Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Get Along with Other Dogs? (Solved!)

Bernese Mountain Dogs are widely recognized as one of the friendliest and kindest dog breeds.

Their calm disposition and affection are probably the top reasons why owners choose this breed as their family dog.

In addition, Berners are smart, hard-working, loyal, and great watchdogs.

However, potential owners who already have another pooch in their family are probably more concerned with another personality trait that often goes under the radar.

The answer to the question do Bernese Mountain Dogs get along with other dogs is crucial for this type of owners as it can be the key to a harmonic and peaceful household.

Below, you’ll learn how Berners behave in presence of other dogs and what you can do to make their relationship with other pets better.


Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Get Along With Other Dogs?

The personality of each individual dog may vary.

Still, in general, Bernese Mountain Dogs are very friendly. They express that friendliness both towards people and other animals.

They are welcoming towards their fellow canines and known to get along with other dogs and pets in the household as well as those they meet in the park or anywhere else.

However, to ensure that your Berner is kind and peaceful towards other dogs, it’s best that they go through proper and early socialization.

It’s never too early and you should expose them to other dogs even while they’re still puppies.

Also, some caution is always advised when introducing Bernese Mountain Dog to other canines.

Rarely, male Berners, especially at a young age, may show some aggression towards other dogs.

Also, you shouldn’t disregard their size as it may lead to accidental injuries to dogs smaller than them during playtime.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Aggressive?

As I already said, Bernese Mountain Dogs are famous for being good-natured, kind, and friendly.

They’re one of the least aggressive breeds and will almost never engage in aggressive behavior.

Most of the time, they’ll easily get along with people, children, and other animals, even when they meet them for the first time.

Still, Berners are very protective of their owners and household and, sometimes, they can be a bit overprotective.

Of course, like with any breed, a lot of dogs’ personality depends on the owners. If they’re treated poorly, they may show some signs of aggressiveness.

This may happen while they’re trying to protect their owners or trying to establish dominance.

Besides improper care, other factors that can trigger aggressive behavior are fear, age, and the health of a particular dog.

However, even when they do behave aggressively, it’s mostly harmless and may include excessive barking, growling, and snapping their teeth.

How To Train A Bernese Mountain Dog To Get Along With Other Dogs?

Even if a Bernese Mountain Dog doesn’t get along quite well with other dogs, it’s by no means a lost cause.

With some smart training, you can help your dog get rid of anxiety, shyness, or potential aggressiveness and be more affectionate with other dogs.

By nature, they’re very kind and eager to please, so you’ll just have to help them express those traits.

Below are a few tips on how you can make your Berner more sociable and friendly towards other members of their species.

Early Socialization Is A Must

Even though they’re naturally friendly and kind, Bernese Mountain Dogs still need early socialization.

You should waste no time and start while they’re very young, usually between 3 and 12 weeks of age.

During this time the puppy should be exposed to other dogs, as well as other people and unfamiliar behaviors.

This should take place in various environments, including your own home and yard, parks, streets, woods, and wherever else you may take your dog.

Try to find a place that will have other dogs, but not be too crowded.

Dog Classes

Signing up your Berner puppy for a dog class will be beneficial in multiple ways.

Besides going through basic training and learning basic commands, a dog class is also a chance for a puppy to socialize with other dogs in a controlled and safe environment.

Not to mention that it all will happen under a watchful eye of an experienced trainer.

Encourage Positive Behavior

Make sure that every time you take your dog for a wall or to the park, you have some of its favorite treats handy.

This way, you can reward them for every successful social interaction with other dogs. In the long run, this will encourage positive social behavior of your dog.

In general, Berners are rather sensitive and react much better to positive reinforcement than to punishments.

Observe Your Dog

Always be mindful and watch out for any cues your dog’s behavior may provide.

While you should encourage interaction with other dogs, be careful that they don’t take too long and wear your dog out.

If you feel that your Berner is no longer having fun with the other dog, it’s best to not force them to interact for too long.

Be Cautious

Bernese Mountain Dogs are really huge. So, while it may look adorable, their socializing with much smaller breeds may not always be safe.

In these cases, allow dogs to sniff each other out before more interaction. Make sure that both dogs feel comfortable.

If you notice that either dog feels uncomfortable, or that your Berner is showing aggression towards a smaller dog, don’t force the interaction.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are very sweet and friendly.

However, they are also fairly large and strong, so it’s normal to exercise some caution when it comes to their interactions with other canines.

While they will most likely get along great with other dogs, both within the same household or outside the house, you should always be careful with the introduction.

Introduce your Berner to other dogs gradually and be mindful of their behavior during interactions.

Being sociable comes naturally to Bernese Mountain Dogs.

With some precaution and timely socialization, they will easily make friends with other dogs.

When trained and socialized properly and with a responsible owner, Berners are a wonderful addition to any family, no matter if they already have other pets.

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Madeline Wright

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