Are Rough Collies Good Guard Dogs? (Solved!)

Are Rough Collies good guard dogs?

This is a question that most Rough Collies enthusiasts repeatedly ask.

And it is sensibly understandable why one would ask such a question given the striking physical appearance of this workaholic dog breed.

So, if you are wondering if a Rough Collie can make an excellent guard dog, then read on as I got you covered through this article.

I will provide you with a candid answer as to whether or not a Rough Collie can make a good guard dog.

I have also prepared a list of the characteristics that make Collies excel in their guarding tasks.

And if you somewhat feel that a Rough Collie will not adequately fulfill your guarding needs, then I also got you covered since I will be providing you with a top 5 list on the best different dog breeds that can also make excellent guard dogs.

So, lets dive in!


Are Rough Collies Good Guard Dogs?

Yes, Rough Collies can make good guard dogs when they are adequately trained to guard their owners or property at a young age.

Rough Collies make good guard dogs due to the fact that they are;

Extremely Loyal and Devoted

This hound’s extraordinarily loyal and devoted nature makes them a good guard dog to have around.

They will strive to guard you and stay loyal to you even when lured with treats (something that somewhat tends to sway most of the dogs’ loyalty).

Their devotion to you means that they recognize you as their Alpha and will always work to serve (guard or please) you.

Very Protective

Collies are innately protective in nature. They tend to make it their business to protect those they love and consider family.

NOTE! If your dog senses any sort of ‘weakness’ coming from you, it may assume that it’s the Alpha of the house!

So be sure to make it clear who the boss of the house is by giving it clear and firm commands or orders.

Versatile And Energetic

The Rough Collies ace at being versatile or unpredictable. This trait makes it hard for an intruder to predict your Collie’s move.

This attribute, combined with the never-ending energy of a Collie, makes this dog guarding task flawlessly.

Exceptionally Alert

The Rough Collie is quite an alert dog and is usually quick to notice when something is wrong.

Not just only around its surrounding environment but also when you have a change in mood.

This attribute makes this hound a good fit for homeowners who are not usually around their property or home.


For a dog to make a good guard dog, it certainly has to have fast running skills, and the Rough Collies are sure fast runners.

This dog can run as fast as 30 miles per hour. So why not take full advantage of the Collie’s fastness by adopting it as your guard dog?

Pro-Tip; You can boost your dog’s running speed by;

Having it engage in disc dogging (this is a sport that involves throwing a disc into a far distance and letting your dog catch the disc before it lands on the ground).

Swimming and power walking also effectively help increase your Collie’s running speed.

Easy To Train

Rough Collies are quite an intelligent dog breed. This makes it easy to train these hounds to recognize threats and act accordingly.

Extra Tip; If you want to achieve positive guarding behavior in your Collie, then train it when it is young.

Slowly but steadily, desensitize it to loud noises or sounds and threatening gestures or movements.

Teach it to recognize your property boundaries, and train it the ‘bark’ command consistently until you are satisfied your hound is ready for its guarding duties.


The Rough Collie is fairly a strong breed. This makes it a good guard dog as it can easily pin down or pull down an aggressor or an intruder.

Pro Tip; Ensure that you feed your Collie with protein-rich foods such as lean meat, poultry, sea meat (consider providing it with sardines or tuna).

Also, let your dog engage in swimming exercises. A 10-30 minutes swimming session is enough to boost its overall physical strength.

Are Rough Collies Protective?

Yes, Rough Collies are quite protective of their owners.

The good thing about their protective nature is that they have a low tendency to turn to aggression.

This is quite an excellent guarding trait as you will have more minor legal proceedings just in case your Collie decides to attack a harmless person (maybe a delivery guy or your neighbor!) which will rarely happen.

The good thing about their protective and non-aggressive behavior is that they will not hurt an uninvited guest but will definitely scare them away through barking, and chasing them.

5 Dog Breeds Better For Guarding Then Rough Collies

If you don’t feel that your personality or preference complements the Rough Collie temperaments, you can always consider getting other guard dog breeds that suit your needs.

Below is a list of 5 of the best guard dog breeds apart from the long-haired Rough Collie;

#Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog by Jon Mountjoy (CC BY 2.0)

The 4 words that you can use to thoroughly describe this dog breed are ‘protector of the weak’.

This is so as the Anatolian Shepherd dog was explicitly bred in Turkey to herd and protect its defenseless flock.

It was also used to protect property and still is being used as a guard dog up to date.

Its sharp wits, boldness, independent and alert nature make it an ideal watchdog for experienced dog owners.

PS; this dog breed isn’t a good fit for first-time dog parents due to its strong-willed nature.

#The Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized dog that was specifically bred to herd and protect the flock.

It can grow to a height of 22-26 inches and weigh around 60-80 pounds as an adult.

These hounds are generally healthy and can live for 12 -14 years.

It is easy to train temperament, alert, protective, and obedient nature, makes this hound an ideal guard dog.

Its muscular physique and running speed also help this canine ace at its guarding tasks.

#The Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Central Asian Shepherd Dog by Halalosirambankiskecskek (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Their height alone can terrify any intruder, so if that’s your aim, then consider adopting the Central Asian Shepherd dog as your guard dog.

These smart, fast, alert, adventurous, independent, and affectionate dogs can grow to heights of 23-30 inches as an adult.

These hounds have pronounced strong legs and a proportionally balanced overall physique that ‘screams’ agility and stamina.

This dog also has a well-developed muscular jaw, thus making it have a bite force that can easily injure an intruder!

#The German Shepherd Dog

This list wouldn’t be a top 5 list without featuring the German Shepherd dog breed.

Its long history of being actively involved in transporting ammunition and food to the outposts during the world war has made it a famous sniffing dog and military dog among the law enforcers.

Their easy-to-train, loyal, obedient, intelligent, and pet and kid-friendly nature make them a popular guard dog among most USA dog parents.

The German Shepherds are known for their boldness, as they never back down on a challenge even if their opponent is way more intimidating than them.

#The Australian Shepherd

This workaholic dog breed is sensationally known as an Aussie.

Typically, these canines have bobtails, a life span of 13-15 years and a fairly healthy dog life.

These canines don’t joke around when it comes to performing their guarding task.

Other attributes that make the Aussies stand out from most dog breeds as good watchdogs include; Easy trainability, alertness, loyalty, and innate protective instincts.

PS; Aussies are quite heavy shedders; hence they are not suitable for a person who is allergic to dog dander.

Key Takeaway

Are Rough Collies good guard dogs?

Yes, Rough Collies are good guard dogs when adequately trained to guard their owners or property at an early age.

Collies are fast, extremely loyal and devoted, alert, strong, very protective, dynamically energetic, and easy to train.

All these personality attributes make them excellent guard dogs to have around.

In case you feel that your needs or personality are not in line with the temperament of a Rough Collie, then consider adopting a Australian Shepherd, Anatolian Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, or the Central Asian Shepherd dog.

All of these dog breeds can make excellent guards and watchdogs when adequately trained.

If you are unsure of how to go about your dog’s guarding training, please hire the services of a pro and let them help you make an excellent guard dog out of your hound.

Always lookout for signs of an overprotective dog which are; displaying aggressive behaviors even when not provoked, it doesn’t want anybody or anything getting close to you and its always following you around.

This helps reduce any fatalities or injuries that may arise due to aggression caused by an overprotective hound.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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