Can Australian Shepherds Be Left Alone? (Solved!)

Thinking or planning something about Australian shepherds is common for all dog owners.

Yes, special care for Australian Shepherds is a must by the owner.

What are the various questions that arise in the mind of an Australian shepherd owner?

The vital question can Australian shepherds be left alone is one of them. Yes, a person in charge would think about it a lot because he loves his pet to the core.

He wants to know the answer to various questions regarding his Australian Shepherd. Knowing if the owner can leave the pet in the house alone or not is vital to him.

Let us see the possible solutions here based on expert’s advice.


Can Australian Shepherds Be Left Alone?

The affectionate and clever Australian Shepherd does not like to remain alone for long.

It is one of the most family-attached dogs when compared with other dogs.

These dogs love to stay with their owner or his family members a lot. These dogs do not love to remain alone or without family members in any place.

Australian Shepherd wants to have great attention and focus on it by the humans always. Hence, it always stick beside their lovable person who takes care of them.

Yet another character of the pet is remaining alert and active always. It moves with other pets or loves playing with small kids in the house.

They do not behave properly if kept alone or without the pet owner and related people with it.

What is the proper solution for these dog owners if they have to leave Australian Shepherd alone in the house?

Yes, many a time, chances are there for the humans going out for personal matters.

So, an ideal solution for these owners is leaving the pet under the supervision of pet sitters nearby.

In case your pet is 10 weeks old or younger, you shouldn’t leave the pet for long. The maximum time limit should not be more than half an hour or one hour.

How Many Hours Can Australian Shepherds Be Left Alone?

The maximum hours meant for Australian shepherds to be left alone are three hours strictly saying.

The reason is that the pet does not have control over its body after that. Yes, the age factor is also another reason for your compulsory company with the dog.

As your dog ages, the time for leaving your pet may increase slowly. The maximum time that you can take is two to three hours.

When does it can happen? It can happen after two or three months of age.

The pet’s intense social requirement make it crave for the company always. If the pet is left alone for more than three hours, it might feel anxious and frustrated.

The pet becomes stressed due to separation from the owner or any other member close to the pet.

Loving Social interaction is a major reason why pets do not like loneliness.

Do Australian Shepherds Have Separation Anxiety?

The people-oriented Australian Shepherd certainly have separation anxiety if it left alone for hours together.

However, it depends upon the age of the pet.

Australian Shepherd may experience separation anxiety during 9-12 months of age.

The pet owner must understand that leaving the pet for many hours alone and left unaddressed separation anxiety problem increases.

Yes, the pet finds it difficult to come out of the anxiety problem for long.

Australian Shepherd’s separation anxiety may even last a lifetime if left untreated for a long time.

It always expects someone with it for interaction. It never knows the steps to handle boredom and so severe cases of anxiety occur in it.

Tips to understand your pet having separation anxiety problem:

  • The main tip is checking the playing items of the pet for knowing any destruction or chewing badly. You shall also check for scratches on doors and windows.
  • Often your pets is howling or whining in the house, especially when you reach the home. This is an indication of its anxiety problem to a great extent.
  • The pet seems to be erratic and anxious when you arrive home after long hours.
  • Urinating on the floor due to desperation.

Common Negative Effects Of Leaving Dogs Alone Too Often?

You should be aware of the negative effects of Australian Shepherd for leaving it too long.

These effects may give some information about your dogs.

In the above context, I discussed symptoms above, but here the effects of loneliness are given in a nutshell.

  • Destructive behavior -like damaging the playing items, furniture, and clothes.
  • Stress and depression- Do not remain alert, active, and eat also sometimes.
  • Separation anxiety, isolation, and loneliness

How To Make Sure Your Australian Shepherd Is Happy When Alone?

Physical Exercise

Australian Shepherd is a vigorous exercise doing pet. It loves to get trained and exercised for many hours.

A dog owner may train the pet to do exercises when it is alone in the house. Train the dog so that it may involve in doing exercises in the home during loneliness hours.

Due to this step, it does not feel bad and worried at all. It spends lonely hours by involving in doing physical exercises.

It gets completely immersed in the activity taught, and so it remains alone for hours in the house when the owner is away.

Train The Dog

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Crate your dog depending upon its age and size.

You shall try to confine the dog in the mudroom or laundry room.

Never leave any dangerous materials or drinks in the house nearby areas where your pet live.

Keep Your Pet Engaged

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Pets can remain Happy When Alone in the house if you keep them engaged in mental workouts.

For example, [amazon link=”B0711Y9XTF” title=”puzzle games” link_icon=”amazon” /] and appropriate chew toys keep your pets engaged completely and happy for hours.

Use A Pet Camera

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You shall depend upon a [amazon link=”B088C4NHRS” title=”pet cam” link_icon=”amazon” /] for monitoring your pets.

You shall speak to your dog when you are away, which makes it happy.

Dog Door Installation

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You shall install a [amazon link=”B0013DJFQS” title=”dog door” link_icon=”amazon” /] provided if fenced in the yard. This step will help the dog to access during the natural call.

This step makes your pet happy and free during your absence.


You shall understand about your pet by the above details. Now your question can Australian shepherds be left alone is solved I hope.

Now, you shall keep or maintain the pet happily without any hassle.

Understanding the pet by you is the prime duty to cope with its expectations.

Authored By

Madeline Wright

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