stubborn.

Still, you need to be firm with females too. Like any puppy, female Malinois will be a little rowdy and wayward.

So, take your time teaching them how to behave properly. Females definitely have a better attention span, but they can get sidetracked.

You want to keep your puppy interested in training with treats and other toys.

Health Belgian Malinois Male vs Female

I talked about personality, training, and size differences, but what about the health of these dogs.

Are there any clear differences that you need to be made aware of?

Because your dog is purebred they could have certain health aliments that they are susceptible to.

In addition to this, though, your dog can also have gender-based health issues. I’ll talk more about this topic in this section of the post.

Male Malinois

Male Malinois have larger bones and more mass. So, they will be prone to more bone issues especially around their joints and hips.

A lot of males even end up getting hip dysplasia. Or even elbow dysplasia. What this means is that your dog’s hips and elbows can become unaligned.

This results in pain and lack of full mobility over time. Your dog won’t have a shorter life in comparison to a female.

But this issue can be painful for your dog nonetheless!

Female Malinois

Female Malinois is not as heavy and big as males, so bone issues won’t be as much of a concern for them.

Your female Malinois should have healthy bones and joints for most of their life.

But other health conditions could crop up in your dog, and these affect males, as well. Your dog could get cataracts, which is a form of blindness due to old age.

Males and females can also develop a type of cancer that infects the blood vessels with tumors.

So, it is important to make sure that your dog gets a yearly check-up with a vet. This way they can stay healthy and age well.

Socializing Belgian Malinois Male vs Female

Belgian Malinois by Karsun Designs (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Any dog needs to be trained and socialized around other people and pets. But, you could notice some differences depending on your dog’s gender.

Of course, some Malinois might react to people and other pets differently due to their own individual personalities.

Still, gender could play a role in how your pet interacts with others.

Male Belgian Malinois

For males, they will have a much easier time getting along with other pets and people. Again, males are more open than females and tend to be less wary.

But, this only happens if you train your dog early on and introduce them to people and other dogs.

Malinois, in general, can be protective of their owners. So, you want to keep this in mind.

Males can also be aggressive with other males. With other female dogs, your pet should not have any issues playing and interacting.

But, when there are other male Malinois and dogs, your dog could get a little aggressive.

You can prevent this behavior by introducing your pet to plenty of males when they are young.

Neutering your dog could also bring down their aggression levels.

And if you are having two male Malinoises living together, make sure they are introduced to each other when they are puppies.

This way there are no territorial disputes or major fights in your home.

Female Belgian Malinois

For female Malinois, they won’t be as aggressive, even with other females. But they can be a little distant from other dogs and people.

And they can really show their protective side with strangers. For the most part, they will be shy around other people and dogs, though.

So, you won’t have to worry about them attacking anyone. Still, make sure to socialize your female Malinois early on.

This way they can have a healthy social life.

Which Gender is Better For a Family?

Both of these dogs can be great pets for your home, but what if you have a family?

In general, I would say it is better to have a female Belgian Malinois if you have younger children.

It’s not that males are aggressive towards kids or would harm them intentionally. But as I talked about before, these dogs can be clumsy and oblivious at times.

This can cause them to knock over your kids and even nip at them when they shouldn’t.

On the other hand, females are much more aware and nurturing towards children. So, they make great family pets!

Females are lower energy, as well. So they won’t hurt your kids when they are playing with them. And they have more of a family-oriented mindset.

So, they will look out for their entire pack, not just their main owner!

Which Gender Works Better as a Guard Dog?

What about as a guard dog, which gender might be better, or are they both around the same in guarding abilities?

Well, both male and female Belgian Malinois can be great guard dogs. And both genders are used by the police and military!

All in all, both dogs are great at protecting people and things. Still, there are a few differences that might matter to you.

Males tend to be a little stronger and have more energy. This can be good for pursuing and keeping threats away in your home.

But females tend to have more agility and can be even more protective than males. Especially if you are out walking or in public, females are ideal to have as a guard.

So, it just depends on the situation. Both guard people well.


The Belgian Malinois is one of the best dogs you can get. Either male or female Malinois can help keep your home secure and protected.

And, both dogs are loyal and loving to boot. But depending on your skill level and lifestyle you might want one dog’s gender over the other.

Belgian Malinois is a high-energy dog that needs a lot of training and care. But females tend to be easier to care for and manage.

Males, on the other hand, can be a little harder to train. But they are great dogs that are open and friendly with people and pets.

Still, you want to be careful when you have them around other male dogs, as they can get aggressive.

The personality differences and size differences can make owning one gender more advantageous.

But, you need to remember that each dog has their own specific characteristics and personality traits.

These are only general behaviors that your dog might engage in. Overall, both males and females are Malinois can be amazing pets!

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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